Adventurer’s Almanac: The Elements

Everyone knows the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These are the intricate elements that make up our world. They correspond to the four phases of matter. earthIn the Bible , God works a lot through the elements. He speaks from the burning bush to Moses. Creates strong winds to part the sea. He leads Israel through a pillar of fire and cloud. God has used lightning and storms to demonstrate his power. God is intimately connected, (but not limited to) the elements of nature.

Earth is the solid element. Stable and secure. Everyone knows it as the dirt element. Ground, rock, metal. It is the strong and unmovable. Many include wood and plants into this element as well.

Water is the element of liquid. Fluid and changing and hard to control. water

It can change and move freely. It can take the form of rain, river, mist. It is the next stable element. Somewhere between Earth and Air.

Aairir is the gas element. Mostly associated with wind and oxygen. Free spirited and move wherever it pleases and blows down anything in it’s way.

Lastly is Fire the plasma. Although fire is not exactly a plasma (although fireit can be) The best examples of plasma are the Sun, which is a big ball of plasma and lightning. Dangerous and destructive, but also life giving. Life could not exist without it or in fact any of  the elements.


I have used the alchemy symbols for this because they best demonstrate the elements relationship to each other. That is complimentary and contrary. Those that work together and those that work against each other. You know what I mean. If you mix fire and water what happens. Exactly. Water beats fire. Fire beats earth. Earth beats air. Air beats water.

You pour water on fire it fizzles. Fire can burn earth to ash, but if you add in it’s complimentary element of water, water coats the ground and renders it unburnable. Earth and water are allies. Water even feeds the earth to allow plants to grow.

Air beats water. Air can blow water about even pick it up and fling it, But you add Earth to water and you get denser heavier mud. It become too heave for air to just push around.

The same hold for Air and fire. The compliment each other. Air feeds fire. You add air to fire you get inferno.  It can even overcome water. Drying it and evaporating it. Fire fuels the air cycle. Hot air rises and cold air calls. Fire give off heat and causing air to rise rapidly. Can create strong winds if the fire is hot enough. Earth beats air because earth is heavy for air to move and kick around. It is to o dense, but with enough heat to fuel it air can move anything. Think firenado. If fire can burn earth to ash, no obstacle could stand in it’s way.

You may notice the two symbols below. The star of David is known to be a representation of the four elements combines. You can see it if you look closely. Then there is the Jerusalem’s cross. This is a Christian symbol. Not exactly associated with the four elements, but it can be. It is five crosses in a quincunx pattern. Or an artificial crossroads. used in magic rituals to bind a spell or energy in place. They can be used to represent the four elements with the fifth being that of spirit or God.



How to deal with Lightning

10574251_10204172799457295_1425604751785679992_nSo, one of natures most destructive and deadly forces. The best way to deal with it is to avoid it. There have ben survivors that have been struck by lightning, but don’t expect to be one of them.

Often thought of as the  wrath of God. Fire from the sky. Elijah, one of the great prophets in the old testament, called down fire from the sky to consume the fifty soldiers who were coming to take him by force and Elijah was afraid. He did this not once, but twice. The third group of soldiers who came, showed reverence to God and God told Elijah to go with them willingly so he would not call down fire from heaven.

In a similar manner, when Elijah confronted the Baal worshipers he had them sacrifice to their god and even mocked them to get them to try harder to get a response from him. It is a good story to read. Elijah then set up his own sacrifice and had them dump a lot of water on it and he then called out to God only once and God sent down fire from heaven that consumed the sacrifice, the wood and even the stones and all the water.

10556294_10204085013302696_2696627059008770670_nSo lightning is pretty powerful stuff and you sure don’t want to be on the receiving end. Not all lighting is God’s wrath, although it could be. Keep you heart clean and turn it towards God. If you turn away repent and turn back and he is faithful to forgive. That will protect you from God’s wrath.

Nature’s lighting can be less predictable. I had lightning hit our power pole in the front yard. Knocked out the power for a while. It sucked. The power company eventually showed up to deal with it. Here is a tip. Lightning can travel the power lines into your home. It fried our modem and a coffee pot. That is why they tell you to unplug things and turn them off during a storm. You also should not bath during a storm. I read a news article of a girl who was taking a shower during a storm and lighting struck her house and traveled the pipes and water to her shower and electrocuted her. She survived, but was scarred by it.

I also had a tree right by the house that was struck by lightning. It was outside my bathroom. The lighting went through the tree and into the house and blew out the bathroom light. So yeah. The last incident i have to mention is when i was little. We were driving in a station wagon during a storm. Lightning struck the car and stalled it out. We were all fine. In a vehicle is actually a safe place to be during a lighting storm. The rubber tires absorb the shock.

On to more practical advice. You can’t stop it. Only avoid it.If you are outside when the storm hits, get indoors. If you can’t be a small target. Tall trees and poles and what not are the likely targets for a strike. Lightning will travel the  easiest route. It is easier to travel down something conductive than through open air. If you are standing tall you become an easier route. Crouching and staying low to the ground is a good idea. Cover your ears with your hands, this will protect your hearing from the loud thunder. If you are going to be struck the sound will be deafening. Do NOT place your hands on the ground and do NOT lie flat on the ground. This will make you a more likely target. Seek shelter in a fully enclosed building, or vehicle. Avoid contact with conductive surfaces. Wiring (outlets), plumbing, window frames, metal surfaces in your car and keep your windows rolled up.  If for some reason you can’t head to a building or car. Say out in the forest, Head to the lowest place of elevation. Stay close to the ground. Avoid tall trees and take cover in clumps of shrubs, short trees, or in a dry ditch or under pass somewhere.

Estimate the distance of lightning from your location. When you see lightning count the 13332968_10209000253620632_4518236244500712792_nnumber of seconds until you hear the rumble of thunder. Divide by five, this will indicate how far the lightning is from you by miles. When you count the seconds from seeing lightning and hearing the thunder and it is less than thirty seconds, make for cover fast. Stay in your shelter for thirty minuets or more after you hear the last thunder.

Places to avoid, are any high locations such as exposed hills, open locations like fields and beaches. Under tall trees or deep depressions where water can collect.  Avoid bodies of water. Water is highly conductive and most lightning strikes happen over the ocean. Distance yourself from metallic objects and contact with other people. Spread out at least fifteen to twenty feet apart.

There is a locket within Christianity that is said to protect the wearer from storms and such natural disasters. When worn by faith of course. Such relics and things have no power in themselves and are considered focus for our faith. The power is God’s to act through them and really are not necessary for God to work miracles. The Agnus Dei (means lamb of God) is a little locket with wax inside from a special candle that is blessed by the pope. They quiet the winds, dissipate hurricanes, calm whirlwinds, and keep away tempests.
They save from shipwreck and the danger of lightning and floods. An anecdote is recalled here of Pope St. Pius V, who had recourse to this expedient when the Tiber was in flood and seemed likely to submerge the city. We are told that when an Agnus Dei had been thrown into the river, the angry waters at once subsided. They banish evil spirits. In the Pope’s prayers of blessing, special mention is made specifically for protection in combat, protection against tempests, of the perils of storm and pestilence, lightning, from fire and flood; malice of demons and of every adversity; sickness, and a sudden and unprovided death, and also of the dangers to which women are exposed in childbirth.