Survival with Animals

Proverbs 12:10 “A rightous man understands the needs of his livestock, but even the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”
Don’t forget the needs of our animals. In the event of an adventure, disaster, or the end of the world, we can’t forget our pets 10354613_10204847072353696_919048412629495849_nand need to plan for thier needs as well as our own. In the day of judgment we will be called into account of how we treated our animals and how we have treated those around us.
I read in the news of how people mis treat animals, lock them in cages for months and even how cruel kids put fire crackers in their mouths and tape them closed. It is appauling. I of course want swift judgment and would do it myself if I could, but console myself with the knowledge God will call every act into account.

So how can you prep for your pets. For being lost thier is an RFID chip for gps tracking as well as attaching an ID tap on thier collar. Keep a photo in your wallet to show to people should you be sepperated from them.

If you have to bug out, keep a supply of any medication they may need on hand or in your go bag. As well as a leash, sweater, thier own food and water. There are collars that light up, my mom bought for out dogs. It is just like the wrist band i got in my Cairn subscription box. It can stay on or flash. It makes them easy to see at night or in the dark. You can put on the wrist band and matching dog collar and take your dog for a jog late at night or early in the morning and be visible. Also there in a dog collar attachment that looks like a bone that flashes as the dog walks it lights up with every bounce. It can be crutial to locate them in a disaster if you have to be traveling. I took a keychain that lets you write on it and put my address and phone number that will allow anyone who found my dog to call and get ahold of me.

Also attached is a St. Francis pet medal. The protector of animals

In addition to the medication in your go bag, you should have any important documents and medical history if you have it on your pets and they make travel bowls that collapse and store easy.

Exodus 23: 4″ If you come across your enemy’s ox or donkey wandering off, be sure to return it. If you see the donkey of someone who hates you fallen down under it’s load, do not leave it there; be sure you help them with it.”

Exodus 23: 12″ Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work, so that your ox and your donkey may rest, “

11813519_10206847889452873_7045646544340238279_n.jpgGod cares about animals. He commands us to take care of them. To tend to their need and not to over work them.

We should pay attention to animal behavior. Many animals behave strangely before a disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake. If you have horses or cattle around you hooved animals may huddle together in open fields and plains. If your horses refuse to be led into barns or be tied down this could be a sign of an impending disaster.

Pay attention to spiders and rodents as well. Spiders and ants will swarm inside and rodents who live outside like the long tailed field mice, will try to come in and your average house mice will try to get out.

Other animals like confined animals at a zoo may try to escape and hibernating animals will wake early and leave their dens and be seen at the wrong times.

It is said that animals can see the spiritual realm better than people and will act strange in the precens of the spiritual. There are many stories of animals acting aggressively at things unseen and refusing to go into certain rooms of a home.

Depending on the situation, they can be good help especially if well trained. If you are having to sleep outside or move through a dangerous area they can alert you to danger. If you have a large breed they can even protect you or at least frighten off potential dangers. 11826020_10206847886732805_7211328873419997397_n

Once when i was out in the fields behind our home two people in a truck i didn’t know came down our road and stopped near by. I wasn’t sure who it was at first and thought it might be one of my uncles. So i started over. I realized i didn’t recognize them but before i got too close the dogs ran up to me and i heard them saying something. All i heard was “No, he’s got dogs.” and they drove of fast. Might not have been any danger, but who can know for sure.

Pets can also help to keep you calm in an emergancy. Having someone to care for and think about. Many people think of them like thier children, there is an instinct where your brain knows it can’t fall apart right now and has to figure out what it can in this situation for the safety of thier children. Also they can provide you with comfort and companionship. It is a human need for companionship and to give and recieve love.

An issue i struggled with for a while was wether animals go to heaven or not. The arguement goes both ways. Do animals have souls? Some say yes, some say no. I prayed and debated this with God wanting some kind of answer. I love animals and my pets.

I deeply loved my little maltese Chrissy. Two days before she died i had a dream. I was sitting in the floor in front of my window. Outside the window there were trees like a forest and a path going off into the distance. Our old family dog Yeller a yellow lab came up the path. He stopped in front of the window and jumped at it to get my attention and then turned and went back up the path. When i woke i felt like this was a message that animals do go to heaven. On near death experience websites i have read that people who are nearing death often dream about dieing and coming back on the other side often symbolized as a window.

After she had passed i had another dream. I was in my home and was surrounded by our dogs. There was Chrissy healthy and happy. I held her and thought i was imagining it. Then i heard God’s voice say “This is your treasure in Heaven for your faith and devotion, but you could have more treasure.” I woke after that. If that isn’t a clear sign i don’t know what is.

Early paranormal investigators and monster hunters use to keep rat terriers for killing rats and giant spiders when hunting vampires. Some also use to do sports of ratting. Setting a bunch of large rats loose in an area and letting ther terriers run in and kill them all and time them.

Another interesting animal is the Shih-tzu. The little lion dog or foo dog. It has a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate, outgoing, and alert.

Useful information
La quinta hotels have a policy that they have to accept pets. If you have to bug out with them and need a place to stay.

Animal Poison Control Center

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