Survival Team: Family Accountability

In the event of a disaster, you and your family need to have an evacuation plan. Depending on a disaster where you will meet up if separated and where you will go to be safe.

Emergency action plan. Make a list of potential disasters. Sit down with your team. Discuss each disaster. What will you do if you are at home, what are you to do if you are away from home. Tornadoes, where is your storm shelter, Earthquakes, where is the best location to be at in your home, Fire, Where are your emergency exits, Economic collapse, How will you help each other cope, Snow storm, flood, zombie uprising, meteor impact, alien attack, viral outbreak, ect. Yes some on this list have no real grounds, but discussing them can lead to greater revelations to survival in other areas you may not have thought of otherwise.

When the crap hits the fan, who is going to do what? When everything starts to happen it can be stressful and fear sets in. Once you have a plan in place it will calm everyone involved. If people know what they are expected to do. Give responsibilities to everyone in your family. They will feel like they are contributing and this will geive them security and they will not freak out as much.With everyone working together, things will go smoother and people will not get in each other’s way and will cause less problems that could make a bad situation worse.

Have a bug ou bag of essentials. Know where they are so you can grab them and go if you have to leave your home.

Have a list of emergency contacts. Exchange phone numbers and addresses and any contact or relevent information. List of ailments and medication for each member of your family (including extended family not near you) AND your team and their family. Probably each member should have a little pocket notebook with all this info wrote down. In the event of a disaster and you can’t get ahold of someone on your team or their family you will have thier information and any relevent medical information emergency response teams may need. You should have someone outside your team that you can call who will not likely be involved in your disaster area that you can call to let them know you are safe and they may have gotten in contact with someone else in your area on your team that you can’t get a hold of yourself and can know they are safe.

Copies of important documents and picture id’s of your family and team members. In the even someone is missing they could have suffered a head injury and can’t relay who they are to rescue teams who find them, but with a picture authorities can identify them. You will need copies of birth certificates, social security, bank account # routing #, Property titles, and insurance cards and other documents. Store them in water proof plastic storage containers for their safety.

So you got your bug out bags ready, you got your family together, you got your contact lists and documents, So where are you gong to go?

Evacuation routes. In the event of Bugging out, These are the routes you will be taking to get out of town. Your team needs to know these routes and a meeting place to meet up. Consider who will need to be picked up and who will go get who if needed. In the event of an imminent disaster you will just grab you bug out bag and family and get out. Whoever in your family is designated to get a hold of your team and extended family while you drive will start making calls. If you have more time then have a list of things that you should grab and take with you that would take more time to pack. Equipment that would be useful for your survival that you wouldn’t keep packed or in your vehicle.

In an emergency the cell towers may go down and service could be non existent. In cases like this you may be glad that you have a land line. Yeah i don’t know many people who still use land lines any more either. Anyway, land lines will still be working unless they have been torn down by storms or such, but the government has issued a law that emergency response teams first responsibility is to get those back up and working as soon as possible. So if you have a land line you can count on them. It may be a good idea to make a note of where pay phones are and where you can get easy access.

What is your plan for your pets. If you are bugging out, they can’t carry their own bags, so get your food and water. Do they have any medical needs. If they are riding in a vehicle how will they be riding. If you plan to use a pet carrier how will it be sitting you your vehicle? How fast can you get it in your vehicle?

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