Conflict and the white horse

10377249_10203874593442331_4378119548717253255_nRevelations 6 “1Then I watched as the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say in a thunderous voice, “Come!” 2So I looked and saw a white horse, and its rider had a bow. And he was given a crown, and rode out to conquer and defeat.…”

The end times, thought of as the most challenging survival experience. When conquest sets out, it is a change in the world. Conflict and strife will abound and overtake everyone. Everyone looks at the world and sees the signs, whether it is or these things have always been around does not really matter as much as some people will have you believe. The truth is no one will know when Jesus returns, but no one knows when you are going to die either. You shouldn’t wait to get right with God. But anyway….

Yes, Conflict is on the rise. It seems like everyone wants to play the victim. Everyone is the underdog ans has to stand up and fight for something. Especially true for religious zealots that want to beat down christianity. This includes atheists who want to do away with anyone’s beliefs. As things get worse christians will end up going into hiding in an underground church and hiding their beliefs as the anti-christ takes power.

Learning different forms of communications will be a must so you can communicate with your trusted allies. You will need to know who those are you can trust. Learn to recognise the signs of other believers. Where they are going to gather and worship. Remember Where believers gather, there Jesus is among them.

Now, as conflict and disgruntled feelings rise you can expect more violent outlashes to increase. Look at ferguson Missouri, all the rioting and fighting was not all the result of the cop shooting the young black man. There was already civil unrest permeating the area waiting for something to trigger it. That unrest is growing everywhere and we will see more and more of it as time goes on.

So what can you do to prep for it. Well, to start with check your own emotions. Do you feel any of this unrest building inside you? Be honest with yourself. If you do pray about it and meditate. Go to confession or confess to your pastor or someone you can confide in. That is what they are there for.  After all remove the plank from your own eye first…..

So after that, there isn’t much you can do about the rest of your community. Learn to defend yourself. Keep your pepper spray and such with you. Pay attention to your surroundings. Train your instincts to spot anything that might feel hinky or unsafe. If you get the feeling something isn’t safe don’t wait around. If you see someone suspicious hanging around and you feel unsafe, report it to whoever and proceed to the closest exit. It is always good to know where the exits are. Know where they are at your place of work.

It is something you hear about all the time. A pissed off ex employee comes in with a weapon and tries to kill or hurt someone. Or just shoot up the place. Something happened not at my place of work, but one of our sister factories. Someone brought a gun to work and freaked out the bosses. We now have tighter security at all our facilities. No one got hurt, but it is a wake up call. You don’t want to wait until something happens to start thinking about these things. If something did happen, know where your exits are and anyplace you can hide. My best friend has a bad hip. She can’t run. So if someone did come in with a gun, what could she do. We discussed this and she pointed out that there were places she could get down into where she couldn’t be seen. She could do it relatively fast and could not be easily shot at. Clever.

You have to remember though being prepared is not the same as being scared. It is just the opposite. Having a plan gives you the feeling of confidence and takes away fear. This can be a good way to keep your kids calm and help them to control fear in a scary situation. If they feel like they know what to do. You just have to approach it the right way. Also to teach them about stranger danger. The more the world descends into chaos the scarier and more dangerous it is becoming for children.

The hearts of many will grow cold. The Bible says this. People will become more selfish and care less about others. Thinking only about their own wants and needs. They will take what they want and hurt who they want without thinking about the consequences. People don’t fear prison anymore and really they get  little more that a slap on the wrist and get to stay out on the streets for a while, while the prisons are over crowded. When people don’t fear consequences there is nothing to stop them from doing anything.

So keep your friends close and connected. Build trust with each other. There are trust exercises you can google.


My Baptism Experience

Okay, they say the best story about anything is your own. I spoke about baptisms, but i didn’t really talk about my own. You might could learn from my mistakes. A baptism is a great ceremony to go through if you are starting your life over. Clean the slate so to speak. Making new commitments in your life. So anyway.

After I began going to our families church a while, I made the decision to be baptized. To begin this process I had to speak to the pastor at the time, Rev. Jarrell Woodhull. A pastor i would say in his late 30’s maybe. I new i wanted to give my life to God. Wanted to do some sort of sevice for him eventually. That is why i started this blog actually. I was nervous, I never really liked talking to people. I walked up to him after the service was over and asked him about being baptized and we talked about it and we set it for the following weekend. I had to stand up at the front of the church and shake hands with everyone. I really don’t like attention.

I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen so I looked it up online to get the general idea. I decided to dress nice. BIG MISTAKE. I wore a long sleeve red shirt, black jeans (my idea of formal) a plain white undershirt. As I waded into the cold cold water, I realized how heavy these clothes were when wet. It was hard to move. I felt like I weighed a ton. He spoke to the congregation and then dunked me. I didn’t sink to the bottom so I guess I wasn’t too heavy.

I slogged my way back out to the dressing area. There wasn’t really a door and the pastor weighted patiently on the other side of the doorway for me to change to give me privacy. This made me feel a little embarrassed to dress down completely with anyone remotely nearby. Here is where my fashion choice further proved a bad move. I tried to change as fast as I could, which wasn’t easy in my wet heavy clothes. The long sleeve shirt had buttons all down the front. Wasn’t easy to undo. My wet under clothes tangled and wadded when trying to remove.

My advice to anyone, go simple. It is a ceremony yes, but don’t make it complicated. Being simple or fancy will not make a difference in the outcome. God cares more about what is in your heart.

Something to Think About

Okay, Just as the title suggests. I ran across an email the other day. A Catholic family who runs an online shop thing, emails me inspirational things sometimes. She recounts how she adopted a family priest. That is to say a priest she greatly admires and began to pray for him daily as if one of her own children. This is something to think about doing. Your local pastor, priest, bishop, or just a spiritual leader you watch on tv, listen to online, whatever the case for you and yours. Given the trouble that is happening and coming our way in the near future. Spiritual guidance is going to be  must.

Adopt a spiritual leader for your family and group. Pray for them. That God inspires them and strengthens them so they will be well equipped to guide and help your family. I started doing this for two of our pastors. The current pastor of our church and our former pastor who moved on to a bigger church. I still watch him online. His new church has a website that he uploads videos to. He was the one to baptise me.

But last sunday after i started praying for our local pastor, he had prepared a sermon and them changed it last minuet and said the Holy Spirit was moving him to preach on something else. What he preached on was something i had been struggling with for a while. It felt like he was preaching straight at me.  If this is something you need, this is something to consider. God cares for everyone’s needs individually and as a group.

This doesn’t have to be a personal thing, where you call up the pastor every week or him even know you are doing it. I didn’t tell him i was. If that is something you want to do, it can be as personal as you want. Just pray for them, for their well being, for God to fill them with the holy spirit, to guide them and strengthen them and provide for everyones needs. Certainly if you are praying for them, God will use them in your life as a conduit for his love and grace in your life. A blessing for everyone.