What you need to know about the Soul

“The LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

So God make the soul. It came from God and will return to him after death. God is a living spirit and that is what a soul is. A living energy, probably a piece of God he takes from himself and forms it and shapes is and places it into our bodies in our mother’s womb. There is a woman who was trying to have a child, but all her children were stillborn. She prayed to God about it and was about to give up when  she got pregnant again and she agonized over it and prayed. She had a dream about it that she saw a little girl being lead by the hand to her by an large man in a suit. He told her that this was her daughter she was going to have and that he was an angel sent by God to escort her there because she was scared to be born. She had a live birth this time and had a girl. As she her daughter grew she noticed that she looked exactly like the little girl from her dream.

What is the soul? People throughout the ages have wondered this and built many theories. The egg has been used as a symbol of the soul for centuries. In a way is is sort of an undeveloped primordial substance that is life, but not quite life either. It is potential to be developed. Also there are three part to it. There is the shell, the whites, the yolk. Like us in a way. It can represent the body, (the shell) the whites, (the mind) the yolk (the spirit).

Or you can use it to represent the soul that is in three parts as well. Or at least that is the current theory of the soul. The parts of the soul are the spirit, (spirit body or ecto plasm) the mind (the mind and attitude) and lastly the soul the core of who and what we are. The eternal part of our essence (our moral compass and memories).

The spirit this is our energy body.  Say you see a ghost this is what you are seeing. The ghosts’ body. The spirit. Just as we have fleshy bodies, souls have spirit bodies of ectoplasm. Sometimes this is seen as a mist.

The second part is the mind or consciousness. A separate entity from the brain. The brain is just a receptor for the mind for our physical bodies. There are numerous accounts of out of body experiences. Some of which are blind people who were born blind and were able to see clearly when in the state of out of body. They could see colors and recognize people. There are also accounts of people who have suffered brain injuries and woke up able to speak and understand languages they had never heard or learned. This leads me to wonder about a higher knowledge. There are theories of the akashic records. A sort of knowledge pull where everything  ever thought is held. It is believed that those who meditate and focus can eventually achieve access to this mega load of knowledge and gain wisdom.

soulThe third is the soul itself. The eternal essence of who and what we are. This is the part that grows and develops with us. Our moral and spiritual center. Our core of self.

It is believed by our physics that energy can’t be created or destroyed. This makes sense that we could come from a being that already existed as a spiritual or celestial being and that we would return to him after death. Also that there would be a place for rejected souls to be placed like hell where they would remain for eternity since they can’t be completely destroyed and can’t return to God.

Here is an activity for you to do. You can take an egg and very carefully with a pin poke a little hole in the center of the top and the bottom. By little i don’t mean teeny tiny. You will want it to be big enough to blow into and the inside to come out the bottom easily. Just be careful not to  crush it the eggshell. You will want a ribbon or something you can tie a knot into and push it into the top of the eggshell in the hole. Or glue it in place. Decorate the egg now like an ornament. Something that reflect you. This is your soul egg. Or you can decorate an easter bush or christmas tree if you like. you can make a paper tether and hang from the bottom hole like a windchime. Make it reflective or whatever you like.

How to Survive Flooding/Tidal Waves





954680_10204729771141239_5470932585646814454_nHere is another water one. Lets get Tidal Waves out of the way. Pray. That’s all i got. If you get caught in a tidal way, good luck. Try to keep your head above water. In the event one is headed your way, there will be an evacuation notice. Pack what you can and get out. Stay with family or friends or just a hotel somewhere. You could try boarding up your home and hope for the best. If it is going to take it out, it will. There really isn’t much you can do about it.


Get flood insurance. Take family things you can’t replace like pictures.11217159_10207025402370585_8416111587738282604_n

When I lived in E.C. Illinois, it was near the Mississippi river and there was possibility for the levy to break and our little town to flood so we were evacuated and we stayed with some relatives. Mom left a special picture of Jesus we had gotten from a family member. It wa a sort of holographic picture in a gold frame. She left it there to watch over the house. It didn’t flood in our area and our home was fine.

Right now a hurricane just went through the eastern coast. There is a lot of flooding going on. The streets are filled and almost covering the parked cars. Homes are getting flooded and water damage is destroying homes.  If there is anything you can’t take with you move it to the highest point in your home. Turn off all utilities at the main switch and main gas valve. Don’t forget your pets. Don’t leave them to fend for themselves.

Do not move through moving water, wither walking or driving. If you have a boat and there is a flash flood warning consider using your boat or temporarily donating it to local authorities for use in saving others.

Learn to swim. This is a simple skill that is easy to learn and can save a lot of lives. I have a friend that knows how to swim and she can’t imagine not knowing. It baffles her how so many people don’t know how. She learned for a young age and can’t even remember not knowing. She loves the water and would live in it like a mermaid if she could.

Learning proper breathing will strengthen your lungs and improve your ability to swim and survive in the water.

Prepare a flooding dingy. This is an inflatable rubber raft with oars. Get life vests for everyone in your family and multiple rafts if a large family. Assign members to each one to get to if needed.  Get a radio for weather band and one for each raft and walkie talkies for communication for each raft in case of separation. Blankets for warmth. emergency foil blankets don’t absorb water. Rope to lasso land ir to tie down the raft. Throw it to someone who falls over to to save someone. Maybe a life preserver for each person or one of those red floaty things they carry on Baywatch. Of course a first aid kit. Simple one will work. Reflective take to make yourself seen and easy to spot for rescue. Put it on the raft as well as on your vest and body. An extra patch kit for the raft. There will be floating debris and sticks to poke holes. An air pump. If you spring a leak, the raft will go down and wont hold much weights. Pump it back up. Rain gear cn help keep you dry. If it is still raining while you are on the raft you may need a bucket to  dump water. Make sure you have a tarp to cover over the raft. This will keep some rain out of the raft.  Get some of those clips and clip it down where you can so it wont blow away.

Okay here is a tip for rescuing a drowning victim. When you swim out to them, give them something to grab onto. Don’t try to grab ahold of them. Keep a little distance unless you can’t help it. They may panic and try to grab you and pull themselves up onto you. This can cause you both to go down and make it impossible for your to swim back with them. Take something for them to float on if you can.

Okay you had to know this part was coming. I couldn’t mention flooding on a Christian blog without going into the biblical flood at least a little. So the world was so corrupt that God chose to flood the whole world. So he had Noah build the ark in order for some to survive. So the world if flooding how would you survive. Noah had two years to build his ark. With that much time we all could survive. Most of us don’t have the money to have a boat and a home, but you could combine the two by getting a house boat. You don’t have to worry about flooding if you already live on the water.

If flooding is something you worry about, having a boat is a good idea. If you can’t afford a boat, i have seen several homemade boats and rafts made from those big blue plastic barrels and even plastic soda bottles. One person tied so many bottles together they made a small island.

Okay so surviving on the water is another concern. Noah lived on the water for 40 day and nights. For this i am going to talk about long term survival.  Having a well stocked pantry is a good idea. Noah had more than two of food livestock on the ark with him for meat. Unless you are going to build a huge ark you will probably go smaller. Certain animals are a good idea Dairy cows are good for beef and milk, but you probably wont have the room. Goats are a smaller alternatives.

Chickens also for meat and eggs.  You can use the floating barrels to make a floating coop or maybe for a floating garden. You will want to grow certain plants to provide for yourselves. The livestock will provide fertilizer to keep your soil with nutrients for the crops to be healthy and replenishable.

There was one family that bought a battle ship and refurbished it into a home.


Adventurer’s Beastiary: Demons

1505218_10202594883530383_351650151_nWhat is a demon you may ask? Most people have heard of them. They are spirit being in a similar manner to ghosts, angels, and phantimals. Unlike ghosts they were never human beings. They were never born into flesh. They are eternal spirits. Sometimes called the condemned ones. They are the ones doomed to spend eternity in hell at the end of the world. God has prepared a place of judgment for them. Until this set time they pretty mush run around earth messing with our lived trying to condemn us as well. They are being of pure hatred.

Who do they hate us? There are many legends and myths concerning this. It generally goes that they were once angels. God created them, but they were jealous of human beings and God’s love for us. At some point for some reason the chief of the demons Lucifer rebelled against God and those who followed him sere cast out of heaven. They are the fallen and became known as demons. They spend their time trying to hurt us because that is as close to hurting God as they can get. They know that their time is limited. At the end of the world they will be cast into hell and they want to drag as many of us with  them as they can.

regardless of what they are exactly or the reasons why. They are being of pure evil and hatred. They are clever. To underestimate them is a mistake. THey are limit in what they can do.(at first) They can’t just openly start attacking a human like on tv. They have to have an invitation. This is where it gets tricky. It doesn’t have to be a verbal invitation or a direct invitation. Any kind of divination, fortune telling, dowsing, tarot cards, quiji boards, ect. If you are trying to contact spirits, this is an invitation. By opening a door you have allowed it a foot hold in the physical world and once there it can grow ability. It can also attack others not just you. There are plenty of stories out there of one person calling up a spirit just to have it follow a friend home instead and the sudden death of pets in unusual ways. All it needs is a chance and it has limitless patience.

Levels of Demonic Activity

Step one is infestation

At this point it is light activity. Often confused with ghost activity. The spirit is not very strong. You probably just allowed it in and it is gearing up for the long haul. There will be scratching in the walls or knockings.  Lights will flicker or turn on and off. Doors will open and close and you will hear footsteps or noises. You may experience cold spots or the presence of someone in your room either in a closet, corner of the room or even by your bed at night. You will probably feel uneasy or nervous.


The next step is oppression

You see and know something is not right, voices are telling you to do things. You may feel something is around you  or touching you. You become angry easily or a loved one is becoming angry easily. It will feel like your life is turning upside down. At this point there is alot of emotional manipulation going on. There will be a lot of fighting going on in your home if you live with others and the person being oppressed will be acting different. Distant and angry.  Sleeplessness will be common. This is how the demons attack us. and wear us down. Through our emotions and physical tiredness. At this point your homes threshold is useless. Depression is a serious factor here.


The third and final stage is possession

Pure possession is very rare, but at this stage it will and can if you let it. It has worn down your mental defences and can move in and out of you at will. It can make your do things that are out of character and things you normally would never do or say. It has enormous strength now. The bizarre behavior in the home has really amped up and is happening every day. It will try to turn you against your loved ones and it wont be hard at this point. It will convince you that you can have anything and everything you want and should just take it if you want. It will convince you that those who love you are in your way and to isolate you from everyone in your life. It’s objective it to take full control of you.

certain things you can watch for are ghosts like activity as well as shadow movement. Feelings that are not normal for you, excessive anger, thoughts that are not normal for  your. Unusual behavior in those you live with. In a similar to manner to ghosts smells demons also are  followed by Certain smells like sulfur or rotten meat.  Usually unpleasant. Accept when procession process starts to take hold the smells will become pleasant to the person.

I knew a woman whom i worked will. Her father was a victim of demonic procession. They were a Pentecostal family.Her home was a mess, everyone was upset all the time and her father was angry and kept the family on edge. She described her father’s bedroom as being ice cold even in summer and he would go in there and stay for long periods and would become violent if anyone disturbed him.  She could see a shadow figure standing in the corner with red eyes, but no discernible features. When it saw that she could see it it ran to the door and the door opened without touching it and closed behind it as it left. She also said his eyes were a muddy red color at the time. After her church’s intervention he went through a deliverance. The Pentecostal form of minor exorcism. She said his entire attitude changed. He was a more loving father and nicer to everyone. The cold room was gone and his eyes were brown like everyone else in her family.

Demons are mentioned in the Bible  and can be cast out in prayer. Jesus cast them out from several people.  He prescribes fasting and prayer. Fasting loosens the body. You come more in touch with your spiritual side by denying the body in faith. It also strengthens the mind with focus and discipline.


Adventurer’s Almanac: The Sun

Genesis 1:16 “God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also.”
Malachi 4:2 “But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall.”

13124717_10208819268416115_4780405246874986307_nThat Life giving orb of nuclear gases. Without it life wouldn’t be possible on this planet. It warms us up and burns our skin. Drives away evil and gives us a new day of possibilities. This enormous star sits at the center of our galaxy and pretty much governs what goes on in it. It gives us our season and our years and without it we would go flying off into who know where.

If you are out hiking or camping knowing how much daylight you have left is critical. You can’t do much in the pitch black. There is a method you can use to tell how much daylight is left. You hold you hand (or hands) up to the sun and however many fingers you can place under it to the top of the horizon (land) is how much daylight is left. Each finger is 15 minuets. So if you can only fit two fingers under the sun to the ground Then you have thirty minuets before sunset. If you can fit both bands (four fingers on each hand) you got two hours.

It is said that the sun erodes the spiritual liek a river erodes the earth. This is why ghosts and spirits are not active durning the day.  Similar to running water and that is who ghosts can’t cross running water either. It disrupts the energies. Only very strong spirits will be active during the daylight hours. As for your human monsters, they are more active at night because they want to hide in the dark and be less likely seen.  They may be active during the day if they are bold. Many are these days.

How to Survive Land Slide/Avalanche

1 Kings 19: 11 “The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord. Look, the Lord is ready to pass by.” A very powerful wind went before the Lord, digging into the mountain and causing landslides, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the windstorm there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake.”



hsfiredngr.pnghsfiredngr.pngA land slide, mudflow, avalanche all amount to the same thing really. The land, mud, ice, whatever above you at a higher altitude is moving at a rate that will collide with where you or your home is and will damage or engulf it/you. They can be moving at a slow rate, but usually move at a high rate with a force that can take you off your feet and pull you under. This can be caused by storms or heavy rainfall that can loosen or destabilized it. Or a heavy snow fall can cause a heavy build-up and the weight can cause it to move, or as the snow melts this can cause the soil to become moist and loose. A loud or sharp sound can cause the soil to tremble and start to move and that will cause the rest to go with it.

10013942_10202125496093746_8607329607144251762_nIf you live in a place where this is a potential hazard you can plant long shrubs along the perimeter of your property or walls as barriers. You may want to have more than one. You could move land and create hills towards the outer edge of your land to have natural barriers. Have your doors up higher allowing a ridge along the bottom of your doorway. I watched a video on youtube of a mudslide that happened somewhere after a heavy rainfall and it moved everywhere like a very slow moving wave. It toppled outside furniture and lawn chairs and went right up to the door and up the wall. Their door was closed so it didn’t get in much. Lucky for them.

If you are out at a higher elevation during or after a heavy rainfall, watch the roads for any signs of a nearby landslide or the roads and paths you are using. Watch for cracks or water coming up in unusual places. Tilted trees or telephone poles. These could be signs of the land you are on or approaching could be pulling away and ready to slide. You don’t want to be on it when it does. Mostly dangerous for mountain areas. If you’ve got rain greater than 5 inches in less than 24 hours watch out.

The only thing you can really do is get out of the way. Avoid as much as possible. If rocks start tumbling get out of the way and get as many other people you can out of the way.

If it is a slow moving mud flow it is possible to use a back hoe to dig a trench to stop or reduce it. Same as a mamga flow. Also for a magma flow you can spray it with fire hoses to try to cause it to harden and slow to an eventual stop.

Other dangers are downed electrical pole and lines. Broken gas lines. Blocked roadways and unsafe drinking water. If a water pipe breaks contaminants can get in and can make you sick if you drink it. Gas lines can break and  ignite from downed lines and cause explosions and wildfires.

Listen for rumbling. Evacuate if you can.  If you can not try to reach higher ground. Move as high as you can. If you can not curl into a ball. Cover your head. Ride it out.


In an avalanche you want to always carry a transceiver. Always keep it on transmit when you are out. Many people who get caught in one die because their transceivers were set to receive and no one could find them in time.

Carry a long stick like a cane, walking stick, probe stick, ski pole. Something that you can test ground with. Make sure it can support your weight.  You can also carry with you a little camp shovel to dig your way out with if you can or dig someone else out if you happen to be near by.

If the ground under you starts to move try to run uphill to get off of it. If there is a tree nearby grab ahold of it. Turn your back to the oncoming snow or fast moving mud. Try to swim backwards moving your arms accordingly.

If snow or mud covers you, push off the ground and try to kick your way to the surface. If you’re buried, the snow will set and harden around you, so put your arms in front of your face to create an air pocket. If you can stick a hand through the snow, do so  it will be easier for people to find you. Try to stay as calm as you can and wait for help.



How to Survive Planes

10945640_10205317059423079_3533931136708133729_nHere we are near the holidays, a lot of people are going to be traveling by planes. It is actually not very unsafe to travel by planes. The average of survival rate of plane crashes is 95%. Movies and media make it seem unsafe.

I have a friend who had a panic attack when trying to board a plane and a brother who flies frequently to Vegas or to various beaches with his friends. So I thought this guide would be good and fun to work up.

Before you get to the airport, there are a few things you should do to prep. You will either go through the scanner or the extreme pat downs for boarding the plane thanks to the terrorists. So removing any metal objects from your body is a good idea. Like piercings. If you have a metal hip or a bullet lodged in your body you can usually get a card that explains this that you can show to the guards.

Dress comfortably and add one layer to what you normally wear just in case you crash or have to make an emergency landing somewhere where the weather is really cold. You can always remove this layer if needed, and if you get caught in a cold climate you will have it to stay comfortable. Don’t wear heels. If you get in a situation where you need to move quickly then you don’t want shoes that are hard to move in or could break on you and make you stumble or fall.

Wear natural fibers. Don’t wear synthetic because they can catch fire easy and can melt and stick to your skin.

When you enter the airport you should locate the front desk and have them print your boarding pass. Just tell them your name and give them ID, and they should automatically print your boarding pass and ask about check luggage.

Consider your luggage. Checked luggage must typically weigh less than 50lbs and costs about $25 to start. If you don’t want to worry about this you are allowed two carry ons for free. One goes in an overhead storage space and one slides under the seat in front of you. If you print your boarding pass online and are not checking luggage, you can bypass stopping by the airlines counter.

After this you will head through security. Have your boarding pass and passport or driver’s license ready. The guard will check your id to your boarding pass and you will move on through the security check. All your belongings will need to be placed in bins. Laptops and liquids all need to be placed in separate bins of their own. They will then go through an x-ray machine. Sometimes you are required to remove jackets and or shoes as well.

10672229_10204341002942277_7080263080161535871_nNow that you have your shoes on and your carry ons repacked you are ready to go find te correct terminal that matches your boarding pass. Find it and find the cleanest chair you can and wait. It is usually a good idea to get to the terminal early the boarding process takes place half an hour before take off time. Bring a book, charge up your phone, or do whatever you want to pass the time. This is also a good time to speak to a flight attendant about changing your seat if you want.

Where the best place to sit in a plane is. There is a lot of debate over this. Some say the back of the plane is the best, because most likely the plane will go down nose first, however every crash is different. A general rule of thumb is to sit within five rows of an exit. The exit  row is the row of seats near the center of the plane  that have the most leg room.

Boarding the plane

Half an hour before take off the flight attendant will announce a boarding call. They generally board by sections. First class first, followed by business and then infants and those with disabilities. Or they board by rows. Your boarding pass will tell them where to seat you. Just follow their instruction.

1010215_10202551744088093_8917726694670460759_nAfter your section is called and you get in line, there will be an attendant at the entrance of the plane and they will check your boarding pass. Then enter the plane and find your seat row. If it is a large plane you may need help from an on board flight attendant. Store your carry ons if you have them, then pick your seat. They are usually sets of three.

The aisle seat is the best position to be in on a plane as far as survival goes. It makes it easy to get around the plane and you have a 64% chance of survival where a window seat gives you a 58% chance of survival. The site i checked doesn’t give any percentage for the center seat so i guess you are screwed.

There will either be an attendant who will stand up in front and go over the safety instructions or there will be a video. Pay attention to it. mental prep. Know where your exits are and who you may have to body check to get to it as fast as you can should you need it.1520701_10202551576883913_7495537801614027446_n

In the event of a crash, it will be beneficial to be in a moderate shape. Be able to do at least two pull up and 8 push ups. This will give you the ability to pull yourself from a disaster and crawl to safety.

Okay while the plane is in flight you are free to move about, kick off your shoes and have a few drinks. Here is where there could be a problem. It is alright to have a few drinks, but you don’t want to be drunk at the start of the flight or towards the end of a flight. That is when there is most likely to be a problem to happen. So know when you are expected to land and plan your drinking accordingly.

1908279_10202551623165070_1654099836020283612_nIn case you are seated around those annoying little kids or babies that constantly make noise or kick your seat, you may want to  bring something with headphones of keep some ear plugs in your pocket. The bigger the plane the more likely you are to survive the crash. The bigger the plane the more there is to absorb the shock.Your seatbelts are designed to take a lot of force. You want to have them snug and low on your body. In the event of a crash every centimeter of slack triples the g force you will experience.

Okay so during the crashing process, the plane is going down. Lets say you are losing air pressure and the oxygen mask falls down. You always want to do yours first.  They aren’t saying screw the children and every one else. The air is so thin that you will suffer oxygen deprivation within seconds of pressure loss. If you don’t get yours on first you will become useless within seconds and will not be able to help anybody else.

Assume your brace position. There is usually a safety instruction card or pamphlet provided either in the plane or in the terminal. Find that and read it. This should tell you the best brace position you can assume.

You have 90 seconds to get out of a downed plane. Most people don’t die in the actual crash, they die because they didn’t get out of the plane fast enough. The plane will catch fire or fume will get to you. Even if the plane remains intact and everything seems fine, get off the downed plane.

Survival Beastiary: Bigfoot

The legend of the sasquatch is one that is very popular and pretty much everyone  knows what one is. Some refer to them as the forest people. Many have seen glimpses of them and many have hoaxed them, But no one has every found proof of them. So many people have had experiences that it makes you wonder if they exist. They are rumored to be over 8 foot tall and weigh over 600 pounds. They are described as ape like and covered in hair. Usually a bad smell such as rotten eggs or something similar whenever they are near giving them the nickname of Skunk-ape. ALthough described with different features and different names there are legends of them in every country and on every continent. In North America they are called bigfoot, Sasuatch, and the Forest People (people of the forest). In south america the Maricoxi, In Russia the Almas, In Tibet they are described as being white in color and called the Yeti. Bet you have heard of this one. Also the abominal snowman. In China the Yeren and in Japan the Hibagon and in Australia the Yowie and lastly the Waterbobbejan in africa.

Many seem to think that they might have a system of communication based on knocking and loud whoops. Some think that they might have some level of mystic abilities such as psychic abilities to sense people at a distance to avoid people as well as they do or the ability tho mentally hide themselves.

Some think they may be guardian spirits that protect the forest. Sightings range from curious to frightening. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are are terrifying.

If you want your own bigfoot experience, you will have to go out into the  woods and be very patient. Search for large footprints bigger than any humans. In the bigfoot research kit there is a scale chart to what you can look for based on average heights and compared to an average sized human and other animals. It comes with evidence flags and little baggies to collect evidence you find for later analysis and a field journal to write down notes. Keep your ears open for knocking sounds and your nose clear for fouls smells. Just remember the only shooting you should do is with a camera. Respect the nature and you are more likely to have a positive and non violent experience. It will probably take a while though as they are they hide and seek champions of the world.