Music course

“Make a joyous sound unto the Lord”
Music has long been at the center of worship. It is the perfect way to express your feelings, faith, and lift your spirit. There was an article i read once that a pastor pulled into a fast food restaurant late at night and he heard Christian music being played over the loud speakers. He mentioned this to the waitress that brought his order and she said she did it because it kept away the riff-raff. This is a very real thing. Spiritual music drives away the presence of evil.  It can make the devil flee.
King Saul was troubled by an evil spirit that threatened to drag him into a depression and possibly posses him. He brought David who was a psalmist and played the harp into his palace to play for him and it drove out the evil spirit. Saul would later turn against David and attempt to kill him so maybe he lost his battle, but David’s music lifted Saul’s spirit and drove out the spirit and such music can do the same for us today.

20160730_135654I believe everyone should learn to play something for the Lord. Whether it is singing or an instrument. That being said, i quite suck at my chosen instrument, But if it is played from the heart God will love it regardless of the ear splitting noise. I play a Wow Flute. It is just like an ocarina. Wow flute is a brand name and they are practically indestructible. Good for someone who goes on adventures and trekking the outback. It is a palm sized flute with six holes and is easy to learn, though i prefer to free style most of the time. There are all kinds of songs you can learn and even hymns like amazing grace.
Another that is easy to learn is the spoons. Really you just hold two spoons back to back between your first two fingers and thumb and click them together.
If an instrument is not your thing then learn to sing a hymn or two. (Your voice in an instrument as well) I know someone at work who is an associate member to my survival team who sings to herself hymns and Christian songs when the day runs long or is especially hard. She is one of the most up beat people i know. A true Christian. Everyone should memorize at least one hymn for those times when you just need a pick me up or are in a frightening situation. It can give you strength. Remind you that God is there.

If you have trouble memorizing actual verses, like i do sometimes, it is easy to freestyle a hymn. Consider this.
I’ll go with him through the (insert something here),
I’ll go with him through the (repeat insert),
I’ll go with him through the (once more repeat),
I’ll go with him all the way.
Repeat those lines inserting different things, Whatever you are feeling at the time. Storms, dessert, forest, valley, anything you want. Make it your own.

In addition to inspiring and lifting us, we can show God how we feel and glorify him. This is pleasing to God, even if we are tone deaf. God hears the music from our hearts and the love we put into it. So don’t worry so much about the sound.
So whether you are going on a road trip, Long or short hike, Or just jogging around your block. Add a soundtrack to your life.

Make a playlist of your favorite Christian music or whatever speaks to you.
Make 5 sets of playlists of at least 10 to 12 songs each for the following subjects.
One that is fast paced and upbeat like for a workout or feeling energized.
One for when you are down and feeling blue.
One for a road trip and when you are on the go.
One for worship and praising God.
One whatever you like your choice.


(Your voice is an instrument)


Fire Survival


Fire is an element somewhere between a gas and a liquid, but not either. Fire is closest to a plasma. Like the Sun and lightning is a plasma. It is an intangible energy of light and heat. Fire can be unpredictable and dangerous. In th Bible it is often used to describe God’s wrath, as it is one of the most destructive elements.
If your clothing or something on you catches on fire, remember to Stop-Drop-and roll. You have probably heard of this before or seen it on tv. This is where you drop to the ground and roll around to try to smother the fire out. Fire can not grow without oxygen. It needs it to burn. So smothering it will put it out. Like putting a lid back on a jar candle. The flame will go out.
                          It can only take 30 seconds for a small fire to turn into a full blown raging fire. Getting caught in a house fire can be a scary event. If it is small and slow enough it may be possible to  put out the fire with a fire extinguisher or smother it with a blanket or something. However fires can be tricky and if it is already growing it may be best to get out as soon as possible and call for help. It is not worth your life, so evaluate the situation quickly. At work our Lead happened to walk into a situation like this. One of the light fixtures fell from the ceiling and ignited some boxes. She happened to be there and grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out before it could grow.


House/Building Fire
Of course in a House/Building fire the fire itself is not the most dangerous part. Most people die from smoke inhalation. Breathing in the smoke will cause you to  cough uncontrollably and pass out from lack of oxygen. After that they are consumed by the fire raging around them. The last thing you want to do is pass out in a fire. That is why you want to stay low to the ground when in a fire. The heat and smoke will rise to the ceiling. It will be easier to breath if you stay low and crawl. Easier said than done I know.
You would think that with all that fire it would be easy to see, but it is not. All the smoke will sting your eyes and the blackness will make it hard to see. If you are can’t see that can make it hard to find a way out. Most places of business have emergency exits clearly marked, and places of employment have fire drills. It is always a good idea to make note of emergency exits wherever you are. So stay low, cover your nose and mouth with something to filter the air you are breathing and crawl to the nearest exit. If you can go out a window.
If you come to a door that is closed place your hand on it and feel if there is a fire on the other side. If the door is very hot, don’t go that way. It;s not safe.  Have a plan on how to get out of your home in case of a fire and teach it to the rest of your family. Also have a fire safe to store your important documents and pictures. Have smoke detectors in every room.
When I was in elementary school I we had a fire safety day where the fire department came and instructed us in fire safety and emergency exits. We had a fire drill and we all had to walk through the building and to the exit for a roll call. One of the men grabbed me and pulled me aside down a hall where I was to play the part of a victim so the teachers would have students who didn’t turn up and have to report it.
Car Fire
Cars, in general, do not explode like they do on tv. They do ignite however and burn fast. The pinto was a famous car because it had a manufacturing flaw that would make it suddenly ignite while you were driving it. Most cars though will not unless you are in and accident and something ignites the fuel leak. You have a limited time to get out and it wont be easy. Your best bet will be to go out a window. (I am assuming this fire was caused by and accident and your door is jammed always check the door first) First check your legs to make sure you are not pinned in and get your seatbelt undone. You should be wearing it, especially if you were in an accident. It may be necessary to cut it. They sell little devices for this sort of thing that even have a glass breaker. They look like little hammers. They even sell some on key chains that would be handy. They would be hanging just in front of you in the ignition. Now that your seatbelt is off the next step is to get out a window. Check the one on the door. Is it out already, Can you manage to get through it? If not try the windshield. It is the largest and Right in front of you if you can get around the steering wheel. If not what about the back glass.
You commonly hear about them in dry, hot climates like California, but they can happen anywhere. They  usually start small and grow fast by feeding on dry burnable materials. Sometimes the heat from the sun in a combination with dry brush and the right conditions can start a wildfire, but this is rare. Most are caused by human conditions and carelessness. Wildfires are dangerous and can spread quickly, because the winds can send smoke, ash, and embers for miles. One can cause another one for miles around and they can meet and grow even bigger. The way they spread can be unpredictable and can suddenly change direction. Fire jumpers are well trained for these situations, but still can’t always be completely prepared. If you are ever out and get caught in a wildfire it is important to know what to do.
The first thing is not to panic. Remain calm as to not make any mistakes. After you have calmed yourself cover your nose and mouth with something. A bandanna or even just your shirt pulled up. It works best if you can wet it down with something if you have a bottle of water or access to water. Smoke inhalation is very dangerous. If you have trouble breathing and are breathing in the soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide you might pass out. At that point it is over for you, so Keep you airways covered as much as you can. Stay low to the ground. Remember the smoke and ash will be going up.
You need to formulate a plan for getting out of there. Remember that the worst places to be is uphill from a fire and down wind from a fire. SO always try to stay up wind from. That is moving against the wind so that the wind is blowing the fire away from you. It would make moving hard if the wind was blowing the smoke and heat into your face and the fire will be moving quickest in the direction the wind is moving it. So use the wind as a guide. If the wind is behind you blowing towards the fire move into the wind and if the wind is behind the fire blowing it towards you move perpendicular to the fire because you want to get away from the flames and out of it’s potential path. Keep in mind that the wind can blow sparks up to a mile ahead and start new mini fires beyond the existing fire. The last thing you want is to get sandwiched between two raging fires. So glance up at the top of the flames and watch the smoke and see what direction the wind is blowing it in and take the next course of action to escape them.
If possible head towards the next body of terrain that is non flammable. Head in the direction of the nearest area that is free of  trees and bush and less likely to burn. If you can put a body of water between you and the fire do so. Avoid moving through dense brush and thick undergrowth as these places will burn quickly and can leave you trapped.
If for some reason you are trapped, the best option is to hunker down in an area that will not burn. Always keep fleeing if it is possible though. SO your best bet if you can not keep moving is to take shelter in a vehicle or building if at all possible. Sometimes the best place to move is a place that has already burned if it is cooled down enough to do so. These areas can suddenly spring back up if it is still hot enough and new burnable (you) material is added and if it is still smoldering it can make breathing difficult.
If you can cross a body of water do so, fire will not cross a lake or river unless it is narrow with a lot of overgrowth on the other side. If there is a large paved area use that as a barrier. It will take a fire some time to move across the pavement, but watch out for overhanging branches. If you can not follow the road because of the width of the fire lie face down on the pavement as far from the fire as possible. If there is a ditch lie face down in the ditch farthest from the fire.
When you hunker down try to cover your body with something to protect you from the fire. A wet blanket or clothing works best. Covering the back of your head and body with  cool mud or soil will help protect you from the heat. Stay put until the fire passes.
Escaping or hunkering in a vehicle
That is if you are escaping on foot, if you have a vehicle use it. Be sure to roll up the windows and close the vents. You are now in an enclosed area and smoke getting in can make it hard to breath. Drive safely. This means to drive slow and do not drive into thick smoke. If you get your car stuck or strike a tree you are reducing your odds of survival. If you must stop your vehicle park far away from trees and heavy brush.
If you must take shelter in your vehicle and can not escape, then hunkering down in your vehicle is the best option for you. Vehicles with metal gas tanks rarely explode. Keep your windows up and lie in the back floorboard. Cover yourself with a blanket or coat if possible. Even if the fire surrounds your car stay inside, you still have a better chance of survival than running from the car at this point. Stay inside and stay low. The low air currents may rock the car, just don’t panic.
If you are hunkering down in a building for shelter. Take as many precautions as you can, but if the fire is moving rapidly, that may not be an option. First shut off any fuel lines such as propane, natural gas, or oil. Move curtains and fabric covered furniture away from windows and  sliding doors. If the glass breaks you wont want anything flammable near them. Remove any combustible materials from the yard like gas grills or fuel cans. Remove any fire wood or debris far from the structure.
If time permits try to wet the area down as much as possible this will make it harder to burn and slow down an advancing fire. Not just the ground, but the building you will be in as well. If you have several large containers fill them with water and surround the building with them.
So now stay inside. Keep window and doors closed. Do not lock any doors or windows. If fire rescue arrive you want to be able to get out or them to get in quickly. Stay away fro exterior walls. Try to stay near the middle of the building on the ground floor. Take a towel or a sheet and wet it down. If nothing is available you can dunk it in the tank of the toilet (tank not bowl) and drape it over your head.
A spiritual and intelligent fireball. It is said to chase people through the woods and fire them to death if caught.
Name                     Body  Mind   Spirit   Heart points
Santelmo’s Fire     3        6           7           ❤ ❤
                 Scenario: You wake in your hotel room. It is hard to breath. You can smell smoke though it is not thick yet. It seem to be coming from around the door. You place your hand on the door and it is very hot meaning a fire is right on the other side. You have a window, but you are on the third story and it doesn’t open. You have an adjacent bathroom. You wet several towels and place them around the door. It is possible to run through the fire and make it to the fire escape stairs. How are you going to get out? Braking the window has a body challenge of <7> Tying a rope from the sheets has a mental challenge of <7> Braving the fire to find a way out through the flames has a spirit challenge of <7> Throwing the mattress out the window and landing on it has a body challenge of <9>
Further study:
Ring of fire- Johnny Cash

Skill: Peeing Outside

11880556_10206903706168256_1907525563727763931_nThis may seem like a lame skill, after all who doesn’t know how to go number one. However a large portion of the population has a condition called shy bladder syndrome. This I where they are too nervous to go in an open environment or when others are around. It is not so easy then and can be frustrating especially if you are in hurry. This is the reason I couldn’t use urinals for a long time, which led to problems at work when I was in a hurry and a stall was not available. Something about standing there next to other people and sometimes very  inconsiderate people who will stand directly behind you at the urinal that you can practically feel their breath on the back of your neck. Not to mention that where I work half the time the small dividers will be ripped out of the wall by someone. They still haven’t caught who is doing it.
However if you can get past your shy bladder it can be beneficial to being able to go outdoors when needed. Mostly a benefit for guys, but they do make a device for women that allows them to go standing up. It is basically a specially shaped funnel. If you can get past the idea of carrying around a pee funnel in your bag or purse. Just be careful about where you go.
Normally I avoid doing this, but there was this one time I drank too much coffee before going to work. Luckily it was early in the morning before daylight. When I go to the longest stretch of road that I could see in both directions clearly I pulled over to the shoulder away from any houses and hurried around to the other side of the car. It was a relief.
Okay for this adventurous experiment, you need a bottle of water and privacy. This very male experience, does have a purpose of sorts. It is very straight forward and interesting. Have you ever tried this. Everyone urinates, fewer than you would think have done it outside. There is a sense of freedom in it. Hard to explain unless you have done it for yourself. A feeling of out of the norm. A sense of adventure really. Anyway the point of this experiment is a psychological one. You will need to really go so that you will have time for this.  You will need a large bottle of water. When you begin to urinate, start drinking. As far as possible you should try to drink the water straight down without pausing. (Don’t choke yourself though) You will feel quite bizarre sensations almost immediately. The water you expel seems to be synchronized with the water you are pouring into yourself. You should then visualize  your body to be organized in a way that the water you are drinking is directly exiting your body. It will feel as though your body has become simple and pulled inside out. Your complex intestinal system is absent.
Okay I admit this has little to do with Christianity and i am ready a new book on simple experiments for everyday life. I am trying to tie them in with Christianity and this one seemed so simple and fit with outdoor living. In biblical times it was common to use the great outdoors.

There are references to “those who pissesth against the wall” It was a common practice. Anyone who camps, hikes, or does any out door activity has done it at least once. This is an experiment that few have done i expect and thought i would post it to enhance anyone interested outdoor adventure. Just do it away from the campsite or ground water.


This goes with the post toilet training.

Gear Shop

Game Mechanics Gear and weight
Here is an overview of what was in a previous post on the starter gear for each path. Those of the body path can carry more. They have a bigger bag with a larger weight limit. Those of the mental path have the in between bag and those of the spirit path have the lightest bag. This can teach you about weight limits and packing. Each one starts with a 100 cash. Use the shop to change out gear and buy new stuff, but each item has a weight and will take up space in your bag. So make sure what you pack is what you want/need. You also must have something to cover each of the ten essentials.
Gear Shop
Refer back here as for changing and buying new gear.
Bags Can only have one at a time except for belt pouch.
Weight Limit             Price
The Expedition backpack      weight limit 40 lbs      80
Wiz bang Rucksack               weight limit 30 lbs       60
Messenger bag                   weight limit 20 lbs          30
Belt Pouch may have with another bag.
 adds 10 lbs to limit Limit of 1                                      50
Clothing                                          Weight             Price
Heavy weather clothing              8 lbs                 30
Spring weather clothing             6 lbs                  20
Summer weather clothing         5 lbs                 15
Fall weather clothing               6 lbs                   25
Rain gear clothing                      5 lbs                 15
Pajamas                                     2 lbs                    10
Tools                              weight        modifiers              price
Hunting knife              3 lbs             +2 to body          15
Heavy duty flashlight  3 lbs                                       10
Pocket tool set               3 lbs                                         5
Swiss army knife         1 lbs   +1 to body +1 mental    5
Machete                     4 lbs        +3  to body                  20
Club                        6 lbs          +5 to body                    25
Sword                     7 lbs        +6 to body                       40
Map/Compass     2 lbs                                                  5
Flint and steel    2 lbs                                                    4
Head lamp         1 lbs                                                   3
Lighter               1 lbs                                                   1
Guide book          lbs          +2 mental                      10
Multi tool         2 lbs              +2 mind                        4
Pocket knife   1 lbs              +1 body                         4
Pen light        1 lbs                                                     3
Matches  5 uses  .05 lbs                                            2
First aid kit       2 lbs      +1 heart life                  30
Rope                   4 lbs                                                10
Duct Tape      3 lbs                                                    4
Small Spade (emergency toilet)        1 lbs         5
Toilet Paper    .50 lbs                                             3
Empty plastic bottle
(after using bottled water can be refilled for free at a water source)
Food                     weight                   price
Jerky                         6 lbs                          8
Energy bars             5 lbs                     5
Powder Drink mix  2 lbs                  3
Bag of Fries                  2 lbs                5
Dehydrated Burger    4 lbs              8
Instant Coffee         1 lbs                10
Hot Chocolate Powder 1 lbs           12
Gas Station Sandwich 2 lbs        5
Food and water is assumed consumed after each adventure.
Hydration              weight                price
Thermos                4 lbs                     3
Bladder Bottle      3 lbs                    4
Bottled water       1 lbs                   2
Drinks/Soda (local Brand)                    Weight         Price
Effect must be drank at the start of each turn used. Effects last only one turn.(one use each)Does not count for 10 essentialsLumina Cola                                                1          2.50
Lumina Nova (Cherry)                             1            3.50
Sharpens mind for one challenge +2 to mind

Lumina Edge (Vanilla)                               1          2.50
+2 to Spirit

Lumina Nebula (Coffee infused)               1         4.50
Provides energy. +2 to Body

Lumina Eclipse (Root beer)                         1      4.50

Shelters                      weight                      price
Dome tent                 5 lbs                          10
Hammock Tarp      8 lbs                            8
Tarp                           2 lbs                          5
2 Person tent           9 lbs                         15
Sandwich Lady
Small Church
Item                     weight                    effect                                      donation
Holy Water          1 lbs                    Dispel one low level                      4
                                                       demon or sprinkle on
                                            yourself for +1 to Spirit (one use)
Pocket Cross             2 lbs           +1 to Spirit                                            3
Holy Bible               1 lbs                    +1 to Spirit                                  5

Survival Game Rules

As you progress through this book, you will encounter game scenarios that you can use these rules for to help you learn how to handle situations. Like training exercises. You can use these rules to set up your own table top role playing games as well. While at the academy it is assumed that you will return to the academy after each game and have access to the facilities resources.

Survival Game Rules

                    So the rules are simple really. You will need a set of fate dice (fudge dice), or you can print the paper dice provided, or you can use regular 6 sided dice if you have them. Fate dice are six sided dice with  2 plus symbols, 2 minus symbols,  and 2 blank spaces. The pluses are plus 1, the minus are minus 1, and the blanks are 0. So the most you can get is plus 4 and the most you can go back is minus 4. During the game you will use these dice for your decision making. Any obstacle you try to overcome you will announce how you plan to do it. As long as it sounds reasonable the game master will allow it and you will roll. You take your roll score and add it to your stat that is required for that action. Like swim across a river. That will require use of your body stat. Roll the dice. If you roll 2 +, one -, and a blank that is 1 point. Add that roll to your body of 5 and you get six. (you can use regular dice as well. Just read 6 and 5 as +, 1 and 2 as -, and 3 and 4 as blanks)
So you have a score of 6 and the game master has said that the challenge of crossing the river is 5 body. That means your action succeeds.



You will also need at least 4 tokens for game play. These can be anything you choose. Coins, buttons, stones. These are prayer tokens. Every player has the action of prayer in the game. This is calling out to God for assistance. In real life your prayer is not limited, but in the game you will have four tokens to use at a time. You can refill your tokens at a church, chapel, temple, holy place. Most cities and towns have churches, and even hospitals and airports provide chapels. Be creative. For using this ability in the game you announce you are going to, before your intended action, and turn in one of your tokens. You will need to have a spinner made already. Color one of the four sections red, blue, yellow, and green.
Red is divine intervention. God has helped you physically with whatever challenge is in store for you.
Blue is divine knowledge. The Holy Spirit has revealed some inside knowledge of your situation. (game master will give you a clue as to how to solve or proceed)
Yellow is Inner strength. God gives you strength and all your stats take a boost by  2 for this turn.
Green is silence. God stays quite and lets you sort it out as a learning experience.

When you make the spinner of course you can use whatever symbols you chose to represent the outcomes.
All you really need is a normal sheet of paper. Notebook paper will work, but copy paper looks neater.

Fold the sheet of paper in half hamburger style.
Tear/cut the paper along the fold. You will end up with two equal pieces.
Fold each half sheet in half hot dog style.
Fold down the corners of each piece so that the line up with the edge of the paper. Make sure the two pieces look the same.
Lay one piece over the other as shown. Fold one of the bottom piece’s flaps into the center. Fold the other flaps down in order as shown. Tuck the last flap into the first one.

The spinner is now assembled.
Fold the spinner over in both directions and then pinch both sides and push in. This gives the spinner shape for maximum spinning abilities.

Now moving on. The idea here is to think about survival and what you would do in that situation. The game gives you a starting place and a way to proceed.  If you printed the character sheet from the intro page and took the quiz you have your stats already. In the bestiary page you have a list of animals, enemy, entities, and so forth with stats. In order to beat them you must best two of their stats. That means two of your stats (body, mind, spirit) must be higher than theirs including their primary stat which will be the highest one of course. You will need these three dice in order to do combat. You may print them here if you do not have all three of these already. They are a four sided triangle die, a six sided cube die, and a eight sided diamond die.

This is your adrenalin roll. You know your fight or flight response. The cube die is the body die you add that roll to your stat and any modifiers from your gear section. The diamond die is your mind roll add it to your stat with any modifiers. and the Triangle die is the spirit roll add it to your stat with any modifiers. If you are successful then you best the enemy.You must best your enemy in two of the three areas. One must be their primary stat. If not then you lose. You have three heart lives. If you loose all three game over.
The gear section is where you carry all your stuff. Some of your gear will have stat modifiers that will give you a +1 of so to your stats. The bag you have has a weight limit to what you can carry. So when you add gear you may have to drop some you were already carrying.


The game master should keep in mind the setting for the scenario such as season and environment. If the players are not dressed appropriately it is -1 to body stat. Certain animals and enemies will also cause negative stats such as a snakes venom would cause -1 to mind or spirit. A fever also will cause -1 to mind. Food poisoning -2 to body. Blow to the head -2 to mind. Forced to remove clothing -3 to body -2 to spirit. exhaustion -2 to body.

If there is a chance for poisoning flip a coin (or roll a die and use even poison, odd not poisoned)
Abilities. Body
Incapacitate: Someone with the path of Body has the ability that if their body stat with modifiers and roll is more that 6 above their opponents body stat they can incapacitate them without having to beat two stats.
Abilities. Mind
Confuse: Someone with the path of Mind has the ability to confuse their opponent in combat. If their Mind stat is 6 above their opponent’s mind stat they can achieve a -3 and a -2 to their opponent’s body and spirit stats.
Abilities. Spirit
Calm: Someone with the path of Spirit has the ability to calm their opponent in combat. It their Spirit stat is 6 more than their opponent’s they can calm them into not fighting and fleeing instead.

The Spiritual Exam

                                     After your mental exam you are lead down another musty smelling hallway and out the back door again into the outer area with the fire ring. This time you walk past the medical tent and into a small wooded area until you come to a clearing with a small stone open air church. It had six stone pillars holding up the roof and two rows of stone benches on a flat cement slab leaving room for a walkway between them leading to a stone podium used for service. To one side was another tent. You are lead inside where a young man sat in a black leather chair. He waves you in and motions to an adjacent chair for you to sit in. This man had sandy brown hair and a smooth shaven face. He dressed in a blazer and tie with basic black slacks. A cross lapel pin on the tie held it in place.
             He picked up a clipboard and spoke. “Hello, you must be our newest student. I ampastr Rev. Holder. I will be teaching your spiritual lessons and helping you with any spiritual needs while you attend the academy. Now is time for your spiritual evaluation. Let us begin.”
<Rev. Holder is a pleasant young man eager to serve God. He can cast out demons and break curses. His little church provides certain spiritual items for donations, since it would be wrong for the church to sell them after all.>
Complete the following assessment table using 1-5.
 1-Never 2-seldom 3-occasionally 4-frequent 5-always
Living in Christ
I practice regular quite time with Christ
When I Make a decision I consider what Christ would have me do first
My actions reflect my desire to grow closer to Jesus and God
I trust Jesus to help me through the troubles I face in this world
I have confidence in my salvation
Living in the World
I read the Bible daily and seek to understand God’s word better
I can answer questions about daily life from a biblical perspective
When the Bible exposes an area of my life needing change i respond quickly to make things right
My public and private life is pretty much the same
My actions display my faith in Christ
Prayer Life
I engage in prayer daily at least three times a day
I spend as much time listening to God as talking to him
I expect to grow in my prayer life and intentionally seek help to keep growing
I pray because I am aware of my need and dependency on God
I set aside time to pray intercessory prayers and prayers of healing and conversion for others
I forgive others of their actions that have harmed me
I allow other Christians to hold me accountable for my actions
I encourage and listen to feedback from others about areas I need improvement on
I seek to live in harmony with other members of my family and those outside my family
When I point out problems to others it is done in a loving way not in a criticizing way
I am not afraid to share my testimony
When I am confronted about my faith I remain strong and firm in my testimony
I serve others expecting nothing in return
I give faithfully of my time and finances to the church and ministry
I expect God to use me every day for his kingdom
Now draw a large circle with five smaller circles within it going towards the center. Then divide the circles into five equal pie segments. Label each inner circle moving from inside to outer circle 5-25. Start with the inner most circle as 5 outer most circle is 25. Label each segment one of the five table areas and add up your score for each and shade in the areas up to the value for each. This will give you an idea of what areas you need to work on in your spiritual life.sprtwhel.png
Now to clear your continence with a full confession to God.
Make to God a full confession of your life. Take your time and think openly. You have received full forgiveness with Christ so let it all out. Below is a simple guide based on the ten commandments to help you think and open your heart.
The Ten Commandments
First Commandment
I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.
Have I…
  • Disobeyed the commandments of God or the Church?
  • Denied the existence of God?
  • Deliberately misled others about doctrine or the faith?
  • Despaired about my salvation or the forgiveness of my sins?
  • Presumed on God’s mercy? (Committing a sin in expectation of forgiveness, or
  • asking for forgiveness without conversion and practicing virtue.)
  • Loved someone or something more than God (money, power, sex, ambition, etc.)?
  • Let someone or something influence my choices more than God?
  • Been involved in the occult? (Seances, ouija board, worship of Satan, etc.)

Second Commandment
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Have I…

  • Used the name of God in cursing or blasphemy?
  • Failed to keep vows or promises that I have made to God?
  • Used vulgar, suggestive or obscene speech?
  • Belittled others in my speech?
  • Behaved disrespectfully in Church?
  • Misused places or things set apart for the worship of God?
  • Committed perjury? (Breaking an oath or lying under oath.)

Third Commandment
Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
Have I…

  • Set time aside each day for personal prayer to God?
  • Missed Church on Sunday or Holy Days (through own fault w/o sufficient reason)?
  • Habitually come late to and/or leave early from Church without a good reason?

Fourth Commandment
Honor your father and your mother.
Have I…

  • (If still under my parents’ care) Obeyed all that my parents reasonably asked of me?
  • Neglected the needs of my parents in their old age or in their time of need?
    (If still in school) Obeyed the reasonable demands of my teachers?
  • Neglected to give my children proper food, clothing, shelter, education, discipline and care?
  • Provided for the religious education and formation of my children for as long as they are under my care?
  • Educated my children in a way that corresponds to my religious convictions?
    Provided my children with a positive, prudent and personalized education in the teaching on human sexuality?
  • Been to my children a good example of how to live the Life of Faith?
  • Prayed with and for my children and family?
  • Lived in humble obedience to those who legitimately exercise authority over me?
  • Have I broken the law?

Fifth Commandment
You shall not kill.
Have I…

  • Unjustly and intentionally killed a human being?
  • Been involved in an abortion, directly or indirectly?
  • Seriously considered or attempted suicide?
  • Deliberately desired to kill an innocent human being?
  • Unjustly inflicted bodily harm an another person?
  • Unjustly threatened another person with bodily harm?
  • Verbally or emotionally abused another person?
  • Hated another person, or wished him evil?
  • Been prejudiced, or unjustly discriminated against others because of their race, color, nationality, sex or religion?
  • Joined a hate group?
  • Purposely provoked another by teasing or nagging?
  • Recklessly endangered my life or health, or that of another, by my actions?
  • Driven recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
  • Abused alcohol or other drugs?
  • Sold or given drugs to others to use for non-therapeutic purposes?
  • Helped another to commit a mortal sin through advice, driving them somewhere, etc.?
  • Indulged in serious anger?
  • Treated animals cruelly, causing them to suffer or die needlessly?

Sixth & Ninth Commandments
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
Have I…

  • Given in to lust?
  • Deprived my spouse of the marital right, without just cause?
  • Claimed my own marital right without concern for my spouse?
  • Willfully entertained impure thoughts?
  • Purchased, viewed, or made use of pornography?
  • Listened to music or jokes that are harmful to purity?
  • Committed adultery?
  • Committed rape?
  • Masturbated?
  • Engaged in unnatural sexual activities?
  • Engaged in prostitution, or paid for the services of a prostitute?
  • Made uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances toward another?
  • Purposely dressed immodestly?

Seventh & Tenth Commandments
You shall not steal.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.
Have I…

  • Stolen?
  • Envied others on account of their possessions?
  • Given generously to others in need?
  • Considered that God has provided me with money so that I might use it to benefit
  • others, as well as for my own legitimate needs?
  • Practiced the works of mercy?
  • Deliberately defaced, destroyed or lost another’s property?
  • Cheated on a test, taxes, sports, games, or in business?
  • Squandered money in compulsive gambling?
  • Failed to honor my part of a contract?
  • Failed to make good on a debt?
  • Overcharge someone, especially to take advantage of another’s hardship or ignorance?
  • Misused natural resources?

Eighth Commandment
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
Have I…

  • Lied?
  • Knowingly and willfully deceived another?
  • Perjured myself under oath?
  • Gossiped?
  • Committed detraction? (Destroying a person’s reputation by telling others about his faults for no good reason.)
  • Committed slander or calumny? (Telling lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation.)
  • Committed libel? (Writing lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation.)
  • Failed to make reparation for a lie I told, or for harm done to a person’s reputation?
  • Betrayed another’s confidence through speech?
  • Other things to Consider
    Have I…
  • Made a good Confession of my mortal sins least once a year?
  • Made reparation for any harm I have done to others
  • Abandoned my spouse and family?
Further study: (films or dvd)
I Am
Ten Commandments
Print and use this image to write down the ten commandments from memory.

The Mental Exam

                     After your Physical exam you are led out the tent and back into the manor house. You are lead up stairs to a small dusty room. There is a large desk here and behind it sat a youngish man in a sweater vest in a large black comfy chair. You are seated in a chair not designed for comfort in front of the large desk obviously meant to display power to make you feel the need to show them respect. The young man had small metal rimmed glasses and slight facial hair that he ran a long finger across as he pssycregarded you.
“My name is Doctor Highgner. It is time for your mental exam.”
<Doctor Highgner 4/8/5 Dr. Highgner is  some what boring psychiatrist. When you return from an adventure or quest he will get your head straight>



blankboxDraw something in the square provided. Lines, shapes, circles. Doodle anything that comes to mind.

Now reflect on that. Look at it, what does it say about you? How do you connect to it.? List five things you think it says about you. Like toughness, passiveness, intelligence. What characteristics does this say about you.

Now ask someone who knows you to look at it and do the same thing. List five things they think it says about you. (Don’t help them or let them see your list) Then compare the two lists. We often see ourselves one way, we build up an image in our minds, but it doesn’t always reflect out true behavior. Others tend to see completely different things in us. This doesn’t mean that either image is wrong. Just two different views of the same thing.


Once you have finished that answer these riddles to determine your mental aptitude.

Answer this riddle
A group of four men consisting of an older brother, younger brother, father, and grandfather, are walking to the train station in the dark. They come to a narrow bridge that leads up to the station. The bridge can only support two people at a time. They have only one flashlight between them and so after one pair gets across one of them needs to bring the flashlight back for the next pair. Each of them take a different amount of time to cross.
Younger brother take 1 minute
Older brother take 2 minutes
Father takes 5 minutes
Grandfather take 10 minutes
Each pair can walk across only as fast as the slowest man and the next train arrives in 17 minutes. How can all men arrive on time?
Next question Problem Solving
A farmer is trying to cross a river in a small boat. He has a fox, a chicken, and a bag of corn. He can only take one thing across the river at a time. If he leave the corn with the chicken it will eat the corn. If he leaves the fox with the chicken the fox will eat it. How can the farmer get all three safely across the river?
Next Puzzle Math
Three kids arrive at a carnival on Sunday morning. The man in the ticket booth tells them that the entrance fee is 10 dollars each so they pay a total of 30 dollars. However the man remembers that the tickets cost less on Sunday and the kids should only have paid 25 dollars. He sends his assistant to find them and give them back 5 dollars. The assistant can’t figure out how to split 5 dollars 3 ways so he give them each 1 dollar and keeps 2 for himself. This means each kid paid only 9 dollars to get in. A total of 27 dollars. The assistant kept 2 dollars making it 29 dollars so where did the missing 1 dollar go.
Next Puzzle Logic
A prisoner is given a chance to win his freedom. He is placed in front of two doors one each with a guard. Behind one door is his freedom and the other a lion that will kill him. He is allowed to ask one guard one question about which door is which. One guard will tell the truth and one guard will tell a lie. He doesn’t know which is which. What question would he ask to get the door to his freedom?
Last puzzle following directions
There is a cupboard with six slots. Three on top and three on bottom. Numbered from left to right. A jar in each slot.
1  2  3
4  5  6
Jane wants a cookie. She has to find the right jar. Here are the clues. The lentils are not on the top row and not in the middle.
The beans are not on the top row and are not next to the rice, which is directly under the flour.
The pepper is not on the right hand side and has a number that is two more than the flour and four more than the lentils. Which jar has the cookies?
Answers Here:
Older and Younger Brother cross together taking two minutes. Younger brother returns taking 1 minute. Father and Grandfather cross together taking 10 minutes. Older brother returns taking 2 minutes Then both brothers cross together taking 2 minutes. 2+1+10+2+2= 17
The farmer crosses with the chicken first and leaves it on the other side. Gets the fox and takes it across and takes the chicken back with him and gets the corn and leaves the chicken. Crosses with the corn and leave the corn and returns for the chicken and makes a final crossing with the chicken.
The three kids initially paid 30. They were given 3 back, which means they paid  a total of 27. The 25 plus 2 kept by the assistant. The 27 plus the three paid back equals 30. The 27 is added to the 2 taken by the assistant to create confusion. There is no missing dollar.
The prisoner should ask the guard. “If I were to ask the other guard which is hte door to freedom, What would they say?”
If he were asking the truthful guard the question he would respond with a lie because that is what the lieing guard would say. If he were asking the lying guard the guard would lie and both answers would be the same door which is the one with the lion behind it.
Jars in order are
1 lentils   2 Cookies  3 flour
4 beans     5 pepper   6 rice