Survival Game Rules

As you progress through this book, you will encounter game scenarios that you can use these rules for to help you learn how to handle situations. Like training exercises. You can use these rules to set up your own table top role playing games as well. While at the academy it is assumed that you will return to the academy after each game and have access to the facilities resources.

Survival Game Rules

                    So the rules are simple really. You will need a set of fate dice (fudge dice), or you can print the paper dice provided, or you can use regular 6 sided dice if you have them. Fate dice are six sided dice with  2 plus symbols, 2 minus symbols,  and 2 blank spaces. The pluses are plus 1, the minus are minus 1, and the blanks are 0. So the most you can get is plus 4 and the most you can go back is minus 4. During the game you will use these dice for your decision making. Any obstacle you try to overcome you will announce how you plan to do it. As long as it sounds reasonable the game master will allow it and you will roll. You take your roll score and add it to your stat that is required for that action. Like swim across a river. That will require use of your body stat. Roll the dice. If you roll 2 +, one -, and a blank that is 1 point. Add that roll to your body of 5 and you get six. (you can use regular dice as well. Just read 6 and 5 as +, 1 and 2 as -, and 3 and 4 as blanks)
So you have a score of 6 and the game master has said that the challenge of crossing the river is 5 body. That means your action succeeds.

You can perform feats as well. Given the situation, you can utilize the area around you(as long as it is logical to do so) and manipulate the environment. Such as building something or wielding a tree branch as a weapon (can not be performed in an area with no trees for example) and the game master can decide whether or not it falls under Body Mind or Spirit and you use that stat plus the fate dice to perform that action. You may do a mind check to find any available material you may be needing so long as it is logical to find them in that situation such as in a trash can. Use your mind stat plus fate dice to see how well it goes according to the fate table.fatedice










You will also need at least 4 tokens for game play. These can be anything you choose. Coins, buttons, stones. These are prayer tokens. Every player has the action of prayer in the game. This is calling out to God for assistance. In real life your prayer is not limited, but in the game you will have four tokens to use at a time. You can refill your tokens at a church, chapel, temple, holy place. Most cities and towns have churches, and even hospitals and airports provide chapels. Be creative. For using this ability in the game you announce you are going to, before your intended action, and turn in one of your tokens. You will need to have a spinner made already. Color one of the four sections red, blue, yellow, and green.
Red is divine intervention. God has helped you physically with whatever challenge is in store for you.
Blue is divine knowledge. The Holy Spirit has revealed some inside knowledge of your situation. (game master will give you a clue as to how to solve or proceed)
Yellow is Inner strength. God gives you strength and all your stats take a boost by  2 for this turn.
Green is silence. God stays quite and lets you sort it out as a learning experience.

When you make the spinner of course you can use whatever symbols you chose to represent the outcomes.
All you really need is a normal sheet of paper. Notebook paper will work, but copy paper looks neater.

Fold the sheet of paper in half hamburger style.
Tear/cut the paper along the fold. You will end up with two equal pieces.
Fold each half sheet in half hot dog style.
Fold down the corners of each piece so that the line up with the edge of the paper. Make sure the two pieces look the same.
Lay one piece over the other as shown. Fold one of the bottom piece’s flaps into the center. Fold the other flaps down in order as shown. Tuck the last flap into the first one.

The spinner is now assembled.
Fold the spinner over in both directions and then pinch both sides and push in. This gives the spinner shape for maximum spinning abilities.

Now moving on. The idea here is to think about survival and what you would do in that situation. The game gives you a starting place and a way to proceed.  If you printed the character sheet from the intro page and took the quiz you have your stats already. In the bestiary page you have a list of animals, enemy, entities, and so forth with stats. In order to beat them you must best two of their stats. That means two of your stats (body, mind, spirit) must be higher than theirs including their primary stat which will be the highest one of course. You will need these three dice in order to do combat. You may print them here if you do not have all three of these already. They are a four sided triangle die, a six sided cube die, and a eight sided diamond die.

This is your adrenalin roll. You know your fight or flight response. The cube die is the body die you add that roll to your stat and any modifiers from your gear section. The diamond die is your mind roll add it to your stat with any modifiers. and the Triangle die is the spirit roll add it to your stat with any modifiers. If you are successful then you best the enemy.You must best your enemy in two of the three areas. One must be their primary stat. If not then you lose. You have three heart lives. If you loose all three game over.
The gear section is where you carry all your stuff. Some of your gear will have stat modifiers that will give you a +1 of so to your stats. The bag you have has a weight limit to what you can carry. So when you add gear you may have to drop some you were already carrying.


The game master should keep in mind the setting for the scenario such as season and environment. If the players are not dressed appropriately it is -1 to body stat. Certain animals and enemies will also cause negative stats such as a snakes venom would cause -1 to mind or spirit. A fever also will cause -1 to mind. Food poisoning -2 to body. Blow to the head -2 to mind. Forced to remove clothing -3 to body -2 to spirit. exhaustion -2 to body.

If there is a chance for poisoning flip a coin (or roll a die and use even poison, odd not poisoned)
Abilities. Body
Incapacitate: Someone with the path of Body has the ability that if their body stat with modifiers and roll is more that 6 above their opponents body stat they can incapacitate them without having to beat two stats.
Abilities. Mind
Confuse: Someone with the path of Mind has the ability to confuse their opponent in combat. If their Mind stat is 6 above their opponent’s mind stat they can achieve a -3 and a -2 to their opponent’s body and spirit stats.
Abilities. Spirit
Calm: Someone with the path of Spirit has the ability to calm their opponent in combat. It their Spirit stat is 6 more than their opponent’s they can calm them into not fighting and fleeing instead.