Physical Exam

You are led down a stone hallway. It is dimly lit and smells of moss. You pass several rooms and exit the back of the  building into a patio like area that had a brick wall that came up about chest high that ran the length of the patio. There were tables and chairs here that had ashtrays sitting on them. It appears to be an easting/smoking area. To one side was a vending machine that served sodas. Farther out in the yard area at the center of the you can see a large fire ring with benches around it. Farther out you can see three buildings. Each was similar in appearance and looked like two story motels with stairs on the side that lead up to the second story. The farthest to the left was a red trimmed building. A portrait on the front was of a man with long hair and a name plaque said Samson. The building in the center was trimmed in blue and had a portrait titled Ehud. The One on the right Trimmed in yellow had a portrait titled David.
You are led to the immediate right towards a large military style tent. Your guide pulls the opening apart and motions you inside. It opens to a large area with metal tables and privacy curtains. It looks like a medical wing. You are instructed to get behind one of the curtains and disrobe while a nurse comes in to give you a physical. (You didn’t think you could avoid this awkward moment did you?)
Just then a tall blond woman walked in with a clipboard. She regards you for a moment with a slight smile and walks over to her desk. She is dressed in a white lab coat and matching tight skirt that comes down to her knees.nurse

In a professional manner she turns to you with a pen in hand. “Let us begin.”
<Nurse Brenda, 5/7/6 She is a charismatic young woman who resides at the Christian Adventurer Survival Academy. Whenever you return from an adventure it is assumed that she will take care of any illness or medical situations except skunk spray.>
“Do you not know that your body is a temple to the Holy Spirit?”
This is true your body is a temple. It houses the Holey Spirit of God. We should treat our bodies with respect. We will have to rely on them for the rest of our lives after all.
eatEven if your path is not the way of the body you should maintain a minimal physical form. Like how to throw a decent punch, Being able to do at least three pull ups, Able to run a mile, and able to hold your breath for 2 to 3 minuets. To some one who is in great physical shape these things may seem like nothing, to someone who is not (like me) getting there seems like a chore. However i think i can do three pull ups (yeah).
The basic idea is you want to be in some kind of shape to be able to deal with a dangerous situation. Those of the path of body find maintaining a physical form a way of life. They can’t think of any way of living that doesn’t include it and have never been that out of shape. They also can already go beyond the few things listed here. For the rest of us we need to get to at least here. We can make up for what we lack in physical prowess with our other natural abilities. But there will always come up things that we will need all eat a little muscle for. Such as being able to do three pull ups means the ability to lift our own body weight. Like pulling ourselves (or someone similar to us or a child smaller than us) out of harms way. If our car goes off the road and we need to pull up out of the water or climb up to a higher elevation or even lower ourselves down. If we can’t pull our own weight where does that leave us.

The ability to run (or jog) a mile that does seem like a lot it was just what came to mind. What if something was chasing you though. Like a big angry bear or a maniac with a knife. You need to be able to get away from a pursuer. The ability to hold your breath would come in handy for  swimming and times when you are in danger of drowning like being trapped in a car that has gone out of control and plunged into the water. However there is more to breathing than just being able to hold your breath. It is a good idea to learn good breathing technique. This will help your body to stay oxygenated and give your muscles more strength during physical exertion.
Throwing a good punch is an obvious way of self defense. It wont do you much good if while hitting someone you also hurt yourself in the process. Learning good form and how to hold your body is key to fighting. Also in breaking through a barrier that is in your way. It could mean the difference between life and death. I would suggest taking up something like either jogging or swimming. Both will maintain a over all physical body once you get in good shape. My mom goes walking (she is over 60) out to the creek behind our home and takes a small draw string back pack with a bottle of water, her cell phone (to call for help) and her walking stick. It is important to stay hydrated. Keep that in mind when you start working out.
So you know that maintaining a good body is important. What is the next step. Learn some good exercises to start off with. You don’t have to go all crazy counting calories and all that. Honestly you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise too. Just don’t gorge yourself till you can’t move. Just you know keep it simple. In the post Path of the Body i listed some simple exercises that will help with common survival skills. Do these every day. You don’t have to do it for hours just set aside a few minutes at first and build up to whatever you have time for. Add in some vitamins at least some one a days. I know what you are thinking. Vitamins those chalky nasty things. They have gummy versions now that are like eating candy. I love them. I also add in  a d3 for immune booster, garlic for a healthy heart and to prevent blood clots, and ginkgo belobo for brain function. Get a little seven day pill organizer and set it up for each week to take them every day.
If looking better is something you want in life, then here is a method for you. The tighter the muscles are in the abs and chest will pull the skin ward making you look slimmer without looking so thin you look like  a skeleton someone stretched skin over. If you want or need to loose weight this is something a friends doctor told her. Keep you calorie intake under 1500 a day. I know i said i don’t like calorie counting, but you can eat anything you want, just keep your calories near that goal. Also that is for a day of not doing anything. If you are exercising every day you can fudge that a little and go over and still loose weight. A word of advice here though, don’t go all in on this sort of thing. What i mean is pace yourself. If you try to do too much way at the beginning you will either hurt yourself or give up because you are taking on more than you can handle.

                     Take it easy at first and build up to what you can do. It is easy to get discouraged especially when life gets in the way. Usually at least twice a year i really get serious about getting in some kind of shape. Usually that is when my work picks up and i start working weekends and 11 hours a day and my plans go into the crapper. I have half a dozen exercise pieces laying around not being used at any given time. I’m not even sure how much money i have wasted on stuff. Take it easy, but be committed.

Time for your Exam

shoulderStand up. Okay try to reach your toes. Can you do it?
Now place you hand over you shoulder to your back and try to touch your shoulder blades. Now do it from under behind your back. Do this with both arms. Can you? _________________



Begin by lying on your back with your feet together. Try raising your leg as high as you can. You should be able to make it to 90 degrees. (straight us)Do this for both legs. How did you do?_________________




Get down on all fours. At the same time stretch our your right arm and your left leg. Stretch yourself out as far as you can. Now hold that position for 20 seconds. Now do that for the left arm and right leg. Again for 20 seconds. How did you do? Could you hold it for the whole 20 seconds?_________________


Last one. Stand straight. Feet slightly apart. Arms above your head. Hold something long like a broom in your hands. Keep your arms straight and keeping your feet pointing straight ahead squat down as much as possible. Your hips should be able to go below your knees. Now raise yourself up. Was it very easy to do going up or down?_________________


There is a reason for this. You are testing your range of motion. How flexible are you? This will give you an idea for what areas you need to work on. There are other tests our there if you want to google it.

                     scenario: Imagine you are just walking around the block. You are happy and not paying attention. Suddenly in front of you there are three vicious individuals. One has tattoos all up his arms and the other is holding a knife.  They have been going around slashing tires for kicks. They spot you and charge. You are out numbered so you run. How likely are you to get away? If you are limber you can leap over obstacles that they can’t. Outrunning them has a body challenge of <8>
Thug one 7/6/4  Thug two 6/5/5  Thug three 5/3/3
scenario: You are driving along at dusk. You reach down and turn up the radio. Your favorite song just came on. You start bobbing your head to the music and singing along. Suddenly something runs out in front of your vehicle. All you really see is a shadow it happened so fast. You pull on the wheel and go off the road. To the side of the road is a shallow ravine. Your car lands on it’s side. You are okay, but the door wont open. How are you going to get out and up out of the ravine? Breaking the glass bare handed has a body challenge of <7> Climbing out of the passenger side that is up in the are has a body challenge of<5> Climbing out of the ravine has a body challenge of <8> Breaking the glass with something you have in your car has a mind challenge of <6> If you broke the glass flip a coin to see if you take an injury from the glass if so <-1 to body> Getting someone to stop and help you is a spirit challenge of <6>
                              There are excellent exercise videos out there. I recommend Prayfit by Jimmy Pena. He has 2 dvds out you can buy. The 33 day total body Challenge and the 33 day Body Toning System. Both are good and can be bought cheap. If you want to go really cheap and have the Internet you can watch them on Youtube for free. There are also a number of walking videos and one for seniors over fifty that is a chair based sitting exercises. I tried to get my aunt who has trouble moving to try that one out. She wouldn’t do it. I like to jog early in the morning, just before daylight. There is a nice chill in the air.
Okay so to give you some idea of what you can be capable of. Push ups will strengthen your arms and shoulders. This will aid you in carrying heavy game and gear over your shoulders.
In a similar manner, laying on your back and thrusting your hips upward called a supine lift will strengthen your hips and back which will aid in carrying a heavy pack and gear.
The superman lift. Laying face down over a chair or exercise ball and lifting your body from the waist with arms out stretched. This will improve your core and improves your ability to hike over rough terrain and over all body fitness.
The scissors. Laying face down toes down and on your elbows. Stretching out and lifting alternate arms and legs at a time. This will improve your ability to climb.