Compasses, maybe not just for navigation.

Note: will be updated eventually with pictures.

Compasses are easy to find. THey are attached to just about every outdoor gear you can find. Just be sure to check it that it really works before you buy. I have several. I plan to review my faves here.

First is my paracord bracelet. It has a compass on it with a flashlight and fire started and a whistle. I love having it on me when i go out anywhere. It can be a bit bulky on my wrist and i can’t wear it at work.

I have a clip that i clip on my bag with a compass and a thermometer. This i also one of my favorites. I take my bag to work with me so i usually have it.  So other than navigating if you are a paranormal enthusiast like me. You whould know that  surpernatural events usually come with magnetic fields. Like gosts and alien abduction. Bermuda triangle. They make compasses go wild and spin. So if something strange happens or a spirit suddenly appears you can check your compass and see if it is spinning or acting weird. Also cold spots. Ghosts and spirits are knows to draw out the heat in an area and make it colder. So a sudden drop in temperature can be an identifier. Hints the thermometer on my bag.

Next on my bag i keep a four in one whistle. It has a whistle for signaling (universal signal for help is three sharp blasts) a thermometer, magnifying glass for investigation and fire starting with the sun, and you can guess a compass.

The last two on my list of faves is the boyscout style compass with all the sights and dial for calculating your longitude and latitude and distance which i can’t do yet, but i want to learn. and a little ball style compass that just looks cool. It is an old car compass. It had a suction cup on it that you stuck to your dash, but i took that off and hung it by a chain and string. I just think it looks cool like something you would see and adventurer have in a movie or anime. You can reead it at any angle.

So a compass, It’s primary use is to point north. So if you have a map, or map making skills, (plan to cover that in another post) you can navigat your way around. Most people have rudimentary skill at navigating witha compass and map. If not you should learn. It doesn’t take a genius to do it. Everyone should be able to. Observe your surroundings and make note of landmarks. (Even in a mall or large parking lot) You know what i mean, we all have gotten lost and forgot where we have parked. I have an unusually bad sence of direction. If i am in an unfamiliar place i get lost easy. Or in a hospital. Every hall (and there are a lot of them) look the same.

Home Made MREs

Today i want to talk a little about MREs. Meal Ready Eat. Most people know what these are. Ration meals for soldiers. They are convenient and taste pretty good. Not Great but good. For a simple meal. There is something about complete meal kits that i love. Kinda like an adult happy meal. I loved happy meals when i was a kid. You got a burger, fries, drink, and a toy all in a little box that had games and puzzles on it. Who doesn’t like that.

An MRE is s a complete meal kit. It comes with an entrée, a side, usually a bread or cracker, a dessert, maybe a candy snack, a beverage powder to add to water like coffee or orange juice mix, salt and pepper and spread for your crackers like peanut butter. Now that is a lot in a little kit. When i was little i loved lunchables. They were a snack my mom let me and my brother get. I loved to get up early or stay u p late and eat them while watching cartoons.


As an adult i have bought a few of these mres and had them early in the morning while watching tv or while playing my favorite video games like fallout. Unfortunately mres can be expensive. The good thing is that they last a few years, but you can make your own meal kits yourself cheaper. Here are a few tips on this.

Lunchables are great, but they have to be refrigerated and don’t have a long shelf life. Tuna kits are great too, but the crackers don’t have a long shelf life, but the tuna pack has a shelf life of two years typically. It also has a mayo and relish packet to put in your kit. You can make a tuna salad. I sometimes replace the tuna pack with a flavored pack like the bbq tuna. Make a bbq tuna salad. Or you can use chicken pack and make chicken salad instead. If tuna and chicken are not your idea entrée, there are other similar packets. Spam is one that has a good shelf life. If you don’t mind the extra weight, you can IMG_20140413_083831get cans with pull tops. Vienna sausages, Spam, roast beef. Bumble bee makes little snack kits that have tuna salad, chicken salad, bbq chicken, potted meat, crackers and a cute little spoon.  Good to add as an entrée or side.

Okay the first section was about a limited idea like you are away from home and maybe not have access to hot water or a microwave.  A possible entrée for you could be a Camble’s grab n go cup of soup. Or a Ramen cup of noodles. They require a bit more preparations. Although some people eat the ramen blocks by breaking them up and eating them raw. Have to admit i have never tried this myself. Also consider instant oatmeal.

Now if you have room and can heat water, mountain house has some great entries that you can fix right in the bag. Scrambled eggs, seasoned pork, spaghetti and meat sauce. Check it out.

For a side you could add a vienna sausage can. Prepackaged fruits, raisins, mixed nuts or trail mix. Think like the little slender packs you get at a gas station. There are plenty of variety there. Also consider granola bars or energy bars. There are lots of flavors or individual packs of pop tarts. If you want something meatier, consider summer sausage. You know those packs you get at  Christmas. They come with spreads and crackers, mustards.  Throw in some beef jerky or slim jims.

Do you like dry cereal? They have packs of little boxes you can throw in there. Cheerios, frosted flake and raisin brand, ect.

For desserts, Little packs of cookies, or 100 calories packs. You can get pre packaged fruit cups, i have never looked at the expiration dates on them. If you don’t mind the weight there are jars you can get. I have seen little ones and apple sauce. If you like gummies, there are plenty to choose from or fruit roll ups.

Candy, the choices are endless.

Beverages. Gatorade mix, fruit drink mix, instant coffee singles, or instant tea, there are a lot of water flavoring things out there. Get some that have vitamins and electrolytes. I LOVE the coffee water flavorings. I get the little bottle of non dairy creamer as well and put a couple of squirts into the bottle too. Love it. If you have a way to heat water, hot cocoa is a great way to go too.

You can get little peanut butter spreads in little packets instead of the jar. There are cheese spreads too. Just consider your needs.

For seasonings, if you have ever ate out you get little packets of ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper. I have several everywhere. You can get sugar from the store and non dairy creamer.


They idea is long shelf life if this is going to be a go bag pack, if you are just planning a hike or camping trip the variety is more do-able. Take your items you’ve chosen and put them in a zip lock bag and squeeze out all the air you can and write on it with a sharpie. If you have special food needs like gluten free or certain allergies mark on it if it is safe for certain needs or what is contained. If you want to re-capture some of your childhood print out some puzzle pages and fold them up and put them in the bag. Just remember to put in a little pen or pencil if you need.

Also do you need accessories like spoons or forks. If you start with those meal kits, they come with little utensils you can use, In the outdoors section at walmart you can get foldable knives that have a fork and spoon on them. I like mine. If you are using cans without pop tops, throw in a can opener. Don’t for get napkins and wet wipes.

This can be a fun family thing if you are planning a family outing. I have listen on my blog outings you can do. Hiking, camping, road trips. Take the kids to the store and look around at what is available. If you don’t have to worry about a long shelf life, there are lots of options for fast carry out meals you can plan. Print out some activity sheets or at the dollar store they have grab n go packs with activity pads, crayons, and stickers and what not. These activity packs serve a purpose for a disaster kit as well. A distraction for the kids so they aren’t just huddled together being scared. Keeps them busy so they aren’t being in the way or asking questions constantly. Something for them to do if you are bugging out to a distant location. You know how annoying kids can be in the car. My mom always says that me and my brother were not really a problem growing up except when we were in the car. When we were in the car it was constant “He’s on my side” “He keeps looking at me” “He keeps touching me” Ect. If you are a parent you know the struggle.

So if this is a meal you are putting together for a loved one, you can put in a little note and print out a Bible verse as a little message for saying grace. Or if this is for disaster preparedness, an inspirational verse for survival. Hope is essential for survival. A prayer could be a good idea as well. It can be hard to pray when trouble hits.

This could be a good outreach thing for a church to do. Bring awareness to the community. Put in little bibles into the bags. Have the church members bring together some provisions to put into the bags nad hand them out to the community. Maybe type up a message on survival and first aid. The basics on Christianity. You know the ABCs. Admit, Believe, Confess. Possibly something you can do for the homeless as well.


Okay, Something a little different this time. I got a question from the 12 survivors website. They have a quiz that you can take and it will tell you which of the survivor archtypes you match up with best. I thought i might take a question or two and break it down to look at it.

You come to a store and can take only one item. Which item do you take?



Seeds, Medicine, Salt and Spices, spool of twine, or a Map.

You can only take one. All are good choices. This isn’t a situation where there is only one right answer. This is a situation where there is no wrong answer. You just have to look at your needs and choose what seems to be the best choice for that moment. This also shows your mindset and your values.

Seeds are a great answer. They will provide you with sustainable food once you get to a settlment situation. Long terms this is a great choice. You just have to consider how long will it be before you can actually use them. But also having them will provide hope for those with you. Something to look forward to.

Medicine, a great choice also. Anticeptic, pain relivers, antibiotics. All will help you survive and stay healthy. If someone becomes sick they become a liability and slows down the entire group and puts everyone in danger.

Salt and spices. May not seem like a good choice, but you would be wrong. Salt is an anticeptic for a start and you are probably overlooking the fact that when you live day by day and everything loogs bleak and drab, depresion can set in. This is a horrible condition to get into. People will just give up and lose hope. Having something that can add a little spice to life (or food) can change a situation and make things seem less misarable. A little hope that things will get to a better place eventually. Losing hope is the worst thing that can happen.

Spool of twine, A great choice if you are creative adn have a little engeniering experience. Can be used to create shelters, set traps for food, tieing up bundles for carrying. There are a lot of great uses for it. Especially for hunting and fishing. Protien and meats will be esential for survival.

Map, if you want to find someplace to settle or the closest source of water a map is a great way to go. It beats wandering aimlessly hoping you are going in the right direction. You can use it to locate potential food sources, recreational parks, or military sites for potential supplies given the situation and can navigate to where you want to go.

So i have given you a brief overview there are plenty more reasons for each of these items. Which would you choose? Think about it.


In Addition…….

In this uncertain world, full of trouble, chaos, fear, and pain, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and over burdened. The stress can really get to you. Another advantage that Christians have, inner strength and inner peace that comes from the Holy Spirit. When you become a Christian you are baptized with water, but you are also baptized by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit moves into your heart and you receive what is called the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Sort of Spiritual benefits. The Holy Spirit teaches us and strengthens us against unseen forces that desires to crush us. We all know how cruel the world is.

I use to be spiritual weak. I got tossed and turned by all the bad things that happened and it held me down. My dad was mean. He kept our house hold in turmoil. My mom cried all the time. I would cry myself to sleep sometimes. He told me i was worthless and i began to believe it. After i became a Christian i found an inner strength. A value that only comes from God. God wants you. He has a place for you that only you can fill. He made it for you and you alone from the beginning of time. Also i found an inner calm. My cousin mentioned once how she was unhappy all the time. Everything felt wrong. I use to feel that way to. I  introduced her to the Bible. It helped her and it helped me. Even when everything goes wrong around you there is  deep inside a peace that remains there. It is hard to describe. That is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, but you can only get it from God.

The Fruit of the Spirit are issues of the heart. We read the Word with our mind, build it into character in the heart, out of the heart come the attitudes, viewpoints, behavior, and ministries of life. Producing and living in the atmosphere of the Sprint is a choice we are continually making every moment. If we are sincere in seeking God then we will produce fruit. That is the evidence of our relationship with God.

THey are listed as.


Joy referred to here is deeper than mere happiness, is rooted in God and comes from Him. Since it comes from God, it is more serene and stable than worldly happiness, which is merely emotional and lasts only for a time.


Peace is the result of resting in a relationship with God. Peace is more than an absence of conflict. It is the tranquil state of a soul fearing nothing from God and content with its earthly lot, of what so ever sort that is. It is a kind of equilibrium that comes from trusting that everything is in the hands of God.


Patience is an attitude of long suffering. Slow to anger. willingness to wait and endurance to pull through difficult times.


When you have inner peace and joy, kindness is bound to be a result. It usually refers to inter personal relationships. The ability to show kindness and give kindness ot others. It may seem odd, but not everyone has this ability. Especially toward someone they don’t like. You could possibly call this fruit charity, in my opinion, showing good to someone who may not deserve it. We all know someone who treats us bad, but if we treat them bad back it will only result in more badness. It will never stop unless we end the cycle.


Faithfulness is committing oneself to something or someone, for instance, to one’s spouse, to a cause, or to a religion. Being faithful requires personal resolve not to wander away from commitments or promises.


A humble and gentle spirit. Not boastful or self inflating.


Separate from kindness, goodness refers to an uprightness in heart. Being good and doing good. Showing moral actions and displaying an understanding of right and wrong.

  1. The state or quality of being good
  2. Moral excellence; virtue;
  3. Kindly feeling, kindness, generosity,joy in being good
  4. The best part of anything; Essence; Strength;
  5. General character recognized in quality or conduct.


having mastery, able to control one’s thoughts and actions


Love is patient, love is kind.(love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

Okay here is where i will get a little wierd. We do have enemies in unseen places. I will now talk about spiritual beings. There is an unseen realm around us. There are spiritual beings that reside in it and some wish us harm and failure. The bible refers to them as powers, principalities, ect.

The work against us to tip our emotions to the point that we fail. We lose our self contol. Our will to continue. They can and will influence our emtions adn decisions to ruin our relationships. It is an unseen war. We battle every day. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is one of our  battle tools. With God’s inner peace adn self control we can battle and resist the enemy.

Throw this out there……

Something i tried to glean but did not actually talk about yet. Why be  a Christian? Or why become one?

I mentioned a little of what it can do for you if you have baggage. Troubled past and overwhelming emotions or damage. It can mean a new life and a new start. In these dangerous times, God is an ever-present source of inner strength and a help in trouble. See my post on what real physical effects prayer and meditation can have on the body.

But more than that, God knows everything that is going on. He knows the best course of action. He knows what trouble lays ahead. If adventure and survival is your game, He is an indispensable tool for your belt. A perfect travel companion. He knows the trail ahead before you even get to the bend.

He is faithful and will never abandon you. We all have fears sometimes of the unknown. God is a security blanket that is always with us. Always For us. When Egypt faced a famine, He warned them ahead of time through Joseph and gave him the plan to deal with it so no one would starve. He even reconciled him with his brothers and restored their family. God can prepare you for difficult times ahead and take care of your family and your personal problems too. He wants what is best for you, and when God wants something done, what man can stop him?

So why would you not want God? God doesn’t seek to control you. Maybe he asks for a standard of living. Don’t hurt other people (except in self-defence). Don’t spread lies about others, don’t treat your parents badly. basically don’t be an asshole. Is that really a bad price. I’ve read the Bible, i don’t see anywhere in  it that says you can’t go after a promotion or get that raise. No where does it say you can’t get that new car or job you really want. God cares about the things you want too. It does say not to make these things high priorities over caring for your family or making them all-consuming. I guess that is where people get discouraged by Christianity. It does require self-control. It is all right to want money, but to make it the highest priority in your life is the sin. It is all right to want nice things, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone to get them. You are supposed to put God first, so that everything else fall into perspective and your priorities are in order.

Is that really a bad thing. Is that new car more important than your wife or child? Don’t have a wife or child? Then if you have the money get the new car. The Bible doesnt’ say you can’t have things, just keep your priorities in check.