Heat of the Sun

Revelations 16:8 “The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire.They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.”

Since spring time is here and summer is right around the corner and everyone is getting out and getting in shape, it is time to talk about beating the heat. Everyone worries about the cold, but few consider the heat until it is too late. It is 13124717_10208819268416115_4780405246874986307_nimportant to get out and absorb the sun light. It is necessary for our health. Just be sure to get sunscreen on. Sunburn is bad and painful, i know this first hand. I even have a friend who got so sunburn she had to wear her bathing suit to work and cover up with very loose clothes. She was red as a beat.

Few people know this but you can get sunburned under your skin even without it showing on the surface if you use the wrong kind of sunscreen. THere is UVB which doesn’t go very deep and UVA which penetrates the skin much deeper. There are sunscreen lotions that protect from one and not the other and can leave you at risk for UVA sunburn under your top layer of skin which is Very painful and nothing can be done for it except to just get better over time.

Now on to heatstroke. If you suspect someone around you is suffering from heat stroke get help immediately. If possible get them to an air conditioned area or in front of a fan. If not get them into the shade and off their feet. Wet a rag and wipe them down and keep them hydrated. Remove any unnecessary clothing. Any outer layers. Apply ice packs or cold rags to key areas like under the arms, groin, neck and back. These are places with lots of blood vessels that will carry cooled blood quickly around the body.

To identify pay attention to these symptoms. Headaches and any dizziness and coordination like stumbling or staggering. disorientation and muscle weakness or cramps. Hot dry skin and lack of sweating. Rapid shallow breathing. Lastly Fainting. All of these should be taken very serious. If you or someone you are with start to feel sick, Don’t push it. It is not worth it. Heatstroke can lead to organ damage and brain damage which can be permanent. Rest and stay hydrated.

If your are stuck in an area with a lot of sun exposure for some reason. Try to find a shade or make one yourself with a tarp. You can place a button in your mouth to aid in easing thirst if water is not readily available.

From my Cairn subscription box i got a few cool products in Aloe up sunscreen, Green goo dry skin treatment stick, All Good lip balm, and Whiskey Run butter stick lip balm. Most of these  hae spf 11 to 50 for sun protection. If you get a subscription every month you get cool gear for your Go bag.  25 dollars a month. Here is a link if it is something you are interested in. http://rwrd.io/b4bbduv

If getting out into the wilderness is your idea of fun, you should get yourself a water bottle of some sort. It can be a fun way to keep yourself hydrated. There are many types of water containers. Cups, bottles, hydration bladders, and botas (like old style waterskins) If drinking plain water is not your thing (like Me) There are a VAST number of water additives to flavor them. Many of which have vitamines and electrolytes.

In the final days the sun will be scorching down on us very hard. Our skin will burn and many will succumb to the effects of UV rays like skin tumors. Not going to be fun. The heat is likely to ignite many fires and scorch the earth making it hard to grow crops.

If you are someone who burns easily you may consider growing an aloe vera plant on your windowsill. The gel from inside is good for burns.

Aloe Vera for Sunburn

Aloe Vera has a long history of being used to treat burns, and is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for sunburn.

Aloe Vera gel helps speed the healing of sunburn, and may also help prevent skin peeling.

To treat sunburn with Aloe Vera, just break off a piece and asqueeze the gel as  a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel to sunburned skin.

Further on Accountability Partner

Galatians 6 “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently.”

It means that when we see someone that is struggling with life or sin, we stand by their side and try and pull them closer to Christ

When selecting an accountability partner it is important to note it is better to select someone of the same gender. It is usually easier to relate and talk openly. Especially when some of


those issues you need to work on involve alcohol or pornagraphy.You should set times and days for checking in with each other. At least twice a week. It will make it easier if you set a certain activity involved such as meeting for coffee or breakfast.

Women can talk for a while and feel very close to someone, but  men on the other hand feel closer to someone when involved in a physical activity. Like going for a jog or the gym.  This is So plan around this. It is important to build trust and a relationship otherwise the process will not work. If the relationship doesn’t deepen we can’t be honest with one another. We hide behind walls.

To begin this process, you should take the first steps. You acknowledge Jesus as your savior. That we are all sinners and that we all have this problem.

Recognize God’s plan for our redemption and his power that can work in our lives. He can strengthen us and help us through this thing called life. And that he is faithful to forgive.

Search your Constance and recognize any wrong doing and attempt to make amends to those you can. Working together learn to live a new life with a moral code of behavior.

2 Timothy11 

Here is a trustworthy saying:

If we died with him,
    we will also live with him;
12 if we endure,
    we will also reign with him.
If we disown him,
    he will also disown us;
13 if we are faithless,
    he remains faithful,
    for he cannot disown himself.

Questions to ask or be asked.

Have you been spending time with God this week? Is so how?

How have you been handling your finances?

Many stressors in life have to do with money issues and when we are stressed we do things like spend money on things we think will make us happy.

Have you been exposing your mind to sexually inappropriate things?

Okay be honest, this is a problem for many people. Mostly aimed at young men and women, there are many people who still suffer from addictions thanks to the internet.

Have you been taking care of your body?

Our spiritual life is important, but so is our physical. If we are not healthy it will affect how we feel. If we feel unhealthy it will affect how we act. How much time and effort we put into anything.

What are you doing to enjoy life?

We sin because we enjoy it. We seek out sins when we are not satisfied with our lives. Having hobbies and if possible charity work that you are passionate about is a good distraction from sin. If we have something we are passionate about, we will feel satisfied and happy with our lives.

What are any new stressors in your life?

Do you just want to hang out?

Sometime we should just spend time with someone. If they are not ready to talk just being there and spending time can do amazing things for someone’s emotional well being.  Especially when someone is unhappy. Remember Job and his friends. When he was mourning his friends just sat with him for a long time. They shared his pain and comforted him as best they could. Sometimes just knowing someone is there is enough. When they are ready they will talk about it.

Is there anything i should know?

A final question. Have you lied to me?

Bug Out Buddy

This is a bug out buddy. It is a new take on a bug out bag. A bug out bag is a bag you can grab that is pre prepped with what you will need to survive. A bug out buddy is a smaller version of that. It has less stuff but more portable and disguised  as a cute little stuffed animal.

The importance of a bug out bag must cover specific need like clothing and or shelter, food, water, and medical needs. This comes into play in the bug out buddy as well, just in a smaller degree. A bug out bag should cover a three day period at least. A bug out buddy will likely cover a several hours to a day at most.

The little dog here is a build your own stuffed animal. In this case a terrier. It come with stuffing, a little pink heart, and a birth certificate for naming your new friend.  It has instructions to hold the heart in your hands, make a wish spin around three times, kiss the heart and place it within your stuffed animal. The opening within the velcro opening had a zip tie that i removed and can be placed inside for later use. They come in handy.

For Clothing and shelter there is an emergency blanket that can be used to trap in heat and keep you warm or can be used as a tarp to make a tent or some kind of shelter from the elements. A bandana has many many uses just google it.

For water, purification tablets, but also a a life straw could fit into it.

For food, non perishable hard candy. It will provide something to keep away hunger pains and provide sugar for energy.

Money, if you end up stranded somewhere you can be sure you wont be broke. Maybe you can call a cab, buy a soda or food. Keeping a little money tucked away is never a bad idea. Both large and small bills would be idea, but make your own decisions.

After that, within the tin is a small first aid kit, alchol swabs, pain away pills, band aids of varying sizes. Within the legs i placed germ-x hand sanitizer. Rubber gloves. A small pocket knife. (not everything may be age appropriate if this is going to be kept by a child). Soft ear plugs. For light a glow stick. It fits that,s how i know a life straw will fit.

On the spiritual front a blessed tea light candle. For more on what use this is for look up the three days of darkness. I will eventually cover more on this later, but there is such a thing as a darkness you can literally feel. Re-read the story of Moses. A blessed candle can keep out such darkness. Within the little bag i put it in i also put in some matches for lighting it. They can also be used to start a fire. The little vial is full of holy water. Sprinkling holy water can cast out evil. The little card is a reminder on how powerful the name of Jesus is.

It says JESUS Every time I say Jesus…. I wish to offer to God the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, His Passion and Death, with all the Masses being said all over to world for; the glory of God, my own intentions and the peace of the world.

Around as a collar i put a paracord bracelet. Not what i originally wanted to use, but i think this is actually better. There are many uses for para cord. The buckle has a whistle on it for alerting help and the buckle also had a flint and striking steel for starting fires and the steel has a little saw edge for cutting.

Clipped to the bracelet is a little flashing dog bone. Meant for a dog collar it flashes whenever it bounces. This could be useful for being seen in the dark. To avoid being hit or alerting help to your location.

Last of all you have a little comfort item. It can help you stay sane and calm in a dangerous situation. Everyone love stuffed animals. That is why we give them to the sick in the hospital. You can purchase cute clothing for them from many shops.

You could also put in other items like valuables for hiding, chap stick, prayer beads,  anything small that might be useful for you. All bug out things should be tailored to your own needs and comforts. You know what you would need more than anyone else.

Hard times Happen

Everyone has those times when things are very hard. You don’t have much time and have a million things to get done. Everything seems to go wrong. If you feel sad all the time. I used to. It may sound clique but God really helped me. I used to feel really bad and depressed a lot. I feel a lot better about myself now. Even when I have really bad days that make me feel depressed there is like a little ball of calm joy that doesn’t leave me. My sound weird, but it is there. I think it is called abiding joy. One of the fruits of the holy spirit. There is strength there.

It can be especially hard when disaster strikes, you lose your home, your security. People in your life you thought you could trust turn against you. Hard times are coming. The Gospels say that we will be handed over for persecution and families will turn against each other and have them put to death. Division is coming and we will need to stand strong. When you invite Jesus into your life he sends the Holy Spirit to live within you and you will be given more strength than you even imagined you could have. You will be able to stand even in the hard times.

This is a quote. It kinda sums up the bad times.
“We go through times on consolation and desolation. Consolation is when things are flowing, and everything makes sense, you feel connected, and you’re aware that God is present and has plans for you, maybe even likes you a little bit. Desolation is the other thing. When you are… scared… and confused and alone and out of step, and your cell phone doesn’t work, and… your daughter gets sick, and… the cops come to the door and say there’s been an accident. God retreats, and you’re left with your own thoughts, and those thoughts are dark. There are answers there. And strength.”

The weight of the world and all it’s problems can be unbearable. That is why we need God’s strength. Through the Holy Spirit. Others will see this in us and desire that strength too. Through the fruit of the Holy Spirit we will be able to lift one another up.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is your first spiritual inventory for your christian adventure. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is a biblical term that sums up nine attributes of a Christian life according to Paul in his Letter to the Galatians: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patients), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Here is an experiment you can do
Living water

You will need a candle and two balloons. One filled with air and one filled with water.
You light the candle and place the balloon filled with air over the flame. The balloon will pop. But a balloon filled with water will not pop, even when put directly into a candle flame. The protection conferred from the “living water” is similar to protection from salvation; both priceless yet free, both available to everyone, and both necessary for life, physical or eternal.
When you become a Christian you get the holy spirit inside a very real and living power deep inside.

Snapshot 1 (2-15-2015 10-13 AM)Snapshot 3 (2-15-2015 10-14 AM) Snapshot 4 (2-15-2015 10-15 AM) Snapshot 5 (2-15-2015 10-15 AM)


Ecclesiastes 4:10 “If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them.”

11987196_10207032788075223_5538754120463444960_nIt is important to surround yourself with the right kind of friends. You can lean on them for support in difficult times. They can build you up. This is why we go to church on Sundays. God is everywhere and we can experience him and worship him anywhere, but going to church helps us to connect with other believers and support one another. The wrong kind of friends can pull you down and hold back your development. They can even ruin your life and what you are working towards if they are the toxic kind of friends. Toxic people need to be cut out of your life at least until you are well established in your faith. The wrong kind of people in your life will only bring you pain and drama. If your church is a good church and a REAL Christian church they will not judge or look down on you. We all have mistakes and a past. It should be noted that you don’t have to go to church to be saved, and you don’t have to go to church to find God. But a church is a good place to find supportive christian friends to build your adventure/ or survival team.

It is great to be self sufficient, but no one can do everything alone, nor would you want to. Everything is more fun with friends. Even Jesus had the twelve apostles. Within the twelve He had his inner circle. Friends can comfort, guide, lend a hand or just give you a reason and will to survive. If your aim is adventure or surviving disaster, you are going to want a good balanced team of friends. These people will need to be trustworthy. people you can count on and you would place your life or your family in their hands.

First of course should be Jesus. After him, the first person to consider is going to be the person you will trust the most and begin this journey with. THis person will act as your confidant.An accountability partner as well as you will be for them. An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. Someone who will speak frankly and not sugar coat anything for you. Tell you exactly how it is and where your short comings are in your walk with God. Someone you can trust to tell anything. Who wont spread gossip or betray trust. It could be argued that Jesus had Peter as his best friend. Peter was always at his side. He was a simple fisherman until Jesus entered his life and he then became a great leader. Jesus can do this with people when he enters their life and he can do this for us as well. He can also bring that person who will stand with us on our journey if we ask him. When you find this person talk to them about it. You both have to agree to confidentiality. There has to be real trust there and you have to be serious about it. You will need to talk to one another about your life and maybe establish questions to ask about your christian walk and tell each other about any problems you are facing. It is important to note that there is no obligation to physically or financially assist or support each other. When things like money come into play it gets complicated. Certain resentments can come into play so it is best avoid these complications or enter the relationship with certain ground rules set for things like lending money.

Once this relationship has been established, they should be included in your nature walks. Discuss your views on God and what he has created. Discuss your goals for your relationship with God and Jesus.

After this relationship has been established, you should build on your group. Consider 10570342_10204184789757045_5869446863397602811_nwhat skills you are looking for. Is someone a good speaker. A spokesperson. Moses was bad at this and he had aaron as his mouthpiece. Maybe they are good at bartering or convincing people to listen. This can help bring order in a bad situation. Can keep people from panicking and making things worse. Some people have a natural calming ability. You are not just thinking about the here and now. There could be tough times ahead.

Wilderness skills such as hunting, trapping, and fishing should be considered. Knowing what plants are edible and how to forage. These skills will bring nourishment to your group. Also knowing how to store and preserve food like canning and smoking meats or making jerky.

Medical and first aid skills. Perhaps everyone in your group should learn the basics of first aid, such as wrapping a wound and sterilizing. The average person is uncomfortable applying first aid and many will prefer to wait for someone else to step in. That could be a loss of precious time.but real medical skills and understanding can go along way.

Mechanical skills. Maintaining equipment and vehicles can be vital in a situation where you have to flee an area or get stranded in the wilderness. You may need to rely on a bug out vehicle to escape perral or even to live out of for shelter.Someone with mechanical skills can usually improvise in a pinch. Like weapon crafting.

Other potential skill or knowledge is a Gun guy. SOmeone who knows firearms and ammunition. Cooking.  Fighting and self defence teachers. A jester or someone who brings a little comic relief. May sound weird, but having a joking type can actually bring down the stress level of a group and help keep things in perspective. A spiritual mentor that can bring guidance.

Here is an example. My best friend was raised around animals. She knows how to handle them. Horses goats, like how to milk them, how to train them. She knows a little about crops and nutrition like what we could survive on that would grow easy.

I have a friend who is a mechanic who welds and knows a little about cars. He and his wife live on a little farm stead. THey raise chicken for eggs and grow some crops their selves and can what they grow.

I have another friend who is a survivalist who sews his own clothes and collects gear. He is usually seen with a pouch on his hip with survival tools in it.

Another friend on my list is actually not well like by the others, but in a survival situation her presence could be vital. In addition to what she knows about horses she is a universal donor. Most people ,like me, don’t know their blood type. She can give blood to anyone. Depending on the situation this could mean the difference of life and death.

Human beings are social creatures. We are made to interact with others. You should consider the size of your group and how big you want it to be. Consider that the family members of these people will likely become associate members by default and their needs need to be considered in a survival setting.


The first Pilgrimage.

13133284_10208819300456916_7503974181064310748_nFor the first step in your journey of development, go for a walk. Yes that simple. Get outside. Somewhere with trees and grass away from buildings and cars and busy people. Take a walk and look at nature. This is all God’s creation. Really look at it. Watch for wildlife. Identify something. Contemplate it and its place in nature. God designed nature to be in balance. scavenging animals eat the garbage of nature and recycle it break it down and it goes back into the earth. Plants grow and feed of it and animals eat it and it gets recycled again. Look at the pond, stream, lake body of water. Contemplate it. The water cycle. Water evaporates, goes up comes back down as rain. Look at the world around you and feel God’s presence there. His design. How does that make you feel.  I have spent  a lot of time walking the fields near my home. I usually see plenty of cows and horses. Some sheep as well. I have spent some time collecting feathers I used to make a dream catcher. Sometimes i find odd things i don’t expect to find. Like a pocket knife hanging from a tree or a deflated balloon from a valentine’s day gift shaped like a heart. As i walk i talk to God and feel him with me. Take time to talk to him. It is not all about prayer and work. Everyone needs time to relax.

Christian Adventurer

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.” Mark 13:8

7599_10204714991291752_4374803367691461105_nYou don’t have to believe in God to see that there are dark days ahead for the world. The amount of tragedy in the world proves that and it is likely to keep increasing. Crime is up. natural disasters are up, everyone can feel the tension. Prepping has hit an all time high. Perhaps that is why you are reading this. Maybe you just want to get closer to God, maybe you just want to change your life and become someone new. Whatever the reason, you wont be the same person after this and you will be better equipped to survive the turmoil and chaos that lays ahead.

If you’re going to be an adventurer and pursue the strange, weird, scary, and amazing things in this life, it is best to do so with some form of belief system. There are many reason why you should. Our brains are hard wired to believe in something. It is a coping mechanism for stress and difficult situations. Also it provides many with comfort in difficult times, such as loss. It provides a moral compass.

There is proven scientific studies that people who pray and meditate. It is shown to change the brain in positive ways. It effects the Insula and the Amygdala, as well as other benefits. It calms your mind, decreases blood pressure and helps you deal with stress. Less stress is always a good thing. It is known to 13260151_10208893399669350_8390093355781654283_nhelp you lower anxiety, decrease depression, improved learning and memory recall. It increases emotional stability.

It decreases your response to fear from your fight or flight response so that you can think more clearly when in a situation that would cause you to be afraid. If you plan to peruse the strange and paranormal that is a skill that will be a great asset. You will be more aware of your surroundings and senses.

It effects the insula which is your gut level feelings. It guides you on how you will respond to what you sense in your body. Like if something is dangerous or benign. It also involved in experiencing empathy.

Also practicing the breathing six breaths be minuet aligns your breathing with your hearts rythem and is good for your cardiovascular system and your blood pressure and a higher skin resistance.

The end result is you are able to see yourself and everyone around you from a clearer perspective while at the same time being more aware of the present, and a more empathic person with others and able to judge a situation better with a more heightened awareness. More in touch with yourself and the universe.

A recent survey reported in the Journal of Gerontology of 4,000 senior citizens and found that people who prayed or meditated coped better with illness and lived longer than those who did not, but Spiritual practice aims to connect the individual with God or a Higher Power, to open one to the Divinity dwelling within the self, and to make one fully present to life in the here and now. Wouldn’t it be great to have a supreme being out there routing for you. So many people dislike the church because they view it as a bunch of self righteous people pointing fingers saying you can’t do what you want. And well there are such people out there like that, but most churches (real churches) are not like that. They are even against such practices. It is actually forbidden to Christians to judge others of God will judge us just as harsh. As far as being told what to do it is actually quite simple. You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt others or animals. Do unto others what you would have done unto you. Doesn’t mean you have to be a pacifist or anything like that. There just has to be a good reason like self defence or protecting someone. As far as most things go use descretion and moderation.