Welcome to the site,

Are you stressed by the burdens of this world?

Are you concerned for the future of your family?

Are you laden with guilt or shame by things that has happened to you?

Do you crave excitement and purpose in your life?

Consider the life of a Christian adventurer. It is not an easy life, or a happy go lucky life. It is a life of purpose and meaning. At the Christian Adventurer Survival Academy you will learn what it means to be a Christian, Skills to develop Body, Mind, and Spirit. Tricks and skills and a support system  to aid and guide you through life, and the difficulties to come in the future tribulation to come in this world.
Enroll today, we boast a 100% acceptance rate.
To enroll you need the following:
A statement of faith for the church body of your choice should you choose one. A verbal statement will usually do as well, but you can print one here. Or write one for yourself and sign it.
Letter of acceptance to our school. One can be printed here.
Finally, to be baptized into the faith.
Being baptized is an important part of the process in becoming a Christian. Being baptized changes you physically and spiritually. It may not be obvious at first, but the moment you are, the change happens. As Jesus said, you are a new creature. Jesus washes you of the spiritual gunk you have been carrying. A part of God’s spirit is placed in you and begins changing you on a spiritual level that effect every part of your being, physically and mentally.
An inner strength is placed and you are stronger than you were before. The Holy Spirit dwells within and become a moral and spiritual guide to direct your path.
You can learn more about Baptism here.
Now that you are ready to begin, your new life, you need to find the right path. By that I mean which house you will be sorted into. There are three dorms here at the Academy, you will be sorted into one of them. You can find that out by taking this quiz here.
Here is a Brochure for your edification. Here.