Ecclesiastes 4:10 “If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them.”


cuppy3It is important to surround yourself with the right kind of friends. You can lean on them for support in difficult times. They can build you up. This is why we go to church on Sundays. God is everywhere and we can experience him and worship him anywhere, but going to church helps us to connect with other believers and support one another. The wrong kind of friends can pull you down and hold back your development. They can even ruin your life and what you are working towards if they are the toxic kind of friends. Toxic people need to be cut out of your life at least until you are well established in your faith. The wrong kind of people in your life will only bring you pain and drama. If your church is a good church and a REAL Christian church they will not judge or look down on you. We all have mistakes and a past. It should be noted that you don’t have to go to church to be saved, and you don’t have to go to church to find God. But a church is a good place to find supportive Christian friends to build your adventure/ or survival team.

To begin with it would be a good idea to find a church you like and trust. As you progress11987196_10207032788075223_5538754120463444960_n through this course material, you will find certificates of completion for your pastor to sign. The conditions for joining a church are as simple as receiving Jesus as your Savior and making a public statement as such. Taking your statement of faith to any church will do it.

It is great to be self sufficient, but no one can do everything alone, nor would you want to. Everything is more fun with friends. Even Jesus had the twelve apostles. Within the twelve He had his inner circle. Friends can comfort, guide, lend a hand or just give you a reason and will to survive. If your aim is adventure or surviving disaster, you are going to want a good balanced team of friends. These people will need to be trustworthy. people you can count on and you would place your life or your family in their hands.
First of course should be Jesus. After him, the first person to consider is going to be the person you will trust the most and begin this journey with. This person will act as your confidant. An accountability partner as well as you will be for them.

If you need help, here is a flowchart to help, It is from the Big Bang Theory. Build a relationship and get to know each other better. I wrote an article about a Men’s retreat about building such relationships. Read it here. It can serve for women as well.



An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. Someone who will speak frankly and not sugar coat anything for you. Tell you exactly how it is and where your short comings are in your walk with God. Someone you can trust to tell anything. Who wont spread gossip or betray your  trust. It could be argued that Jesus had Peter as his best friend. Peter was always at his side. He was a simple fisherman until Jesus entered his life and he then became a great leader. Jesus can do this with people when he enters their life and he can do this for us as well. He can also bring that person who will stand with us on our journey if we ask him. When you find this person talk to them about it. You both have to agree to confidentiality. There has to be real trust there and you have to be serious about it. You will need to talk to one another about your life and maybe establish questions to ask about your Christian walk and tell each other about any problems you are facing. It is important to note that there is no obligation to physically or financially assist or support each other. When things like money come into play it gets complicated. Certain resentments can come into play so it is best avoid these complications or enter the relationship with certain ground rules set for things like lending money.
Once this relationship has been established, they should be included in your nature walks. Discuss your views on God and what he has created. Discuss your goals for your relationship with God and Jesus.
After this relationship has been established, you should build on your group. Consider what skills you are looking for. Is someone a good speaker. A spokesperson. Moses was bad at this and he had Aaron as his mouthpiece. Maybe they are good at bartering or convincing people to listen. This can help bring order in a bad situation. Can keep people from panicking and making things worse. Some people have a natural calming ability. You are not just thinking about the here and now. There could be tough times ahead.

10570342_10204184789757045_5869446863397602811_nWilderness skills such as hunting, trapping, and fishing should be considered. Knowing what plants are edible and how to forage. These skills will bring nourishment to your group. Also knowing how to store and preserve food like canning and smoking meats or making jerky.
Medical and first aid skills. Perhaps everyone in your group should learn the basics of first aid, such as wrapping a wound and sterilizing. The average person is uncomfortable applying first aid and many will prefer to wait for someone else to step in. That could be a loss of precious time, but real medical skills and understanding can go along way.
Mechanical skills. Maintaining equipment and vehicles can be vital in a situation where you have to flee an area or get stranded in the wilderness. You may need to rely on a bug out vehicle to escape peril or even to live out of for shelter.Someone with mechanical skills can usually improvise in a pinch. Like weapon crafting.
Other potential skill or knowledge is a Gun guy. Someone who knows firearms and ammunition. Cooking. Fighting and self defense teachers. A jester or someone who brings a little comic relief. May sound weird, but having a joking type can actually bring down the stress level of a group and help keep things in perspective. A spiritual mentor that can bring guidance.
Here is an example. My best friend was raised around animals. She knows how to handle them. Horses goats, like how to milk them, how to train them. She knows a little about crops and nutrition like what we could survive on that would grow easy.
I have a friend who is a mechanic who welds and knows a little about cars. He and his wife live on a little farm stead. They raise chicken for eggs and grow some crops their selves and can what they grow.
I have another friend who is a survivalist who sews his own clothes and collects gear. He is usually seen with a pouch on his hip with survival tools in it.
Another friend on my list is actually not well like by the others, but in a survival situation her presence could be vital. In addition to what she knows about horses she is a universal donor. Most people ,like me, don’t know their blood type. She can give blood to anyone. Depending on the situation this could mean the difference of life and death.
Human beings are social creatures. We are made to interact with others. You should consider the size of your group and how big you want it to be. Consider that the family members of these people will likely become associate members by default and their needs need to be considered in a survival setting.

Further on Accountability Partner
Galatians 6 “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently.”

It means that when we see someone that is struggling with life or sin, we stand by their 999181_10151809744400267_739160232_nside and try and pull them closer to Christ
When selecting an accountability partner it is important to note it is better to select someone of the same gender. It is usually easier to relate and talk openly. Especially when some of

those issues you need to work on involve alcohol or pornography. You should set times and days for checking in with each other. At least twice a week. It will make it easier if you set a certain activity involved such as meeting for coffee or breakfast.
Women can talk for a while and feel very close to someone, but men on the other hand feel closer to someone when involved in a physical activity. Like going for a jog or the gym. This is So plan around this. It is important to build trust and a relationship otherwise the process will not work. If the relationship doesn’t deepen we can’t be honest with one another. We hide behind walls.
To begin this process, you should take the first steps. You acknowledge Jesus as your savior. That we are all sinners and that we all have this problem.
Recognize God’s plan for our redemption and his power that can work in our lives. He can strengthen us and help us through this thing called life. And that he is faithful to forgive.
Search your Constance and recognize any wrong doing and attempt to make amends to those you can. Working together learn to live a new life with a moral code of behavior.

2 Timothy11, “Here is a trustworthy saying:
“If we died with him, we will also live with him; 12 if we endure, we will also reign with him. If we disown him, he will also disown us; 13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful,
for he cannot disown himself. ”

Questions to ask or be asked.
Have you been spending time with God this week? Is so how?
How have you been handling your finances?
Many stressors in life have to do with money issues and when we are stressed we do things like spend money on things we think will make us happy.
Have you been exposing your mind to sexually inappropriate things?
Okay be honest, this is a problem for many people. Mostly aimed at young men and women, there are many people who still suffer from addictions thanks to the Internet.
Have you been taking care of your body?
Our spiritual life is important, but so is our physical. If we are not healthy it will affect how we feel. If we feel unhealthy it will affect how we act. How much time and effort we put into anything.
What are you doing to enjoy life?
We sin because we enjoy it. We seek out sins when we are not satisfied with our lives. Having hobbies and if possible charity work that you are passionate about is a good distraction from sin. If we have something we are passionate about, we will feel satisfied and happy with our lives.
What are any new stressors in your life?
Do you just want to hang out?
Sometime we should just spend time with someone. If they are not ready to talk just being there and spending time can do amazing things for someone’s emotional well being. Especially when someone is unhappy. Remember Job and his friends. When he was mourning his friends just sat with him for a long time. They shared his pain and comforted him as best they could. Sometimes just knowing someone is there is enough. When they are ready they will talk about it.
Is there anything i should know?
A final question. Have you lied to me?



Card Game Dueling Elements

Okay here is an adventurer’s card game we came up with. We like it so I thought I would share it if anyone out there might like it as well. It sort of came to us after Fallout New Vegas. The way they used playing cards for their in game game. We had a lot of old playing cards some of which were missing cards but we liked the art. The idea is that you have a full deck of 52 cards. You can customize your deck with any cards since most are standard sized and come with many types of art and some have other things printed on them like survival tips or what not. As long as you have a full deck including two jokers and all the face cards and number cards. Since it is a full deck you can still use it for other card games like solitaire if you find yourself out in the woods or stranded. You know what I mean.

In addition to these you will need a set of stopa cards. I have some hand drawn cards that can be printed. These are 5  cards that are used to teach (usually Children) what to do in an emergency situation. Each of these cards has a element assigned to them. The idea is that you draw your cards and use them to attack the appropriate stopa card. Fire against earth, water against fire, air against water, and earth against air. You choose which card you wish to use and the opponent tries to block it with a higher number card of the opposing element. You can increase the attack power of a card by using a face card and adding a complimentary element, but not an opposing element.

suitsSay you play an earth card, you can add another earth card or a water card, but not a fire card or an air card. Also only one card can be added with a face card, but a joker will allow you to add any card together and up to two cards to it.

Example: Your opponent throws down a 6 earth card, you throw down a 10 fire card. They add a queen and add 5 earth card totaling 11. You may throw down a king and a two of air card totaling 12 to block them. FYI aces count a 1.

My home made stopa cards are unique in that I added certain elements such a seasons and directions. The O card has the alchemy symbol of air and represents the season of fall and the direction of west, as well as dusk and the crescent moon. The disaster there is the tornado.  The P card represents water, winter midnight and rain and flooding. The direction is east. The S card is the Spring and dawn. The element is Earth and the disaster is earth quake and south.



The A card is spirit. Any element can be played against it. It represents civil uprising and man made disasters. The direction is center. The T card represents fire and Summer. The disaster here is a wild fire and the time of day is high noon. The direction is north. I am a bit of a tarot card fan as far as symbolism.



Bestiary Updated

As a Christian Adventurer there are many types of beasts you will probably encounter on your journeys. Here is a list of what you may encounter and where you are likely to find them.


bearsBears are one of the most common problems when hiking, camping or doing something out doors. Their is a spray you can buy that will repair them and be sure to do your cooking away from your sleeping area and store your food away as well someplace hard for them to reach. If one does wander into your area banging some pots or pans together will frighten them away. Just stay a safe distance away. They sell some repellent spray that is meant to drive them away. Do not climb trees to get away from them. Many can climb up after you and then you are stuck and can’t get away. (especially if it is a drop bear)

One trick you can try if one seems aggressive and you have no pots or loud clangy things. Look as big as possible. If you have a shirt or jacket spread it out behind your head and shoulders. They don’t get the concept of separate clothing and such. Have a friend sit on your shoulders and wave your arms about. They might decide not to tangle with some weird two headed four armed creature.

Here is a link to Anthony’s audio journal. Their trip to Cathedral lakes in the second half they have an encounter with a determined hungry black bear. Give it a listen. It is kinda funny and scary at the same time. One guy looses his bear-can in the night and the bear manages to get it open. Not so bear proof after all.…/episode-94-cathedral-la…/…/episode-95-clouds-rest-…/


Name/Body/Mind/Spirit/Heart Points

Grizzly/8/5/4/<3 ❤ ❤

Type: Beast

You can tell the difference between a grizzly and a black bear by their ears. Grizzly have stubby round ears and protruding shoulders and an upturned snout. Black bear have tall pointed ears and flash shoulders.
Black/9/5/4/<3 ❤ ❤

Type: Beast
Mother/9/5/7/<3 ❤ ❤ ❤

Type: Beast

Mama bears are very dangerous. When their young are around they will be much more aggressive and territorial. If you see any young cubs it is best to flee the area rather safe than sorry.

Cub/5/3/5/<3 ❤

Drop Bear/9/8/4/<3 ❤ ❤

Fierce Creature

The drop bear is a folk lore creature mostly known in Australia. It is a bloodthirsty bear that will drop on unsuspecting prey from the trees. Which is why it has a higher mind level.


10985053_10206571194655676_1116744643366009306_nCanines There are a number of large dog breeds that can cause you trouble. Wolves are one of the most common predators in the woods and grass lands. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Alone one may not be much of a threat, but they tend to be pack animals and travel in large groups. Get several together and you are out matched easily.

Coyotes are typically smarter and tend to travel more isolated than wolves.

Wild dogs are your more modern cousins. Domestic dogs that have gone wild for whatever the reason. You will find them usually in modern cities and near people. Either in few numbers or large packs. Near run down areas like junk yards or even illegal dog fights. Hybrids are a rare, and unproven breed. Many who have reported chickens or livestock being killed and unable to find the cause have found the remains of some form of dog that has been unidentified. It is possible that these are some kind of hybrid between modern dogs and their wolf cousins. The results would be unpredictable.
Wolf/6/6/5/<3 ❤
Coyote/5/8/5/<3 ❤
Wild Dog/4/5/5/<3

Hybrid/?/?/?/? (roll the dice for this)
11012189_10206796130518932_6981497520008676807_nBig cats(and skunk. Flip a coin to see if it sprays you)

Big dogs are not the only thing you have to watch out for in the woods, big cats are more dangerous by far. They got claws as well as teeth. They tend to be more isolated. You wont find these snobs traveling in packs. However one is just as dangerous as a pack of wolves.


Mountain Lion/6/5/4/<3 ❤ ❤
Panther/6/5/4/<3 ❤ ❤
Cactus cat/7/4/6/<3 ❤


Snakes flip a coin to see if they poison you

Snakes are one of those animals that you are either terrified of of not scared of at all. Whether you are afraid or not you should still be cautious of them. Many are poisonous and tend to be far from help when encountered. They usually are hard to spot. Many will be right on top of them before you see them. You should know the dangerous types in you area or the are you plan to be in. Most people have heard of the common snakes listed here. The fierce creatures listed are the hoop snake and the sneaky snake. The hoop snake is a legendary snake that puts it;s tail in it’s mouth and rolls like a hoop to chase you. It is said that it has a poisonous tail that it will stab you with. The sneaky snake comes from tom t hall’s song.
Rattler/7/4/6/<3 ❤
Water Moccasin/5/6/7/<3
Copper Head/5/5/5/<3
Hoop Snake/4/8/6/<3 ❤
Sneaky Snake/6/7/6/<3<3<3

10622799_10204253891604548_5122484468919728288_nInsects are a serious problem in the wilderness. You can’t seem to ever get them under control. You can try candles, spray, and other gimmicks, but they never seem to work that well. Mosquitoes are the worst. Those itchy little vampires. Others are really only dangerous in large numbers. My dad once drove through an area that was covered with swarming locus. They were so thick you couldn’t see. Flies are a similar nuisance. Bees are the real problem in the woods. They wont bother you unless provoked, but when they do run. Don’t jump in the water that is a myth. They will wait for you. Cover your head and face with a coat or shirt or something. Better the stings be on your back and lower half of your body than in your face and ears. Scorpions. The bigger the better. The big ones are not poisonous. It is the little ones that are dangerous.

Insects flip a coin to see if they poison you.






Cryptids Are those mysterious (probably non existent) creatures we like to fantasize about.

179147_4173738578845_1224691548_nJust about every region has some stories. Just about all have a Bigfoot story. The legend of the Sasquatch is one that is very popular and pretty much everyone  knows what one is. Some refer to them as the forest people. Many have seen glimpses of them and many have hoaxed them, But no one has every found proof of them. So many people have had experiences that it makes you wonder if they exist. They are rumored to be over 8 foot tall and weigh over 600 pounds. They are described as ape like and covered in hair. Usually a bad smell such as rotten eggs or something similar whenever they are near giving them the nickname of Skunk-ape. Although described with different features and different names there are legends of them in every country and on every continent. In North America they are called bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the Forest People (people of the forest). The most common is the brown furred in North America, but there have been sightings of a black shaggy beast, An Orange-ish red haired beast that is shorter than any other sighted about 4 to 5 foot tall. And the white yeti that lives in cold climates.

Many seem to think that they might have a system of communication based on knocking and loud whoops. Some think that they might have some level of mystic abilities such as psychic abilities to sense people at a distance to avoid people as well as they do or the ability to mentally hide themselves.
Skunk-Ape 8/6/4/<3<3<3

Wild-man (orange/red) 6/5/3/<3<3<3

Yeti (white) 6/7/4/<3<3<3

Yowie 7/4/5/<3<3

Waterbobbejan (Black) 9/5/4/<3<3<3

Albino (white red eyes, Ferral) 10/4/3/<3<3<3<3

Other cryptids you should be aware of. The deadly jackalope. It is basically a bunny with antlers. Don’t sell it short though. Bunnies can be deadly just watch Monty Python’s the Holy grail. The chupacabra is one of those weird little things that gets a lot of different descriptions about it. Many describe it as a canine but others more like a little imp creature. For this I am using the most modern version the canine.

Jackalope 5/7/7/<3 ❤

Chupacabra 7/6/6 /<3<3<3

River and a water cryptids. There are a number of water types out there. Nessie is probably the most well known. She is some what of a dinosaur in modern times. Knows to live in Lock Ness Scotland. She has become so well known that all similar creatures are know called nessies as a general term. The kraken is the term for large squid like creatures. Bigger than the ordinary giant squids and more than twice as aggressive. They wrap themselves around ships and drag people to their watery doom. Those however live either in large bodies of water or the ocean. There are a few you can find in the rivers as well. The river variety tend to be large serpents. Giant snakes with long bodies. There are also rumors of giant catfish that can bite a man in two. Then there re the more comical fish. The hairy trout. It is said that a hair tonic salesman lost his whole supplies into the river and the trout there sprouted furry coats. Lastly the little pee fish. It is a rumor that if you (men) pee into the water where these fish are found they will swim up the pee stream and jump out in an ark back to the water. (also rumors they will swim into your member and get stuck there)

Nessie 10/5/5/ <3<3<3<3

Kraken 10/5/4 <3<3<3<3

River Monster 8/5/4 <3<3<3

Giant Catfish 6/4/5 <3<3

Furry trout 4/3/6 ❤

Fiends are those you will find everywhere. They aren’t wild animals, they are humans. Bad ones. The kind that prey on people. In many ways they are worse than anything you might find in the woods. They seem to live for hurting others. They have a human intelligence, so they are much more crafty and dangerous. They can be as harmless as the Grump and his female equivalent the Prune. Basically your grumpy old man. You know The “get off my lawn!” types. Although can be dangerous to women if they are the lecherous dirty old man types, but in general not all dangerous and neither is the Prune, the crotchety old woman who is disgusted by all the things young people do these days.

Thugs Then there are the really dangerous types, the thugs and predators. Thugs are mindless sheep following a leader. Your basic bullies. If their leader falls they will usually disperse and flee. They are usually strong though as muscle bound oxes are. The predators though are the usually leaders of the sheep. They are not as physically strong, but they are smart and manipulative and smart can be more dangerous then strong. Especially when they have thugs they can control.

Predators come in various forms. There are the sociopaths that manipulate on a small scale for their own needs. Then there are the cult leaders that are charismatic enough to gain large followers. Usually under the guise of religious efforts. They claim to offer freedom, but usually under restrictive rules and limited contact to others and separation from their families.

Grump 3/5/4 ❤

Prune 2/6/4 <3<3

Thug 6/3/3 <3<3<3

Armed Thug 7/4/3 <3<3<3

Cultist follower 5/4/6 <3<3

Cultist Leader 5/7/8 <3<3<3

Predator 5/7/4 <3<3<3

Sub-Humans Are humans that have become separated from their humanity. By whatever means they have become recluse. They no longer have the compatibilities of modern man and become more animal and feral. This is your basic, raised by wolves situation, a human that is now more animal than man. The cannibalistic wendigo is a good example. Humans that have separated themselves from others and descended into madness. There are plenty of stories of people who went out on an expedition and got stranded with no way of getting help. So in order to survive they resorted to eating their dead. There are a lot of stories of how this changes people and turns them into monsters. This is why the subject is so taboo. Usually the subject gains superior strength, and speed. Sometimes even supernatural abilities. The Native Americans call them the wendigo a creature of the woods that attacks from above out of the trees. The Vine man is a creature who lives in the swamps and is covered in moss and vines. Usually has a small territory. Bog hag is a female version of this creature. The Boo hag, grave hag, is a sub human creature that lives in cemeteries and sneaks into peoples homes and sits on their chest while they sleep. May also kidnap children and anyone who wanders to close to her cemetery. Very territorial and nests can be recognized by the collection of skulls arranged around their beds. Flee at the sound of hymns and religious chanting. The Reaver is a creature few like to discuss. It is a creature that satisfies another basic human need. It is a creature that rapes it’s victims before consuming them.

Wendigo 8/5/3 <3<3<3<3

Vineman 6/6/4 <3<3<3

Bog-hag 5/5/3 <3<3<3

Boo-hag 5/6/4 <3<3<3

Reaver 7/6/3 <3<3

Demi-Vamps Are those nocturnal creatures, usually teens or those who never grew out of them. They went so far into the goth persona that they wanted to make it real. They built into this culture so much that they took to drinking real blood. not healthy to do. The have deluded themselves into believing this identity and can become dangerous if it becomes threatened. Deal with them cautiously. Similar to the thugs and predators there will be one or few leaders and the rest will follow them to any degree.

Vamp Leaders 5/7/6

Vamp thugs 7/4/4

Undead There are basically two types of undead. There is the bodies without a spirit, your basic zombies, vampires, ect, and the Spirit without a body, ghosts, demons, ect. There are those rare hybrids, of undead bodies, with a spirit attached though.

To start the zombies. Any reanimated body is a zomie. Technically. There is a lot of debate on the subject, but this is a general rule of thumb. So, yes, mummies (although they are there own thing) are zombies too. They come in many varieties, but you can boil it down to this. How they are reanimated. They are reanimated by a virus, like the walking dead, or they are reanimated by science like the Frankenstein monster. There is a difference here. The virus will keep them active even if dismembered. The Frankenstein monster has working organs (sort of) The heart beats and brain sort of functions on a basic level. So they are very different. Most zombies are mindless creatures, (although Izombie series is changing that) They are easy to avoid.

The other for is the kind reanimated by mysticism. Either in a small number or a large hoard. Usually the large numbers are chaotic and without purpose except for destructive. The smaller number, or usually individual like with voodoo. They are reanimated for a purpose like revenge or servitude. Can be turned against their summoner usually. The way of dealing with them, varies in effectiveness. Usually destroying the head or brain works. For virals this is the only method, For mysticism you can disrupt the magic reanimating them. This is best when dealing with large numbers.


Spirits are that energy part of us that live on after we die. No on really know that much, although many will claim to. What it actually is and how it works has been a mystery from the beginning of time. If they were once human we call them ghosts, if they were not human we call them spirits. If they seem benevolent we call them angels, if they are not we call them demons.  Human spirits can be demonic as well, if the were truly evil in life or have shared their soul with a demon, after they pass on they can, but not always, become a sort of lesser demon.


10534641_10204163768791534_8596953938218437075_nSo what is a ghost? A ghost is the soul and spirit of someone who was once alive and is not anymore. When the spirit hangs around after death and does not in habit a body, we call them ghosts. The difference of what we call a ghost and what we call a spirit is that a ghost is earthbound and remains here on this plane where a spirit has moved on to a new plane, but can return to this one for whatever the reason, but does not remain on this plane. However all ghosts are spirits, but not all spirits are ghosts.
There are several different types of ghosts and spirits. Ghosts are not dangerous like you see on tv. Ghosts are not that powerful and are limited to what they can do. Mostly they do very simple things like move keys or make noises. Usually annoying things or pranks, but can’t lift heavy objects or do any real harm. That is only in the movies. Spirits that can do harm are referred to as demons or demonic. Human spirits may be able to become demonic if they attached themselves to demons while alive or became very corrupt while in life.
The presence of a ghost is usually accompanied by cold spots or a drop in temperature in a location if it spirit is a strong one, and possibly the interference of electrical devices such as flickering lights and spinning of a compass. A strong spirit can cause a car to stall out. One might see strange lights or something in their peripheral vision. Certain smell like the lingering scent of ozone after a haunting or a strong ghost might have the scent of something they were closely associated with. Such as tobacco or a certain perfume.
A friend of mine lives in a home that might be haunted. She has felt a strange presence in her home when no one is around. She has smelled apple wood tobacco in her home very strong at times and noone in her home smokes at all. She has also heard doors opening and closing, as well as the sound of footsteps when no one is around.
She has also seen a phantom bird flying around her home. She does have birds, but whenever she sees it she immediately goes and counts them and finds that none are missing.
Her roommate has seen shadow people some standing around his bed when he wakes up.
When she lived in Oregon she was walking home from work at a hotel and encountered something along the path she walked. It was a spirit that flew by her and paused and looked at her face to face before flying off again.

Here is a simple rule of definition. An apparition is a non intelligent ghost sighting. A specter is a ghost that seems to interact and have intelligence. Phantom hitchhiker types, A wraith is an intelligent seemingly dangerous ghost.

Orbs (ghost lights) Are among the simplest. They are what they sound like. Either an orb of light or orbs multiple. With seemingly no cause. they may float in one place or move about. Many people photograph them, but there are so many things that can cause them in photos that they are commonly dismissed.

Mist or (spook Mist) Similar to orbs. Just a mist out of no where. May move in suddenly and move out just a suddenly. Will be small and cover only a small section of an area. Thought to be caused by a ghosts change in temperature in the area.

Apparitions is a visual figure of the person they were in life. Apparitions are usually transparent and hard to see although most can see features like old clothes and faces.
Historical apparitions are a type of non intelligent ghosts. Usually seen in multiple locations and are just going about their business as usual. Even if the location has changed in appearance or buildings torn down. This is more like a ripple of energy in the area that has stirred up an image of a different time. They can’t be interacted with and will not acknowledge if someone is there. Battle fields are where most of these are seen as well as old hospitals and asylums.
These are ghosts that have been caught on film. They usually appear in the background of someone’s pictures. They may be physical person or a blur of mist or strange light. Hard to tell with the latter two. The most commonly seen photo apparitions are orbs, however so many things can cause this it is hard to say if it is a ghost or not and are often not counted thee days due to sensitivity of modern technology.

Marian apparitions This is the religious encounter of the Virgin Mary. Tis can cover cameo apparitions seen in objects or in visions. This is also covered by visions of other saints and other religious figures. Both intelligent encounters (speaking with) and visual.
Recurring apparitions These ghosts usually appear at a certain time, or location most often on the anniversary of their death.

Family visitations These are ghosts that usually appear to a certain family member for some reason. Either to be reassuring or as a warning of some kind.
Atmospheric This is a type of ghost or haunting that is not exactly specific. Like ghost lights or loud sounds that can’t be pinned down to a location or source. A mist that seems to move on it’s own accord.

Intelligent haunting This is where ghosts interact with someone. Speaking, touching, moving and interacting with objects.

Poltergeist Literal translation means noisy ghost. An intelligent haunting where a ghost tends to target a certain person, usually an adolescent and cause annoying behavior around them. knocking on walls moving objects flickering lights.
A friend from work lived in a house owned by her uncle that was built on indian land. She said that things would fly off the mantle and other weird things would happen. Quote “i seen a guy standing in the door way of the hall one time. Scared the shit out of me! It’s a creepy place.”

Myling is said to be the ghost of a child or infant that died young and was not baptized or given a proper burial.

Phantom hitchhiker A ghost that many urban legends refer to. The appearance of a ghost on the anniversary of their death. These ghosts interact with a person by asking for a ride, but when arriving at their destination mysteriously disappear.

Haunted objects An object that a ghost has a strong attachment to. This can be almost anything such as a wedding ring, favorite chair, a toy, a doll, ect.

Mom was at work one time. She went to the bathroom and all the stalls were empty and the doors were open. She knew she was alone. She went to the next to last stall. She heard someone in the next stall moving around and they cleared their throat. She heard the latch open, but no one ever came out. They would have had to walk in front of her stall to leave and she would have seen their shadow through the crack and their feet under the door. She hurried and left. Then as when was walking down the empty hallway she saw the reflection of someone following her. She turned around to see who it was and there was no one there at all and there was nowhere to go in the hall. No side halls or rooms to duck into just a straight hallway. She mentioned this to some of her friends and she is not the only one to experience things like this.

Lore says that spirits can’t cross a salt line. People use to poor a line of salt around their beds for protection. On the tv show Supernatural they pour a line of salt across the windowsill and doorways. They also dig up the remains and salt and burn them. This is illegal by the way.
A strong threshold is said to be able to keep spirits and supernatural evil from entering, but it has to be a harmonious household for a strong threshold and not a bachelor pad. A single person living in a residence wont have a strong threshold. Of course that wont protect you from ghosts already in a home or anything that is invited in.
Iron is said to disrupt the energy patterns of ghosts and spirits. In old times iron horseshoes were hung over doorways and windows.
Lavender is said to protect from evil spirit. It was common to wear it when visiting cemeteries to keep spirits from following you home.

Orbs 1/1/1/ ❤

Specters/8/6/8/<3 ❤ ❤
Phantom hitchhiker/4/7/7/<3 ❤
Phantom traveler/6/5/8/<3 ❤
Poltergeist/5/5/7/<3 ❤
Intelligent Ghost/5/9/8/<3 ❤ ❤
Phantom Mist/1/7/9/<3

Banshee/4/7/8 <3<3


Phantimals  These are basically ghost animals. You can find many legends about animals that either help the lost or cause them harm or just warn them to be wary. The most common are the black dog sightings. Black dogs, are these strange usually larger than normal dogs with red eyes. Sometimes they attack someone, but other times they simply guide a lost person to safety. They are usually considered a warning sign to potential danger.

Similar to the black dog is the legend of the Church Grim. Warning this is not a very good legend. It is said that the early church (We don’t do this anymore) would burry a large dog under the foundation of the church to serve as it’s ghostly protector of the property.

Black Dogs
Church Grim



dem               What is a demon you may ask? Most people have heard of them. They are spirit being in a similar manner to ghosts, angels, and phantimals. Unlike ghosts they were never human beings. They were never born into flesh. They are eternal spirits. Sometimes called the condemned ones. They are the ones doomed to spend eternity in hell at the end of the world. God has prepared a place of judgment for them. Until this set time they pretty mush run around earth messing with our lived trying to condemn us as well. They are being of pure hatred.
Who do they hate us? There are many legends and myths concerning this. It generally goes that they were once angels. God created them, but they were jealous of human beings and God’s love for us. At some point for some reason the chief of the demons Lucifer rebelled against God and those who followed him sere cast out of heaven. They are the fallen and became known as demons. They spend their time trying to hurt us because that is as close to hurting God as they can get. They know that their time is limited. At the end of the world they will be cast into hell and they want to drag as many of us with them as they can.
Regardless of what they are exactly or the reasons why. They are being of pure evil and hatred. They are clever. To underestimate them is a mistake. THey are limit in what they can do.(at first) They can’t just openly start attacking a human like on tv. They have to have an invitation. This is where it gets tricky. It doesn’t have to be a verbal invitation or a direct invitation. Any kind of divination, fortune telling, dowsing, tarot cards, quiji boards, ect. If you are trying to contact spirits, this is an invitation. By opening a door you have allowed it a foot hold in the physical world and once there it can grow ability. It can also attack others not just you. There are plenty of stories out there of one person calling up a spirit just to have it follow a friend home instead and the sudden death of pets in unusual ways. All it needs is a chance and it has limitless patience.
Levels of Demonic Activity
Step one is infestation
At this point it is light activity. Often confused with ghost activity. The spirit is not very strong. You probably just allowed it in and it is gearing up for the long haul. There will be scratching in the walls or knockings. Lights will flicker or turn on and off. Doors will open and close and you will hear footsteps or noises. You may experience cold spots or the presence of someone in your room either in a closet, corner of the room or even by your bed at night. You will probably feel uneasy or nervous.

The next step is oppression
You see and know something is not right, voices are telling you to do things. You may feel something is around you or touching you. You become angry easily or a loved one is becoming angry easily. It will feel like your life is turning upside down. At this point there is alot of emotional manipulation going on. There will be a lot of fighting going on in your home if you live with others and the person being oppressed will be acting different. Distant and angry. Sleeplessness will be common. This is how the demons attack us. and wear us down. Through our emotions and physical tiredness. At this point your homes threshold is useless. Depression is a serious factor here.

The third and final stage is possession
Pure possession is very rare, but at this stage it will and can if you let it. It has worn down your mental defenses and can move in and out of you at will. It can make your do things that are out of character and things you normally would never do or say. It has enormous strength now. The bizarre behavior in the home has really amped up and is happening every day. It will try to turn you against your loved ones and it wont be hard at this point. It will convince you that you can have anything and everything you want and should just take it if you want. It will convince you that those who love you are in your way and to isolate you from everyone in your life. It’s objective it to take full control of you.
certain things you can watch for are ghosts like activity as well as shadow movement. Feelings that are not normal for you, excessive anger, thoughts that are not normal for your. Unusual behavior in those you live with. In a similar to manner to ghosts smells demons also are followed by Certain smells like sulfur or rotten meat. Usually unpleasant. Accept when procession process starts to take hold the smells will become pleasant to the person.
I knew a woman whom i worked will. Her father was a victim of demonic procession. They were a Pentecostal family. Her home was a mess, everyone was upset all the time and her father was angry and kept the family on edge. She described her father’s bedroom as being ice cold even in summer and he would go in there and stay for long periods and would become violent if anyone disturbed him. She could see a shadow figure standing in the corner with red eyes, but no discernible features. When it saw that she could see it it ran to the door and the door opened without touching it and closed behind it as it left. She also said his eyes were a muddy red color at the time. After her church’s intervention he went through a deliverance. The Pentecostal form of minor exorcism. She said his entire attitude changed. He was a more loving father and nicer to everyone. The cold room was gone and his eyes were brown like everyone else in her family.
Also another friend of mine who has a flatmate. Her flatmate would sometimes wake up to see short black figures with red eyes standing around his bed. Talk about scary.
There was this one experience that I don’t know if it was anything demonic, but I woke to someone standing over me. They were tall and had a mean face. They bent over me and i couldn’t move. They put their face right in front of mine and screamed at me a primal scream, but it wasn’t audible exactly i heard it more as a feeling. Then their face melted into a horrible ugly thing. I snapped out of it with a startle and felt panic and felt terrible and scared. It felt very real and i would swear i was already awake. The next day i was talking to my mom and she told me of the dream she had the same night i had and i hadn’t mentioned anything to her about what i experienced. She woke up to someone standing over her bed. She closed her eyes and then opened them. He was still there. She got scared and closed her eyes again and opened them. He was still there. She tried to push him away and he disappeared.

Demons are mentioned in the Bible and can be cast out in prayer. Jesus cast them out from several people. He prescribes fasting and prayer. Fasting loosens the body. You come more in touch with your spiritual side by denying the body in faith. It also strengthens the mind with focus and discipline.
I would also recommend Cult explosion and Revival of Evil. Two documentaries that tell of the dangers of cults and demonic influence. Also a documentary called In the Grip of Evil. It tells the true story that inspired the movie the exorcist. The poor young boy who was possessed by a demon and how he was save by God and the archangel Michael.

Imps It is believed that truly evil people who gave themselves to demonic influence can become demons themselves, although not as powerful, and not free from the demon they served while in life. They become the spiritual slave of the demon and therefore more an extension of that demon.

Further Study DVDs
Cult Explosion
Revival of Evil
In the Grip of Evil

Black eyed kids is a more recent phenomenon. They are always in a group usually two but sometimes three. Usually male. Young and wearing old style clothes.  They will come up to your door and knock. They will ask to come in and use your phone or facilities. Always a scence that something is off with them. You will get the sense of dread  and fear like a psychic attack. As if they are trying to bend your will. That is usually when one will notice that their eyes are entirely black. No whites visible. They will seem to know that you have noticed and become violent and angry. however they can not enter without permission. They will bang on the doors and windows violently until something, usually someone else arriving, causes them to flee.

Imp 4/4/7
Demon /6/8/9/<3 ❤ ❤
Black Eyed Kids

Hell Hounds


Other notable Creatures.

Cockatrice: “They hatch cockatrice eggs, and weave the spider’s web. He that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper” Isaiah 59
The cockatrice is a mythical beast, basically a two legged dragon with a rooster’s head and wings. Legend says was born from an egg laid by a chicken and incubated by a toad or snake. Its reputed magical abilities include turning people to stone or killing them with a look or a touch. Refereed to as the death stare of the Cockatrice. It is said that it’s petrification remains after it’s death. The weasel is the only animal that is said to be immune to it’s stare. It is said that the Cockatrice will die immediately from hearing a rooster crow, or to have one look at itself in a mirror. Unlike the chicken the Cockatrice is said to have the ability to fly.

Cockatrice/7/8/5/<3 ❤ ❤ ❤


Basilisk: This is a creature that is often confused with the Cockatrice. Their origins are very similar and both have the ability to paralyze with their eyes. However the Basilisk does not cause petrification only paralysis. The basilisk is called the king of snakes and is said to hatch from the egg of a serpent and incubated by a chicken. (the reverse of the cockatrice) The basilisk is said to be vulnerable to cockerels and travelers use to carry them with them for protection. Also weasels are the enemy of the basilisk and one way to kill them is to throw a weasel into their lair which can be identified by the surrounding shrubs and grass being scorched and withered by it’s potent venom that will cause instant death if bitten.

Basilisk/6/6/5/<3 ❤ ❤ ❤

Golem A creature made of earth or mud. From Jewish folklore. Made to defend an area or people. Usually lose control of them and turn on the one who made it. Usually large and earthen. Strong and doesn’t feel pain. Acts more autonomous than intelligent.

Golem 9/3/7 <3<3<3












Is going to church a Good Idea. You might be Surprised.

It is said you don’t need to go to church. This is true, you don’t need to go to church to be saved. You don’t even need to go to church to worship. Consider what is a church. It is not a building where you gather it is the people who come together in the name of God. Considering that, then yes Church is important.

It is important to surround yourself with other believers and good people. These people who you can trust and support each other. It is about the environment we surround ourselves in. What we allow ourselves to soak in and stimulate us. In “Every man, Gods man” Stephen compares two people. Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer and Billy Graham the famous preacher. He recounts how Ted Bundy got his start from finding a discarded porn magazine in the trash that he kept and looked at and pawned over until it grew to needing more porn that filled his mind. He soaked himself in it until he needed greater stimulation. Until he needed to fulfill his fantasies and began to sexually assault young women.  Of course this exposure is not the only factor that lead to his spiraling out of control. He had little in the way of a support system. Absent father figure, and abusive grandfather. Few connections and friends all played a part, but his addiction to porn and fantasies soaked his brain. The things we dwell on and think about we often will do, just a matter of time. We think of them, fantasize and eventually work out a way to get what we want.

Growing up with feelings of trust for and security from paternal figures and feeling of self worth are very important. Children must establish relationships with others and develop confidence in themselves. If relationships are bad they never grow into emotional maturity and never grow into self sufficiency. They will become isolated socially and will internalize fantasy and daydream will replace human interaction and they wont develop healthy social skills to interact with others or negotiate well. When faced with conflicts they will behave poorly and may even become violent and dangerous. Isolation and fantasy can lead to using solely autoerotic activities for short lived self fulfillment. Which reinforces the need for porn and social isolation.

On the other hand Billy Graham, started out his life not interested in religion. It wasn’t until he met a preacher named Mordecai Ham that something sparked in him and he immersed himself in god’s word. He soaked in it and grew in his faith. He had the support of his family and many friends. We may not all be destined to be Billy Grahams. Many will live much quieter lives, but we all had the potential to follow either path. That is why we need to soak in the right things in life. Even if we don’t have a great childhood or have been exposed to violence, abuse, or tragedy we can change our paths. We can find people who care and support that we missed and long for.

Someone once asked, Can a man change his stars he was born under? The answer was no, But God can. If you trust in God he can bring into your life what and who you need to change. He will imbue in you the Holy Spirit that will change you inside. It may not be noticeable to you at first, but it is there. The change happens. And you will never be the same person again.

So the point is that you need the church, that is the “CHURCH” not the building you go to every Sunday, the people. God’s people. The people he brings into your life. Accept them and make connections. Grow. Even if you are no longer a child, it is not to late to make those connections that you missed as a child.

Masturbation and disaster survival

A taboo subject that we are pretty much all guilty of. Just another reason we need a savior. you can google it and find hundreds of lists about why it is bad/good. There are plenty of real reasons you shouldn’t and there really aren’t many benefits. It doesn’t relieve as much stress as people say and it doesn’t have the health benefits of sex. It does effect your brain the same way as heroine does. You eventually get addicted and need greater highs even to get it on. Lust can lead to taking risks if not kept in check. Even when getting caught could mean big trouble. Such as public places, where getting caught will mean a lifetime on the sex offender’s list that you will have to report when applying for jobs.  There is a great book called Every Man’s Battle. And I recommend Every Man. God’s Man. They give a lot of good information, I had no idea about the 72 hour cycle. It seams form men, there is the build up of semen that once the tank if full, we become very sensitive to stimuli. After about 3 days. This lead to the greater desire to masturbate or have sex. Was not aware of this. There is plenty more stuff in the books as well.

So the big question everyone brings up, is it really a sin? Well, no and yes. In that order. On the surface, no it isn’t. However it is directly connected to lust. Which is. If you can manage to masturbate without any other stimuli, such as porn or fantasy, then I guess it really isn’t a sin.  However to date no one has managed this.

This is a survival blog however, so lets move this into a different area. Let’s assume you agree you need to bring this under control. Even if you are married many Christian men still struggle with it. I brought up lust before in a different post. Part of changing your attitude in spiritual development. You want to first control your eyes. Bounce them away from sensual things. Capture your thoughts. It takes time. The books I mentioned go into greater detail as well as my other post.

However for survival talk, the first thing you need to do is admit it to yourself. You are a human being. No one is immune to lust. So take any guilt and drop it in the river. Yes, you know what I mean. Guilting yourself or throwing pity parties wont help you. So no need in holding onto it. Everyone has done it before anyway so we are all in the same boat. Go back and reread the second sentences of this post. Next you need a confidant. Someone you can talk to man to man (or woman to woman, men tend to struggle with this the most and have a harder time talking about struggles) You need to talk to someone. You may not like it, but it opens doors inside. Emotional doors that wont open otherwise. That is why the Bible says to confess with your mouth. There is just something about vocalizing things that helps. Brings things out into the light. Releases emotions and allows healing and forgiveness. Especially for men. So you need that connection. Once you make that first step it gets easier promise. They become an ally. That is what you need. you need to talk to them regularly. You will form a special bond with them. That is what everyone seeks in life anyway, even if they are not aware of it. We all want that bond with someone. That closeness with someone else. Not just a spouse, but also a same gender relationship. Someone that accepts us and validates us. It is affirming. It is why guys do stupid things as teenagers to try to impress their peers.

In the days to come. (the days of trouble) you are going to need these relationships, (so will they) You are going to need to count on each other. Having these relationships in you life can mean everything. This source of strength. That is why we need to surround ourselves with other Christians. For support and strengthening each other. To ,at times, hold each others hands (okay maybe not the best thing to say while speaking on this subject matter)

As this is a blog about surviving disasters, I should speak a little bit about them. Lust during a disaster is probably not going to be a big issue. Too much going on to worry about really. However if you find yourself completely turned on during a disaster and feel the need to slip out and spank one off, what should you do? Find your confidant, if possible. If they can not be reached find anyone else. Don’t be alone. If not possible try to pray. Focus on other things and let it pass. Avoid any un-necessary touching. Specially your genital regions. Very tough for guys, as your boners will rub the front of you jeans. If you read a previous post about music, You should have a hymn memorized. Repeat it to yourself. Nothing like a spiritual song to change your mood and strengthen your spirit.

The real threat would be when you are isolated and away from home. Like if you had to evacuate and drive for long periods. An isolated roadside rest stop or a motel. Okay the rest stop may just be me. Something about the isolated location and the graffiti covered walls. You see them in horror movies, (and comedies) as a source for things to happen. It is an unfamiliar location and holds a sort of energy. Like anything can happen. Motels are best known for their hook up point. You know the no-tell motel. One reason Bibles are placed there perhaps. So what to do if the urge hits or someone shows up and tries to incite something. Tell them no. Be polite and try to make it towards the door. Hopefully this will be enough. If they try to get forceful, hopefully any sexy feelings will leave and your fight or flight instincts will kick in. You need to leave. Now!

Okay, so while you are fighting this monkey on your back, be respectful of it. Don’t leave a mess. You know what I mean. And don’t become a predator. Cruising for your next high. Tempting others and using them for your own means. Even if they are willing. God hates those who tempt others to sin. You will become a well of sin leading others away from God. Filling them with shame or guilt. Maybe not all of them, but some of them will wake up the next morning and realize what they have done. Especially if it is the bar scene.


Prayer Mapping

This is something I happened to stumble on, that I had never heard of. I had heard of praying for your country, but this is more personalized. This can be a good idea to do for your surrounding area or homestead as well as any traveling or hiking trips. Don’t forget while out and about to make the sign of the cross on the ground of areas you are praying for. (not required, but can’t hurt)

What is Prayer Mapping?
If you look at a state map, what does it tell you? Roads, highways, directions, points of interest, topical information like mountains and waterways and elevations, city and town names, locations of parks. The map makes it easy to navigate around the state. A prayer map or spiritual map tries to provide information in the spiritual realm as a regular map does in the natural realm. It is looking at a geographic territory from a spiritual perspective. The purpose? There is only one bottom line reason to prepare a prayer map for a city, town or region: in order to pray effectively to bring that territory under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The prayer map assesses the current spiritual conditions in the area so that a strategy can be drawn to recover any ground currently in the possession of the enemy, Satan, and his demonic hoard.
For those who don’t think the occult has any power, or is not real. Read 1 Samuel chapter 28. Where king Saul finds a medium who practices the occult and summons the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel. If you believe the Bible then this would seem to imply that psychic phenomena is real as well as performing séances. Then things like witchcraft and voodoo are not far from believable to. Of course we should never do this. Summoning spirits, quiji boards and  such things are dangerous and opens your lives up to the demonic. I have read many such encounters.
This is my plan to use prayer mapping. With it to break the spirit of darkness in my surrounding area and to protect it. I am constructing a crude map of the area I live in and sectioning off areas. I along with my trusted friends will pray every day for our area and each other. Asking in intercessory prayer and for the protection of the angels. If you are planning on a trip somewhere or hiking/ camping get a map of the area or google map and plot out your location and pray for the area ahead of time to loosen it from any negative energy. Some locations have a history of accidents or tragic events. Do your research ahead of time.
Here is Anthony’s podcast about accidents and violent crimes on trail hikes. It can give you an idea of what goes on in areas that you probably never thought of. If you want to know about your home, or residence you can check out, for a small fee they will tell you about anything that went on in your home and if anyone died there. But of course all the stuff they tell you is public records so you can go to your local library and check this stuff out yourself. I think their fee is 10.00 so not a bad price if you are busy and or lazy.
Episode 66 haunted hikes

Episode 52 trouble on the trailhead
What goes into a prayer map?
The prayer map consists of all the scraps of information that can be gathered about a region that will give clues to what is really going on behind the scenes, supernaturally. If you have a detective’s heart or love mysteries you may be made for prayer mapping. You gather clues, piece them together, apply some natural and supernatural wisdom, pray for help and come up with a prayer map that can be the basis of effective prayer.
You are looking specifically for blessings and curses that influence the territory of interest. You are determining how far the gospel has penetrated your region and how much work still needs to be done.
In my area I know that satanic worship has been going on. In ft. Smith the machete guy was a Satanist who was summoning demons. He attached a guy on the street who just said something to him, that wasn’t even hostile. He pulled out a machete and killed him and attacked a second guy. When questioned he said it was like watching a movie. He had no control over what he was doing. They went to his home and found an altar to satan and occult books and symbols painted on the walls in red. It was tested but not blood. Although there were red hand prints so it was intended to look like blood. Many of the symbols were like something from the lesser book of solomon. An occult book used for summoning angels and demons. (don’t mess with it trust me). So there are probably curses going on around that area. We have also been having weird weather. Thousands of drum fish have died off in the Ozark river and black birds have been falling out of the sky in the thousands each year around new years day. Plus natural disasters such as tornadoes and bad storms. Oh and lots of house fires. I know of several friends who have lost everything. One I would like to note about happened Friday. A friend’s house burned down and her living room was completely burned and her coffee table. It was completely destroyed but she had a Holy Bible sitting on top of it. It was untouched. The table was lost, but the Bible was perfectly fine.

In addition to prayer
In addition to prayer you can hang symbols of faith. Like crosses and crucifixes. (Of course it is one’s faith that protects.) You can sprinkle blessed salt in the area around your base camp or homestead. Scratch the sign of the cross in places in the ground along the perimeter of the area you desire to be blessed. Pray for any lingering spirits to be laid to rest or to vacate the area. Sprinkle holy water on rocks trees and your home said with the Lord’s prayer. Some burry a statue of a saint in the yard (homestead only unless you plan to dig it up again.) Park rangers wont be to happy about you digging up camp sites.
Making good use of your prayer map
Suppose you have now gathered a substantial amount of material about your city. You need a strategy to use it for maximum effectiveness. You need discernment to understand what is important and what is not. You now need prayer and fasting and a plan.
Hopefully you are not in this alone. There should be others who are sharing this prayer load with you and who will be able to help you discern various pieces of the puzzle. For best results gather a small band together who all had different personalities and gifts. No one person had all the insight or all the answers. But together we can have an amazing amount of accurate discernment and a good working strategy to utilize it.
As you begin delving into a strategy for reclaiming your community for Jesus Christ, it is important to understand spiritual authority and legal rights. Satan only possesses the territory in any city where he has the legal right and spiritual authority to do so. Where sin has entered in or curses have been placed on the land, Satan controls it.
You will not be able to reverse all that unless you first understand your own authority level and unless you are properly submitted to the authority over you. Sin in your own life will not only cancel your efforts to eject the enemy, it will open you and your family to attack, sometimes quite severely. The spirit of darkness will not be happy with your interference. However you can be protected under the Lord’s authority.
Your next step is to hold a prayer meeting with all the interested prayer partners and all the materials laid out for investigation. Begin by humbling yourselves and asking God to reveal what strongholds and curses are holding your community back from receiving the gospel. Pray over the materials and ask God to show you what is important. Usually, certain things will begin to jump out and there will be confirmation among the group.
The individual plan for each area or city will be different so there is no absolute formula to follow. What I believe will be part of every strategy is prayer, fasting, prayer walking and a constant seeking of the Holy Spirit about what step to take next and exactly how to proceed.
Generally you will be taking down strongholds in your community by uncovering what they are, repenting of any original sins which enabled them to stake a legal claim on your land, cleansing and re-consecrating the ground and pronouncing blessings where there were once curses. There may be times when you need to pray about certain individuals or entire families that you know of.
Also you should note to pray for your local Law enforcement, Fire fighters, and first responders. These individuals are the ones putting themselves in physical harms way and will be doing the arm-work in the areas you are praying for. Also it should be important to list and pray for your community leaders.
Mathew 18 :18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Pray for cursed broken, blessings to be given, light shine down on areas. Pray for love to be spread. For people to open their hearts ect.
As we take back authority from the enemy we are proclaiming; “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) as Jesus taught in the prayer we call the “The Lord’s Prayer.” Prayer mapping is just one tool in our arsenal to bring the kingdom of God alive in our city or community. By praying with divine insight our prayers are targeted and effective.
Don’t forget to pray for the animals in your area as well. Many go forgotten or over looked. Thank you.
I am doing the history research thing. Here in my area we have had weird weather. I live along highway 22 which spans several small towns to Ft. Smith. I work in Ozark and have a few friends there as well as scattered family. This is the area I am going to pray for. I have located the local fire departments and law enforcement. I have chosen a few names to pray for specifically.  We have  had more than a few house fires around here. There have been so many it is scary. Including a few friends who lost everything. I am going to recruit a few of my friends to pray with me. Try to set up a network or something.  We may pray each week or on some kind of schedule. Of course I pray for my family and home each night. The Lord said where every two or more are gathered, there shall I be. Matthew 18:19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”
First search your heart and confess any sin and talk with God about how you feel. Free yourself from anything that would hinder your prayer.
We will start off with simple prayers for the towns and cities.
In Jeremiah 29:7 we are told “Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper”  If we can protect our area, the misfortune and spirit of darkness that is infecting the rest of the nation will be kept out and not be able to spread through out our cities and lives. Kind of like a little bubble in the ocean. But if we stay faithful we can hold it back.
“The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24–‐26
“The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.” Psalm 29:11
Then for the local law enforcements to be protected and to protect the innocent and bring evil to light. Then for the fire departments. For their protection and for them to save lives and animals. Then for the first responders for them to be swift and effective. For God to use them for the benefit of the people.
Then for God to place his holy angels over these areas. For the angels to influence these areas and for a spiritual rising for the people.
Such spiritual oppression often stems from things such as involvement in the occult, false teaching, and sexual immorality, or from keeping idols or magic books in the house (Deut. 7:24-26).
Oppression can also come from outside through curses and witchcraft or from within ourselves because we harbor hatred, bitterness , malice and unforgiveness in our hearts
(Matthew 18:21-35).
The symptoms of demonic oppression include:
1. Hopelessness, despair, loss of confidence, spiritual anguish and struggle, the constant feeling of accusation or of being ‘unclean’ in some way.
2. The sense of being cursed or of being the victim of some malicious spiritual force. A feeling that hatred, malice or envy is being directed at you in order to destroy you.
3. An out-of-control thought life, very vivid fantasies and daydreams, being unable to think straight. Numerous fears.
4. A sense of being ‘blocked’ or stifled in one’s Christian life. A pronounced loss of enthusiasm for spiritual things.
5. Addictions, compulsions, lying, impulsiveness, habitual folly, excessive materialism, being hyper-critical, outbursts of anger, a long line of broken relationships.
6. The feeling of being attacked, strangled or seduced by spirits during one’s sleep. Seeing dark shapes. Hearing seducing, accusing or very demanding voices.
7. Unusual , even bizarre accidents and illnesses, constant financial problems, a continual lack of success in life despite one’s best efforts.
“The Lord will keep you from all harm–‐He will watch over your life: the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and evermore.” Psalm 121:7–‐8
Also we are going to pray for the animals in our region. The strays, the cattle, the pets, the animal shelters. I have always cared deeply about the lost animals and abused. I would include a prayer for God to loose a special angel of light to attend to these animals and see to their welfare.
God shine your light on us and your name be praised. May this post bring you glory and may all those who read it start praying for their homes and cities.

Adventurer skill: Foraging

13325721_10209000240020292_6121262933806491174_nWell, if you plan to escape into the great outdoors, you need to learn a little about living off the land. God’s bounty can provide plenty to sustain us if we just know how. As always make sure you know very well how to identify the various substances. If you don’t know don’t eat it.

If you are starving and don’t know if help is on the way, then you may have no choice but to risk it. First try rubbing the substance on your skin to see if there is a reaction. If no reaction is observed, you may decide if you want to try ingesting it. Only eat a small portion. Wait for a reaction. If you start to feel sick, it may be wise to vomit up what you can. If you have any activated charcoal use it. It is known to absorb ingested toxins. This is very dangerous so don’t do it unless you are in a dire situation and close to starving to death. Never ingest anything you don’t know what is.

Here are a few safer options for surviving in the wilderness.

Here are some tips. Pine trees are a great source of foraging. The needles are great for making tea and are rich in vitamin C.  The pine cones hide tasty little nuts inside that can be eaten raw or roasted. It can take a little doing to get them out though. The easiest way is to heat them up, but BE Careful! They pop.

The soft inner bark of the tree can be salted and fried up like a chip. Never tasted it myself though.

Wild cattail can be found in many places. Most people can recognize them. As well as the various parts are edible. The summer flower heads can be gathered and cooked and eaten. The stem could be eaten raw or cooked. In the winter the roots can be mashed in water and let sit for a few hours and then drain and eat.

Thistles can be eaten and easily recognized. Pick the seeds out of the purple head and may be eaten raw or cooked. The stalk can be peeled cut and boiled. The roots can be washed and eaten raw or cooked.

If you are a beach goer you know what seaweed is. It looks slimy (and is) but can bee eaten raw or cooked.

A short story for you. My uncles when they were young with their friends, once picked daffodils for their teacher and decided to eat them instead. Yes. They acted loopy after that and the principal had to rush them to the hospital and make them throw up and give them activated charcoal to absorb the toxins.