Mom’s little miracle.

This is a something that happened to my mom a few months ago. Her father, my grandpa passed away do to complications and cancer. A few years earlier we also lost grandma as well. My mom was mowing the yard on the riding lawn mower trying to hold it together. She was struggling with it. She prayed for a sign to know that they were both in heaven and doing well.

The very moment she prayed it, two butterflies one yellow, and one black landed on her hand. They stayed there for quite a while before they flew away. She took this as a small sign that everything was alright.

Don’t underestimate the little things.

Being a good person, not good enough.

The human condition.

Being a good person is not good enough. It is hard to hear, that is why so many can’t except it. But the truth is no one can be good enough. It simply isn’t possible.

We all have a bad side. We all do bad things sometimes. We all have bad days. Even the best of us tell half truths sometimes, or get angry and say something hurtful, or simply want our way this time no matter what.

It happens. It may not be who we are all the time, but we are human. This is the sin nature. Big or small it all has the same price. Hell.

No one can be good enough to avoid it. We all have to pay the price. Unless of course someone else pays it on our behalf. Jesus did what we could not. And He paid the price for us, to give us access to heaven. So long as we sincerely strive to live as better people. To root out sin in our lives  and pit it away from us.

A lot of people don’t like that part either.


Many people want all the benefits, but not put In the work. Why should I have to change to get it. Why can’t I have it first and change after. As Christians we have to change. In baptism we are rebirthed as new creatures and we must put away sin from our lives. Some people find it just to hard, because they are looking at it wrong. We aren’t called to be perfect. We aren’t. We wont be. We are just called to live different. To give up bad behavior. To keep working on it. Mistakes will happen, but we just keep working on it. That is the point. That is life.

Homemade Teas

This was meant to go with the potions post. You can grow your own herb garden and harvest  ingredients you can combine and steep your own teas. There are a lot of herbs you can grow. Listed here are some of the better herbs and their uses.

ALFALFA: The leaves of this valuable herb are packed full of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Alfalfa is also considered to be one of the best sources of essential minerals.

ANGELICA ROOT: Known in the past as the “root of the Holy Ghost,” this heavenly aromatic variety known for aiding the digestive tract and strengthens the heart.

CATNIP: An age old remedy for chasing away fevers, nervous headaches, insomnia, and various other aches and ills, catnip is also a pleasant tea for everyday use.

CHAMOMILE: Makes a delicious, golden colored brew. Extremely popular in Europe and with women having menstrual problems. Chamomile may not be everyone’s cup of tea because it causes allergic reactions in some. If you’re not sure, try a weak brew and see how you feel. Increase strength and amount consumed as desired.

CLOVER: A delicate tisane may be brewed from the dried flowers of the red clover. This iron-rich herb is considered a wonderful blood purifier.

DANDELION: Everyone knows what this is. They grow all over the yard.  No need to plant in your garden. Just dig it up and save the leaves and brew a tea from them. Dandelion is said to have a slightly laxative effect. Also, the roasted roots are edible. Can do for survival in a pinch.

DILL: A weak decoction of the seeds is reputedly a good remedy for hiccoughs.

GINGER: A spicy spice that is warming. Mix with a tea for those chilly wintry nights. It has a strengthening and cheering effect on the body.

HOREHOUND: An old-fashioned remedy for coughs and colds. Promotes perspiration and has a laxative effect if taken in large doses. Makes a bitter brew, so sweeten generously with honey or sugar.

RASPBERRY: Leaves from the red raspberry bush make an energizing and nerve-soothing tea that is also supposedly good for canker sores and sore throats.

SAGE: A delicious Old English tea that makes a good tonic. Said to make hair grow, relieve pain in the joints, quicken the senses, and aid the memory. Better than coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

Peppermint: Helps with indigestion and a soar throat.

Hibiscus: Good for lowering blood pressure.

Lavender: Some use it in tea, but I recommend lavender water. Just soak them and let it take on the properties. It is said to protect from spirits. Sprinkle it around the area and yourself to keep any lingering spirits from attaching to you and following you home, when out at a cemetery or some similar place. (Like a hospital)

Of course with all these, don’t drink them all the time. Too much is bad for you and can be dangerous it large doses. Drink responsibly.


Spiritual Weapons

If you want to fortify yourself against demons, spirits, or evil influence there are a number of options. With the rise in interest in the paranormal there are more people than ever playing with the occult who are not prepared for it and this can cause problems for them as well for those around them. Some even dable in magic and hexes. Or maybe you just wish to strengthen your faith or be ready to help someone in need.

To start off with you should confess to God everything you can think of. This strengthens your faith, increases your righteousness and purity of spirit. It is how you should begin anything of this nature.

You can use the sign of the cross to strengthen your faith and focus. Also you can use the crusader’s oath below.

The sign of the cross  or blessing oneself or crossing oneself, is a ritual blessing made by members of many branches of Christianity. This blessing is made by the tracing of an upright cross or + across the body with the right hand, often accompanied by spoken or mental recitation of the trinitarian formula.
“In the name of the Father, the Son, and othe Holy Spirit”

The motion is the tracing of the shape of a cross in the air or on one’s own body, echoing the traditional shape of the cross of the Christian Crucifixion narrative. There are two principal forms: the one—three fingers, right to left—is exclusively used in the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church of the Byzantine and Chaldean Tradition; the other—left to right, other than three fingers—is the one used in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, Anglicanism, Methodism, Lutheranism and Oriental Orthodoxy

Crusaders’ Oath
In nomine Patris+ et Filii+ et Spiritus Sancti+. Amen
(In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

“Cruce,dum Spiro, fido, Deo duce, Ferro comitante”
“While I breathe, I trust the cross, with God as my leader and my sword as my companion”

Prayer for protection

Simple enough. Pray to God for protection. Construct your own prayer. Use your beads if you like. Be as vague or specific as you wish. Some like to get down to specifics. Flood, fire, civil defense or protection for the unborn. Clear your mind. Get rid of any clutter and focus on Jesus. Picture him in your mind. Imagine his love as a cloak of light surrounding you and wrapping you in his arms. His warmth, his love, his strength.

Sprinkle a few grains of salt in every corner of every room in your home. (If you vacuum it up while cleaning, just reapply as you’re vacuuming. Sprinkle or spray Holy Water on every wall, floor and ceiling (including closets and baths) in your home, and use blessed oil to seal your home and yourself with the sign of the cross on the outside and inside of each door and in the center of your own forehead. (For cleansing homes I mix the exorcised salt with water in a ‘clean’ (preferably new) spray bottle and spray each and every corner in the house, including closets, water heater rooms, furnace rooms, and also one spray in the center of the floor of each room and once on the ceiling. That way you have no salt on your carpets and when the water dries, the salt remains. The exorcised salt makes the water exorcised water also.)

Also say a prayer in each room to bless it and to ask for protection. Or some just use the standard Lord’s prayer.

These are exorcism blessings for salt and water. Only posting in English. If you want the Latin version google it. (+) is when you should make the sign of the cross over the water or salt)

Exorcism of Salt (necessary for Exorcism of Water)

O salt, creature of God, I exorcize you by the living (+) God, by the true (+) God, by the holy (+) God, by the God who ordered you to be poured into the water by Elisha the prophet, so that its life-giving powers might be restored. I exorcize you so that you may become a means of salvation for believers, that you may bring health of soul and body to all who make use of you, and that you may put to flight and drive away from the places where you are sprinkled; every apparition, villainy, turn of devilish deceit, and every unclean spirit; adjured by him who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.

Almighty and everlasting God, we humbly implore you, in your immeasurable kindness and love, to bless (+) this salt which you created and gave to the use of mankind, so that it may become a source of health for the minds and bodies of all who make use of it. May it rid whatever it touches or sprinkles of all uncleanness, and protect it from every assault of evil spirits. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Exorcism of Water in English

O water, creature of God, I exorcize you in the name of God the Father (+) Almighty, and in the name of Jesus (+) Christ His Son, our Lord, and in the power of the Holy (+) Spirit. I exorcize you so that you may put to flight all the power of the enemy, and be able to root out and supplant that enemy with his apostate angels, through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.

O God, for the salvation of mankind, you built your greatest mysteries on this substance, water. In your kindness, hear our prayers and pour down the power of your blessing (+) into this element, made ready for many kinds of purifications. May this, your creature, become an agent of divine grace in the service of your mysteries, to drive away evil spirits and dispel sickness, so that everything in the homes and other buildings of the faithful that is sprinkled with this water, may be rid of all uncleanness and freed from every harm. Let no breath of infection and no disease-bearing air remain in these places. May the wiles of the lurking enemy prove of no avail. Let whatever might menace the safety and peace of those who live here be put to flight by the sprinkling of this water, so that the health obtained by calling upon your holy name, may be made secure against all attack.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Pour exorcised salt into the water, in the form of a cross)

May a mixture of salt and water now be made, in the name of the Father, and of the (+) Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, Creator unconquerable, invincible King, Victor ever glorious, you hold in check the forces bent on dominating us. You overcome the cruelty of the raging enemy, and in your power you beat down the wicked foe. Humbly and fearfully do we pray to you, O Lord, and we ask you to look with favor on this salt and water which you created. Shine on it with the light of your kindness. Sanctify it by the dew of your love, so that, through the invocation of your holy name, wherever this water and salt is sprinkled, it may turn aside every attack of the unclean spirit, and dispel the terrors of the poisonous serpent. And wherever we may be, make the Holy Spirit present to us, who now implore your mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Sign of the Cross

You can use the sign of the cross to ward away evil. Also the saliva of a righteous man is an age old talisman for warding away evil. In a pinch if you do not have holy water on hand and you are spiritually pure at the time you can use your own saliva. You can lick your thumb and mark a cross on a wall or on the forehead of a person you wish to bless.
If you encounter evil on a lonely road or back alley you can spit on the ground and say a prayer. It may seem a little crude, but it does make sense. God has made us holy so our dna which is in the saliva is holy as well. As long as you confess your sins and strive to remain holy and don’t give in to the worlds (if it feels good do) attitude.

Jesus even used his own saliva in the Bible. John 9:1
Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

9 As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2 His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

3 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. 4 As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. 5 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

6 After saying this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. 7 “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means “Sent”). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

More can be found on

Adventurer Skills: Potions

lum.jpg10423914_10204699858793449_8485429942573567641_nTo supplement you cooking skill, lets touch on another aspect. What would an adventurer be without his potions. All the best ones have them. That little flack with a pick me up to increase your health, focus or stamina. No adventurer goes off into the unknown without one. Brewing a potion is quite easy. It involves the simplest of cooking skills, boiling water. You just add in what you need and let it steep and or dissolve.

Lets start with my favorite. COFFEE. Yes it is that most famous potion of all that gets people through the day without killing anyone. Like tea you can buy little packets that you can dunk in water and wait. Or there are some devices that let you pour boiling water over to make proper coffee. (and yes there are instant packets that you just pour in hot water and let it dissolve. But honestly that kind kinda sucks.)

It is most peoples morning ritual. A jolt of caffeine to get you going. Provides energy and very little nutrition really. But come on, it’s coffee!

Okay after coffee lets go ahead and talk about it’s less popular sister. Tea. I like tea too. Nothing wrong with it. What it lacks in popularity it makes up for with usefulness. Comes in many types with many purposes. Best known as homeopathic remedies.

There are a few good ones to mention here.

Chamomile tea is good at calming your nerves.

Peppermint teas are good for sour throats as well as digestion.

Sleepy Time tea. This one is very good. It has a spearmint taste to it. It is mostly chamomile tea but has other stuff in it too. It helps you to sleep. I have to say after drinking this I slept hard and good. I will buy more of this one.

Black tea chai spice. This one is not bad. A bit more spice than I would like. It has ginger and other spices. Ginger root contains plant compounds — such as volatile oils and alkaloids — that help ease motion sickness, improve digestion (if taken after a meal) and reduce mucus that accompanies a cold or the flu.

Wild black cherry tea. Not so good. Like weak Koolaid. Has hawthorn berries and black berry leave. I don’t know of any benefits of these. But it also has licorice root which is good for constipation

 This is just a few, there are many types of teas to look at with various benefits.
Now for the adventurer on the go. Here is a type you can brew up in the wilderness. First is pine needle tea. It is very simple. You just have to heat some water and steep some pine needles in it. Then take out the needles and drink. It is kind of tangy. Very rich in vitamin C.
The other one is a little more localized. Coconut milk is also rich in vitamins.
Now apart from things you can heat up and fix, there are many water additives you can pack in a bag or even just a pocket of your jacket. Little powders or drops that can add flavor and or nutrition to your water, just be sure to filter the water first. Any unknown water source is unsafe. You should always carry with you a container of some kind. Even if you don’t carry water with you at the time, you will have a bottle or something to put water or something into if you should need it. Like if you got trapped somewhere, you will have a bottle you can fill at a fountain or something.
A friend at work asked me once why I had a nearly empty soda bottle in my bag. It was the kind of shoulder bag with a sports bottle mesh pocket on the outside. Well I kept it for exactly that reason. I would switch it out whenever I bought a new soda, and I didn’t want to carry around one of those big sports bottles. I knew where water was should I need it so I didn’t feel the need to fill it up and carry around that weight.


Now for some less than nutrition potions, on to service potions. That is potions that are not necessarily for drinking, but for other uses.

Holy water for example. Water that has been blessed by a holy man. Or if you have any blessed salt you can add some to the water container. It is always a good idea to carry some one you. It can be used to bless an area or someone to protect them for spiritual attacks. Also if it is the only water you have  it can’t hurt to drink it.

When I was younger my brother and I would use the fountain drink machine at fast food places and gas stations to whip up some weird concoction using multiple drinks at the nozzles. Trying a splash of this and a splash of that. You never know what you were making. Sometimes it would be good sometimes it would be undrinkable. But it was always adventurous. It can add a little spice in your day. Of course you can always go to Sonic and order some weird choices. They have many add ins to their drink. Mom and I go all the time and get either a cherry vanilla coke or a vanilla cream dr. pepper. My brother like blue ocean water and I have always wanted to try a vanilla cream root beer. vanilla cream is not the same as vanilla flavoring. It is more of a sweet cream flavor.

Below are some recipes to give a try if you dare.




Bestiary: The Scarecrow

hansrtp.jpgThe scarecrow has been a favorite monster for a long time. It has been portrayed in many forms from batman to the wizard of oz. Taking on many forms. Always a figure human or otherwise dressed in tattered clothes and a cloth face that obscures any true human features to inflict fear on its victims. The traditional scarecrow is a stuffy guy made of straw placed In a garden to scare away flying predators by taking on the appearance of a worse predator.

In Christianity we have a lore of such a creature, Hans Trapp.

Hans Trapp was called the Robber Baron. He was arrested and isolated and in his isolation he lost his humanity and in his resentment for the church he became deeply devoted to satan. This devotion eventually lead to him craving human flesh especially children.
As the legend goes, this was a real man. He was rich and evil and was kicked out of the catholic church. He was exiled into the forest where he preyed on children disguised as a scarecrow complete with straw sticking out of his clothes possibly for warmth. In the legend he catches a boy and is about to eat him when he gets struck by lightning. A punishment from God. However his spirit stays restless and can still be seen stalking children who are not careful disguised as a scarecrow.

He has mostly faded away now, but grew beyond his original legend to become the prime predator. A figure of evil to hunt the most vulnerable of victims. Children.  Sometime for meals devouring human flesh, sometimes as sacrifices for whatever reason to be killed on an alter or ritual sight, sometimes to take virginity and to destroy innocence.

Connected to nature usually a field. The scarecrow will stand in an almost perverted form of the crucifixion. Which is why it makes an excellent monster for Christian lore.

Hans Trapp 5/4/8 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Mostly popular around Halloween. Featured in several movies including the scarecrow, jeepers creepers, and many many others. Typically week against fire if it a supernatural creature. You know all that straw. If it is a human monster, they are typically vulnerable against any weapon. Except you know it you manage to take one down, don’t just run away and let them regroup like in horror movies.

So what to do to prepare for such a threat. Carry a weapon. A symbol of faith. Memorize a sword scripture and a hymn. Carry a signaling device, like a whistle. Since they mostly hunt at night travel with a friend if you must move about at night.

Adventurer’s Almanac: The Elements

Everyone knows the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These are the intricate elements that make up our world. They correspond to the four phases of matter. earthIn the Bible , God works a lot through the elements. He speaks from the burning bush to Moses. Creates strong winds to part the sea. He leads Israel through a pillar of fire and cloud. God has used lightning and storms to demonstrate his power. God is intimately connected, (but not limited to) the elements of nature.

Earth is the solid element. Stable and secure. Everyone knows it as the dirt element. Ground, rock, metal. It is the strong and unmovable. Many include wood and plants into this element as well.

Water is the element of liquid. Fluid and changing and hard to control. water

It can change and move freely. It can take the form of rain, river, mist. It is the next stable element. Somewhere between Earth and Air.

Aairir is the gas element. Mostly associated with wind and oxygen. Free spirited and move wherever it pleases and blows down anything in it’s way.

Lastly is Fire the plasma. Although fire is not exactly a plasma (although fireit can be) The best examples of plasma are the Sun, which is a big ball of plasma and lightning. Dangerous and destructive, but also life giving. Life could not exist without it or in fact any of  the elements.


I have used the alchemy symbols for this because they best demonstrate the elements relationship to each other. That is complimentary and contrary. Those that work together and those that work against each other. You know what I mean. If you mix fire and water what happens. Exactly. Water beats fire. Fire beats earth. Earth beats air. Air beats water.

You pour water on fire it fizzles. Fire can burn earth to ash, but if you add in it’s complimentary element of water, water coats the ground and renders it unburnable. Earth and water are allies. Water even feeds the earth to allow plants to grow.

Air beats water. Air can blow water about even pick it up and fling it, But you add Earth to water and you get denser heavier mud. It become too heave for air to just push around.

The same hold for Air and fire. The compliment each other. Air feeds fire. You add air to fire you get inferno.  It can even overcome water. Drying it and evaporating it. Fire fuels the air cycle. Hot air rises and cold air calls. Fire give off heat and causing air to rise rapidly. Can create strong winds if the fire is hot enough. Earth beats air because earth is heavy for air to move and kick around. It is to o dense, but with enough heat to fuel it air can move anything. Think firenado. If fire can burn earth to ash, no obstacle could stand in it’s way.

You may notice the two symbols below. The star of David is known to be a representation of the four elements combines. You can see it if you look closely. Then there is the Jerusalem’s cross. This is a Christian symbol. Not exactly associated with the four elements, but it can be. It is five crosses in a quincunx pattern. Or an artificial crossroads. used in magic rituals to bind a spell or energy in place. They can be used to represent the four elements with the fifth being that of spirit or God.