Halloween Special Game

1517580_10204851179296367_1025834452348902486_n.jpgHow to Survive Halloween

You wake up in your bed, groggy as usual. You pull yourself up and stumble towards the door of your room. You can hear activity going on outside. Curious you open the door and peek out.

The area outside is busy with people decorating. Pumpkins, orange and purple lights. Black cats and skeletons. You suddenly realize it is Halloween. It is fall and seasons are changing between fir to air. The leaves are changing to various shades of red and orange. As you are gazing at all the activity, Mrs. Lyn comes walking towards you. Dressed in a long white gown with wings and a halo. In her arms are three bags. “Good morning sleepy head.” She says in a too cheery for this early in the morning voice.” We are getting things ready for tonight. We only have three costumes left. Which one do you want?”

She hold out the three bags. One is marked as a knight, it has plastic armor and a wooden sword. (Both grant a +1 to body each) The second is marked as nerd, Has glasses and suspenders (Both of which grant a +1 to mind each) The last one is marked monk and has a robe and a large golden cross on a chain (grants +1 each to spirit) You may choose any costume you wish and receive the bonus that goes with it.

Many people, me included, love Halloween. I don’t go for the dressing up and begging for candy from strangers any more, but i love to see costumes and specials on tv. I usually have to work during this time, but i also love the mysticism of this time of year. Halloween is a pagan holiday that falls between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. It was a day that they thought the spiritual barrier probably called the p-brain was thinnest and spirits and supernatural creatures could cross over easily and be seen and interact with the living.

There are actually four such festival days that fall half in-between the seasonal cycles. This one is called Samhain and is celebrated by lighting large bonfires believed to be protective. People would set out food for the spirits of their departed loved ones who were thought to come back to visit on this day. A good celebration was thought to ensure a good harvest and livestock season. This day was thought to be a good day for divination as the mystical energies were strongest.

Some view this day as a day for small pranks that are not meant to harm anyone But, this day has become very dark, not because of some supernatural evil, but a very real human evil. People take this opportunity to take advantage of others, to destroy property, kidnap children, attempt to physically harm or poison others. So how to survive Halloween, It is said that dressing up in costumes were a way to hide oneself from the bad spirits that cross over and carving a jack o lantern with a candle inside is meant to ward away evil spirits. That is a start.

However the real things you should worry about are the human predators out there. This is a time for bad people to do bad things. Especially if you have kids. Watch them close. There will be a lot of kids running this way and that. Watch for traffic and don’t let them get out of your sight. This is a good time for kidnappers to try to make off with stray kids. Disguises will be common and make them hard to recognize. Make sure they wear something to make them easy to see in the dark. Like glow sticks or those flashing bands. Put reflective take on the outside of their costumes or hang it in strips. If they are millennial kids let them carry a cell phone and turn on it’s location tracker so you can look it up and find them if you get separated.

Also, it use to be just an urban legend about people putting razor blades in candy, but a year or so ago someone actually did this. Bad people will take things like this and actually do them, so watch out. Inspect the candy before you or your kids eat them.

The way the world is getting, we are going to see more and more crazy crap going on and Halloween is a good time for these bad people to get away with crap. We already have these creepy clown sightings going on. Clowns popping up trying to get kids to follow them into the woods. It started out as just this one sighting posted on the Internet that alot of people thought was a hoax or a publicity stunt for that up coming movie that is about to hit theaters, but then they started getting all kinds of sighting everywhere. Some came forward and said they did it just as a joke because of what they saw on the Internet, but some will be genuine trouble. Sickos seeing it and getting inspired to carry it out like the slender man killings. It was just an Internet character someone made up, but people got caught up in it and actually started killing people for the slender man. So we all will have to play it smart. Maybe place a cross around your kids neck and pray for a guardian angel to watch over them.

Trick or Treat Challenge

Everyone at the academy is going to to trick or treat. Now that you have your costume, you are ready to head out. You are entered in the trick or treat challenge to see who can get the most candy. You are headed to Apple Grove cul de sac. It looks extra creepy in fall. It is a single road that loops around with about 11 houses and a circular stream that surrounds a small cluster of apple trees that look skeletal in the fall. Their twisted dead branches reaching towards the sky as if trying to cling to life. You may hit each house only once. Spin your spinner to see which candy you get and roll a four sided die to get the number of pieces you get for each. There will be battles, but the good news it since the candy is fun sized you can eat as much as you wand during battle to get the modifiers. This doesn’t take away from the total number of pieces you collected. You may not want to use all your candy though as whatever you collect from this game you can save and use in other adventures. There will be other things to collect as well.

You have emptied your backpack and are carrying no gear except for your costume, so you can fill it full of candy. You enter the grove and proceed to the first house.

  1. This is the house of Jace Smears. The owner of Jace’s auto in the inner city. His house is lightly decorated. A few cobwebs and spiders. He answers the door wearing a sombrero and poncho and for some reason an eye patch.

  2. As you approach the house of Velma Myers, you can hear the sound of meowing. It almost sounds like a chorus. She answers the door wearing too tight black spandex and cat ears. Inside you can see at least a dozen cats covering every surface.

  3. As you are walking towards this house someone steps out from behind the bushes. They are wearing a mask over their face and a hoodie pulled up. They pull out a knife and make a threatening motion with it.

    Bully 7 5 4 ❤ ❤

    After dealing with the bully you head up to the house. Matthew knoks is there he stumbles to the door. He is drunk as usual and has eaten most of the candy. Whatever you roll reduce it by one.

    A. As you are walking down the path, you hear a little cry for help. There is a small path leading to the left. (This is optional) You follow the path and find a small clearing. There are two wild dogs there bawling at a tree. You can see a small kid has climbed up the tree. They call out to you to drive off the dogs. After it is over he climbs down. He thanks you and says they were probably after these. He pulls out three dog biscuits. He gives them to you. They give a +2 to your dog in combat.

    Wild Dogs 6 6 5
  4. You walk up to door of a small yellow home. Ryce Roads answers the door she is wearing a nurse’s orderly outfit. However this is not a costume she must be working tonight. She has deep bags under her eyes like she has been up all night at the casino again. She hands you some candy and heads on her way.

    E1. The path comes to a bridge that crosses over a small stream. There is no other way across and the bridge is damaged. You can swim across with a body challenge of 5. If you are dressed as the nerd you can use your suspenders to repair the bridge with a mind challenge of 6. You can convince others to help you by forming a human chain across the water with a spirit challenge of 7. If you have to swim you get wet and get a -1 to body for the rest of game.

  5. Harold Ocmear the dentist answers the door dressed in his lab coat and equipment. He drops a toothbrush in your bag with a big grin.

    B. There is a path leading towards the old dumps. You find yourself drawn towards it. Do you go and explore? (optional) You walk along the path up a little ridge. From here you can see the the huge piles of junk from the junk yard. It towers in the distance. For a moment you think you can see something moving. Then it gets closer. It looks like a flying head. It is Hassy’s Head. She has escaped from her refrigerator. If you are dressed as a monk you can drive her off with the cross, however she does not drop anything. If you defeat her she drops a Lumina eclipse soda from her neck hole.

    Hassy’s Head 5 4 8 ❤ ❤
  6. You approach the house of Missy Dripps. She is decked out in pink a s a ballerina. She gets a little to excited and drips two hand fulls in your bag.

    D. There is a path heading towards the center of Apple Grove. That is where the apple tree cluster is. You feel compelled to go there. (optional) As you walk along the bridge you can see movement in the shadows. There is something moving among the trees. It is tall and slender. It moves with a bit of a jerking motion. You are about to turn an leave, when Hans Trapp the living scarecrow leaps from the shadows. If defeated he drops a large knife +1 to body 2 lbs

    Hans Trapp 5 4 8 ❤ ❤
  7. As you head towards this house a small street gang shows up. It is the Punkies. Halloween bullies lead by the punkie king and queen. There are five of them. The king, Queen, and three gang members. You can do battle or give them each a piece of candy to go away.

    Punkie King 5 7 4
    Punkie Queen 4 7 5
    Punkie brute 7 4 4 ❤ ❤
  8. You walk up the path to Max Potts house. It is over the top with decorations and he answers the door dressed as Elvira Mistress of the Dark. He does his best to be seductive, but fails miserably.

    E2. As you walk down the path the way is blocked by thick bushes. If you are dressed as the knight, you can use your wooden sword to break through with a body challenge of 5. A spirit challenge of 5 can convince someone to lend you their ghost costume to cover yourself and crawl under. If not you will have to crawl under and find out that there is poison ivy growing there and take -1 to body and -1 to mind.

    C. There is a path leading to the right. (optional) As you walk down the path you notice a white van with it’s doors open. There is a strange man in a skeleton mask talking to some kids. He looks like he is trying to get them into the van. He drops two hand fulls of candy. (roll for each)

    Creepy Guy 7 8 6
  9. You approach a bright orange house. The house of the pumpkin lady. So called, because no one knows her name. She keeps pumpkins on her porch all year long and always dresses in orange. She comes to the door with a big orange t shirt that looks like a jack o lantern. She has a green stem sticking up from her bright orange hair. She drops two Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin candies into your bag. (That is all, don’t roll)

  10. As you walk up to the door you hear screaming inside. The door flies open and a man falls to the ground with a knife sticking out of his chest. A woman stand in the doorway covered in blood watching you. You start to run when you notice the man on the ground is also watching your reaction. They both begin to smile. He gets up and hands you your candy.

  11. As you approach the last house three large wild dogs come into view. You can either do battle with them, or give them to dog biscuits to pass by them. There are three do battle for each.

    Wild Dogs 6 6 5

    After that you are eager to get your last house done. You run up an knock and Ethan Jacksin answers the door dressed as a disney princess. He give your you candy and you head out of Apple Grove.

Wards and charms

By now you should know things like hymns and making the sign of the cross, and sword verses. How about wards and charms. It is a long history of crosses and amulets and such trinkets, even in Christianity and Judaism. Pretty much everyone knows the crosses and crucifixes. A ward is a symbol that you put faith in that it repels or turns away an evil presence. If you ever read books such as “It was a dark and creepy night” a book of true stories collected by josh warren. You will have read the story of the demonic presence in a room that a woman placed her rosaries on the door handle to trap in the evil spirit in the room. She found that the cross on the rosaries had been bent.

Rosaries have a long history of turning away evil, when used in prayer. Another is the Hashem hand. It is the hand with an eye in the center. It is believed to turn away the evil eye. Jews believed that an angry or envious look from others would place a small curse on you so they carried the hand as a ward to keep away the evil eye.

Of course the Bible is considered a holy book and there for drives away evil. There have been many disasters where a bible has remained unharmed even through tornadoes and housefires. I know someone who had their house catch on fire and a bible they kept on the coffee table survived unharmed while the table itself was destroyed.

Another is the Mezuzah from Judaism. It is a small tube that contains part of the Torah the original test of the Bible in Hebrew. You attach it to your doorframe or windows to protect you home from evil and disaster. Many believe in this. They make some that you can wear on your person or in a keychain form to carry with you. But you have to be respectful, as they contain the true name of God.

An adventurer’s tool you should carry with you, is a piece of chalk. It can be used to mark paths, as well as to draw symbols, and form a magic circle. A magic circle is basically a simple, unbroken circle you draw around yourself and charge with energy, either blood or psychic energy forced through your left hand. This forms a barrier that block other energy from passing through it, however this does not prevent physical objects to pass through and if they do the circle is broken. It can be one  way to block spirits, curses, ect. People use to put circles of salt or something similar to protect themselves while they slept.

Many Christians carry a relic medal, a small medal with the image of a saint on it. The idea is that the saint will be with them spiritually and intercede on their behalf. Whatever their special skill was when they were alive. There are patron saints for pretty much everything. The medals are cast their the saints picture, and some may have been touched to the relics of that saint. Those are also called touch pieces and will have a small patch of cloth on the back. It comes from the new testament, where small clothes were touched to the apostles and carried to the sick and were made well again.

Bestiary: The Scarecrow

hansrtp.jpgThe scarecrow has been a favorite monster for a long time. It has been portrayed in many forms from batman to the wizard of oz. Taking on many forms. Always a figure human or otherwise dressed in tattered clothes and a cloth face that obscures any true human features to inflict fear on its victims. The traditional scarecrow is a stuffy guy made of straw placed In a garden to scare away flying predators by taking on the appearance of a worse predator.

In Christianity we have a lore of such a creature, Hans Trapp.

Hans Trapp was called the Robber Baron. He was arrested and isolated and in his isolation he lost his humanity and in his resentment for the church he became deeply devoted to satan. This devotion eventually lead to him craving human flesh especially children.
As the legend goes, this was a real man. He was rich and evil and was kicked out of the catholic church. He was exiled into the forest where he preyed on children disguised as a scarecrow complete with straw sticking out of his clothes possibly for warmth. In the legend he catches a boy and is about to eat him when he gets struck by lightning. A punishment from God. However his spirit stays restless and can still be seen stalking children who are not careful disguised as a scarecrow.

He has mostly faded away now, but grew beyond his original legend to become the prime predator. A figure of evil to hunt the most vulnerable of victims. Children.  Sometime for meals devouring human flesh, sometimes as sacrifices for whatever reason to be killed on an alter or ritual sight, sometimes to take virginity and to destroy innocence.

Connected to nature usually a field. The scarecrow will stand in an almost perverted form of the crucifixion. Which is why it makes an excellent monster for Christian lore.

Hans Trapp 5/4/8 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Mostly popular around Halloween. Featured in several movies including the scarecrow, jeepers creepers, and many many others. Typically week against fire if it a supernatural creature. You know all that straw. If it is a human monster, they are typically vulnerable against any weapon. Except you know it you manage to take one down, don’t just run away and let them regroup like in horror movies.

So what to do to prepare for such a threat. Carry a weapon. A symbol of faith. Memorize a sword scripture and a hymn. Carry a signaling device, like a whistle. Since they mostly hunt at night travel with a friend if you must move about at night.

Christian Adventurer’s Almanac: Seasons

Genesis 1:14 “And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years,”

God gave us seasons and times for change. Those were all part of his grand design. By observing nature we can recognize the changing of the times.

There is lore about the spiritual battle between day and night and light and dark. God separated the light from the dark. Now they battle to take control. As they seasons change for half the year the light (summer/ spring) rules and for the other half dark (winter/fall) rules. There are also old Irish folklore about the two fairy Courts. The Unseelie Court, the vicious and bloodthirsty fairies. Also called the Winter Court. and the Seelie Court, the more reasonable, but still mischievous fairies (nature spirits) also called the Summer court.



Summer Solstice The longest day of the year. By that i mean the day with the most hours of daylight. If you have a lot to get done this is the best day to do it. After this day the days will begin to get shorter and nights will get longer. They wont be much noticeable until closer to the next equinox.
Easterly winds from May 19 to the 21 indicate a dry summer.
If there are many falling stars during a clear summer evening, expect thunder. If there are none, expect fine weather.

Half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice is the festival of Bel-fire. This signifies the changing of the time of Earth to the time of Fire. From this day to the Summer Solstice the elements are overlapping and is a time when the p-brain between the spiritual dimensions are thinned.


winter.jpgWinter Solstice The first day of winter. The day of the longest night and shortest day. This is the darkest and coldest part of the year. On this day, Day begins to win the age old battle and beating back Night. From this point the amount of daylight will start to increase and the amount of darkness will start to shorten until the spring equinox and the day and night are about equal again. By now all the grass is dead and turned brown and the trees are all bare. However this season is not without it’s beauty. We all love to see the snow and ice. When the white blanket covers the ground and makes all things look pure and clean. Many cultures view winter as the end, but also a new beginning. As one year ends an new year begins with the coming of spring.

Winter is the time of year when the earth rests from it’s work. The planting and harvesting time is over and families lived off of what they stored up the rest of the year. Things are a little different now with all our modern technology, most people don’t even think about it anymore, but this was a dangerous time for many. There is a lot of superstition about this time of year. It is called the Darkest days, not just because of night being longer. If you didn’t store up enough you wouldn’t have enough to feed your families. This could drive some to desperation including attacking others to steal what you need or just starving. So proper planning was important to surviving the harshness of winter.

Halfway between the Fall Equinox and the Winter solstice is the day of Samhain known better as Halloween. It is celebrated by lighting large bonfires believed to be protective. People would set out food for the spirits of their departed loved ones who were thought to come back to visit on this day. A good celebration was thought to ensure a good harvest and livestock season. This day was thought to be a good day for divination as the mystical energies were strongest. I will do more about Halloween separately.



There’s an old weather proverb that states, “If autumn leaves are slow to fall, prepare for a cold winter.”
Trees snapping and cracking in the autumn indicate dry weather.
Of autumn’s wine, now drink your fill; the frost’s on the pumpkin, and snow’s on the hill.
–The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1993
It is the summer’s great last heat,
It is the fall’s first chill: They meet.
–Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

Half way between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox is the day of Lammas. This marks the ending of the time of fire and the time of air. The days between are a time of overlapping. This is a festival of the first harvest. Usually celebrated with competitions of strength and skill. Two groups would spar off and build a tower and top it with a flag. At the appointed time the two groups would compete in a capture the flag sort of event. Also a time for matchmaking if you know a yenta.


spring.jpgVernal (Spring) Equinox This marks the first day of spring. Day and night are almost equal again. From here the days will start to get Longer and the night will get shorter until the Summer solstice the longest day of the year. This is the time for new birth. The flowers start popping up and birds start showing up with their songs. Furry critters come out of hibernation. Even worms start coming up out of the ground. This is the time for planting.
There is an old folklore that you can stand a raw egg on it’s end during the equinox.

Spanning from March to June, that is from the Spring Equinox to the summer solstice, the Spring period is the Earth period. When growth is most abundant. This is the time of Earth.
Candlemas is the halfway point between the Winter solstice and the Spring Equinox. The Spring Equinox is the official end of the time of Water and the Start of the Time of Earth. The Winter solstice is when Night is strongest and Day is weakest. Candlemas is the point at which Day starts getting stronger again. Taking back the daylight hours and at the equinox Day and Night are about equal and then Day starts winning until the Summer solstice when it is at it’s strongest the longest day of the year. So from the time of Candlemas to the Spring Equinox is a period of overlapping elements. Water and Earth overlap and this is the time when you will see the most storms and weather changes.
So what is Candlemas. It is a day for celebrating the home and family basically. As the weather tries to change between winter and spring there comes with it rainy and sometimes stormy weather. The earth is being baptized in a way. The end of the old year and beginning of the new. This is a great time for getting baptized yourself if you haven’t’ been. At this point you have been cooped up inside mostly and the weather should be getting better and winter is ending. Now is a time to start getting your home life in order. If you are a homesteader then now is the time to get ready to plant. On Candlemas you start your Spring Cleaning. You light a fire in the fireplace or hearth and light candles in every room and ask God for blessings for your home and family. Sprinkle holy water around in each room. Hang a Brigid Cross over your entry way for protection of your home and family. Since the coming season will bring with it lots of rain and storms. Change out your bed clothes and fresh sheets. Time to start anew. Clean home and soul.
Candlemas also signifies the beginning of the Time of Water and Time of Earth overlap. This is a dangerous time spiritually. This is a time when the P-brain (membrane between dimensions) is weak and it is believed that spirits can cross over more easily. Both good and bad ones. It is a time when loved ones can visit the living, but also demons or evil spirits can take advantage of divinations to cross over and attach to people. You must be careful and pray to God for protection to cleanse you and your home from lingering spirits. Make sure by the end of the Spring Equinox to sweep them out the door and pray to God to seal your home and protect it from any coming back. (well the bad ones anyway)
The Green man is a common spiritual symbol for this time of year. He is a protector spirit of nature. Old Christians have a problem believing in such spirits, but i don’t see it as a problem. I don’t see why we can’t believe in nature spirits and such. God created all things and as long as we aren’t worshiping them as gods, this doesn’t go against any beliefs or practices. He is often seen on historic buildings and decorations on old churches. If you have ever visited any you probably have seen a few. He is depicted as a man or face with a body made of vines or leaves. Sometimes the vines are coming out of his nose or mouth. My witchy friend has a green shirt that has his face on it and wears it during the spring when we celebrate Spring.


Christian Adventurer’s Almanac


Genesis 1:1-26 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”

In the beginning God created all things. Science tells us that the universe had a definitive beginning most refer to as the big bang. From this beginning primordial substances erupted into a form of chaos. God with his mighty power formed all that exists by shaping this primordial (prim) substances. He set the laws of the universe and set it’s limits.

God created the Earth and all it contains. He set the skies, the waters, and the land. He Formed the beasts, the birds, the fishes and mankind. This exists on the physical plane of existence. Here we have life and the elements that we can observe with our eyes, where all the fields overlap. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It’s exact position is a miracle in itself. For even an inch to far in any direction would make life unsustainable. We would be too close to the sun and would over heat or we would be too far from the sun and would freeze.

Apart from the physical world, many believe in what is called the astral planes. The spiritual field that exists where the spiritual beings reside. It is generally separated in to 3 to 4 sections. First is the immediate plane called the astral plane or just spirit realm. The place of the ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, ect. Usually depicted in movies as being directly connected to our own. When we pass on we go directly from our body to this realm. Able to see it, but usually not able to interact with the physical.
From here we go either up or down. Up to Heaven. The resting place for good souls and place of the angels and throne of God. Not much is known about Heaven. Few people have had near death experiences where they believe they have glimpsed it. They have described forests and ponds, but also roads and bridges. There is a documentary called searching for Heaven that describes these.
Going in the other direction is Hell. A place of eternal torment, where evil souls go. Described as lakes of fire. Eternal disconnection from God and any form of joy. A great chasm is said to be between the two. Preventing anyone from going to or from. There is a story in the Bible that tells of a rich man who went to Hell and from there he could see the poor man Lazarus. He was in torment and asked for Lazarus to give him some water, but God told him he could not go from Heaven to Hell to do it and the rich man begs him to send Lazarus to tell his brothers of his torment to prevent them from following him into Hell. Some who have had near death experiences have felt themselves being gripped tight and pulled down through darkness and feeling the worse pain and depression they have ever experienced. As well as suffocating.

Other realms that make up our universe consist of morphic fields.
The realm of the Mind is refereed to by the Greek as the Akashic records. The Field that stores the collective knowledge of all people. The records of history, thoughts and knowledge. Everything we learn and think is stored here and we access it using our physical brains to send and receive. It is proven that our thoughts have a substance and a vibration. The Global Consciousness Program has proven that humans are connected on the same mental level. This is not telepathy. It is shared knowledge. If one person knows how to operate a machine then someone else on the vibrational level who sees this same or similar machine will instinctively understand it and know how it works as well. People who seem to have memories from past lives and memories are thought to be connected to this field more strongly than others. Xenoglossy is a scientific study of people who have had a head injury and become fluent in a language they previously didn’t know.

Fire Survival


Fire is an element somewhere between a gas and a liquid, but not either. Fire is closest to a plasma. Like the Sun and lightning is a plasma. It is an intangible energy of light and heat. Fire can be unpredictable and dangerous. In th Bible it is often used to describe God’s wrath, as it is one of the most destructive elements.
If your clothing or something on you catches on fire, remember to Stop-Drop-and roll. You have probably heard of this before or seen it on tv. This is where you drop to the ground and roll around to try to smother the fire out. Fire can not grow without oxygen. It needs it to burn. So smothering it will put it out. Like putting a lid back on a jar candle. The flame will go out.
                          It can only take 30 seconds for a small fire to turn into a full blown raging fire. Getting caught in a house fire can be a scary event. If it is small and slow enough it may be possible to  put out the fire with a fire extinguisher or smother it with a blanket or something. However fires can be tricky and if it is already growing it may be best to get out as soon as possible and call for help. It is not worth your life, so evaluate the situation quickly. At work our Lead happened to walk into a situation like this. One of the light fixtures fell from the ceiling and ignited some boxes. She happened to be there and grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out before it could grow.


House/Building Fire
Of course in a House/Building fire the fire itself is not the most dangerous part. Most people die from smoke inhalation. Breathing in the smoke will cause you to  cough uncontrollably and pass out from lack of oxygen. After that they are consumed by the fire raging around them. The last thing you want to do is pass out in a fire. That is why you want to stay low to the ground when in a fire. The heat and smoke will rise to the ceiling. It will be easier to breath if you stay low and crawl. Easier said than done I know.
You would think that with all that fire it would be easy to see, but it is not. All the smoke will sting your eyes and the blackness will make it hard to see. If you are can’t see that can make it hard to find a way out. Most places of business have emergency exits clearly marked, and places of employment have fire drills. It is always a good idea to make note of emergency exits wherever you are. So stay low, cover your nose and mouth with something to filter the air you are breathing and crawl to the nearest exit. If you can go out a window.
If you come to a door that is closed place your hand on it and feel if there is a fire on the other side. If the door is very hot, don’t go that way. It;s not safe.  Have a plan on how to get out of your home in case of a fire and teach it to the rest of your family. Also have a fire safe to store your important documents and pictures. Have smoke detectors in every room.
When I was in elementary school I we had a fire safety day where the fire department came and instructed us in fire safety and emergency exits. We had a fire drill and we all had to walk through the building and to the exit for a roll call. One of the men grabbed me and pulled me aside down a hall where I was to play the part of a victim so the teachers would have students who didn’t turn up and have to report it.
Car Fire
Cars, in general, do not explode like they do on tv. They do ignite however and burn fast. The pinto was a famous car because it had a manufacturing flaw that would make it suddenly ignite while you were driving it. Most cars though will not unless you are in and accident and something ignites the fuel leak. You have a limited time to get out and it wont be easy. Your best bet will be to go out a window. (I am assuming this fire was caused by and accident and your door is jammed always check the door first) First check your legs to make sure you are not pinned in and get your seatbelt undone. You should be wearing it, especially if you were in an accident. It may be necessary to cut it. They sell little devices for this sort of thing that even have a glass breaker. They look like little hammers. They even sell some on key chains that would be handy. They would be hanging just in front of you in the ignition. Now that your seatbelt is off the next step is to get out a window. Check the one on the door. Is it out already, Can you manage to get through it? If not try the windshield. It is the largest and Right in front of you if you can get around the steering wheel. If not what about the back glass.
You commonly hear about them in dry, hot climates like California, but they can happen anywhere. They  usually start small and grow fast by feeding on dry burnable materials. Sometimes the heat from the sun in a combination with dry brush and the right conditions can start a wildfire, but this is rare. Most are caused by human conditions and carelessness. Wildfires are dangerous and can spread quickly, because the winds can send smoke, ash, and embers for miles. One can cause another one for miles around and they can meet and grow even bigger. The way they spread can be unpredictable and can suddenly change direction. Fire jumpers are well trained for these situations, but still can’t always be completely prepared. If you are ever out and get caught in a wildfire it is important to know what to do.
The first thing is not to panic. Remain calm as to not make any mistakes. After you have calmed yourself cover your nose and mouth with something. A bandanna or even just your shirt pulled up. It works best if you can wet it down with something if you have a bottle of water or access to water. Smoke inhalation is very dangerous. If you have trouble breathing and are breathing in the soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide you might pass out. At that point it is over for you, so Keep you airways covered as much as you can. Stay low to the ground. Remember the smoke and ash will be going up.
You need to formulate a plan for getting out of there. Remember that the worst places to be is uphill from a fire and down wind from a fire. SO always try to stay up wind from. That is moving against the wind so that the wind is blowing the fire away from you. It would make moving hard if the wind was blowing the smoke and heat into your face and the fire will be moving quickest in the direction the wind is moving it. So use the wind as a guide. If the wind is behind you blowing towards the fire move into the wind and if the wind is behind the fire blowing it towards you move perpendicular to the fire because you want to get away from the flames and out of it’s potential path. Keep in mind that the wind can blow sparks up to a mile ahead and start new mini fires beyond the existing fire. The last thing you want is to get sandwiched between two raging fires. So glance up at the top of the flames and watch the smoke and see what direction the wind is blowing it in and take the next course of action to escape them.
If possible head towards the next body of terrain that is non flammable. Head in the direction of the nearest area that is free of  trees and bush and less likely to burn. If you can put a body of water between you and the fire do so. Avoid moving through dense brush and thick undergrowth as these places will burn quickly and can leave you trapped.
If for some reason you are trapped, the best option is to hunker down in an area that will not burn. Always keep fleeing if it is possible though. SO your best bet if you can not keep moving is to take shelter in a vehicle or building if at all possible. Sometimes the best place to move is a place that has already burned if it is cooled down enough to do so. These areas can suddenly spring back up if it is still hot enough and new burnable (you) material is added and if it is still smoldering it can make breathing difficult.
If you can cross a body of water do so, fire will not cross a lake or river unless it is narrow with a lot of overgrowth on the other side. If there is a large paved area use that as a barrier. It will take a fire some time to move across the pavement, but watch out for overhanging branches. If you can not follow the road because of the width of the fire lie face down on the pavement as far from the fire as possible. If there is a ditch lie face down in the ditch farthest from the fire.
When you hunker down try to cover your body with something to protect you from the fire. A wet blanket or clothing works best. Covering the back of your head and body with  cool mud or soil will help protect you from the heat. Stay put until the fire passes.
Escaping or hunkering in a vehicle
That is if you are escaping on foot, if you have a vehicle use it. Be sure to roll up the windows and close the vents. You are now in an enclosed area and smoke getting in can make it hard to breath. Drive safely. This means to drive slow and do not drive into thick smoke. If you get your car stuck or strike a tree you are reducing your odds of survival. If you must stop your vehicle park far away from trees and heavy brush.
If you must take shelter in your vehicle and can not escape, then hunkering down in your vehicle is the best option for you. Vehicles with metal gas tanks rarely explode. Keep your windows up and lie in the back floorboard. Cover yourself with a blanket or coat if possible. Even if the fire surrounds your car stay inside, you still have a better chance of survival than running from the car at this point. Stay inside and stay low. The low air currents may rock the car, just don’t panic.
If you are hunkering down in a building for shelter. Take as many precautions as you can, but if the fire is moving rapidly, that may not be an option. First shut off any fuel lines such as propane, natural gas, or oil. Move curtains and fabric covered furniture away from windows and  sliding doors. If the glass breaks you wont want anything flammable near them. Remove any combustible materials from the yard like gas grills or fuel cans. Remove any fire wood or debris far from the structure.
If time permits try to wet the area down as much as possible this will make it harder to burn and slow down an advancing fire. Not just the ground, but the building you will be in as well. If you have several large containers fill them with water and surround the building with them.
So now stay inside. Keep window and doors closed. Do not lock any doors or windows. If fire rescue arrive you want to be able to get out or them to get in quickly. Stay away fro exterior walls. Try to stay near the middle of the building on the ground floor. Take a towel or a sheet and wet it down. If nothing is available you can dunk it in the tank of the toilet (tank not bowl) and drape it over your head.
A spiritual and intelligent fireball. It is said to chase people through the woods and fire them to death if caught.
Name                     Body  Mind   Spirit   Heart points
Santelmo’s Fire     3        6           7           ❤ ❤
                 Scenario: You wake in your hotel room. It is hard to breath. You can smell smoke though it is not thick yet. It seem to be coming from around the door. You place your hand on the door and it is very hot meaning a fire is right on the other side. You have a window, but you are on the third story and it doesn’t open. You have an adjacent bathroom. You wet several towels and place them around the door. It is possible to run through the fire and make it to the fire escape stairs. How are you going to get out? Braking the window has a body challenge of <7> Tying a rope from the sheets has a mental challenge of <7> Braving the fire to find a way out through the flames has a spirit challenge of <7> Throwing the mattress out the window and landing on it has a body challenge of <9>
Further study:
Ring of fire- Johnny Cash

Toilet Training

Toilet Training

Deuteronomy 23:12-14 “You shall have a place outside the camp, and you shall go out to it. And you shall have a trowel with your tools, and when you sit down outside, you shall dig a hole with it and turn back and cover up your excrement. Because the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and to give up your enemies before you, therefore your camp must be holy, so that he may not see anything indecent among you and turn away from you.”

So depending on what exactly is going on you have few options when it comes to bathroom 11951279_10207025424411136_7141755028129867996_n.jpguse. If you are holding out at home when disaster hits as long as water is still running your basic home toilets are still functioning. If for some reason the pipes are broken, or frozen, or the water lines are down, your toilets are not going to function the way they were designed to. However you will get only one good flush once the water goes out. Now for most toilets, as long as you can get water from somewhere, they will still be serviceable. You just have to pour water into the bowl. However it should be noted that doing this you are using up valuable water. If it is hard to come by this may not be the best choice. This has happened to us. Our pipes have frozen more than once during winter and we have had a line rupture before. We were not prepared for it. It lasted a few days and i had to go to the local store and buy  jugs of water. For the water and for the jugs so we could go somewhere to fill them up again.

More than once, My Gandpa’s water pump went out and eventually his well became contaminated and they would come over to our house and fill up several jugs of water to keep themselves in water till they got the situation fixed. They can tell you what a pain it is having to haul water around. They filled up ice chests and jugs and bottles. It becomes time-consuming and annoying. Plus there have been times they didn’t realize they were low until late at night and had to make a night run for water. How much of a pain do you think that is.

Other options are use a public restroom. If the disaster is localized and effect just your area and there are public restrooms nearby that you can drive to and use. This is probably the best choice. This could be a pain in the rear, but the other options are to dig an outhouse, (labours and dangerous) or a luggable lu (ten gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid)

Okay outhouse first. (probably your best solution for living out in the country.) You have to be careful where you dig one. You need it to be as deep as possible, but you have to check your local water table. Every place has law for the use of outhouses and septic systems. How deep they can go and drainage systems. You have to make sure that it wont contaminate the ground water. They can be very strict about this sort of thing. If the crisis is going to be a short one and you just have to stay home. Get a little foldable shovel and just did a little hole every time and don’t bother with it. If you want to prepare ahead of time you could get a professional to do it. To have one just in case. You want it as far from your home as practical.

A luggable lu is basically just a porta potty. (Best solution for city or urban living.) They actually come in many sizes, shapes, and functions. Also called a chemical toilet. They all work about the same really. It is something that collect your waste for disposal later. Not a good idea for the long haul.  I have one my dad bought at a yard sale what has a sort of flushing mechagnizm. It has a handle and a wire cage inside that mashes the top of the bag together to keep smells from rising i guess. There are many sold in sporting good stores in the hunting section that are buckets with toilet seats on them. In most cases you would be wise to put a trash bag of some sort to catch-all the wast and tie it up for later disposal. There are tablets or chemical kits that you use to keep bacteria down and keep the smell from stinking up the area or spreading diseases.

Keep wet wipes and hand sanitizer handy ready for this event. You will want to stress sanitizing to keep healthy. (and regular)

Okay i am going to indulge in a little toilet terror. This is not a legend i heard about when i was little, but it is one that many children have heard about growing up in various regions. Pinky-Pinky.  It is a south African legend, but spread to most countries. It was a creature that was half man and half woman. The exact nature of that is vague. It has pink deformed skin (hence the name) It terrorizes children in public bathrooms. Mostly girls, but terrorizing young boys is not unheard of. It will walk into a bathroom while you have the door locked and announce it’s presence by singing in some fashion then bang on the stall door and stand right out side of it. It will demand money or something and if you don’t give it it will reach under the door with it’s pink deformed hands and grab your pants and underwear and steals your underwear or panties. Also will demand anything pink you have on you.  Many cite this as why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs or small groups, but really women are just more social than men. Although it may also have something to do with an underlying sense of safety in numbers.

Pinky- Pinky  7/6/8   (game stats)

The Jews believed in demons that inhabited the privy and recorded such traditions in the Talmud. Here is a bit.   Privy Demon  6/6/9

“Whoever behaves modestly in a privy is delivered from three things: from snakes, from scorpions, and from evil spirits. Some say also that he will not have disturbing dreams. There was a certain privy in Tiberias which if two persons entered together even by day, they came to harm. Rabbi Ammi and Rabbi Assi used to enter it separately, and they suffered no harm. The Rabbis said to them, Are you not afraid? They replied: We have learnt a certain tradition. The tradition for [avoiding harm in] the privy is modesty and silence; the tradition relating to sufferings is silence [resignation] and prayer.”

Further writings “Before Raba became head of the Academy, the daughter of Rabbi Hisda [his wife] used to rattle a nut in a brass dish. [to frighten away evil spirits]”

Similar to the the Jew’s demon of the privy the Babylonians have a demon called the Lurker of the latrine. The Lurker waits to catch victims when they are alone and vulnerable.  Lurker   8/5/8  (cause i like the name)

You should always use modesty, but if the situation seems dangerous use the buddy system. If you live out in the country and have to use the outhouse at night when predators are about, or you are going to an unfamiliar public restroom. (there are other predators to worry about that don’t have four legs) Such predators are on the rise in our current world. They should be of the same gender so they can accompany you into a public restroom. But if that is not an option have them wait outside the door. Carry a defensive weapon with you and always lock the stall door after you. I say this as caution and as a curtesy. People that i work with often use the stall and don’t lock the door. You don’t know they are in there unless you bend way down and look for feet. The handle has an indicator that says whether it is locked or not. I have learned not to trust that and you have to look for feet. I have pushed the door open on a few people a few times. Usually with it being slammed and then locked angrily. Sorry! But lock it in the first place and it wont happen (Common sense) I don’t want it to happen any more than you want it to. (I hope) But enough of that.

There days you don’t want to let your children go to a public restroom alone if they are under the age 11. You should go with them to make sure they are safe even if it is inconvenient. That is what you do for your children. If it is not the same gender restroom then wait outside the door. Some places have family restrooms available for such an event and for changing diapers. But these are rare. The fact that our children are not safe to use a public restroom is a sad fact. Such predators are on the rise and you hear about it in the news more and more each day. It use to be that we all looked out for each other’s children, but selfishness and perversity is taking over our world.  Sit your children down and have a talk with them about safety and to tell you if anything happens no matter what someone might threaten them if they tell. Secure that line of trust.

On another note, even if you are not worried about evil spirits hanging around your toilets, you should keep the seat down for two good reasons. One when you flush it sends germs and bacteria into the air, and two things CAN come up through your pipes. Rare, but it can happen. Rats and snakes primarily. In the news recently a man was attacked by a huge python that was stuck in his pipes. It bit his penis and he had to fight it off. Yeah just think about that for a moment guys. (shiver)

So i would say this, if you have to use an outhouse or travel to a bathroom, prepare a 20160528_081339toiletries kit ahead of time. a little zipper bad with essentials in it. Toilet paper (may not always be available) Someone from my work made a habit of taking the rolls from the stalls. Wet wipes and a little bottle of hand sanitizer. Feminine items if you are a woman. A little flashlight or headlamp. If outside at night. Maybe a monkey’s fist for a defensive weapon. It is a paracord construct with a heave ball or rock in one end wrapped with paracord making a ball with a handle for swinging. Can be painful if used right. basically and easy to carry club.  Toilet seat cover if you have germ issues or it is just really nasty. (don’t even ask about the ones at work)

Scenario: You are driving along and really have to go. You spot a rest area nd pull over. You don’t see anyone around. It seems to be deserted. You walk in and pass the first few stalls and walk in one that seems clean enough. There is graffiti on the walls from vandals. The usual now i sit here broken hearted. tried to poop but only farted. The mirrors are cracked and does not seem a safe place. You lock the door and sit. Pants around your ankles. You suddenly become aware of someone else in the restroom. You can hear their footsteps  moving across the room. You shift your weight and make noise. They stop suddenly. Like they are trying to go unnoticed. This makes you nervous. Why would they be trying to hide their presence. They stop in front of your door. You can sort of see their shadow blocking light from the outside. They suddenly bang on the door violently trying to break it open. What do you do in this situation? Physical strength Tactics require <6> to work. Strategic plans require mind <5> Scaring or bluffing requires spirit <7>
Pervy Thug 6/3/5 <3<3

Another scenario: less violent. You are at a park. You are alone and suddenly need to go. There is a blue porta potty at the edge of the park. You sprint on over and go in to do your business. After you have you turn to leave. The door is locked. You shake the handle, but it wont give. You try with all your force, but it wont budge. You know that there is no one near by your side, all you have on you is your EDC every day carry items. How are you going to get out of this situation? Any tactic requiring strength has a challenge of <8> Any clever trick using tools has a mind challenge of <6> Getting help from the outside has a spirit challenge of <5> Any help that arrives has stats of 5/5/5

The Outhouse Song

Little Shack Outback

Here is a coloring page. I did this in a hurry because i wanted something to add for an activity. Coloring is the easiest. I wanted to have someone with a  newspaper sitting there, but ran short on time. Maybe later.


Skill: Peeing Outside

11880556_10206903706168256_1907525563727763931_nThis may seem like a lame skill, after all who doesn’t know how to go number one. However a large portion of the population has a condition called shy bladder syndrome. This I where they are too nervous to go in an open environment or when others are around. It is not so easy then and can be frustrating especially if you are in hurry. This is the reason I couldn’t use urinals for a long time, which led to problems at work when I was in a hurry and a stall was not available. Something about standing there next to other people and sometimes very  inconsiderate people who will stand directly behind you at the urinal that you can practically feel their breath on the back of your neck. Not to mention that where I work half the time the small dividers will be ripped out of the wall by someone. They still haven’t caught who is doing it.
However if you can get past your shy bladder it can be beneficial to being able to go outdoors when needed. Mostly a benefit for guys, but they do make a device for women that allows them to go standing up. It is basically a specially shaped funnel. If you can get past the idea of carrying around a pee funnel in your bag or purse. Just be careful about where you go.
Normally I avoid doing this, but there was this one time I drank too much coffee before going to work. Luckily it was early in the morning before daylight. When I go to the longest stretch of road that I could see in both directions clearly I pulled over to the shoulder away from any houses and hurried around to the other side of the car. It was a relief.
Okay for this adventurous experiment, you need a bottle of water and privacy. This very male experience, does have a purpose of sorts. It is very straight forward and interesting. Have you ever tried this. Everyone urinates, fewer than you would think have done it outside. There is a sense of freedom in it. Hard to explain unless you have done it for yourself. A feeling of out of the norm. A sense of adventure really. Anyway the point of this experiment is a psychological one. You will need to really go so that you will have time for this.  You will need a large bottle of water. When you begin to urinate, start drinking. As far as possible you should try to drink the water straight down without pausing. (Don’t choke yourself though) You will feel quite bizarre sensations almost immediately. The water you expel seems to be synchronized with the water you are pouring into yourself. You should then visualize  your body to be organized in a way that the water you are drinking is directly exiting your body. It will feel as though your body has become simple and pulled inside out. Your complex intestinal system is absent.
Okay I admit this has little to do with Christianity and i am ready a new book on simple experiments for everyday life. I am trying to tie them in with Christianity and this one seemed so simple and fit with outdoor living. In biblical times it was common to use the great outdoors.

There are references to “those who pissesth against the wall” It was a common practice. Anyone who camps, hikes, or does any out door activity has done it at least once. This is an experiment that few have done i expect and thought i would post it to enhance anyone interested outdoor adventure. Just do it away from the campsite or ground water.


This goes with the post toilet training.