You get what you put into it

Matthew 13: 58 “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

Everyone thinks of God as this being who is going to fix everything in their life, or that he is some kind of wish granting genie. That as a Christian he is required to do something for you. The truth is he already has done everything for you he is required to do. He save you. Everything else is just gravy. It is true, that he will be with you forever. He will likely do things for you, many of them you wont even be aware of. He will never abandon you.

Everyone reads the Bible and sees these miracles that he performed. They think that they are entitled, and when or if they don’t happen they get discouraged. Their faith falls and then they may even blame God for their lack of faith. Because if he just did this or did that they would believe. Seems like I read that somewhere.

The truth is, however, that you get out of the relationship what you put into it. If you are only reading the Bible ,and many aren’t even doing that, and not following God’s guidelines for life he CAN’T work in your life. Don’t take that statement too far. He is likely working in small ways trying to get your attention. Sending certain people to talk to you. Putting certain people in your path. Maybe even bringing you to this page. When Jesus traveled through his hometown they didn’t believe in him. He couldn’t heal many or do many wonders in their sight because of that.

God knows how hard the world is to live in. How the worlds standards have fallen, but he hasn’t changed. his standards haven’t changed and we still have to live by them. It isn’t easy. he knows that. He forgives, if we are sincere. He wont smite us because we stumble. Not every bad thing that happens is God’s punishment. Stupid people cause stupid crap to happen and sometimes  we get caught in the whirlwind. He will help you through it though. The closer you draw to him the more he can do in your life.

What you have with him is  a relationship. You have to put into it to get anything out of it. He has standards for life. He is a big boy. He can handle it when you stumble. Even when you hate him at time and yell and curse at him. He understands how you feel. He can be patient while the storm rolls by and he will be waiting when you draw back to him.

There are two books I can recommend. Not a fan by Kyle Idleman. And How to pray when you are pissed at God. Can’t remember who wrote it off hand. Both are really good. Not a fan give you a lot of information about living God’s way, and the other a lot on prayer and how to pray even when you are in a bad place. If you can master that then you can master prayer.

Bestiary: Hassy’s Head

hasy.jpgHassy’s Head

This is a local creature legend around my area. I head about it from my brother and cousin. Hassy’s Head was a disembodied head that flew around and attacked people. Said to originate from an old abandoned fridge. It would fly about at night and either kill or suck blood from it’s victims. In all likelihood this is just something they came up with, with no real grounds, but I came across some old Philippine legends that gives it some credence.

Hassy’s head would be a Penanggalan. A sort of female vampire head. A creature that at night would detach it’s head from it’s body and fly about attacking people. It would have entrails dangling from it’s floating head. It would leave bruises and scratches on it’s victims. They would all be bleeding from the mouth. So maybe it has a deadly kiss. They would all have to return to it’s body just before first light. Usually in a barrel or coffin or some similar enclosed container. If it didn’t return to it’s body it would die.  It can’t just hide from the sun either, because it’s entrails would dry out if not reattached to it’s body. Also you could drive it away if you had something sharp or a tree limb. It would be scared it’s entrails would get harmed or tangled.

As a vampire, it probably has the same weaknesses as vampires do. Holy water should burn it, Holy symbols should keep it at bay. Garlic and silver would harm it ask they are blood thinners and antibacterial.

So the legend (I am making for her) she is the victim of a murder. Her body stuffed into an old fridge and abandoned by the killer in the wooded are near the shale pit. Unable to find peace she returns as the undead and flies about at night seeking revenge. Every day she returns to her fridge sanctuary.

Hassy’s Head

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Game scenario:

So you and your daughter are going camping. You chose a little place off the beaten path. You have left your car about a half mile away at the ranger station. You are the only one here at your campsite. It is a little clearing near a stream surrounded by woods. You set up your camp with a fire pit, and a tent. They only weapon you brought is (whatever it on your immediate right.) You are having a great time talking and hanging out. Suddenly a storm rolls in. (-1 to body) You had checked the weather and there was no report of one this week. You curse silently under your breath and head towards the tent. As lightning flashes you catch the site of something near the trees. You only saw it for a second, but the sight of it sent a chill down your spine. You push your daughter into the tent and grab a flashlight. You wave the beam toward the trees, but it is gone.

You shake your head and head towards the tent. As your eyes set on it, you see it floating right there by it. In a fit of panic you lunge forward screaming at it. It seems to retreat a few feet, but stops. It glares at you eyes glowing red. Apparently amused.

What do you do? The ranger station is a half mile. You are armed with (Whatever is to your right at the time of reading this) You have to look out for your daughter. It is raining slowing your movements.

Your daughter stats 4/4/4. Your stats can be found here after the quiz.

Music course

“Make a joyous sound unto the Lord”
Music has long been at the center of worship. It is the perfect way to express your feelings, faith, and lift your spirit. There was an article i read once that a pastor pulled into a fast food restaurant late at night and he heard Christian music being played over the loud speakers. He mentioned this to the waitress that brought his order and she said she did it because it kept away the riff-raff. This is a very real thing. Spiritual music drives away the presence of evil.  It can make the devil flee.
King Saul was troubled by an evil spirit that threatened to drag him into a depression and possibly posses him. He brought David who was a psalmist and played the harp into his palace to play for him and it drove out the evil spirit. Saul would later turn against David and attempt to kill him so maybe he lost his battle, but David’s music lifted Saul’s spirit and drove out the spirit and such music can do the same for us today.

20160730_135654I believe everyone should learn to play something for the Lord. Whether it is singing or an instrument. That being said, i quite suck at my chosen instrument, But if it is played from the heart God will love it regardless of the ear splitting noise. I play a Wow Flute. It is just like an ocarina. Wow flute is a brand name and they are practically indestructible. Good for someone who goes on adventures and trekking the outback. It is a palm sized flute with six holes and is easy to learn, though i prefer to free style most of the time. There are all kinds of songs you can learn and even hymns like amazing grace.
Another that is easy to learn is the spoons. Really you just hold two spoons back to back between your first two fingers and thumb and click them together.
If an instrument is not your thing then learn to sing a hymn or two. (Your voice in an instrument as well) I know someone at work who is an associate member to my survival team who sings to herself hymns and Christian songs when the day runs long or is especially hard. She is one of the most up beat people i know. A true Christian. Everyone should memorize at least one hymn for those times when you just need a pick me up or are in a frightening situation. It can give you strength. Remind you that God is there.

If you have trouble memorizing actual verses, like i do sometimes, it is easy to freestyle a hymn. Consider this.
I’ll go with him through the (insert something here),
I’ll go with him through the (repeat insert),
I’ll go with him through the (once more repeat),
I’ll go with him all the way.
Repeat those lines inserting different things, Whatever you are feeling at the time. Storms, dessert, forest, valley, anything you want. Make it your own.

In addition to inspiring and lifting us, we can show God how we feel and glorify him. This is pleasing to God, even if we are tone deaf. God hears the music from our hearts and the love we put into it. So don’t worry so much about the sound.
So whether you are going on a road trip, Long or short hike, Or just jogging around your block. Add a soundtrack to your life.

Make a playlist of your favorite Christian music or whatever speaks to you.
Make 5 sets of playlists of at least 10 to 12 songs each for the following subjects.
One that is fast paced and upbeat like for a workout or feeling energized.
One for when you are down and feeling blue.
One for a road trip and when you are on the go.
One for worship and praising God.
One whatever you like your choice.


(Your voice is an instrument)


Who can be Saved……Is it the Chruch

Something that makes me mad, are those churches that only accept the people that look like they got it all together and turn away the ones who have problems. Like you have to be good enough to be saved. You know what i mean. You know what i mean. They gather every sunday and dress all nice. I was reading about a woman’s testimony this week about how her church she had been going to for years wouldn’t accept her because she was getting divorced.  This made her feel so guilty and ashamed. She didn’t feel like she could be saved. That just pisses me off. That is the opposite of what the church is suppose to be. The church is NOT for perfect people. If you are perfect you don’t need a savior. You can save yourself.  The church is for the imperfect people who can’t save themselves. You go to church because you don’t have it all together and need help.

You can’t be good enough to be saved. That is the point. Jesus didn’t come to save the good. The righteous. The don’t need him. He came for the lowly. The poor. The troubled. There is no one beyond God’s ability to save. Have addictions, He is your savior, Committed crimes, He is your savior, Something was done to you that makes you feel ashamed, He is your savior, Were the one who did the something to someone, He is still your savior. Murderers, thieves, adulterers, liars, sinners of all degrees. He is your savior. His offer was not for a select few. It was for anyone who feels they aren’t worthy no exceptions. If you will repent and seek after him you may be saved. Don’t have to look nice, don’t have to have it all together. He can help you in the mist of your troubles. Hair all up in curlers and tattered old bathrobe. There is no right time or place. Seek him where ever you are in life and he may be found and you can be forgiven.

People who try to be exclusive are the ones who are seeking their own glory. They want to look like they are better than everyone around them. God is not with those sort of people. If you walk into a church like that turn around and run. So that you don’t fall into their trap of works. You can not earn God’s forgiveness. He can only give it to those who earnestly seek him. It can not be bought no matter how much you donate. It can only be given to you when you repent.  Meaning you no longer want to live the life you were. You want a change in your life. You no longer want to do wrong. This of course means that you are still not perfect and might slip up still, but you will struggle and try to overcome your problems and God will help you there. It will be a marathon, not a race. Marathons take time and commitment. You will pass mile markers and slowly get towards the finish line. Races are short and you reach the destination quickly and it is over. That is not a realistic view. Very few people will instantly turn their life around after being saved. There will be time s when you fail. That doesn’t mean you have lost your salvation.  God doesn’t say ow well it was worth shot and give up on you. He stays with you and continues to help you keep trying until you make it. Until you can lay down the baggage you have been carrying and stays with you even after. Even when you give up, He doesn’t.

Once you have made that decision to become a Christian, you don’t lose God. Even if you walk away. Once you become his, you are his for life. Salvation isn’t something you loose that easily. Just because you sin again after being saved, doesn’t mean you no longer are. That of course is not an excuse to do whatever you want and still go to heaven. The state of your heart is the real determining factor here. You hae to desire to do right. Your heart has to be in the right place with God. If you run amuck and sin to your hearts content with no regard to God’s will, you are on your way to losing your salvation. Many want to use God’s grace to live however as an excuse. I can do this now and repent later. You never know when you will die. Only God does. You shouldn’t live with unrepented sin in your life. You may not get the chance later.

Survival Imagine

1538817_10207032770354780_7949460407469650709_nThis is an exercise. Imagine a disaster is going on. You can see it happening around you. People you love are suffering. Everyone is huddled together. They have blankets over them You can see the dejected looks on their faces. Maybe they even look at you with spite. Not because they actually hate you, but they lost everything. They are mad at the world. They are mad at anyone who might have it better than them at this moment. That is a natural reaction. You see family, friends, loved ones. Your own children. They are lost and crying. What do you do? What do you want to do?

What if i told you they were going to die? What if i told you everyone you can see are going to die? What if i told you, you could save them? What if you could take their place? All of them. All you have to do is suffer for a moment and they would get to survive. You family, your children. Your children who are suffering. If your death was a certain victory for them. If it ensured that they would live on?

That is how God feels. He looks down and sees our suffering. It hurts him. He is not happy about our pain. Some people feel that way, because there is so much of it in the world. That is not God’s design. He made it good, we screwed it up and generations down the line have to deal with it.

Jesus did come into the world to save us so that we could survive death. It is the ultimate survival. I bring this up because it is a story of survival. It was a very unstable world then and it is becoming a very unstable world now. politically and civil unrest. People are rioting and destroying. Terrorism. You name it, it is going on. It wasn’t very different then. Jesus came into the world to save those who would trust in him. The jews had their leaders who were afraid of loosing thier political advantages. The Romans were conquering as much as they could and controlling whoever they could oppress. You had people all looking for a  revolution to happen.

Okay so they are the same and we are feeling it. We are scared of what is happening and what might happen. We need to remember that God is with us. He is a Father. You would do anything for your child and WE ARE HIS. He wont let us go. If you want assurance in this world look to Jesus. He will give you inner peace and wisdom to deal with this world. The apostles  traveled this world for years and faced all kinds of hardships and God was with them. When Paul persecuted them and hurt them Jesus faced him down and turned him into a most devoted follower. If God can take care of them in their treacherous world he can take care of us.

How to Survive The Holidays

1526959_10202399503886014_1792274937_nOkay, so here we go. It is that time again. For many it is the happy wonderful time of the year, for many others all that cheer just turns your stomach. Right. Maybe we could handle it better if we could just tackle them one at a time, but stores seem to want to throw them at us all at once right. Before October even gets here they are already advertising New Years. One isle is dedicated to Halloween and turn the corner there are Christmas trees with little pilgrims gathered around it. Halloween i covered in another post here i am going to cover Thanksgiving and Christmas together and separate kinda. Just bear with me.

So, family gatherings. How to handle them. We all love our family right, (don’t answer out loud please) let’s just all say yes. But no one likes them all at once. Get thirty people and kids all in one location. People stumbling over each other, fighting for seats. Trying to to mingle and talk over the kids noise. Maybe some people aren’t quite getting along. Family grudges start coming out. People are now getting uncomfortable. Some are going quite waiting fo r the moment to pass. What to do.

Either you are going to be one of them in the mingling or you are going to be one hanging 10569103_10202146365215461_1068718554649124684_n.jpgout by the far corner waiting for a few people to leave and make it less crowded. Bring alcohol. This will help loosen people up. Make things less tense. Okay not the best solution exactly unless you want drunk relatives. Keep it simple if you know some members have drinking problems. Maybe make punch and control the amount in it. Just enough to make people at ease.

Mentally prepare yourself. You know it is coming, maybe prepare some quick change topics you can go to to direct conversations or way to dodge talking to people you want to avoid. Another idea, bring games. Maybe a trivia game where you can keep some cards in your pocket and pull out to distract people. Like what is the name of that one christmas song.

Okay so you wake up holiday morning and you find a fat guy in  a red suit in your living room eating cookies. What do you do? Well if it is Thanksgiving you probably panic and grab a gun. Okay had to throw that in there. If you do find something like this in your home call the cops. You may want to make sure it is not a relative first, assuming this is Christmas time. They may be there to surprise the kids or something.

Gift Giving

Okay how to survive a bad gift. Someone gives you a bad gift, (guessing you don’t want them to know you don’t like it) try to control your face. Smile and koo a little. Say something like “i wanted one of these. Thank you”or “I’ve been looking at these.” or maybe “I just got So-n-So one of these and was thinking of getting one for myself.”  Keep it in the package, you can probably return it or regift it later. If you plan to regift, remember who it came from you don’t want to give it back to them. That is award.

Okay so when picking out a gift, a few tips to think about. Be careful of what you get. Unless this is your child or family member you know well, avoid pets as gifts. You get a niece or nephew a pet their parents might not be to happy about that and they might not get to keep it. Avoid gifts that wont be there for the actual holiday event unless discussed ahead of time with the person in question. It does kind of suck if everyone there is opening gifts and your gift will be here in two weeks. If this is the case, like you ordered it and it wont be here on time, might throw in a box of candy or something for that day and let them know it is on the way. Avoid anything too personal or intimate depending on who and where the opeing will take place. You don’t want your wife or girlfriend opeing lingerie in front of thier father or boss. Kinda awkward.

Okay, here is a scenario for you. You walk under some misletoe, someone else happens to be nearby. ( we are not talking about family here, like office party type, unless of course you have a weird family) You both notice, what do you do?  You are expected to kiss. If this is not some ideal setting and you don’t want to, it is alright to just smile and nod some acknowledgment to them to be polite and quickly move on. The really embarrassing part is when you go in for the kiss and the move away sort of leaving you there like WTF. How to recover. Well you don’t you just sort of pick up your pride and go have a drink. So lets go back and say you are standing there and they are coming in for the kiss and you don’t want to but you don’t want to be the ass about it. You can  turn your head slightly so that it lands on your cheek and kiss them on their cheek at the same time. You know friend zone them. This is a recovery that doesn’t exactly hurt them or humiliate them.

Now for the eating part of the holidays. Everyone over eats on the holidays. You know the 996767_10202416063619997_1986695391_ndrill. Food, deserts, candy, punch. So if you know you are going to be dining with relatives, they are going to expect you to eat. So skip breakfast or eat very little. Just to keep your stomach from grumbling. Especially if you are going to be eating at more than one family. After all these people have been cooking for hours, probably from the crack of dawn on this meal. Are you going to say, “no i don’t want any.” Even if you just make a sandwich with some turkey and a bisket you should have something there. Just be polite about it. Say i stopped at so and so and we ate there so i will just have a bite.

Okay so here are a few Christmas creatures.

The Christmas time was originally refered to as the darkest days of the year. Not just because it literally is these days with the shortest amount of daylight. It was considered a dangerous time of year. The winter season was the hardest time to survive in the old world. You couldn’t grow crops and the weather could be harsh. There are many winter time creatures to fear. From all around the world.


By now everyone has heard of Krampus. The christmas devil or santa’s evil twin. He resembles santa in some ways, but has a horrible face with long matted hair and two large horns like a goat. Probably resembling the traditional satan figure. He kidnaps and east people by todays modern legends.

Black Peter

This is by tradition Santa’s little follower that hits bad children.


He comes to children sometime before Christmas, wearing tattered old clothing and raggedy fur. Belsnickel carries a switch to frighten children and candy to reward them for good behavior. He throws down candy in front of children and if they dive at it like a glutton he will hit them with the stick. However if they answer his questions correctly they will be rewarded with the candy.

Hans Trapp

As the legend goes, this wa a real man. He was rich and evil and even worshiped satan and was kicked out of the catholic church. He was exiled into the forest where he preyed on children disguised as a scarecrow complete with straw sticking out of his clothes possibly for warmth. He catches a boy and is about to eat him when he gets struck by lightning. A punishment from God. Still, he visits young children before Christmas, dressed as a scarecrow.

The Yule cat

This was an icelandic tradition that the yule cat would eat lazy children. It was a tradition that all hard working children would receive new clothing for Christmas and the yule cat could tell who was lazy because they wouldn’t have new clothes and the cat would eat those lazy children.

The Yule Lads

The yule lads are an icelandic folk lore of trolls that causes trouble around the holidays and would leave little gifts for children in their shoes if left out. However their mother would kidnap children that didn’t obey thier parents and would eat them. Her name was Gryla.

Adventurer’s Almanac: Moons

Matthew 27:45 “Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.”

10985053_10206571194655676_1116744643366009306_nOkay so the moon is this big rock out in space that reflects sunlight. It changes in appearance that we call cycles. Many people think it plays a mystical role in the world. Who am i to say otherwise. It did eclipse durning the crucifixion after all adn God gave us the stars and seasons for signs and wonders.

Full moon: This is when the moon looks the biggest and reflect the most light. It is easier to see at night. Many say this is when animals and people act strange during a full moon. The moon is also closest to the earth at this point and it’s gravity has a kind of pull on the earth and the oceans.  The moon will appear full for three day. The day before the full moon and the day after.

In the lunar cycle thier is at least one full moon in every month. A second full moon is called a blue moon. Has nothing to do with it’s actual color.

Many peopel associate the full moon to withcraft and dark magic, but i would dissagree. I would think that the new moon would be a better moon for dark magic since the moon light is just reflected sunlight. adn the new moon is the darkest moon.

New Moon: This when the lunar cycle starts over again. This is when the moon looks completly black and refects no light. It is very dark at night and hard to see.  There is at least one new moon in each month and a second is called a black moon.

A cresent moon is when you can only see a fraction of the moon lit up. What it is called depends on what phase it is in. Either darkness or light will be taking over the moon moving from the right side. Just after the new moon you will start to see a cresent of light appearing on the right side of the moon. This is the waxing phase where it becomes brighter until the full moon. Then starts the wanning phase where a cresent of shadow appears on the right side of the moon until all you can see is a cresent of light on the left side of the moon that dims until the new moon phase again.

Other celestial event that  happen to the moon.

The Lunar Eclipse. This is when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow and is totaly dark. It can take quite a while for this to happen. It happens during a full moon. THe face of the moon will turn sunset red for up to an hour or more as the eclipse unfolds.

A solar eclipse is much more dramatic and happens faster. This is when the moon passes inbetween the sun and the earth. For a moment the sky is totally darkened during the day. Somewhere in the world there is a point of total darkness that the moon blocks all the sun’s light.

An event that happened one night during a full moon.

This was when my brother lived with us. He was the only witness. He heard all the dogs go crazy one night. He said they were barking at something out by the storm cellar. It is in the front yard a ways from the house near the fence line. He stepped out to look. He caught a glimps of something big and grey standing aproximatly 34 to 36 inches tall.

He told me about it the next day and i walked out there and looked around. I checked the barbed wire fence for any hair snags and the groudn for any foot prints. I didn’t find anything. We realized that was the night of a full moon, so it must have been a were-wolf right? (although we do get the odd stray wolf or cyote around here)