Adventurer Skills: Potions

lum.jpg10423914_10204699858793449_8485429942573567641_nTo supplement you cooking skill, lets touch on another aspect. What would an adventurer be without his potions. All the best ones have them. That little flack with a pick me up to increase your health, focus or stamina. No adventurer goes off into the unknown without one. Brewing a potion is quite easy. It involves the simplest of cooking skills, boiling water. You just add in what you need and let it steep and or dissolve.

Lets start with my favorite. COFFEE. Yes it is that most famous potion of all that gets people through the day without killing anyone. Like tea you can buy little packets that you can dunk in water and wait. Or there are some devices that let you pour boiling water over to make proper coffee. (and yes there are instant packets that you just pour in hot water and let it dissolve. But honestly that kind kinda sucks.)

It is most peoples morning ritual. A jolt of caffeine to get you going. Provides energy and very little nutrition really. But come on, it’s coffee!

Okay after coffee lets go ahead and talk about it’s less popular sister. Tea. I like tea too. Nothing wrong with it. What it lacks in popularity it makes up for with usefulness. Comes in many types with many purposes. Best known as homeopathic remedies.

There are a few good ones to mention here.

Chamomile tea is good at calming your nerves.

Peppermint teas are good for sour throats as well as digestion.

Sleepy Time tea. This one is very good. It has a spearmint taste to it. It is mostly chamomile tea but has other stuff in it too. It helps you to sleep. I have to say after drinking this I slept hard and good. I will buy more of this one.

Black tea chai spice. This one is not bad. A bit more spice than I would like. It has ginger and other spices. Ginger root contains plant compounds — such as volatile oils and alkaloids — that help ease motion sickness, improve digestion (if taken after a meal) and reduce mucus that accompanies a cold or the flu.

Wild black cherry tea. Not so good. Like weak Koolaid. Has hawthorn berries and black berry leave. I don’t know of any benefits of these. But it also has licorice root which is good for constipation

 This is just a few, there are many types of teas to look at with various benefits.
Now for the adventurer on the go. Here is a type you can brew up in the wilderness. First is pine needle tea. It is very simple. You just have to heat some water and steep some pine needles in it. Then take out the needles and drink. It is kind of tangy. Very rich in vitamin C.
The other one is a little more localized. Coconut milk is also rich in vitamins.
Now apart from things you can heat up and fix, there are many water additives you can pack in a bag or even just a pocket of your jacket. Little powders or drops that can add flavor and or nutrition to your water, just be sure to filter the water first. Any unknown water source is unsafe. You should always carry with you a container of some kind. Even if you don’t carry water with you at the time, you will have a bottle or something to put water or something into if you should need it. Like if you got trapped somewhere, you will have a bottle you can fill at a fountain or something.
A friend at work asked me once why I had a nearly empty soda bottle in my bag. It was the kind of shoulder bag with a sports bottle mesh pocket on the outside. Well I kept it for exactly that reason. I would switch it out whenever I bought a new soda, and I didn’t want to carry around one of those big sports bottles. I knew where water was should I need it so I didn’t feel the need to fill it up and carry around that weight.


Now for some less than nutrition potions, on to service potions. That is potions that are not necessarily for drinking, but for other uses.

Holy water for example. Water that has been blessed by a holy man. Or if you have any blessed salt you can add some to the water container. It is always a good idea to carry some one you. It can be used to bless an area or someone to protect them for spiritual attacks. Also if it is the only water you have  it can’t hurt to drink it.

When I was younger my brother and I would use the fountain drink machine at fast food places and gas stations to whip up some weird concoction using multiple drinks at the nozzles. Trying a splash of this and a splash of that. You never know what you were making. Sometimes it would be good sometimes it would be undrinkable. But it was always adventurous. It can add a little spice in your day. Of course you can always go to Sonic and order some weird choices. They have many add ins to their drink. Mom and I go all the time and get either a cherry vanilla coke or a vanilla cream dr. pepper. My brother like blue ocean water and I have always wanted to try a vanilla cream root beer. vanilla cream is not the same as vanilla flavoring. It is more of a sweet cream flavor.

Below are some recipes to give a try if you dare.




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