Sorting Ceremony



          Welcome to the Christian Adventurer’s Correspondence Academy. While here we intend to teach you everything you need to know to survive in this perilous world. To start you need to consider why are you here. Is it that you want to learn survival skills, Are you seeking adventure and experiences, Are you seeking a higher power than yourself, or are you broken and seeking healing and understanding. Whatever the case Yes you will find it here.

In the first few sections we will be searching to find out more about you.

What you are going to need most is skill. What is skill you might ask. Skill is the body, mind, and spirit working together in harmony. Some will be more adapt in certain areas than others but all three need to be developed.

behemoth Proverbs 31:17 “She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”

Welcome to the path of Body. Developing your physical form is very important to your survival. It is one that requires a great deal of dedication and commitment. Just about everyone starts it at least once. Think new years resolution. But life usually gets in the way of that. Never the less it is crucial for survival to maintain at least a minimal form of fitness. Being able to do at least a few pull ups for example could mean the difference between saving your own life or the life of a loved one. Such as pulling yourself to safety. Being able to pull your own body weight.

Of course this also comes in handy in fighting and carrying gear. It determines how much stamina and endurance you have. This can determine whether you live or die under hard or extreme conditions. Maybe in your life you will never need to run a marathon or leap from a second story home. (i hope not) But what if you did.

Okay i think we can both agree that you need to maintain a minimal form. So what to do? Well i don’t know what kind of shape you are in at the moment. So lets assume terrible. Where do you start. Set your alarm to give you 30 minuets extra in the morning. Use this time to do some stretching and a little movement. Jog in place and a few squat thrusts. You can get one of those twisty boards that you stand on and swivel back and forth. Nothing high impact. Start slow. When or if this doesn’t leave you winded time to step up a little. You may want to move this to a later time when you have more time or start even earlier.

Those who follow this path as a way of life are usually the Strongest members of a survival team. The fighters, the hunters, the ninjas. But also those who are most adept at firearms as well. Your strong bodies make you better at handling the recoil from the powerful heavy guns and firearms. Most people in your circle will gravitate towards you for protection and providing meat and moving heavy obstacles.

If this is your chosen path, then decide what it is you want to excel at the most. If it is fighting, learn to box and at least one martial arts. Choose at least one graceful sport and one high impact. One will improve your balance and one will improve your speed and endurance. It is not all about being strong. You gotta have the moves that go with it. Even if you are the strongest in a fight someone who is fast and graceful will out maneuver you. A strong punch wont mean much if you can’t land it.

If weapons are more your thing. And i recommend everyone to learn how to use at least one. Then pick out what you like the most and practice often. Whether it is hand guns, rifles, or bows. Master it. Make it an extension of yourself.

If fighting isn’t quite your thing your muscles also make you well prepared for farming and working the ground. Another important role for homesteading. Or maybe you would prefer scouting local areas and rough terrain making maps for your group.

God led Samson to be a mighty warrior blessed with great strength. He of course squandered his gift, on selfish things. Imagine what he could have accomplished. He was able to rip a lion in two with his bare hands and defeated an army of warriors with the jaw bone of an ass.  Joshua who took over after Moses was a mighty warrior. God led him to many victories. As a warrior you should first look to God who can deliver all enemies into your hand. If you do not look to God you will end up as a brute. Callus and rash. God gives Prudence and judgment. If your arrogance grows beyond you God will deliver you into the hands of another. Like David and Goliath. Goliath thought he was stranger than any God delivered him into the hands of one he would raise up to a mighty warrior but at the time was smaller and could not wear heavy armor.

The symbol on the banner is that of Behemoth the Biblical beast of strength and primordial beast of  land. Described as a giant ox. Depicted with many horns and sometimes tusks and a thick tail. Said to have bones as strong as metal and tail like cedar. Said to grow stronger as the year goes and is strongest on the summer solstice. On this day it lets out a loud roar that makes all animals tremble with fear and renders them less ferocious for a whole year and without him the animals would grow more and more 20170507_093127wild and  would eventually go around butchering each other and humans.

Red represents the blood of Jesus shed for many. Jesus was the physical incarnation of God come in the flesh. You should make for yourself a paracord bracelet of you house colors red and black.

leviathin The path of the Mind. This is the way of the creative and intelligent. This path is all about developing your mind to be sharp and alert. You think your way through a problem. You use what you know and reason what you don’t. For this, think Macgyver. Picking locks and creating bombs. Rigging devices to make up for what you lack in muscle. There are few boundaries for someone who can think creatively.

For this path your knowledge gives you leverage. You can out think your opponent. David slew Goliath with a sling and his own sword. Goliath was a tall and strong opponent and he hit him in the head with a stone from his sling and knocked him out cold then drew his own sword and cut off his head.

In the book of Judges the man Ehud was a left handed man. God led him to rebel against the ruling power and free the Israelites. He hid his blade on the right side where no one would notice a weapon. Left handed people were rare. This gave him the opportunity to kill the fat king and then escape.

With this as your path you want to know the basic knowledge of physics and if possible chemistry. Knowing how things work will provide you a functional spring board for finding ways around problems.

Also you will want to focus your senses. Be alert and notice things going on around you.  You need to practice training your brain to see as much detail as possible. If you want to survive especially in a harsh and hostile environments you have to pay attention to everything around you and see the potential dangers and potential solutions to problems.

My mother  commented that i always pick up receipts and shopping lists that people discard with no regard. I see this as an opportunity to practice my observation skills. There is information you can obtain from such things. I picked up a shopping list from my cart that was left by the person before me. From the handwriting it looked like a woman’s. It was kind of loopy and wide. Common to feminine hand writing.  She had lunchables and string cheese listed as well as frosted flakes. This tells me she has a child school age and is most likely his lunch. She had ground beef and other ingredients and judging from the amounts she was a single mother.

I found another one that was short and wrote either by a child or someone who poorly educated who never learned to write cursive writing. Kool Aid was wrote in all caps and printed. So was roach spray. That would indicate a poor neighborhood, but not necessarily. My brother moved into an apartment that was rather nice, but infested with roaches. It took him quite a while and alot of spray and foggers to get rid of them. Last on the list was bologna and mustard. Staples of a poor family. Not passing any judgment here just saying that from an observational viewpoint.

I also found a little map scrawled on a torn corner of a piece of paper. Your brain is an instrument that has to be challenged and used to grow and process properly. They say a blind person’s senses increase to take over for the one they lose, that is not true. Anyone can have that kind of senses. Their brains just aren’t receiving information from their eyes that usually get in the way to receiving information from the other senses. You can train your brain to pay attention to those senses and be more alert and see and hear more.

Here is a little game for playing with your skills.

Kim’s game (visual)

This is a game that i stumbled across that is called Kim’s game. Don’t know the origin,  but it is a simple visual training game. A collection of objects are gathered from a variety of uses and backgrounds. Place them in front of those playing the game and everyone studies them for one minuet. Then they are removed and everyone writes down as many of the objects as they can remember and as much detail of them as they can remember. What their uses may be. This emphasizes sight as well as imagination.

Open pockets (visual)

Okay this is a little game for few to numerous people. Each person takes a turn turning out their pockets out in front of everyone or their purses. Then put them all back and  everyone tries to remember who has what. For additional skill have them comment on possible uses for them other than their intended use.

The symbol on the banner is that of Leviathan the biblical serpent and primordial beast of the waters. Long and strong and capable of coiling around it’s prey and dragging them to the depths of the sea. Said to glowing eyes and jaws that swallow  boats whole. From20170507_093059 his mouth issues such a heat that the whole oceans boil.

Blue has always been the color for intelligence. You should make for yourself a paracord bracelet of your house colors blue and black.

ziz The path of Spirit. Being one with your creator. This path follows the way of the natural energies of the universe. The ability to feel them and interact with them. To manipulate them. The path of priests and prophets. Before Christ there weren’t many who were strong as him in the spirit. Moses was one. God granted him the ability to bring about plagues on the Egyptians. To call down darkness and spoke to him face to face. Moses stood in God’s presence. ascended the mountain which no other mortal could do.

Elijah was another. No other prophet could raise the dead and cast curses on their enemies. He could take off his cloak and strike the waters and make then part for him. It is true that those who are close to God can perform miracles. As Jesus said about those with faith, Speak to the mountains and tell them to be moved and it will be moved. Following this path is not just about faith and miracles. It has a lot to do with attitude as well. Much of the practices in this path are about getting your heart right and relating to those around you. Empathy, compassion and love are among the top attributes.

It is important to cultivate the right attitude. If you are stranded in a desolate place you have to have the attitude to survive. Hope plays a big part of that. So many when faced with adversity would fall into despair and give up. No one who is strong in spirit will simply give up, God will give them the spirit to overcome. To persevere.

When the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness God led Moses to provide what they needed, either by speaking to him in the spirit or providing it himself such as the Mana from heaven. A big part of following this path is submitting to God in your spirit. Not all like to hear this. They want to be the center of their own world and be their own gods. This doesn’t mean giving up your life, but changing your attitude. Be open to other possibilities.

Leaders come from this path as well as Bards. This is the path of the most creative and critical thinkers. Bards are often overlooked. They make up your entertainment fields, singers, musicians, performance arts like comedians. Often made fun of in role playing games, but in the real world we look to them for emotional support, even if we don’t realize it. They lift us up, they can make a bad situation fell survivable. Help us manage our lives and gives us hope. This path is about relating to one another and encouraging each other to do better in life. That is why leaders come from this path. They can take charge in a situation and encourage others to set aside fears and worries and pull together. They can give words of encouragement and motivate people to survive and pull through. Moses led the Israelites and they all looked to him for guidance, but when he was absent for a while they fell into their old ways. Often figures of authority will follow this path.

David was a bard early on. Saul was afflicted by an evil spirit. Causing him to become depressed. David was called into his court to play the harp. This uplifted his spirit and drove away the evil spirit. Music and musicians play a vital role in survival and encouragement. Learning to play a simple instrument will help to develop your spirit. I like to keep a small one around that i can carry in my pocket. Like the jew harp or my favorite the wow flute. It is a small plastic ocarina type flute that fits in a pocket and hard to break. David wrote many psalms that  are recorded in the Bible.

Ways to build your spirit. Prayer and meditation are a good start.  I have wrote on these in a previous post. Simple meditation or contemplative thought is an excellent way to start. Take some quite time and just sit . Clear your mind and focus on Jesus. Just hold the thought of him in your mind. Imagine his face. His hair.  His smile and love. Doesn’t have to be any big revolutions. Just hold that thought in your mind and let his love flow over you.

The symbol on the banner of this path is the Ziz. The biblical beast of the sky and primordial beast of the air. The Ziz is not mentioned as much as Leviathan or Behemoth. In some translations the name is replaced even. Making it often overlooked. But there are legends of it in Jewish folklore to draw upon. Said to have a wingspan that can block out the sun and make evening look as night. Makes it’s home on the highest places. A flap of it’s wings will cause gusts of winds that can rip homes apart. But of the tree beasts this one does not come across as violent or menacing.20170507_093153

Yellow is the color of glory of the Holy Spirit that moves like a mighty wind. You should make for yourself a paracord bracelet of your house colors yellow and black.



Which area you excel at will determine your path. So time to sort you, Don’t worry no hats required.hat

Coloring Page.


Here is a quiz that will help you figure out where your best skills will be located. This will select the path for you to follow. Those who fall under the Body section tend to be the survivalists fighters, hunters, and defenders. Those who follow the path of the mind are the engineers, planners, and problem solvers. Those of the spirit are considered the mystics a and priests and bards. There are many professions within the area and I will go into more depth later. First take the quiz and see where you fall in.

    1. You are traveling down a dirt path with your group. You come to a fork in the path that divides into three directions. One leads to the right and to a well  fortified army base with high walls, one straight ahead towards a  thriving farm with machines and supplies, one to the left into a thick concealing forest that likely has wild fruits and wild game. Which direction do yo go?
      A) army base B) Farm C) Forrest
    2. You walk in on your significant other in bed with someone else. How do you handle this situation?
      A) Grab a bat. “You better cover anything important!”       B) That is it, get out I am done with you and everyone in fact!    C)  Well, when you both are done we should probably talk about this, I’ll put a pot of coffee on.
    3. You and your group have been sailing for a while when a violent storm blows your boat way off course. Your group  becomes stranded  on a deserted island, what do you believe is the most important thing to do first?
      A) Establish a shelter   B) Build a smoke signal for rescue    C) Divide people up into small groups to accomplish tasks
    4. You are walking through your favorite bookstore. You have a coupon for a free book. You browse through the titles. Which book will you choose?
      A)  Bare knuckle boxing   B)  Survival tricks and Skills    C)  The art of communication
    5. You are traveling in a group through an urban area. You come across another group of survivors your numbers are about even and they have supplies that you desperately need. What do you do?
      A) Attack them and take what you need  B) Offer to trade goods  C) Steal them when the time seems right.
    6. It becomes your turn to do the chore of providing a meal for the group what best suits your abilities?
      A) Go hunting    B) Go to the local market place and barter for supplies C) Harvest fruits and wild plants to prepare
    7. While moving as a group you come across an orphaned child between the ages of 6 and 10 what do you do with the child?
      A) Allow them into the group, but fend for them selves to learn the harshness of survival  B)
      Take them into the group and allow the whole group to take care of the child’s raising  C) take the child into the group and raise them as your own
    8. While searching for supplies you find someone who is acting violent and dangerous who is threatening your group and is armed. How do you deal with this situation?
      A) Attack and kill them  B) Signal everyone to run off in different directions, he can’t kill everyone  C) Try to reason with him or offer supplies to satisfy them.
    9. Someone within your group is seriously injured and wont make it. What do you do?
      A) Leave them behind and get the group moving B)Divide the group in two one moving ahead one to move slowly with the injured so they aren’t left alone C) Stay with them until the inevitable.
    10. What is your ideal long term shelter?
      A) A well stocked underground bunker B) An abandoned hospital  C) A mall with other people
    11. You are asked to teach the children in your group something you think is an important skill
      A) Proper fitness  B) Water Purification  C) Prayer
    12. You have one spot left in your group, You need to choose someone who has similar skills to your own?
      A) Military General  B) Engineer  C) Local Pastor
    13. You are forced to sell something of important to you?
      A) Bible  B) Family heirloom C) Spiked club
    14. You encounter someone on a bridge about to jump what do you do to save them?
      A) Try to grab them and pull them back over the rail  B) Use a ruse to tell them you will help them find a better way  C) try to convince them life is worth living.
      So count up your test answers. How many A’s B’s and C’s you have. And write them down on the character sheet provided. A’s go under body, B’s go under mind, and C’s go under spirit. Just print it out. The area where you have the highest score is the path for you.


For those who follow the Body path.

  • The Expedition backpack weight limit 40 lbs
  • Map/Compass  2 lbs
  • Hunting knife 3 lbs +2 to body
  • Heavy weather clothing 8 lbs
  • Heavy duty flashlight 3 lbs
  • First aid kit 2 lbs +1 heart life
  • Flint and steel 2 lbs
  • Pocket tool set 3 lbs
  • Jerky 6 lbs
  • Thermos 4 lbs
  • Hammock Tarp 8 lbs
  • 100$ cash

For those who follow the Mind path

  • Wiz bang Rucksack weight limit 30 lbs
  • Map/Compass 2 lbs
  • Swiss army knife 1 lbs +1 to body +1 Mental
  • Spring Clothing 6 lbs
  • Head lamp 1 lbs
  • First aid kit 2 lbs +1 heart life
  • Lighter 1 lbs
  • Multi tool 2 lbs +2 mind
  • Energy bars 5 lbs
  • Bladder Bottle 3 lbs
  • Dome tent 5 lbs
  • 100$ cash

For those who follow the path of the Spirit

  • Messenger bag weight limit 20 lbs
  • Map/Compass 2 lbs
  • Pocket knife 1 lbs + 1 to body
  • Summer clothing 5 lbs
  • Pen light 1 lbs
  • First aid kit 2 lbs +1 heart life
  • Matches .05 lbs
  • Holy Bible 1 lbs +1 to Spirit
  • Powder Drink mix 2 lbs
  • Bottled water 1 lbs
  • Tarp 2 lbs
  • 100$ cash