Clips, Lanyards, Keyrings


Here are some pics of some things you can find useful to have around. I carry a lanyard all the time and we use them at work. They have to have a quick release clip on it in case they were to become stuck in a machine. We keep our badges on them with a picture id. You can use them for your keys and as a make shift emergancy weapon to defend yourself.

You can put a clip on them and clip them to your belt loop. There are many kinds of clips you can find. All colors, and 20160530_115230sizes. Some with screwing locks on them and some with combination locks. Some with flashlights and compasses and thermometers. Mostly known for outdoor gear. You can clip them to the outside of your caryy bags and day bags or when hiking the trails. Remember that it does look a little funny having a hoard of things clipped to the outside of your bag and it will make a noise when walking. My mom keeps her keys clipped to the outside of her purse with a pink one. I keep my car keys and a few odds clipped to my shoulder bag i carry to work.


Here are some digital deviced i want to mention on thier own.The digital picture key chain

and the flash drive key chain. They can be used on your go bag and can store those irriplaceable family pictures and digital copies of important documents that you have to jump through hoops to get back once lost. Yes that is a tardis. It is bigger on the inside.


20160530_115103Here are some flashlights to consider. The silver one has a whistle on it and the bone is a flashing things that flashes whenever you bounce. Meant for a dog collar. The little black one is a red light i got from a Cairn box. It is suppost to be bright and can bee seen for a long ways.



20160530_114954Here are some key chain ideas. A little stuffed animal buddy. A solar powered light. Telescope for seeing long distances. Keyless entry devices. Little Bible and cross fro keeping away evil. Sacred heart badge. Pocket knife. The black tube thing is actually a geocaching device that has a screw off top and can be used to hold pills if necissary. They have better one that will hold more pills. This one only holds two pills.  You can also get little flasks for holding small amounts of liquids like holy water. You can hang charms or personal flare.


Some other things you can clip to your bag or pure. The first thing there is a wow flute ocarina. I am trying to learn to play it. God loves music and they say angels gather where the heart plays music to God. It is a simple thing to learn. The emergancy whistle has a magnifing glass that can be used for investigating and starting fires or reading small print. A compass for navigation and the back has a thermometer on it. The gold looking thing is a tick remover. If you are a hiker or lives in the south you can use this. The round ball is a compass. I just love it for some reason. the clip with a compass attached and a keyring. You know just be creative.

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