Clips, Lanyards, Keyrings


Here are some pics of some things you can find useful to have around. I carry a lanyard all the time and we use them at work. They have to have a quick release clip on it in case they were to become stuck in a machine. We keep our badges on them with a picture id. You can use them for your keys and as a make shift emergancy weapon to defend yourself.

You can put a clip on them and clip them to your belt loop. There are many kinds of clips you can find. All colors, and 20160530_115230sizes. Some with screwing locks on them and some with combination locks. Some with flashlights and compasses and thermometers. Mostly known for outdoor gear. You can clip them to the outside of your caryy bags and day bags or when hiking the trails. Remember that it does look a little funny having a hoard of things clipped to the outside of your bag and it will make a noise when walking. My mom keeps her keys clipped to the outside of her purse with a pink one. I keep my car keys and a few odds clipped to my shoulder bag i carry to work.


Here are some digital deviced i want to mention on thier own.The digital picture key chain

and the flash drive key chain. They can be used on your go bag and can store those irriplaceable family pictures and digital copies of important documents that you have to jump through hoops to get back once lost. Yes that is a tardis. It is bigger on the inside.


20160530_115103Here are some flashlights to consider. The silver one has a whistle on it and the bone is a flashing things that flashes whenever you bounce. Meant for a dog collar. The little black one is a red light i got from a Cairn box. It is suppost to be bright and can bee seen for a long ways.



20160530_114954Here are some key chain ideas. A little stuffed animal buddy. A solar powered light. Telescope for seeing long distances. Keyless entry devices. Little Bible and cross fro keeping away evil. Sacred heart badge. Pocket knife. The black tube thing is actually a geocaching device that has a screw off top and can be used to hold pills if necissary. They have better one that will hold more pills. This one only holds two pills.  You can also get little flasks for holding small amounts of liquids like holy water. You can hang charms or personal flare.


Some other things you can clip to your bag or pure. The first thing there is a wow flute ocarina. I am trying to learn to play it. God loves music and they say angels gather where the heart plays music to God. It is a simple thing to learn. The emergancy whistle has a magnifing glass that can be used for investigating and starting fires or reading small print. A compass for navigation and the back has a thermometer on it. The gold looking thing is a tick remover. If you are a hiker or lives in the south you can use this. The round ball is a compass. I just love it for some reason. the clip with a compass attached and a keyring. You know just be creative.

Self Defence

Matthew 2412 “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold”


It is true that the world is getting more and more dangerous. Just watch the news or scroll through the news online. We are all getting scared of what is going on in the world. However we shouldn’t let that paralyze  us in our daily lives. We should be cautious, but not live in fear. Our souls belong to God and no one (NOONE) can take it from him. So we

needn’t fear our eternal lives, this life is only temporary anyway.

To start off, you need something to keep you calm in a crisis. panicking and loosing yourself to fear is only going to bring more trouble to the situation and make the matter worse. Faith and trust in God will ease the fear. Just remember for the faithful He is always in control in a situation and He will help you in times of trouble. If you start to feel yourself becoming afraid, pray. Feel for the presents of the Holy Spirit to give you strength.

If you know a hymn, something simple or short, Maybe just the courus. This is a great calming and coping technique. If you are crossing a dark parking lot or down an street at night. They say angels gather where the faithful sings hymns from the heart.

The next important thing you need to do for your safety is your body. Get in shape. This doesn’t mean a skinny little bean pole. This means muscle. You can have extra weight and have muscle and be able to run swiftly, and you can look slender and have no muscle and not be able to run a block. The better shape you are the better equipped you are to escape danger or fend for yourself. The better you can kick ass if needed. So find an exercise routine you can stick to and take up jogging.  I will cover more on physical fitness on a later post.

To start off with some simple tips for When you are outside, but not in the great outdoors. Take a buddy. You are less likely to be assaulted if you are with other people. Keep you keys handy. In you hand or perhaps on a lanyard around your neck. I will talk about this in the section on defence items. If someone you don’t know approaches you, don’t let them distract you from what is going on around you. If they seem shady move quickly away from them and towards any group of people.  They will not likely follow, but they may try to get in between to block you. Speak loudly, this will startle them and they will be less likely to continue engaging you for fear of others getting involved. On a similar note don’t use your

cell phone while walking.I know i know. We are all getting addicted to our phones. Myself included. But if you are looking down and checking your facebook (my addiction) then you are not paying attention to what is going on around you.  A person can come up behind you and catch you off guard. Or you could end up walking out in front of traffic or some other dangerous situation. It has happened.

If you feel that someone is following you. Cross the street. If they follow you across the street increase your speed a little at a time and watch them if they do the same. If you become frightened enter a store near by or call the police. They may stay on the other side of the street but still following you. stay aware.

In a parking lot, avoid parking between vans. This block yours and others view of you and anything that may be going on near your car. Try to park in an open well lit area. If possible park near an exit. Shorter distance to walk. Before you enter the parking area, have your keys out nad in your hand. Have your car key or unlocking device in your hand and ready to use. Look around while you walk to your car and make sure no one is near by or watching you. Glance in the back seat to see that it is empty and no-one is hiding there and get in. Lock your doors as soon as you get in.

Don’t be afraid to be girly. Learn self defence techniques. There are simple ones that you can learn. I suggest taking a class, but don’t be afraid to be girly and pull hair and bite, and pinch , gouge eyes, and kick shins. Everyone can do this, if that is all you know do it.

Okay so making a fist for punching. Your thumb goes on the outside of your fist. Some people try to tuck it on the inside. This can hurt your thumb. It is important to learn to throw a punch. It is simple. Rise your non dominant hand. For most this is the left hand. Pull your right close to you and turn your hand palm up and make a fist when throwing the punch drop your left (or raised arm) and thrust your fist forward and as you do turn it over palm down. Strike with the knuckles of your hand.

If someone grabs you by the wrist hit the spot right below their knuckles of their first two fingers of the hand they grab you with. Hit it with all your might  and break free.

If someone tries to grab you around the neck in a choke hold. Raise your elbow up and bring it down over their arms and while your body is turned cup one hand over the other and swing your elbow back up and hit them in the face.

If someone grabs you from behind like in a bear hug, bend at the knees and go down a little. Raise your arms to break his grip a little  and bring your hands together like above and elbow them in the chest.

Okay no i want to talk a little about a subject that bothers me. So far i talked about outside threats, but for a lot of people, mostly women, the threats come from somewhere a lot

closer to them. Domestic violence is a terrible and dangerous thing and it is on the rise in the US. If you are someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you need help. You need to get them help. Every human being deserves to be loved in a proper way. No one should be treated like a burden, a punching bag, a belonging to be used and then ignored.

The first thing to do is think. It is NOT your fault. Don’t blame yourself and don’t think that you did anything to bring this on. They have a problem. THey are not happy because of it and they are taking it out on you.

Don’t ignore your intuition. You know what is going on and you know when a situation isn’t right. I should mention that every situation is different and no one on the outside can give you perfect advice on how to deal with it. There are experts at a police station who are trained for this though. I should also mention that i am no expert and this is written from my own view point.

Don’t lie to the police or to your family to try to protect them or hide embarrassment. These are people who care about you and will understand. There is no shame in needing help and hiding anything will only impede their ability to help you.

Don’t give up and don’t think that you are beyond help. It may not be easy, but there is a way out and there will be an end even if it is not immediate. It may take time to get them out of your life, but the first step is to get out of the immediate danger.  Don’t accept that

this is normal, that is accepted or culturally acceptable.

Don’t Go Back. Some people are so afraid of being alone or affraid of the unknown of the future that they will go back to a violent partner because it is what they know and they will accept their violence because it is familiar. They think they can handle it and it is what they know. There are people who will help you with the future. Who will not leave you in the unknown. There are organizations to help abused women that will help you adjust.

Okay say you are in an abusive relationship. Step one, commit to survival. You need out. Make a plan. You know the daily routine and you know when you can get out of the home. Do you have someplace you can go, a family member, a friend, an organized shelter. Make a go bag for the situation. Tuck away some cash, documents you will need, change of clothing. Depending on the situation will you need a prepaid phone. If their are children involved talk to them ahead of time and try to explain the situation. Children are smarter than we give them credit for. When the time comes walk out. Leave no indication that you plan on not coming back. Once out commit to never going back for any reason. Head to your save place, call the friend and let them know. Once there call the police and explain the situation. Get a restraining order. I know what they say, it’s just a piece of paper. True, but it does give the police the right to lock them up. But since it is just a piece of paper, learn self defence. Get self defence items. Learn to use them. Learn to empower yourself. Trust in God to bring you though this situation.

Here is a ladies’ EDC items (Every Day Carry) To keep you safe and prepared. There are plenty of dangers and problems in the world and here is a simple kit you can put together and keep in your purse or on your person that can keep you safe and ready. This is one i put together for my mom.

So many things are happening and going on having this can calm some fears and give yourself a little security and it’s her favorite color.

The big container is a first aid kit. It has aspirin, band aids, alcohol swabs and other things that come in handy.

A pocket knife has many uses and is small and takes up no space i keep one in my pocket all the time.

The pepper spray is on key chain and will deter a an attacker and will momentarily blind them.

The stun gun will stun them and the noise will scare off an attacking dog if encountered. Mom used it and scared grandpa with it by accident when they were out and about.

A pink flashlight also has a mirror in it that you can look at yourself or use it for signalling for help.

The little wing shaped device is a personal alarm. It is loud. Just pull the little button on the bottom. It will alert anyone nearby you need help like in an abandoned parking lot and potentially scare off an attacker. they wont stay long if they think someone will be coming to find out what the noise is. Or maybe you fall and can’t get up.

The lanyard and bracelet i made myself from paracord. The lanyard can hold your keys and you can swing it as a weapon. You can get some pretty heavy and solid key chains to put on it as well. It can keep your keys and possibly a flashlight handy. You can put a key in between each finger  to  use as an attacking weapon if needed. Like claws.

Both have glow in the dark beads on them to make them easier to find in the event of a black out or make you easier to find by rescuers. The lanyard has a compass on it and a clip for easy to release to get your keys off if needed. The bracelet has a buckle with a whistle on it and a fire starter flint. I put a key ring label on it. It is the kind with a blank spot to write something. I put her name and contact info on it in case she needs help of becomes disoriented. Altimers runs in the family. If she needs help she can go to a police officer and show them the bracelet and help her get home.

Pilgramage: Camping

Here is an exercise for your christian walk. In the Jewish tradition and some Christian traditions, there is the festival known as Sukkot or feast of the tabernacles. (booths) Where the believer live out of a tent for 8 days.

Okay, if this is not something you’ve done before you may not want to go the whole 8 days 9441_10206032557470083_7965486072792680411_n.jpgthe first time. The reason for doing this it to remember how God lead the Isrealites out of Egypt and they lived out of tents for the 40 years they wandered the wilderness heading to the promised land.

There is nothing like living out of a tent that will make you appriciate the home God has given you. Traditionaly they build the tents by hand, but for this exercise i am not requiring it. The idea is to just get out of your modern home and modern convienances. You can pitch it in the back yard.

You will learn an appritiation for God’s nature. Bring your family together and deepen a commitment to a Biblical life.

Go for a night walk. Grab your flashlights or your glow sticks and go for a walk in the night. Have your family listen to what is around them and have them identify what they hear.

Say a prayer every morning to God thanking him whor what he has given you in your life. As well as a prayer for protection for your family every night.

Living in a tent for a week although may sound simple is not. But little growth comes without difficulties.

If you are in a positon where you can not have a campfire, here is an idea. Have everyone take a glass jar and fill it with water and activate a glow stick. Stick it in the jar and screw on the lid. Use it as a lanturn. Place them together for a camp fire and sit around it telling stories. Scary stories if you want, but also stories from your life. How you got to where you are. Tell yoiur kids how you got to where you are in your family. Tell them how you accepted God. Kids listen, so do other family members. You are a light. Jesus said I am the light of the world. Guess what, Jesus lives in you so you have the light of the world in you. They will listen and grow from listening to your salvation experience. Even if it doesn’t sound interesting to you. If you have a wife or husband who is not saved. They will hear you. They will grow in this experience as well.

Rock painting. An activity for you and your family. In the Bible  there are multiple times someone has taken a pile of stones and used them as a testimony to thier commitment. The isrealites placed twelve stones by the Jordon river after they crossed over as a memorial to remember thier entrance to the promised land so that when thier young asked what these stones are four they would have a story to tell them. Jacob when leaving Lebanon with his family His uncle met him in anger for taking his house idol they met and discussed it and placed a pile of stones on that spot that they would not come towards each other in anger again.

With your family collect some nice stones and paint them place them all together somewhere in your home or perhaps in the yard where they will be noticed. They are a testimony to your commitment to God and your family. When people ask about them you have something to tell them. When your grandkids ask you have something to tell them. You are not just camping but building family traditions. Building a family history. We loose sight of such things in a troubled and fast paced world.

Fishing. If you are not at a camp sight you may have to travel someplace to fish. Remember ot get a fishing licesence. This is a good opertunity to teach your kids some survival skills. Someone who can fish will never go hungry. You know the sying give a man a fish he will eat for a day teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.  Pray to God for a good catch and thank him for what you do catch and thank the fish for giving thier lives to feed your family. It is called respect for nature, few have it these days and your kids will be paying attention. They learn from your actions. Both good and bad.

Learn (and teach your kids) to start a fire if possible. There are many fire starting devices out there. A flint, matches, my favorite is a 9 volt battery and steel wool. It takes right off so be careful.

If you have kids there is a nice wilderness kit that could be a great idea for getting things going. It is called the Cooper and kid Wilderness Walkabout. It is a box kit that comes with a lot of cool loot and activities.





lead by a friendly sasquatch. It comes with everything you need for the activities. It comes with a battery and steel wool,  wooden spools for making a spool doll and paint to paint it with, a bandana with animal track on it for identifying tracks and information on simple first aid. an emergancy blanket and how to make a temporary shelter and how to tie knots, a mirror for signaling.

20160305_213005.jpgWhich is another great idea for you to learn to do. Go at a distance and  use a mirror to signal to each other. Learn to aim the mirror at the sun and direct it at the other person. This is a good way to get someone’s attention and to signal for help if you eve need it.

Use the bandana to nake a sling, to cool off from the heat. To cover your face as if filtering the air you are breathing in in case of a wild fire.

It also comes with chalk. For making a trail so you don’t get lost while hiking. Learning to navigate is a good skill to have. You never know when God will lead us into wandering again.  In the end of the world there will be an uprising the hearts of many will grow cold and the remaining Christian community will be going into hiding and  will flee. So these are good skills to have.20160305_213016.jpg

Learn to use a compass (not in the box) and to make a map. There is a blank map on the back of the box to cut out.

Learn to filter water. There is a science kit for this in the box. I plan to use this for a post specificly for water. But learning to collect and filter water is a must have skill. The isrealites while wandering came to a pool of water that was bitter and they could not drink from it. Moses took a leafy branch that the Holy Spirit revealed to him that  would make the ater drinkable when thrown into the pool and they were quenched of their thirst.  Exodus 15:22 Water was an important thing back then (and is now) Moses was even able to  strike a rock and make water come out (with God’s power)

In the book are some great recipies to try out that you can make in an oven or around a camp fire.

Hobo dinner

What you need. 4 square sheets of aluminum foil and cooking spray. 1 1/2 pound ground beef 4 potatoes peeled and cubed. 3 large carrots peeled adn sliced. 2 onions peeled and diced and salt and pepper.

Spray the aluminum foinl with  cooking spray. seperate the ground beef into 4 equal pattied adn place on the center of foil. Divide the potatoes carrots and onions evenly between teh four pattoes. Place on top of meat. Add salt and pepper to each. Fold  the packets in half sealing the edges on top of the packet then roll up the left and right sides to contain the ingredients.

For an oven pre heat to 350 and bake for about 30 to 45 minuets or until meat is done.

For a grill place on medium hot grill for 40 minuets rotate half way through cooking.

For campfire place on hot coals near the edge of campfire and allow to cook 25 to 30 minuets or until done.

I suggest adding a little garlif powder, but they are really good. I love them.20160312_165231

For dessert Banana Boats

What you need. 4 squares of aluminum foil, 4 ripe bananas, 1/2 cup peanut butter chips, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1 cup mini marshmellows.

Use a knife and split the bananas lengthwise, but don’t cut all the way through. Carefully place the chips beanut butter and chocolate  into the opening you’ve made and the mini marshmellows. Wrap each banana in foil forming a boat like shape.

For oven preheat to 350 for 6 to 7 minuets

for the grill heat grill to medium heat cook about 7 minuets or until everything is a gooey and melted.

For campfire let the flames die down and add the foil packets directly to the fire. Let cook 3 to 4 minuets or until soft and melted.20160312_162542


Isaiah 4:6 “It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”

So spring is here. The weather is changing and it is tornado season. What is a tornado? It is a column of air that is rotating at a violent speed. It doesn’t have to touch the earth to be a 13164261_10208819273376239_2831610834011407790_ntornado and what you see is a funnel shaped cloud, but the center of the tornado is not the only dangerous part of it. It’s winds reach out farther than you can see and debris will be flying about at dangerous speeds. Even a usually soft and non-dangerous object can be turned into a deadly projectile that can embed itself in a tree.

They fall into different categories.

Water spout: A tornado over water. It sucks it up and swirls it around. But there are two types of water spouts. The weaker type that is more common and a tornadic water spout is much more severe.

Land spout: A weaker water spout over land. Waterspouts and landspouts share many defining characteristics, including relative weakness, short lifespan, and a small, smooth condensation funnel which often does not reach the surface.

Gustnado: Because they are not connected with a cloud base, there is some debate as to whether or not gustnadoes are tornadoes.

Dust Devil: A dust devil (also known as a whirlwind) resembles a tornado in that it is a vertical swirling column of air. However, they form under clear skies and are no stronger than the weakest tornadoes. They form when a strong convective updraft is formed near the ground on a hot day. If there is enough low level wind shear, the column of hot, rising air can develop a small cyclonic motion that can be seen near the ground. They are not considered tornadoes because they form during fair weather and are not associated with any clouds.

Fire Whirl: Small-scale, tornado-like circulations can occur near any intense surface heat source.

A tornado is classified by how much damage it causes. They range from EF0 to EF5. An EF0 tornado will probably damage trees but not substantial structures, whereas an EF5 tornado can rip buildings off their foundations leaving them bare and even deform large skyscrapers.

EF0 EF1 = Weak

EF2 Ef3 = Strong significant damage

Ef4 Ef5= violent intense damage

There really isn’t much you can do about a tornado except get out of the way. Take cover in a storm shelter or safe room. If you don’t have either head down to a basement or most secure room in your home that has no windows. Take your bug out bag of essentials and hunker down till your emergency radio says it is safe to come out. If you know the storm is coming that has great potential for tornadoes and you have no storm shelter it would be a good idea to head over to a friend or family member’s place who does and stay there till the danger passes. If you have time before the storm hits and you know where your water and gas lines are and how to turn them off, this can reduce the amount of damage the tornado can cause.

Essentials for a tornado kit are the usual, dry clothes, 3 days worth of food, flashlight and emergency radio to listen to emergancy broadcasts, blankets and water. First aid supplies, toiletries. It is not a good idea to start any fires during this type of disaster. You are encouraged to use hand crank flashlights and radios. They are rechargeable in case you are caught with low batteries. There wont be much to do while holding down the fort so you will probably be keeping the radio on for hours. So if you don’t have a hand crank one keep a stock of extra batteries. Throw in a couple decks of cards. It will help pass the time and keep anyone with you distracted from the impending danger. panicking family members will only make things worse.

In any situation don’t underestimate the power of prayer. God is always with us. Jesus rebuked the storm and calmed the winds. Faith can perform wonders and protect us.

Here is a man who rebuked a tornado. It dissipated. You can call it what you want, but it happened. To those who believe anything is possible. God sustained the Israelites in the wilderness and the prophets commanded the skies to shut up the rain and it didn’t rain and they commanded the skies to rain and it did. They were only people like any of us.

After it has passed, avoid downed power lines, avoid standing water. Sewers could be backing up and the water could be filthy and full of diseases. Wear boots or thick soled shoes to avoid broken glass and debris. Do not enter damaged buildings. Even if they look sturdy and even if it is your home. If it shows signs of damage it could be damaged worse than it appears. The whole thing could come down on your head. Get in contact with emergency crews for assistance. If the storm is bad it could take some time.


Survival with Animals

Proverbs 12:10 “A rightous man understands the needs of his livestock, but even the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”
Don’t forget the needs of our animals. In the event of an adventure, disaster, or the end of the world, we can’t forget our pets 10354613_10204847072353696_919048412629495849_nand need to plan for thier needs as well as our own. In the day of judgment we will be called into account of how we treated our animals and how we have treated those around us.
I read in the news of how people mis treat animals, lock them in cages for months and even how cruel kids put fire crackers in their mouths and tape them closed. It is appauling. I of course want swift judgment and would do it myself if I could, but console myself with the knowledge God will call every act into account.

So how can you prep for your pets. For being lost thier is an RFID chip for gps tracking as well as attaching an ID tap on thier collar. Keep a photo in your wallet to show to people should you be sepperated from them.

If you have to bug out, keep a supply of any medication they may need on hand or in your go bag. As well as a leash, sweater, thier own food and water. There are collars that light up, my mom bought for out dogs. It is just like the wrist band i got in my Cairn subscription box. It can stay on or flash. It makes them easy to see at night or in the dark. You can put on the wrist band and matching dog collar and take your dog for a jog late at night or early in the morning and be visible. Also there in a dog collar attachment that looks like a bone that flashes as the dog walks it lights up with every bounce. It can be crutial to locate them in a disaster if you have to be traveling. I took a keychain that lets you write on it and put my address and phone number that will allow anyone who found my dog to call and get ahold of me.

Also attached is a St. Francis pet medal. The protector of animals

In addition to the medication in your go bag, you should have any important documents and medical history if you have it on your pets and they make travel bowls that collapse and store easy.

Exodus 23: 4″ If you come across your enemy’s ox or donkey wandering off, be sure to return it. If you see the donkey of someone who hates you fallen down under it’s load, do not leave it there; be sure you help them with it.”

Exodus 23: 12″ Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work, so that your ox and your donkey may rest, “

11813519_10206847889452873_7045646544340238279_n.jpgGod cares about animals. He commands us to take care of them. To tend to their need and not to over work them.

We should pay attention to animal behavior. Many animals behave strangely before a disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake. If you have horses or cattle around you hooved animals may huddle together in open fields and plains. If your horses refuse to be led into barns or be tied down this could be a sign of an impending disaster.

Pay attention to spiders and rodents as well. Spiders and ants will swarm inside and rodents who live outside like the long tailed field mice, will try to come in and your average house mice will try to get out.

Other animals like confined animals at a zoo may try to escape and hibernating animals will wake early and leave their dens and be seen at the wrong times.

It is said that animals can see the spiritual realm better than people and will act strange in the precens of the spiritual. There are many stories of animals acting aggressively at things unseen and refusing to go into certain rooms of a home.

Depending on the situation, they can be good help especially if well trained. If you are having to sleep outside or move through a dangerous area they can alert you to danger. If you have a large breed they can even protect you or at least frighten off potential dangers. 11826020_10206847886732805_7211328873419997397_n

Once when i was out in the fields behind our home two people in a truck i didn’t know came down our road and stopped near by. I wasn’t sure who it was at first and thought it might be one of my uncles. So i started over. I realized i didn’t recognize them but before i got too close the dogs ran up to me and i heard them saying something. All i heard was “No, he’s got dogs.” and they drove of fast. Might not have been any danger, but who can know for sure.

Pets can also help to keep you calm in an emergancy. Having someone to care for and think about. Many people think of them like thier children, there is an instinct where your brain knows it can’t fall apart right now and has to figure out what it can in this situation for the safety of thier children. Also they can provide you with comfort and companionship. It is a human need for companionship and to give and recieve love.

An issue i struggled with for a while was wether animals go to heaven or not. The arguement goes both ways. Do animals have souls? Some say yes, some say no. I prayed and debated this with God wanting some kind of answer. I love animals and my pets.

I deeply loved my little maltese Chrissy. Two days before she died i had a dream. I was sitting in the floor in front of my window. Outside the window there were trees like a forest and a path going off into the distance. Our old family dog Yeller a yellow lab came up the path. He stopped in front of the window and jumped at it to get my attention and then turned and went back up the path. When i woke i felt like this was a message that animals do go to heaven. On near death experience websites i have read that people who are nearing death often dream about dieing and coming back on the other side often symbolized as a window.

After she had passed i had another dream. I was in my home and was surrounded by our dogs. There was Chrissy healthy and happy. I held her and thought i was imagining it. Then i heard God’s voice say “This is your treasure in Heaven for your faith and devotion, but you could have more treasure.” I woke after that. If that isn’t a clear sign i don’t know what is.

Early paranormal investigators and monster hunters use to keep rat terriers for killing rats and giant spiders when hunting vampires. Some also use to do sports of ratting. Setting a bunch of large rats loose in an area and letting ther terriers run in and kill them all and time them.

Another interesting animal is the Shih-tzu. The little lion dog or foo dog. It has a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate, outgoing, and alert.

Useful information
La quinta hotels have a policy that they have to accept pets. If you have to bug out with them and need a place to stay.

Animal Poison Control Center

Survival Team: Family Accountability

In the event of a disaster, you and your family need to have an evacuation plan. Depending on a disaster where you will meet up if separated and where you will go to be safe.

Emergency action plan. Make a list of potential disasters. Sit down with your team. Discuss each disaster. What will you do if you are at home, what are you to do if you are away from home. Tornadoes, where is your storm shelter, Earthquakes, where is the best location to be at in your home, Fire, Where are your emergency exits, Economic collapse, How will you help each other cope, Snow storm, flood, zombie uprising, meteor impact, alien attack, viral outbreak, ect. Yes some on this list have no real grounds, but discussing them can lead to greater revelations to survival in other areas you may not have thought of otherwise.

When the crap hits the fan, who is going to do what? When everything starts to happen it can be stressful and fear sets in. Once you have a plan in place it will calm everyone involved. If people know what they are expected to do. Give responsibilities to everyone in your family. They will feel like they are contributing and this will geive them security and they will not freak out as much.With everyone working together, things will go smoother and people will not get in each other’s way and will cause less problems that could make a bad situation worse.

Have a bug ou bag of essentials. Know where they are so you can grab them and go if you have to leave your home.

Have a list of emergency contacts. Exchange phone numbers and addresses and any contact or relevent information. List of ailments and medication for each member of your family (including extended family not near you) AND your team and their family. Probably each member should have a little pocket notebook with all this info wrote down. In the event of a disaster and you can’t get ahold of someone on your team or their family you will have thier information and any relevent medical information emergency response teams may need. You should have someone outside your team that you can call who will not likely be involved in your disaster area that you can call to let them know you are safe and they may have gotten in contact with someone else in your area on your team that you can’t get a hold of yourself and can know they are safe.

Copies of important documents and picture id’s of your family and team members. In the even someone is missing they could have suffered a head injury and can’t relay who they are to rescue teams who find them, but with a picture authorities can identify them. You will need copies of birth certificates, social security, bank account # routing #, Property titles, and insurance cards and other documents. Store them in water proof plastic storage containers for their safety.

So you got your bug out bags ready, you got your family together, you got your contact lists and documents, So where are you gong to go?

Evacuation routes. In the event of Bugging out, These are the routes you will be taking to get out of town. Your team needs to know these routes and a meeting place to meet up. Consider who will need to be picked up and who will go get who if needed. In the event of an imminent disaster you will just grab you bug out bag and family and get out. Whoever in your family is designated to get a hold of your team and extended family while you drive will start making calls. If you have more time then have a list of things that you should grab and take with you that would take more time to pack. Equipment that would be useful for your survival that you wouldn’t keep packed or in your vehicle.

In an emergency the cell towers may go down and service could be non existent. In cases like this you may be glad that you have a land line. Yeah i don’t know many people who still use land lines any more either. Anyway, land lines will still be working unless they have been torn down by storms or such, but the government has issued a law that emergency response teams first responsibility is to get those back up and working as soon as possible. So if you have a land line you can count on them. It may be a good idea to make a note of where pay phones are and where you can get easy access.

What is your plan for your pets. If you are bugging out, they can’t carry their own bags, so get your food and water. Do they have any medical needs. If they are riding in a vehicle how will they be riding. If you plan to use a pet carrier how will it be sitting you your vehicle? How fast can you get it in your vehicle?

Survival Team: Community

Deuteronomy 28:1 “If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. {2} All these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God: {3} You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. {4} The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock–the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.”

Okay so lets assume you have your team assembled. What are your first steps for preparing. 7599_10204714991291752_4374803367691461105_nYou need to get together and access your skills and resources. What can everyone bring to the table?

Lets start with food. Does anyone like to garden. This is a big one that everyone should pitch in with so all the work and responsibility doesn’t fall on one person. It can lead to hurt feelings and resentment. Never good for a team. However, someone might have the land for it where others do not. So decide where to grow it. This is good if you are working from a church community. You can use the land around your church and it can be a meeting place where everyone can gather and work on it. Even drop in late or very early and it wont bother anyone who may not be out of bed yet.

This is also where someone’s canning skill will come in handy. Choose who has the best skills and kitchen for the process. THey can be brought the food and can preserve it and pass it out to everyone in the group for their pantry. (not just for surviving a disaster here also just for life. Growing your own food and saving money. economic collapse can happen too)

What about chickens. Know anybody who does? Raise chickens, get eggs, meat if you know a butcher or someone who will clean them for you. Also a hunter. Anyone who likes to hunt and clean game. Bonus if they have a smoker or dehydration for jerky. Everyone in your group would be wise to invest in a deep freeze. Store your meats. Frozen eggs are still good and can be used once thawed. (FYI)

Consider bee keeping. It takes a little start up and a little maintenance, but it could be worth it. Honey last forever and is a great source of energy and has some great uses for survival. You can store, sell it or hand it out. Who doesn’t like honey.

Other animals you could consider raising, goats (they eat about anything and keep the grass down) Provide milk. Dairy cows are a better source if anyone in your group happens to be in the business. Pigs are a good source of meat and can eat your table scraps.

So you got your meats, your veggies, your eggs, and any other farm fresh produce. Also if you are a church community, this could be a good evangelical practice. Handing out some of your extra canned veggies or whatever and telling others about the church, Jesus, and whatnot. Just think about the possibilities. You might even get some useful new members.

Okay this next one is aimed at women, but my brother kind of does this too, Coupons!! There are quite a few coupon clubs out there where women trade and collect coupons to get great deals. You can get a lot of stuff for very little. You’re not just thinking of yourself here. You will want to get members from each family unit to get together and go through their collection of coupons and decide what they all want and who will get what. Stock up share on supplies and fill each other’s cabinets and pantries. You might also want to get teams together to go to bulk stores.

God promises to supply our needs and to bless the work of our hands. If we rely on him and not on our own store houses and thank him daily for his grace we can be sure that our crops will grow bountiful and our pantries will be well stocked.