Outdoor Experiment: Cemetary walk

10362376_10204729758500923_9197612711912293083_nFor this experience what you will need is just you and a cemetery nearby. One with few to no people or activity. You want to go at dusk or close to dark. It is actually illegal to be in a cemetary after dark.

What you are doing there is just taking a little walk around the place. Look at the headstones. All these people were once alive. Now they are not. How do you feel about that. Death is a part of life and we need to look at it. Understand it. As a Christian, this is not the end. It only feels that way on this side. Not a single one of these people are beyond God’s reach.

Ezekiel 37 the valley of the dry bones. God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones that he will breathe life into them and put flesh back on their bones. God is capable of this. Even  those who hae been cremated. God knows every molecule of your body. Every strand of your dna. He can make a new body identical to the old. Your soul is the essence of what you are and God hold that in his hand and it is eternal. This fleshy body is just a shell and it will fall apart one day. It may even be put int he ground, but you are never beyond God’s reach. He can build a new body. From the dust of the earth same as e made Adam’s.

So as you walk about the headstones consider God’s power over death. These stones are markers for the living to remember them by. It is to comfort those who still have things to do in this world. No believer is lost to God. You can’t move beyond his reach. If he chooses he could raise you from the dead as he did with his son Jesus.

Death is real and death is sad. We miss our loved ones. We need to remember that they are still alive to God and they are happy where they are. They would want us to continue on and be happy as well. We will be together again one day. It is all right to mourn them. It is good to grieve. But we also need to let go of that grief once it has run its course. God still has things in store for us. Death is not all that scary. God is not the god of the dead, but the God of the living. Those attached to God will never die. Though the body may pass away we will never be lost.

This can be comforting to those who have lost loved ones. It can be painful especially when we lose them to an unforseen accident before their time. It is unfortunate that other’s poor decisions can affect us so profoundly. Someone drinks and gets behind the wheel and causes an accident. They survive and an innocent person dies. This is a tragedy, but it is not God who caused the accident. He gave us free will. It is our choice and many don’t think about how our choices can have far-reaching effects. We only see what we want and how things affect us. They may be gone to where we can’t see them, but they are not gone from God.  We can never move beyond God’s presence. You are not beyond God’s presence while you walk among the headstones.  contemplate that. Consider God’s presence.

Okay that being said. Be careful where you do this. It may be tempting to go way off away from the city or town you live in. It may be a good idea where you live to take a team mate with you. Just keep your distance from each other. This is ment to be experienced solo, but bad things do go on sometimes in cemeteries at night. As i mentioned it is illegal to be in them at night. So don’t go when it is all the way dark. Some ghost hunters have mentioned their experiences when ghost hunting in cemeteries at night. (you can get permission from your local court house) They found evidence of black mass rituals (Satanists) or occult goings on with strange graffiti and broken religious artifacts. Usually in cemeteries way off the beaten path where there is little traffic. You wouldn’t want to stumble on to one of these.

Some have reported feeling a strange oppression feeling like a presence and feeling of dread and fear. Ghosts and spirits are nothing to fear for a christian. Pray for God’s protection before you go as you should before any outing or adventure. Carry your prayer beads and pocket Bible. Remember your hymn as i mentioned in a previous post. These things will protect you and keep you safe. Evil precence will flee from you. God’s precence will fall on you and surround you.

The Real you…..

This world we live in is a scary place. It seems to get worse every day. You look at the news and the bad stuff seems to effect everyone. Whether you were involved or not. For some people their lives were turned upside down. People did bad things to them. They were hurt. Thier families were hurt. We live in a world that want to drown us in hurt. We feel pushed down and don’t have the strength to get up. We just wish we could start over again. Be someone else. Or just be who we were. There was a boy who a molester had kidnapped. He was rescued, but he told the police. “I wish i could be me again.” Before he had been kidnapped. What the man had done to him. It changed him. Effected him and he couldn’t be the same. That is how so many people feel. Life throws such chaos at us.

When we carry so much baggage around it weighs us down and effect every part of our lives and makes it to where we can’t enjoy anything any more. Like a constant cloud overhead. It shadows everything we do and think. It makes us feel different. Disconnected from others.  Like we don’t fit in. That no one can understand. Or that everyone will judge you or look at you weird or with pity.

Okay, so what do you do. This is what Christianity is good at. The whole point is that you are a new creature in Christ. When you are baptized you are born anew. A new person. A new life to start again. You do have the choice to set the baggage down. If you find the right church, the people  will be excepting, not judging. As the Bible says, Judge and you will be judge.” So we Christians don’t judge, we all have our skeletons in our closets we don’t want God to point out on judgment day.

God loves you, damage and all. He can help you heal. It does take time. But it is real. You may be thinking “You don’t know what i’ve done, or You don’t know what was done to me.” You would be right.

God does. He can help you. Doesn’t matter what it was. He knows you. Every hair on your head. Every thought you have. Are you mad? Do you think really bad things about what happened? Are you mad at God? Tell him. Yell at him. That can start your relationship. He already knows how you feel. He is a big boy, he can handle it. Scream and cuss at him if you want. Just open that door and let him start working in your life.

So often when we face tragedy in life, we get to the point where we feel unloveable. For some reason, we feel so separated that we feel no one can understand us therefore no one can love us. At least not the “real”. You know what i mean. We feel like we wear a mask. We hide our true feelings. We go through motions sometimes. We feel alone even when we are in a crowd of friends. Then we go home and take off the mask. When we are alone and we feel the most like ourselves. The self that no one else really gets. God gets it. God knows you. He loves you, even under the mask. He know the very nature of your heart. The reasons you feel the way you do. He wants to help you understand those feelings and help you feel his love for you.

Christianity was once described as an ocean. It is always there. You can start by dipping your toes into the water and then your feet. If it feels weird or frightening you can pull your feet back out. But it is always there. When you are ready to dip back in. God is not going anywhere. He is waiting. He will listen. He will show his love. If you choose to turn away you can. He will still be there. He is patient. Love endures forever. His is a perfect love. Give it a chance.

Energy snacks for your adventures


Trail snacks are very important for an adventure. Wether you are packing a bug out bag or just something simple for a day trip, you want the right snacks for the adventure. I have tried several different kinds thanks to my Cairn subscription box. There is usually something new to try in each one. I’ve also sought out energy bars and found a homemade energy bar recipe i would like to share.

But first i will review a few here. The mocha latte coffee bar. Very heavy on the coffee. Did not care for it.

Little red wagon  geo coffee instant coffee. It was pretty good. It hangs on the edge of your mug and pour hot water over it. Rip van Wafels. It was a sweet little waffle that tasted great.

Jimmy’s bar peanut butter clutter bar. Dairy free and gluten free. If you like peanuts it is good. There are alot of peanut bars out there. The protein keeps you feeling full and provides energy. It is a main ingredient in most energy bars so if you have an allergy you better check the labels.

Skratch labs fruit drops and scratch labs hydration mix you add to water. Both were good. Something a little different than the energy bars. Gummies are pretty good and some water addatives are great too. There are plenty  of water flavorings out there.

Something a little (well more a different) Chapul Choco Bars. It is made with cricket flour. Full of protein, iron and b12. When i say cricket flour i mean yes crickets. They are full of nutrients and are ground  into  flour so you don’t have to see them. You don’t even know they are in there.

Freeze dried cheesecake bites and neopolitine ice cream. great flavor. You miss the cold of the ice cream, but the flavor is still there.

Homemade energy bar recipe

What you need:

2 cups chopped assorted nuts (peanut, cashews, almonds, ect)

If you have an allergy to nuts skip those and use seeds. (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, ect.

Dried fruit like (raisins, craisins, apricots, dates ect.)

1 1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/3 cup peanut butter If allergic try marshmallow fluff

1/3 cup light corn syrup

3 tbsp melted butter

1 tbsp water

cooking spray

8×8 inch baking pan

parchment paper

Stir all dry ingredients together. If you want add nuts and seeds too.  In a separate bowl, whisk the butter, corn syrup, and water together. Add the dry ingredients. Then add the peanut butter (or fluff) and mix well.

Line the baking pan with parchment paper. Transfer the mix to the baking pan and press it down firmly, spreading evenly.

Pre-heat oven to 350. Bake until done, about 25 minutes or until it starts to brown around the edges. Let cool until it firms up. Lift out of pan by grabbing the overhanging edges of the parchment paper. Cut into squares.

I have to admit i have never tried it with the marshmallow fluff.

Soudtrack to your Life

“Make a joyous sound unto the Lord”

Music has long been at the center of worship. It is the perfect way to express your feelings, faith, and lift your spirit. There was an article i read once that a pastor pulled into a fast food restaurant late at night and he heard Christian music being played over the loud speakers. He mentioned this to the waitress that brough his order and she said she did it because it kept away the riff raff. This is a very real thing. Spiritual music drives away the presence of evil.  It can make the devil flee.

King Saul was troubled by an evil spirit that threatened to drag him into a depression and possibly posses him. He brought David who was a psalmist and played the harp into his palace to play for him and it drove out the evil spirit.Saul would later turn against David and attempt to kill him so maybe he lost his battle, but Davids music lifted Saul’s spirit and drove out the spirit and such music can do the same for us today.

20160730_135654I believe everyone should learn to play something for the Lord. Wether it is singing or an instrument. That being said, i quite suck at my chosen instrument, But if it is played from the heart God will love it regardless of the ear splitting noise. I play a Wow Flute. It is just like an ocarina. Wow flute is a brand name and they are practically indestructible. Good for someone who goes on adventures and trekking the outback. It is a palm sized flute with six holes and is easy to learn, though i prefer to free style most of the time. There are all kinds of songs you can learn and even hymns like amazing grace.

If an instrument is not your thing then learn to sing a hymn or two. I know someone at work who is an associate member to my survival team who sings to herself hymns and Christian songs when the day runs long or is especially hard. She is one of the most up beat people i know. A true Christian. Everyone should memorize at least one hymn for those times when you just need a pick me up or are in a frightening situation. It can give you strength. Remind you that God is there.

If you have trouble memorizing actual verses, like i do sometimes, it is easy to freestyle a hymn. Consider this.

I’ll go with him through the (insert something here),

I’ll go with him through the (repeat insert),

I’ll go with him through the (once more repeat),

I’ll go with him all the way.

Repeat those lines inserting different things, Whatever you are feeling at the time. Storms, dessert, forest, valley, anything you want. Make it your own.

In addition to inspiring and lifting us, we can show God how we feel and glorify him. This is pleasing to God, even if we are tone deaf. God hears the music from our hearts and the love we put into it. So don’t worry so much about the sound.

So whether you are going on a road trip, Long or short hike, Or just jogging around your block. Add a soundtrack to your life. Make a playlist of your favorite Christian music or whatever speaks to you.

I will add a laylist here of my favorite songs and the groups.

Down to the river to pray- alison krauss

Hearts lost in Nowhere- altar boys

You are loved- altar boys

Holy water- Big and Rich

Somebody said a prayer- Billy ray Cyrus

Lost highway- Bon Jovi

Trapped- bruce Springstreen

In Me- Casting Crowns

Jesus and Gravity- Dolly Parton

I’ll take you back- Jeremy Camp

Healing hands of God- Jeremy Camp

There will be a day- Jeremy Camp

Tonight- Jeremy Camp

What if God was one of us- Joan Osbourne

Me and God- Josh Turner

Everything- Lifehouse

Long Black Train

In Christ alone- Newsboys

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerico-Oak ridge Boys

Baptism of Jesse Taylor- Oak Ridge Boys

/Tenth Avenue North/ Calling out, Love is here, Let it go, You are more, By your side, Healing Begins,Times

Incomplete and insecure- Avett Brothers

Stumbling to Bethlehem-Patti Scialfa

Shame- Avett Brothers

You are a Child of mine

You’ll be in my heart


Dangerous Times Dangerous People

12400918_10207902036245884_4225511964809135164_n.jpgIt says in the Bible, Lawlessness will abound, that the hearts of many will grow cold. In the absence of love people will become lovers of themselves. This means that people are becoming dangerous and we have to be careful. If anyone has taken a look at the news, it is easy to see that this is becoming true for us. People are crazy. Doing crazy things. Things that are appalling. It is becomeing a dangerous time especially for Christians.

My uncle was involved in a truck jacking recently. He is a trucker and was hauling his load. He noticed a car following him. When he made a turn so did they. When he went through a weighstation they took the off ramp and circled around and got behind him again. He called his boss ans asked what he should do. He was nearing the end of his drive time. Trucks have fancy devices that tell how long they have ben driving and an automatic shut down. So he was reaching his last stop for the day and his rig was going to stop whether he wanted to or not. His boss told him to call the police and if they did demand the truck to hand over the keys and not try to fight them if he could help it. The load wasn’t worth his life.

He got to his stop and they did jump out of their car and demand the keys. They were four big mexican men. He handed them over, but they then attacked him with knives. They were going to kill him. fortunately another trucker had also followed him into the fueling station he stopped at and jumped out and helped him in the fight as well as the mexican attendant at the station. The three of them fought off the four until the police showed up and broke up the fight and arrested the four men. Turns out this was the ninth truck hijacking recently. Five were killed and three were in the hospital. My uncle was the first to walk away from the incident because he was aware of what was going on. He stayed alert and reacted smart to a dangerous situation.

This is going to be key to surviving this dangerous world. Staying alert to your surroundings. Pay attention to the people around you. This will be a problem for people addicted to their phones and the new game Pokemon Go. You gotta know when to put them away and look around you. It is in the news far too much that people were lured to a deserted place or ally and killed, raped, burglarized or all the above. It is in the news far to far too much that children are being victimized. People are being kidnapped even in broad day light. People are not afraid of prison or the police and groups are arising that are working against the police and the military. Our two main forces that are in place to protect us. We lose them and we will all be in trouble. There will be no stopping terrorists.

So what to look for in potential danger. Pay attention to anyone who looks like they are following you. They will probably follow at some distance until they think they can get you alone. Watch for anyone watching you. Someone who is up to something will wear something like a hoodie or baggy. Something to conceal their identity. A hood can be pulled up over their head to hide thier face. They may wear sunglasses to conceal thier eyes. A baggy shirt can hide a gun or other weapon stuck into thier waistband.

They may walk with a hunch with their head down. Or lean against a wall or turn away watching at a distance to conceal their motives. Their face is the first thing to look at. Most dangerous people you will run into will not be professionals and will not conceal thier emotions. They will have a stern or harsh look on thier face. Usually gearing theirselves up for what they are about to do. They may be perspiring a bit as thier heart rate will increase. Watch the hands and shoulders. Relaxed shoulders are not a threat, but tense shoulders are. This means they are ready to do something. Hands that hover around the waist are also getting ready to act. Either to strike or go for a weapon, but some people will attempt to hide thier hands in pockets or cross thier arms. These are two defensive positions that say i don’t want to be bothered.

How do they stand? It is common to take a stance without even thinking about it. When viewing a perceived threat  people will take a stance with their dominant foot forward. and also to position any concealed weapon away from the threat. Pay attention to how someone stands. Or are they pacing or standing on the balls of thier feet. Like they are ready to move. These are actions that say someone is ready to pounce.

Be aware of people who behave this way who travel in small groups. This means they are likely working together and few people can fend off multiple attackers. My uncle managed to do it because he had help, although he was running on pure adrenaline and ended up hitting his would be helpers as well as the other four. yes, he even hit the cop who was breaking it up. Not a good idea to rely on your fight or flight defence. When it kicks in you get a huge burst of adrenaline that makes you stronger and faster for a little while to try to survive the dangerous situation.

So what can you do? I posted a previous post on self-defence. Go check that out for your 12347765_10208044691492176_802874948885490163_n.jpgpersonal defence tactics and weapons. For this post first consider what the situation is like. My uncle isn’t allowed to carry a gun with him in the truck, but i bet he could keep a different weapon. Maybe a stun gun and pepper sray combo or a bat or combat baton. At the very least a large hunting knife on his belt. Are you going to a party or going to the store or mall in town. Take a friend or small group. safety in numbers. Especially if you take your tank member of your survival group. You know the big guy who’s very presence says “don’t mess with me”

But, of course, you can’t always take others with you. Basic rules are, stay in well lit areas with other people around. Thugs are less likely to try something in public areas where their action can be well seen. Stay out of alleys and deserted areas even if you have to go the long way around. If you have to park in a deserted parking lot, park near street lights. Park close to the door and follow steps in pervious post about being ready to get into your vehicle. If you have reason to be concerned, ask a security guard to walk you to your vehicle. Thier job is to keep the public safe.

Okay moving on to a few other tips for your safety. If you are the sort to do a bit of traveling you probably stay at motels or use public restrooms. Both are becoming shady places for dangerous predators. The no tell motels are notorious for their shady business practices. Not just for unclean rooms and bugs, but also people installing hidden cameras. Always check under the mattress before you settle in. There are urban legends about people finding bodies under the mattress, and they are true. It does happen. You can get a little black light easy enough online that you can shine around the room for any sign of blood or other bodily fluids. Be shure to check the sheets.

Check along the walls edge for any sign of debris or little bits of plaster. This is an indication of bugs or someone making little holes somewhere for cameras. Be sure to check to mirrors with your finger. Place it against the glass. If their is space between your finger tip and the reflected fingertip then it is a standard mirror with a normal back. No problems. If it looks like your finger is touching it’s reflection then there is no space between them, then it is a two way mirror and someone can be looking through the other side or a camera could be set up. Get out of there.

Okay provided you’ve checked out your room and all looks good. You don’t want any uninvited guests in you room at night there are two things you can do. There are usually rubber door stops in the room. Those little rubber wedges. You can place this behind the door to prevent it from being opened from the other side. The second is to place a chair under the door knob at an angle to prevent it from being pushed open from the other side.

Hotels on the other hand are usually more safe and clean, but a tip here is never book a room above the seventh story. A fire fighter’s ladder can not reach the high.

11951279_10207025424411136_7141755028129867996_nOkay for public restrooms. These are usually dirty and graffiti covered death traps. You can look up any number of movies where bad things happen in them. Even the ones that should be safe are becoming dangerous places. Like in our schools. Teachers are setting up cameras to record their children.

Okay so you have to go and you can’t wait till you get home or your motel room. Check the mirror. Find the cleanest stall. Make sure the lock locks behind you. Keep an eye on anyone in the restroom when you come in and make sure they don’t try to follow you into a stall. If anyone tries to force their way in ram your body against the door and kick at thier knees. Scream for help.It may sound like something that couldn’t happen, but it does. Wear a lanyard and keep a defence weapon or a monkey’s fist handy. Like clipped to your belt loop. There are stories in the news about men hanging around public restrooms and waiting for women to enter and then follow them in. At a walmart a grown man forced his way into a stall with a little boy and tried to molest him, but he got away and got to his father. If you have kids, accompany them whenever possible. Even if you have to take your youngest in the opposing gendered restrooms. You got to do what you got to do. I foresee it becoming a serious problem when all these gender neutral restrooms go into effect. It is just asking for problems.

Keep your purse or coat or whatever you keep your valuables in with you at all time. If any hands come under the stall break fingers. Avoid wearing heels or anything that can make it hard to move or run if necessary.


How to deal with Lightning

10574251_10204172799457295_1425604751785679992_nSo, one of natures most destructive and deadly forces. The best way to deal with it is to avoid it. There have ben survivors that have been struck by lightning, but don’t expect to be one of them.

Often thought of as the  wrath of God. Fire from the sky. Elijah, one of the great prophets in the old testament, called down fire from the sky to consume the fifty soldiers who were coming to take him by force and Elijah was afraid. He did this not once, but twice. The third group of soldiers who came, showed reverence to God and God told Elijah to go with them willingly so he would not call down fire from heaven.

In a similar manner, when Elijah confronted the Baal worshipers he had them sacrifice to their god and even mocked them to get them to try harder to get a response from him. It is a good story to read. Elijah then set up his own sacrifice and had them dump a lot of water on it and he then called out to God only once and God sent down fire from heaven that consumed the sacrifice, the wood and even the stones and all the water.

10556294_10204085013302696_2696627059008770670_nSo lightning is pretty powerful stuff and you sure don’t want to be on the receiving end. Not all lighting is God’s wrath, although it could be. Keep you heart clean and turn it towards God. If you turn away repent and turn back and he is faithful to forgive. That will protect you from God’s wrath.

Nature’s lighting can be less predictable. I had lightning hit our power pole in the front yard. Knocked out the power for a while. It sucked. The power company eventually showed up to deal with it. Here is a tip. Lightning can travel the power lines into your home. It fried our modem and a coffee pot. That is why they tell you to unplug things and turn them off during a storm. You also should not bath during a storm. I read a news article of a girl who was taking a shower during a storm and lighting struck her house and traveled the pipes and water to her shower and electrocuted her. She survived, but was scarred by it.

I also had a tree right by the house that was struck by lightning. It was outside my bathroom. The lighting went through the tree and into the house and blew out the bathroom light. So yeah. The last incident i have to mention is when i was little. We were driving in a station wagon during a storm. Lightning struck the car and stalled it out. We were all fine. In a vehicle is actually a safe place to be during a lighting storm. The rubber tires absorb the shock.

On to more practical advice. You can’t stop it. Only avoid it.If you are outside when the storm hits, get indoors. If you can’t be a small target. Tall trees and poles and what not are the likely targets for a strike. Lightning will travel the  easiest route. It is easier to travel down something conductive than through open air. If you are standing tall you become an easier route. Crouching and staying low to the ground is a good idea. Cover your ears with your hands, this will protect your hearing from the loud thunder. If you are going to be struck the sound will be deafening. Do NOT place your hands on the ground and do NOT lie flat on the ground. This will make you a more likely target. Seek shelter in a fully enclosed building, or vehicle. Avoid contact with conductive surfaces. Wiring (outlets), plumbing, window frames, metal surfaces in your car and keep your windows rolled up.  If for some reason you can’t head to a building or car. Say out in the forest, Head to the lowest place of elevation. Stay close to the ground. Avoid tall trees and take cover in clumps of shrubs, short trees, or in a dry ditch or under pass somewhere.

Estimate the distance of lightning from your location. When you see lightning count the 13332968_10209000253620632_4518236244500712792_nnumber of seconds until you hear the rumble of thunder. Divide by five, this will indicate how far the lightning is from you by miles. When you count the seconds from seeing lightning and hearing the thunder and it is less than thirty seconds, make for cover fast. Stay in your shelter for thirty minuets or more after you hear the last thunder.

Places to avoid, are any high locations such as exposed hills, open locations like fields and beaches. Under tall trees or deep depressions where water can collect.  Avoid bodies of water. Water is highly conductive and most lightning strikes happen over the ocean. Distance yourself from metallic objects and contact with other people. Spread out at least fifteen to twenty feet apart.

There is a locket within Christianity that is said to protect the wearer from storms and such natural disasters. When worn by faith of course. Such relics and things have no power in themselves and are considered focus for our faith. The power is God’s to act through them and really are not necessary for God to work miracles. The Agnus Dei (means lamb of God) is a little locket with wax inside from a special candle that is blessed by the pope. They quiet the winds, dissipate hurricanes, calm whirlwinds, and keep away tempests.
They save from shipwreck and the danger of lightning and floods. An anecdote is recalled here of Pope St. Pius V, who had recourse to this expedient when the Tiber was in flood and seemed likely to submerge the city. We are told that when an Agnus Dei had been thrown into the river, the angry waters at once subsided. They banish evil spirits. In the Pope’s prayers of blessing, special mention is made specifically for protection in combat, protection against tempests, of the perils of storm and pestilence, lightning, from fire and flood; malice of demons and of every adversity; sickness, and a sudden and unprovided death, and also of the dangers to which women are exposed in childbirth.


Journaling is a great way to help grow spiritualy and mentaly. In this post you will get five or so outline pages you can print to do your own journaling with. Covering Bible study, Dream journal, significant events, Pilgrimages. There is a practice of reading your Bible and writing down a verse that pops out to you. Whatever speaks to you write it down in your journal and meditat on it and write down how it speaks to you and what you feel and understand. This will help you memorize it and apply it to your life. Many people read the Bible and once they close the book they can’t remember half of what they read. I am that way at least. Reading it and writing it down. (The significant part anyway) helps to store it away in the brain.


This is good for other areas of your life as well. When you go for your pilgrimage nature walks or others Write down your experiences. I’ve worked up some simple journal pages you can print out as you need or make your own. Print out three of the Pilgrimage pages and when you go for your nature walks, for one look at the flowers and plants. God made these. How do the work in nature. Draw one that stands out and identify it. For another Draw whatever animal you see. What is it and what is it’s role in God’s world. Is it a bee that pollinates plants, scavengers that eat waste, or something else. For the third nature walk, observe  nature and notice any weird  natural formation. Draw it in the box. Nature can be weird sometimes. Even God has a sense of humor. Also use this page for any pilgrimages you take not just the nature walks. Even the ones you come up with yourself. Use the pilgrimage page and the significant event’s page if it is relevent. Have fun with it and these pages are just simple outlines, feel free to expand on them yourself and if you have better ideas feel free to send them my way.


It can be a good and fun idea to keep a dream journal. God sometimes speaks to us through our dreams. He revealed things to Joseph Jacob’s son and told him of his future and he interpreted the dreams of pharoh. Danial did similar to King Nebuchadnezzar. God also spoke to Joseph Mary’s husband and warned the wise men not to return to Herod. God can use our dreams to talk to us. You can use this page to keep a record.dreamjournalNext on the journal list would be the more standard. THe events journal. Many people keep a journal or diary of significant events. Those day to day things that happen to us we want to remember or keep a record of. Here is a page for such things.eventjournalLast on the list is a sermon journal page. Unlike the bible study you don’t have to write out the whole thing. It doesn’t have to be a sunday church service. I get more out of listening to podcast while i drive. I recommend “Touching Lives” by James merrit. It really speaks to me. There is also Focus on the Family. They give helpful advice. If you want to get really good advice for your life i would seriously listen to touching lives. There are also some men’s and women’s podcast. The New Man and Man in the Mirror. The Homemaking Foundations podcast is a good one aimed at women.