Preparedness What does it mean

Prepping is more than stockpiling gear, food, and supplies. It is about being ready for any situation. No amount of gear will save your life if you don’t know how to use it. No amount of knowledge will help you if you don’t have the strength to endure or utilize it. No amount of physical prowess, or knowledge will save you if you don’t have the attitude or will to survive.

So prepping is about getting your body ready and in shape. It is also about learning the skills to utilize in the event something happens. It is also about developing the spirit and will to push forward and not give up. As God said, I did not give you a spirit of fear. God made us to be champions of his will, to endure and grow and push through the tough times. Not to give up or back down when things get hard or even crazy.

So being prepared is more than buying stuff and hoping you will have what you need. You have to think ahead. Plan things out and have a back up plan if things so bad. One thing that people often over look. Their soul. There is really only one plan for salvation. Jesus. Yet people overlook it. Think they will worry about that stuff later. It usually isn’t until a crisis happens that they finally start to call on God. Well that is something you shouldn’t wait till the last second to do. A friend’s brother was talking texting her one day. His last text was that he had better get off the phone, before he had an accident. Well he did. He didn’t survive it either. two things you can take from that. One don’t text while you are driving. He wasn’t paying attention and drifted into the oncoming lane without realizing it. He clipped the front end of a truck and killed everyone involved.  Second he had just turned his life over to Jesus, before this accident. Even joined a church. His soul was saved. I can’t speak for the others involved though.

I had this dream. I was standing in our church. I was dressed in white, while everyone else there was dressed in navy blue. They were all matching outfits. I was the only one different. We were preparing for a wedding. It was Jesus’s wedding and I wasn’t ready. I knew that I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t given over my life fully to God.

This brings back the parable Jesus spoke of the king who invited his many guests, but they all made excuses as to why they couldn’t come. So the king sent out his servants and invited everyone he could find. Many came to the wedding, but he saw a man there who had on no wedding garment. He did not prepare himself for the wedding. The king had him taken and thrown out into the outer darkness where there will be wailing an gnashing of teeth. No one can come to the lord if they do not prepare themselves. Surrender and confess any hidden sin your life. Humble yourself before him and he will forgive. Don’t wait about your soul, you never know how long you will have before your time comes. Don’t let that be the one thing you aren’t prepared for. Many bad times are coming on the horizon. The world is getting scarier. That is why all the prepping thing is becoming so popular. Russia, China, North Korea. Even just the shootings, and rapists, and rioting here in America, all on the rise. That doesn’t even include Mother nature’s wrath that is picking up. Don’t wait about salvation. For you or your family. You husbands and wives, You children. If you love them, talk to them about the future of their souls. Pray together.

Home Protection, Defence against the Dark Arts

Matthew 12:29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.”

Matthew 24:43″ But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.

Most people use this as a reference to being prepared for Jesus to return and for us to be ready for it and not to just become comfortable in our lives and live immoraly as the world does. To keep our souls ever-ready to be judged. This is important as well, but in this post i want to speak of home defence.

So, the apocalypse is going down, chaos is kicking into high gear, how are you going to protect your home from invasion. The first thing to consider is how good are your locks. If you don’t have a dead bolt, get one. Also install a chain link lock so you can crack the door without it being easy to kick open if you needed to speak to someone at the door and aren’t sure how much you can trust them.

Install some way of looking outside without having to open the door or go out yourself. If someone knocks you want to see who it is first. A peep hole is good, they make digital ones now that are easy to install. Security cameras are another way to go. You could put one on each of the outside walls with night vision.

This is something i had considered to do for quite a while. I have three uncles who rob you blind stealing anything they think they can sell. It started off with just scrap metal and anything aluminum they can get cash for, but when that  started running out they moved up to other things. My big aluminum ladder, a metal bathtub i wanted to plant a garden in, even our battery charger which we used often.

It is easy to protect yourself when you know when the thief will strike, but most of the time you’ll be blindsided so therefore you must have a security system you can count on to feel safe.

Adopt a shelter dog. You can get a puppy if this is what you really want, but consider adopting an older dog that is in need of a home. They will bark at an intruder and alert you to danger. If they are a big dog that is formidable they can be capable of protecting you. They can chase pests away from your garden. If you want a dog that will cherish you, adopt one in need they will thank you for rescuing them and giving them a forever home. You read about it all the time how adopted animals save their families from tragedy. Alerting them from fires, or saving children from danger. I heard on the news the other day where a little terrier dog brought help to an old woman who had fallen walking to her mailbox and couldn’t get up. The dog ran up the road and baked at strangers until someone followed and saw the old woman on the ground and called for an ambulance. It would run up the road and bark at people then run back to check on the old woman and then back to get help. There was a report on a dog that pulled a child from a house fire, and one of a dog fighting off a mountain lion.

Dogs of course aren’t they only animal. If you love and animal enough any animal will dog-adoption-certificate-templateattempt to protect you. There was a news report of a large parrot that fought off robbers that attacked it’s owner. Cats also have been known to protect their owner and food source. There is a video on YouTube where a horse attacks a mountain lion that was about to attack his dog friends. Man it just picked the lion up and swung it around. awesome.

So of course get armed. Consider getting a handgun. Firearms are only dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. A lot of people don’t like guns, but that is because they don’t really understand them or know gun safety. My mom was scared fo guns for a long time. She didn’t want them in the IMG_20140203_092234.jpghouse, But with all that is going on and my dad is passed on now, she is a little afraid of being alone in the house. She is not so scared of them anymore. She bought an air pistol to learn to shoot. Always a good way to start to get over your fear of guns.

There are other things you can get besides guns. Cross bow, combat baton are two. I have a home made cross bow that mom’s boyfriend made me. It is a simple tool you can make from  pvc pipe and a rubber tube.

If money is tight, you can consider less expensive home  security. Tieing tin cans to a trip wire for example. Hanging them from chains in doorways. That is what they do in fallout 4. The jingling sound will alert you to dangerous intruders. If tin cans are not your thing try wind chimes.

Okay moving on to spiritual defences. You can set up a home altar for a spiritual shield. Some people are fine with simple worship and just a sunday thing, but i prefer the more mystical spiritual side of Christianity. There is a whole other level that people just don’t look at or for some reason don’t want to look at. God created all things and his living energy is within all things. We affect the world around us more than we realize. There is a living flowing energy all around us and we are connected to it and there by all things even at a distance. Our emotions and our thoughts effect the world around us. We pray and send our thoughts out into the spiritual miasma of energy. Our thoughts have a substance. A wavelength. Science says that. They aren’t just little things that sit in our heads they have an energy and depth. They extend out of our brains and bodies like radio waves from a transmitter. Our bodies are always giving off energy in various forms. Everyone who has life has the spark of creation within them. The soul. When we pray and meditate we calm our minds and touch our true selves. The deeper part of us that is our very basic essence. There is our true power. All things are made of energy and energy effects energy. This is where our attitude comes in. A good attitude yields a positive energy. A bad attitude yields negative energy. Not to say bad things don’t happen to good people, but they sure seem to come through them better off than people who hate everything. Plus people just like them and are more willing to help them out and leave negative people out to dry.

When i have been in a bad mood, it seems like everything want to go wrong, and i am not just seeing it that way because i am in a bad mood. I have seen it work that way for other people too. Machine where i work, they break down alot more when someone in a bad mood is running them. I’ve taken notice and observed this and when someone who is up beat is running them, they have far less trouble. It is like the energy around you take the potential and turns it into actual.

So where am i going with this. Prayer and positive energy. Surround yourself with it. Focus on channeling the Holy Spirit and the Divine when you pray and meditate. Take time each night before bed to close your eyes and calm your mind and focus on things of Heaven.

IMG_20150926_231732One thing that helps is to build a home altar. Set aside a place in your home for spiritual purposes. It usually has a candle, your holy books. I have a sacred heart candle and my bible and hymnal. A crucifix and a picture of Jesus. On my i have a sacred heart of Jesus on a throne. In a vision Jesus told St. Margaret Mary that he will bless the home in which his sacred heart is honored and displayed. I also keep an ocarina flute there with my hymnal to incorporate music and singing into my private worship. We all develop our own spiritual practices for worship. On the wall near it i have a holy water font. And a small dinosaur plant, the kind that you only have to water and it doesn’t die if you forget like i often do. For me this incorporates the elements of earth, (plant) water (holy water) fire (candles) and air (flute or singing) Also many place little statues and holy cards. Find your own mediums.

For a while, when i was moving furniture in my room where i kept my home altar, i took it down for a week getting things sorted. One day i had a horrible experience. I woke to someone standing over me. They were tall and had a mean face. They bent over me and i couldn’t move. They put their face right in front of mine ans screamed at me a primal scream, but it wasn’t audible exactly i heard it more as a feeling. Then thier face melted into a horrible ugly thing. I snapped out of it with a startle and felt panic and felt terrible and scared. It felt very real and i would swear i was already awake. The next day i was talking to my mom and she told me of the dream she had the same night i had and i hadn’t mentioned anything to her about what i experienced. She woke up to someone standing over her bed. She closed her eyes and then opened them. He was still there. SHe got scared and closed her eyes again and opened them. He was still there. She tried to push him away and he disappeared.

After hearing this I put up the altar again and nothing like that has happened again.


Here is an image of Jesus seated on a throne. This is from a Christian website with a simple enthronement ceremony for seating Jesus on the throne of your home. You print this picture and place it in a frame. Pray, Jesus I seat you in the throne of my home and of my heart and of my life. You are Lord and will alway be from now for forever.



As for the shield of protection. This is a little concoction i put together from other sources. You can find prayers for blessing them yourself, but you will need holy oil and blessed salt. Four stones and the prayers to st. michael. Mix the salt and oil and dip your stones into them. Pray for God to bless these stones and to act as moorings (to sort of anchor spiritual energy) to surround your house with his holy protection. Recite whatever psalms you desire about protection and harmony. It is long believed that the psalm hold power, i would also recommend singing a hymn. Music has always had a special power all it’s own and in hebrew the psalms were sung not recited. They were music. Place the four stones at the four corners of the home you wish to be protected. Say the prayer to St. michael. Some place a st. Benedict medal at the front and back door. The jews use to place the Shema at the door. It was holy scripture ment to protect.

For a home cleansing. Sprinkle a few grains of salt in every corner of every room in your house. Blessed salt is prefered. If you vacuum it up while cleaning just replace. Sprinkle or spray Holy water on every wall, floor and ceiling including the closets and baths. As you go from room to room recite prayers and the Our Father in each room. Use blessed oil to seal your home and yourself with the sign of the cross on the outside of each door and in the center of your forehead.

But these things are only as effective as much faith and energy you pour into them.  God Bless.


Journaling is a great way to help grow spiritualy and mentaly. In this post you will get five or so outline pages you can print to do your own journaling with. Covering Bible study, Dream journal, significant events, Pilgrimages. There is a practice of reading your Bible and writing down a verse that pops out to you. Whatever speaks to you write it down in your journal and meditat on it and write down how it speaks to you and what you feel and understand. This will help you memorize it and apply it to your life. Many people read the Bible and once they close the book they can’t remember half of what they read. I am that way at least. Reading it and writing it down. (The significant part anyway) helps to store it away in the brain.


This is good for other areas of your life as well. When you go for your pilgrimage nature walks or others Write down your experiences. I’ve worked up some simple journal pages you can print out as you need or make your own. Print out three of the Pilgrimage pages and when you go for your nature walks, for one look at the flowers and plants. God made these. How do the work in nature. Draw one that stands out and identify it. For another Draw whatever animal you see. What is it and what is it’s role in God’s world. Is it a bee that pollinates plants, scavengers that eat waste, or something else. For the third nature walk, observe  nature and notice any weird  natural formation. Draw it in the box. Nature can be weird sometimes. Even God has a sense of humor. Also use this page for any pilgrimages you take not just the nature walks. Even the ones you come up with yourself. Use the pilgrimage page and the significant event’s page if it is relevent. Have fun with it and these pages are just simple outlines, feel free to expand on them yourself and if you have better ideas feel free to send them my way.


It can be a good and fun idea to keep a dream journal. God sometimes speaks to us through our dreams. He revealed things to Joseph Jacob’s son and told him of his future and he interpreted the dreams of pharoh. Danial did similar to King Nebuchadnezzar. God also spoke to Joseph Mary’s husband and warned the wise men not to return to Herod. God can use our dreams to talk to us. You can use this page to keep a record.dreamjournalNext on the journal list would be the more standard. THe events journal. Many people keep a journal or diary of significant events. Those day to day things that happen to us we want to remember or keep a record of. Here is a page for such things.eventjournalLast on the list is a sermon journal page. Unlike the bible study you don’t have to write out the whole thing. It doesn’t have to be a sunday church service. I get more out of listening to podcast while i drive. I recommend “Touching Lives” by James merrit. It really speaks to me. There is also Focus on the Family. They give helpful advice. If you want to get really good advice for your life i would seriously listen to touching lives. There are also some men’s and women’s podcast. The New Man and Man in the Mirror. The Homemaking Foundations podcast is a good one aimed at women.