Survival Imagine

1538817_10207032770354780_7949460407469650709_nThis is an exercise. Imagine a disaster is going on. You can see it happening around you. People you love are suffering. Everyone is huddled together. They have blankets over them You can see the dejected looks on their faces. Maybe they even look at you with spite. Not because they actually hate you, but they lost everything. They are mad at the world. They are mad at anyone who might have it better than them at this moment. That is a natural reaction. You see family, friends, loved ones. Your own children. They are lost and crying. What do you do? What do you want to do?

What if i told you they were going to die? What if i told you everyone you can see are going to die? What if i told you, you could save them? What if you could take their place? All of them. All you have to do is suffer for a moment and they would get to survive. You family, your children. Your children who are suffering. If your death was a certain victory for them. If it ensured that they would live on?

That is how God feels. He looks down and sees our suffering. It hurts him. He is not happy about our pain. Some people feel that way, because there is so much of it in the world. That is not God’s design. He made it good, we screwed it up and generations down the line have to deal with it.

Jesus did come into the world to save us so that we could survive death. It is the ultimate survival. I bring this up because it is a story of survival. It was a very unstable world then and it is becoming a very unstable world now. politically and civil unrest. People are rioting and destroying. Terrorism. You name it, it is going on. It wasn’t very different then. Jesus came into the world to save those who would trust in him. The jews had their leaders who were afraid of loosing thier political advantages. The Romans were conquering as much as they could and controlling whoever they could oppress. You had people all looking for a  revolution to happen.

Okay so they are the same and we are feeling it. We are scared of what is happening and what might happen. We need to remember that God is with us. He is a Father. You would do anything for your child and WE ARE HIS. He wont let us go. If you want assurance in this world look to Jesus. He will give you inner peace and wisdom to deal with this world. The apostles  traveled this world for years and faced all kinds of hardships and God was with them. When Paul persecuted them and hurt them Jesus faced him down and turned him into a most devoted follower. If God can take care of them in their treacherous world he can take care of us.


10659432_10204328941720754_5442562240563995162_nSo how do you navigate. This really depends on what kind of enviorment you are trying to navigate in. In ancient times, they would use the stars. During the day you use visual clues like fixed objects.  If you were ever in the scouts you would learn to use a map and a compass. This is becoming a lost art in the days of smart phone and gps. However batteries go dead and cell towers go down. If this is not an option there are simple ways to navigate without modern technology.

When the Jews left Egypt they were lead by God in a pillar of a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night that provided light and i guess heat maybe. This was very easy to see and He knew where they were going. I haven’t seen this myself (obviously)  but don’t count out God when you are lost he had a long history of guiding and rescuing people. If you are lost the first thing you should do is pray.

One form of navigation at night is using the stars. This is what sea vessels do and what the wise men did. They were astrologers who watched the stars and knew thier placement. The most well known event is the virgin birth and the star that moved and guided the wise men to Jesus. This is another supernatural event aided by God, but there are simple ways to remember how to navigate with the stars on your own.

Following an object you can see is the best form of navigating. You sight a fixed object and keep it in sight and move in the direction you want to be going. You can either move towards that object or keep it to one side of you. Some navigation savy people use the sun even though it is not stationary. THey know that the sun rises in the east so if they keep the sun on thier back until noon then they are heading westward. After noon they would want the sun to be in front of them. The sun at it’s hightest is called the Zenith.

Another way of finding north if you happen to have a non digital watch on you. In the northern hemisphere line up the sun with your hour hand and half way between the hour hand and the 12 is south. So the opposite direction is north. In the Southern hemisphere line up the sun with the 12 on your watch and halfway between the twleve and the hour hand is  north. SO the oposite direction is south, (if you needed to know that).

Now it you wanted to know how much time you have before sunset. (the amount of light you will have left to funtion in)  Glance up towards the sun and place you hand under it so that the top of your hand rests under the yellow sphere. (do not look directly at the sun and extend you arm fully to get a good reading) now This may require more than one hand, just stick one hand directly under the first. (no thumbs fingers only) You want to place fingers under the sun all the way to the horizon. (the ground or where the sky and mountains or ground meet. Now each finger represents fifteen minuets. Each hand will total an hour. If you can fit only one hand you have an hour of daylight left. Only two fingers thirty minuets. Eight fingers you got two whole hours.

The first things you should learn are how to read a map and use a compass. Lets just assume for the moment that your google maps is not working. All you have is a paper map like you can get from just about any gas station or park ranger station. If you have a compass you know what direction is north. So you just need to know about where you are on the map to know which direction you need to go in. Consider which direction you came from and locate that on the map. It is a fixed point. Locate your destination on the map. Locate north and aproximate where your destination is based on where you are at and the direction your destination is from north on the map. Pick a new fixed location you can see and use that to navigate towards your destination.


If you have ever took even a little interest in the stars you have heard of the big and little dippers. They look like laddels in the sky. The last star on the end of the little dipper is Polaris. Polaris is called the north star because it sits over the north pole. Finding it will tell you which direction north is in.  Now if you have a quadrant (if you do not you can print this one and fix it to something sturdy like cardboard.) Take a straw and tape it ot the top. Tie a paracord through the hole and tie one


end to a rock or something with weight. Look thgough the straw and center it on the north star and let the rock and paracord hang down and tell you what the angle is. This number is you latitude. (I should note that in the southern hemisphere you would not be looking for the north star but the southern cross and i don’t know how to navigate with it so you may have to google it. Sorry) But i know it is similar.

Now for longitude. It is a little harder to get than latitude. You have to use the sun and the quadrant. Line the straw up with the sun so that is makes a perfect little circle in the palm of one hand. Record the number the paracord goes to and the time of day. Now wait fifteen minuets. do it again. Do it again for every fifteen minuets. The number the paracord goes to will be getting higher. You keep doing this until the number starts getting lower adn yoiu note the highest number and the time you got it. This tells you whe the sun was at it’s highest point. and the time it got there tells you where you are in the northern hemisphere.

Okay here is why i never got into this that much. We have to do math now. Take the time and convert it to 24 hour time. 1:00 = 13:00. and minuets go to fractions. 1:15 = 13 1/4. next subtract 12 from it. Unless you are observing daylight savings time then you subtract 13.

13 1/4 – 12= 1 1/4. Now find your Coordinated Universal Time (UCT) number. You want to use the highest degrees point you got  and get the number on the chart for that degrees. you can ignore the + or – for now. You just want the number. Add that number to your time number you got. Say it was 4 then add 4 + 1 1/4 = 5 1/4

Last step multipy that by 15.    15 x 5 1/4 = 78.75 and that final number is your longitude. See that is why i never did it.

However here is a tip you can use with this same trick. When you get the highest point of the sun, the shadows will be pointing north.

Being the Sheepdog God wants you to be

10474691_10204155330460581_8209367864260023911_nWhat is a sheepdog you may ask, The Shepard in the field has a sheepdog who helps him watch the flock. They make sure they don’t go astray and watch for potential dangers. This is what we need to do as for our families. You keep watch over your family, know what is up with them, keep watch for potential problems. This means emotional dangers, physical dangers, and mental dangers. If need be you may need to corral them if they start to go astray. Start following down that dark alley where danger may lurk. The first thing that springs to anyones mind are teenagers and parents getting all up in their business, but it goes farther than that.

Recently my aunt lost her ex husband. Yes ex-husband but they were still kind of close there at the end. She is having a rough spot with it. She will need care and attention. She could be feeling vulnerable and this could make it easy for someone to take advantage of her.

Some time after my mom lost her husband, she was feeling alone and joined a dating site online. One of the men she met came over to the house and forced her onto the bed and took advantage of her. I was at work at the time so i didn’t know of this until later. It was bad, but it could have been even worse if he had killed her. That happens on a lot of those online sites. Predators use them to hunt for victims. You have to be careful and you have to keep watch over your own and know what is going on with them.

Also you have to keep watch on their needs. Every week i have to pump gas into my mom’s car. She is from an older generation where women didn’t learn this and are too nervous about doing it. I have a few women at my work that don’t know how either and we were working through fresh and were working late hours and they were wondering how they were going to get gas in thier cars because thier husbands were working different hours. I told them that if they wanted to wait for me to get of work about two hours after them i could meet them at the gas station down the road and i would pump thier gas. Rather than waiting  for me they opted to get thier husbands up and make them do it when they were off at the same time. Same thing i did for my mom. Drive home then jump over into her car and take it to the gas station. Luckily i only live about five minuets away from one.

During the fall i got out the chainsaw (that broke at a bad time) to cut up fire wood for the winter. Winter has historically been a dangerous time that everyone had to prep for. Surviving winter was not a given. It was uncertain. It was harsh. You wanted to make sure you had food and water for your family, children, and animals you needed to  make it through the winter. In modern times we have more access to things we need during the winter, but that is not the case for all of us. Especially those who live up on the mountain and in remote areas. If the roads become iced and impossible then you are stranded until it clears. This can be dangerous if you rely on certain medications or have a serious medical condition. Getting help to you can be difficult to near impossible. All this needs to be considered.

So to begin consider the season and what your needs will be. How old are your children, Do you have babies, what will your pets needs be, What needs will you need for your vehicles? Prepare for these things. Stock you medicine cabinets, your pantry and your trunks for what will be needed for the season. If you can pay your bills early in the month and put some money in  a safe.

Remember that you wont be able to plan for everything. Recently i considered the book of Ruth.  Naomi was a woman whose husband took her to the land of Moab to provide for his family. while there her husband died and so did her two sons. This was a time when the men provided for their families and women didn’t amount too much. They were reduced to picking up the dropped leftovers in the fields. Being a widow she had no one to take care of her and she left for her own land and sent her two daughters in law to go home and find husbands for themselves. Ruth however refused to leave her mother in law and went with her. There she gleaned from the field and provided for herself and her mother in law. Naomi was taken care of. God provided her with a loving daughter who could have left to find a wealthy husband to take care of her, but she chose a harder life to take care of her family she loved.

This although not the best example of prepping, is an example of how God preps for us. Before Naomi even knew she would need her daughter in law God provided her in her life. You can count on God to bring you the people you will need to make it if yo rely on him and even provided her with an heir in the end.

So when planning for your family, consider these area, Shelter, Water supply, Food supply, Kitchen, Hygiene, Latrine, communication, Transportation, Entertainment. Most of the time these things will be easy like Shelter, your main shelter will be your home. Do a general check at least once a month to see that it is in good repair. Check for problems and the surrounding areas (the yard) Any trees need to be trimmed. Keep them away from the home and power lines. Other shelters would be a storm shelter and tent, rv, motel, or other if you are away from your home for any reason.

Water supply, you will need an average of one gallon per person. there is wiggle room here, smaller children  can get by with less and wounded or the sick will need more. That is just for drinking. If your water freezes you will need water for bathing and to flush the toilets. Not to mention dishes or laundry.

Kitchen refers to  where you will be cooking. We have an electric stove and if the power goes out we can’t rely on it. We have a fireplace for warmth and cooking if we had to, but luckily it hasn’t come to that. In the kitchen is where we also keep our food supply. We have the cabinets stocked with can goods and the usual. The average person only have enough food in their home for a couple of weeks. It is recommended to have at the very least a one month supply, (four weeks) but  a three month is better. If you live in a remote area getting to food will be  hard and if something happens the closest people will get the best supplies off the shelf before you can get there. It seems whenever they weather changes bread and milk fly off the shelves. There has been a few times we went to the store for something when a bad storm was predicted and the store was packed with people buying gallons of water, milk, and bread. The shelves were bare and we had slim pickings.

Hygiene is bathing, laundry, dishes, all your forms of cleaning. Depending on what you are doing most of the time your clothes can go an extra day without washing and i will admit during the winter i have gone a day or two without bathing. Just to cold to get naked.

Latrine unless you are lucky to have an outhouse, you will most likely depend on your indoor toilets for this. Unless the water goes down this will be enough to get by on. If the water goes down and you have a heads up plug your bathtub and fill it up. This will provide you with a lot of water to start off with. Hopefully it wont stay down to long.

communication is your cell phones and land lines mostly. If the towers go down your cell phones will be useless. If landlines go down you are sunk unless you happen to be ham radio certified. You might can get some range with a cb radio, but this wont be much help unless someone happens to be listening. It is part of the government that they work to get the landlines up as fast as possible for emergency response.

Transportation this is your car, truck, whatever your main vehicle is. Make sure your have good tires and full tank of gas. whatever supplies you need in the trunk. Check the headlights, wipers blades. Check your oil and fluids.

Entertainment This is less thought of problem. You may have food and water, but if you are all sitting around in the dark with nothing to do, you will be yelling at each other in no time. Have something to do ready. The most common is a deck of cards, a board game. Learn some card games you can play as a family. Some sort of activity that can pass the time. Maybe something versatile in case this last for a while so you can have a variety to do.