Amendment to my last post

My last post was about prepping. Someone pointed out a few things I overlooked. One, the number one thing you should have in your prepping gear is God. God can see you through anything, even feed you with manna from heaven. When the Israelites trekked though the wilderness, their clothes did not tatter, their sandals did not wear out, God provided food and water, even quail for meat. God (through faith) can meet our needs. We should not put our faith in our preps.

Provided we do not think too much of ourselves, prepping is not bad.  God never said we couldn’t put things back or plan ahead, but he wants to make it clear that we are to put him first. Not look to ourselves for security. Not to stockpile everything and then say I did all this alone and need no one, not even God. Because then God will strike us down and prove how wrong we were.

Remember the parable of the rich farmer, who had a large harvest so he tore down his granaries and built bigger ones.

Luke 12:13-21New International Version (NIV)

The Parable of the Rich Fool

13 Someone in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.”

14 Jesus replied, “Man, who appointed me a judge or an arbiter between you?” 15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

16 And he told them this parable: “The ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant harvest. 17 He thought to himself, ‘What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.’

18 “Then he said, ‘This is what I’ll do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store my surplus grain. 19 And I’ll say to myself, “You have plenty of grain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.”’

20 “But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’

21 “This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.”

The rich man thought highly of himself, Did not thank God for what he had, sought to be lazy and was stingy with his possessions. First you should thank God for what you have. God will take care of you, He will take care of your loved ones, put him first in your life. Then you may seek to store up supplies, and gain new skills if you wish, but don’t put your security in them, no one knows what the future will hold. No one can be truly prepared for anything, except God.

Masturbation and disaster survival

A taboo subject that we are pretty much all guilty of. Just another reason we need a savior. you can google it and find hundreds of lists about why it is bad/good. There are plenty of real reasons you shouldn’t and there really aren’t many benefits. It doesn’t relieve as much stress as people say and it doesn’t have the health benefits of sex. It does effect your brain the same way as heroine does. You eventually get addicted and need greater highs even to get it on. Lust can lead to taking risks if not kept in check. Even when getting caught could mean big trouble. Such as public places, where getting caught will mean a lifetime on the sex offender’s list that you will have to report when applying for jobs.  There is a great book called Every Man’s Battle. And I recommend Every Man. God’s Man. They give a lot of good information, I had no idea about the 72 hour cycle. It seams form men, there is the build up of semen that once the tank if full, we become very sensitive to stimuli. After about 3 days. This lead to the greater desire to masturbate or have sex. Was not aware of this. There is plenty more stuff in the books as well.

So the big question everyone brings up, is it really a sin? Well, no and yes. In that order. On the surface, no it isn’t. However it is directly connected to lust. Which is. If you can manage to masturbate without any other stimuli, such as porn or fantasy, then I guess it really isn’t a sin.  However to date no one has managed this.

This is a survival blog however, so lets move this into a different area. Let’s assume you agree you need to bring this under control. Even if you are married many Christian men still struggle with it. I brought up lust before in a different post. Part of changing your attitude in spiritual development. You want to first control your eyes. Bounce them away from sensual things. Capture your thoughts. It takes time. The books I mentioned go into greater detail as well as my other post.

However for survival talk, the first thing you need to do is admit it to yourself. You are a human being. No one is immune to lust. So take any guilt and drop it in the river. Yes, you know what I mean. Guilting yourself or throwing pity parties wont help you. So no need in holding onto it. Everyone has done it before anyway so we are all in the same boat. Go back and reread the second sentences of this post. Next you need a confidant. Someone you can talk to man to man (or woman to woman, men tend to struggle with this the most and have a harder time talking about struggles) You need to talk to someone. You may not like it, but it opens doors inside. Emotional doors that wont open otherwise. That is why the Bible says to confess with your mouth. There is just something about vocalizing things that helps. Brings things out into the light. Releases emotions and allows healing and forgiveness. Especially for men. So you need that connection. Once you make that first step it gets easier promise. They become an ally. That is what you need. you need to talk to them regularly. You will form a special bond with them. That is what everyone seeks in life anyway, even if they are not aware of it. We all want that bond with someone. That closeness with someone else. Not just a spouse, but also a same gender relationship. Someone that accepts us and validates us. It is affirming. It is why guys do stupid things as teenagers to try to impress their peers.

In the days to come. (the days of trouble) you are going to need these relationships, (so will they) You are going to need to count on each other. Having these relationships in you life can mean everything. This source of strength. That is why we need to surround ourselves with other Christians. For support and strengthening each other. To ,at times, hold each others hands (okay maybe not the best thing to say while speaking on this subject matter)

As this is a blog about surviving disasters, I should speak a little bit about them. Lust during a disaster is probably not going to be a big issue. Too much going on to worry about really. However if you find yourself completely turned on during a disaster and feel the need to slip out and spank one off, what should you do? Find your confidant, if possible. If they can not be reached find anyone else. Don’t be alone. If not possible try to pray. Focus on other things and let it pass. Avoid any un-necessary touching. Specially your genital regions. Very tough for guys, as your boners will rub the front of you jeans. If you read a previous post about music, You should have a hymn memorized. Repeat it to yourself. Nothing like a spiritual song to change your mood and strengthen your spirit.

The real threat would be when you are isolated and away from home. Like if you had to evacuate and drive for long periods. An isolated roadside rest stop or a motel. Okay the rest stop may just be me. Something about the isolated location and the graffiti covered walls. You see them in horror movies, (and comedies) as a source for things to happen. It is an unfamiliar location and holds a sort of energy. Like anything can happen. Motels are best known for their hook up point. You know the no-tell motel. One reason Bibles are placed there perhaps. So what to do if the urge hits or someone shows up and tries to incite something. Tell them no. Be polite and try to make it towards the door. Hopefully this will be enough. If they try to get forceful, hopefully any sexy feelings will leave and your fight or flight instincts will kick in. You need to leave. Now!

Okay, so while you are fighting this monkey on your back, be respectful of it. Don’t leave a mess. You know what I mean. And don’t become a predator. Cruising for your next high. Tempting others and using them for your own means. Even if they are willing. God hates those who tempt others to sin. You will become a well of sin leading others away from God. Filling them with shame or guilt. Maybe not all of them, but some of them will wake up the next morning and realize what they have done. Especially if it is the bar scene.


Adventurer’s Almanac: Moons

Matthew 27:45 “Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.”

10985053_10206571194655676_1116744643366009306_nOkay so the moon is this big rock out in space that reflects sunlight. It changes in appearance that we call cycles. Many people think it plays a mystical role in the world. Who am i to say otherwise. It did eclipse during the crucifixion after all and God gave us the stars and seasons for signs and wonders.

Full moon: This is when the moon looks the biggest and reflect the most light. It is easier to see at night. Many say this is when animals and people act strange during a full moon. The moon is also closest to the earth at this point and it’s gravity has a kind of pull on the earth and the oceans.  The moon will appear full for three day. The day before the full moon and the day after.

In the lunar cycle their is at least one full moon in every month. A second full moon is called a blue moon. Has nothing to do with it’s actual color.

Many people associate the full moon to witchcraft and dark magic, but i would disagree. I would think that the new moon would be a better moon for dark magic since the moon light is just reflected sunlight and the new moon is the darkest moon. Sunlight is known to weaken magic and during full day all magic is eroded like a river erodes the earth. So by that theory a full moon would weaken spells and magic. It does pull on the seas though and it’s gravitational pull is theorized to cause people to act crazier. That is the origin of the werewolf and the full moon thing. having to do with it’s closeness to the earth.

New Moon: This when the lunar cycle starts over again. This is when the moon looks completely black and reflects no light. It is very dark at night and hard to see.  There is at least one new moon in each month and a second is called a black moon.

A crescent moon is when you can only see a fraction of the moon lit up. What it is called depends on what phase it is in. Either darkness or light will be taking over the moon moving from the right side. Just after the new moon you will start to see a crescent of light appearing on the right side of the moon. This is the waxing phase where it becomes brighter until the full moon. Then starts the wanning phase where a crescent of shadow appears on the right side of the moon until all you can see is a crescent of light on the left side of the moon that dims until the new moon phase again.

Other celestial event that  happen to the moon.

The Lunar Eclipse. This is when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow and is totally dark. It can take quite a while for this to happen. It happens during a full moon. The face of the moon will turn sunset red for up to an hour or more as the eclipse unfolds.

A solar eclipse is much more dramatic and happens faster. This is when the moon passes in-between the sun and the earth. For a moment the sky is totally darkened during the day. Somewhere in the world there is a point of total darkness that the moon blocks all the sun’s light.

An event that happened one night during a full moon.

This was when my brother lived with us. He was the only witness. He heard all the dogs go crazy one night. He said they were barking at something out by the storm cellar. It is in the front yard a ways from the house near the fence line. He stepped out to look. He caught a glimpse of something big and grey standing approximately 34 to 36 inches tall.

He told me about it the next day and i walked out there and looked around. I checked the barbed wire fence for any hair snags and the ground for any foot prints. I didn’t find anything. We realized that was the night of a full moon, so it must have been a were-wolf right? (although we do get the odd stray wolf or coyote around here)

You get what you put into it

Matthew 13: 58 “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

Everyone thinks of God as this being who is going to fix everything in their life, or that he is some kind of wish granting genie. That as a Christian he is required to do something for you. The truth is he already has done everything for you he is required to do. He save you. Everything else is just gravy. It is true, that he will be with you forever. He will likely do things for you, many of them you wont even be aware of. He will never abandon you.

Everyone reads the Bible and sees these miracles that he performed. They think that they are entitled, and when or if they don’t happen they get discouraged. Their faith falls and then they may even blame God for their lack of faith. Because if he just did this or did that they would believe. Seems like I read that somewhere.

The truth is, however, that you get out of the relationship what you put into it. If you are only reading the Bible ,and many aren’t even doing that, and not following God’s guidelines for life he CAN’T work in your life. Don’t take that statement too far. He is likely working in small ways trying to get your attention. Sending certain people to talk to you. Putting certain people in your path. Maybe even bringing you to this page. When Jesus traveled through his hometown they didn’t believe in him. He couldn’t heal many or do many wonders in their sight because of that.

God knows how hard the world is to live in. How the worlds standards have fallen, but he hasn’t changed. his standards haven’t changed and we still have to live by them. It isn’t easy. he knows that. He forgives, if we are sincere. He wont smite us because we stumble. Not every bad thing that happens is God’s punishment. Stupid people cause stupid crap to happen and sometimes  we get caught in the whirlwind. He will help you through it though. The closer you draw to him the more he can do in your life.

What you have with him is  a relationship. You have to put into it to get anything out of it. He has standards for life. He is a big boy. He can handle it when you stumble. Even when you hate him at time and yell and curse at him. He understands how you feel. He can be patient while the storm rolls by and he will be waiting when you draw back to him.

There are two books I can recommend. Not a fan by Kyle Idleman. And How to pray when you are pissed at God. Can’t remember who wrote it off hand. Both are really good. Not a fan give you a lot of information about living God’s way, and the other a lot on prayer and how to pray even when you are in a bad place. If you can master that then you can master prayer.

Three things Required in Life

I love youyou are important to meYou don’t have to earn my love. Three things everyone needs to hear growing up, but many don’t. We live in a world where everyone is busy, and communication doesn’t cross over very well. We assume our loved ones know and we don’t have to say it. We assume our actions will show it. Or  we say it and assume they believe it and our actions don’t live up to our words.

Everyone, especially men, need to hear these three things. God showed this to Jesus as he began his ministry. When Jesus was baptized a voice rang out “This is my son,  in whom I am well pleased.” This was God expressing his love for Jesus. Before he began his ministry. Before he did any of the miracles that would bring God glory. This is the model we need to follow. If you love someone you need to tell them. Whether they are children or grown children. It is easy for them to get into the idea they have to earn love. Earn affection and affirmation. Believe me it is super easy. Even if they understand it logically. They can get into the idea they need to do better to be well liked by others. Or they can spin it in the other direction, That they don’t need affirmation from anyone. Which will lead to a very lonely life. Because the truth is we need each other. We are social creatures that need interaction with each other.

God said this is MY son. He showed pride in this statement. HIS son. Showing validation and a treasured possession. Something that was his and  could never be taken and a bond that can’t be broken or lost.

God said In whom I am well pleased. Displaying affirmation and love with no requirements attached. Just love displayed publicly before others. Not earned and validated by a loving father.  You would be surprised how this will make you feel.  It gives you strength. An inner strength to survive.


Fire Survival


Fire is an element somewhere between a gas and a liquid, but not either. Fire is closest to a plasma. Like the Sun and lightning is a plasma. It is an intangible energy of light and heat. Fire can be unpredictable and dangerous. In th Bible it is often used to describe God’s wrath, as it is one of the most destructive elements.
If your clothing or something on you catches on fire, remember to Stop-Drop-and roll. You have probably heard of this before or seen it on tv. This is where you drop to the ground and roll around to try to smother the fire out. Fire can not grow without oxygen. It needs it to burn. So smothering it will put it out. Like putting a lid back on a jar candle. The flame will go out.
                          It can only take 30 seconds for a small fire to turn into a full blown raging fire. Getting caught in a house fire can be a scary event. If it is small and slow enough it may be possible to  put out the fire with a fire extinguisher or smother it with a blanket or something. However fires can be tricky and if it is already growing it may be best to get out as soon as possible and call for help. It is not worth your life, so evaluate the situation quickly. At work our Lead happened to walk into a situation like this. One of the light fixtures fell from the ceiling and ignited some boxes. She happened to be there and grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out before it could grow.


House/Building Fire
Of course in a House/Building fire the fire itself is not the most dangerous part. Most people die from smoke inhalation. Breathing in the smoke will cause you to  cough uncontrollably and pass out from lack of oxygen. After that they are consumed by the fire raging around them. The last thing you want to do is pass out in a fire. That is why you want to stay low to the ground when in a fire. The heat and smoke will rise to the ceiling. It will be easier to breath if you stay low and crawl. Easier said than done I know.
You would think that with all that fire it would be easy to see, but it is not. All the smoke will sting your eyes and the blackness will make it hard to see. If you are can’t see that can make it hard to find a way out. Most places of business have emergency exits clearly marked, and places of employment have fire drills. It is always a good idea to make note of emergency exits wherever you are. So stay low, cover your nose and mouth with something to filter the air you are breathing and crawl to the nearest exit. If you can go out a window.
If you come to a door that is closed place your hand on it and feel if there is a fire on the other side. If the door is very hot, don’t go that way. It;s not safe.  Have a plan on how to get out of your home in case of a fire and teach it to the rest of your family. Also have a fire safe to store your important documents and pictures. Have smoke detectors in every room.
When I was in elementary school I we had a fire safety day where the fire department came and instructed us in fire safety and emergency exits. We had a fire drill and we all had to walk through the building and to the exit for a roll call. One of the men grabbed me and pulled me aside down a hall where I was to play the part of a victim so the teachers would have students who didn’t turn up and have to report it.
Car Fire
Cars, in general, do not explode like they do on tv. They do ignite however and burn fast. The pinto was a famous car because it had a manufacturing flaw that would make it suddenly ignite while you were driving it. Most cars though will not unless you are in and accident and something ignites the fuel leak. You have a limited time to get out and it wont be easy. Your best bet will be to go out a window. (I am assuming this fire was caused by and accident and your door is jammed always check the door first) First check your legs to make sure you are not pinned in and get your seatbelt undone. You should be wearing it, especially if you were in an accident. It may be necessary to cut it. They sell little devices for this sort of thing that even have a glass breaker. They look like little hammers. They even sell some on key chains that would be handy. They would be hanging just in front of you in the ignition. Now that your seatbelt is off the next step is to get out a window. Check the one on the door. Is it out already, Can you manage to get through it? If not try the windshield. It is the largest and Right in front of you if you can get around the steering wheel. If not what about the back glass.
You commonly hear about them in dry, hot climates like California, but they can happen anywhere. They  usually start small and grow fast by feeding on dry burnable materials. Sometimes the heat from the sun in a combination with dry brush and the right conditions can start a wildfire, but this is rare. Most are caused by human conditions and carelessness. Wildfires are dangerous and can spread quickly, because the winds can send smoke, ash, and embers for miles. One can cause another one for miles around and they can meet and grow even bigger. The way they spread can be unpredictable and can suddenly change direction. Fire jumpers are well trained for these situations, but still can’t always be completely prepared. If you are ever out and get caught in a wildfire it is important to know what to do.
The first thing is not to panic. Remain calm as to not make any mistakes. After you have calmed yourself cover your nose and mouth with something. A bandanna or even just your shirt pulled up. It works best if you can wet it down with something if you have a bottle of water or access to water. Smoke inhalation is very dangerous. If you have trouble breathing and are breathing in the soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide you might pass out. At that point it is over for you, so Keep you airways covered as much as you can. Stay low to the ground. Remember the smoke and ash will be going up.
You need to formulate a plan for getting out of there. Remember that the worst places to be is uphill from a fire and down wind from a fire. SO always try to stay up wind from. That is moving against the wind so that the wind is blowing the fire away from you. It would make moving hard if the wind was blowing the smoke and heat into your face and the fire will be moving quickest in the direction the wind is moving it. So use the wind as a guide. If the wind is behind you blowing towards the fire move into the wind and if the wind is behind the fire blowing it towards you move perpendicular to the fire because you want to get away from the flames and out of it’s potential path. Keep in mind that the wind can blow sparks up to a mile ahead and start new mini fires beyond the existing fire. The last thing you want is to get sandwiched between two raging fires. So glance up at the top of the flames and watch the smoke and see what direction the wind is blowing it in and take the next course of action to escape them.
If possible head towards the next body of terrain that is non flammable. Head in the direction of the nearest area that is free of  trees and bush and less likely to burn. If you can put a body of water between you and the fire do so. Avoid moving through dense brush and thick undergrowth as these places will burn quickly and can leave you trapped.
If for some reason you are trapped, the best option is to hunker down in an area that will not burn. Always keep fleeing if it is possible though. SO your best bet if you can not keep moving is to take shelter in a vehicle or building if at all possible. Sometimes the best place to move is a place that has already burned if it is cooled down enough to do so. These areas can suddenly spring back up if it is still hot enough and new burnable (you) material is added and if it is still smoldering it can make breathing difficult.
If you can cross a body of water do so, fire will not cross a lake or river unless it is narrow with a lot of overgrowth on the other side. If there is a large paved area use that as a barrier. It will take a fire some time to move across the pavement, but watch out for overhanging branches. If you can not follow the road because of the width of the fire lie face down on the pavement as far from the fire as possible. If there is a ditch lie face down in the ditch farthest from the fire.
When you hunker down try to cover your body with something to protect you from the fire. A wet blanket or clothing works best. Covering the back of your head and body with  cool mud or soil will help protect you from the heat. Stay put until the fire passes.
Escaping or hunkering in a vehicle
That is if you are escaping on foot, if you have a vehicle use it. Be sure to roll up the windows and close the vents. You are now in an enclosed area and smoke getting in can make it hard to breath. Drive safely. This means to drive slow and do not drive into thick smoke. If you get your car stuck or strike a tree you are reducing your odds of survival. If you must stop your vehicle park far away from trees and heavy brush.
If you must take shelter in your vehicle and can not escape, then hunkering down in your vehicle is the best option for you. Vehicles with metal gas tanks rarely explode. Keep your windows up and lie in the back floorboard. Cover yourself with a blanket or coat if possible. Even if the fire surrounds your car stay inside, you still have a better chance of survival than running from the car at this point. Stay inside and stay low. The low air currents may rock the car, just don’t panic.
If you are hunkering down in a building for shelter. Take as many precautions as you can, but if the fire is moving rapidly, that may not be an option. First shut off any fuel lines such as propane, natural gas, or oil. Move curtains and fabric covered furniture away from windows and  sliding doors. If the glass breaks you wont want anything flammable near them. Remove any combustible materials from the yard like gas grills or fuel cans. Remove any fire wood or debris far from the structure.
If time permits try to wet the area down as much as possible this will make it harder to burn and slow down an advancing fire. Not just the ground, but the building you will be in as well. If you have several large containers fill them with water and surround the building with them.
So now stay inside. Keep window and doors closed. Do not lock any doors or windows. If fire rescue arrive you want to be able to get out or them to get in quickly. Stay away fro exterior walls. Try to stay near the middle of the building on the ground floor. Take a towel or a sheet and wet it down. If nothing is available you can dunk it in the tank of the toilet (tank not bowl) and drape it over your head.
A spiritual and intelligent fireball. It is said to chase people through the woods and fire them to death if caught.
Name                     Body  Mind   Spirit   Heart points
Santelmo’s Fire     3        6           7           ❤ ❤
                 Scenario: You wake in your hotel room. It is hard to breath. You can smell smoke though it is not thick yet. It seem to be coming from around the door. You place your hand on the door and it is very hot meaning a fire is right on the other side. You have a window, but you are on the third story and it doesn’t open. You have an adjacent bathroom. You wet several towels and place them around the door. It is possible to run through the fire and make it to the fire escape stairs. How are you going to get out? Braking the window has a body challenge of <7> Tying a rope from the sheets has a mental challenge of <7> Braving the fire to find a way out through the flames has a spirit challenge of <7> Throwing the mattress out the window and landing on it has a body challenge of <9>
Further study:
Ring of fire- Johnny Cash

Skill: Peeing Outside

11880556_10206903706168256_1907525563727763931_nThis may seem like a lame skill, after all who doesn’t know how to go number one. However a large portion of the population has a condition called shy bladder syndrome. This I where they are too nervous to go in an open environment or when others are around. It is not so easy then and can be frustrating especially if you are in hurry. This is the reason I couldn’t use urinals for a long time, which led to problems at work when I was in a hurry and a stall was not available. Something about standing there next to other people and sometimes very  inconsiderate people who will stand directly behind you at the urinal that you can practically feel their breath on the back of your neck. Not to mention that where I work half the time the small dividers will be ripped out of the wall by someone. They still haven’t caught who is doing it.
However if you can get past your shy bladder it can be beneficial to being able to go outdoors when needed. Mostly a benefit for guys, but they do make a device for women that allows them to go standing up. It is basically a specially shaped funnel. If you can get past the idea of carrying around a pee funnel in your bag or purse. Just be careful about where you go.
Normally I avoid doing this, but there was this one time I drank too much coffee before going to work. Luckily it was early in the morning before daylight. When I go to the longest stretch of road that I could see in both directions clearly I pulled over to the shoulder away from any houses and hurried around to the other side of the car. It was a relief.
Okay for this adventurous experiment, you need a bottle of water and privacy. This very male experience, does have a purpose of sorts. It is very straight forward and interesting. Have you ever tried this. Everyone urinates, fewer than you would think have done it outside. There is a sense of freedom in it. Hard to explain unless you have done it for yourself. A feeling of out of the norm. A sense of adventure really. Anyway the point of this experiment is a psychological one. You will need to really go so that you will have time for this.  You will need a large bottle of water. When you begin to urinate, start drinking. As far as possible you should try to drink the water straight down without pausing. (Don’t choke yourself though) You will feel quite bizarre sensations almost immediately. The water you expel seems to be synchronized with the water you are pouring into yourself. You should then visualize  your body to be organized in a way that the water you are drinking is directly exiting your body. It will feel as though your body has become simple and pulled inside out. Your complex intestinal system is absent.
Okay I admit this has little to do with Christianity and i am ready a new book on simple experiments for everyday life. I am trying to tie them in with Christianity and this one seemed so simple and fit with outdoor living. In biblical times it was common to use the great outdoors.

There are references to “those who pissesth against the wall” It was a common practice. Anyone who camps, hikes, or does any out door activity has done it at least once. This is an experiment that few have done i expect and thought i would post it to enhance anyone interested outdoor adventure. Just do it away from the campsite or ground water.


This goes with the post toilet training.