The Journey Begins…

             You are walking up a long and winding path. There is a slight nip in the air and a gentle breeze plays with your ankles. There are sparse wooded areas on both sides of you and a steep cliff drop off. You are panting and out of breath. You have a pack on your back and clutching your acceptance letter in your hand.
In the distance you can see the skyline of a city. A tall clock tower rises from the centercuppy1 taller than the other buildings around it. The clock tower sits at the center of the city surrounded by tall walls. The walls surround the inner city portion with four large openings that four roads run in and out. The walls are remains of the former settlement that protected the settlement from the savage wild country early on. They have since fallen into disrepair but were rebuilt as the town grew and stand as local historical monument.
You are on the outskirts of the city of Nowhere. Just of the interstate 50 in northern Arkansas. The small mining settlement was established in 1845 by founder Noah Where. The mine dried up about ten years later and the townsfolk knew that the town would die out as well if they didn’t do something so the leaders of the community banded together and formed an agricultural society to support one another to turn the barren land into a farming and cattle community. Now it is mostly known for its row after row of fields of corn and large beef and dairy cattle controlled by the portly Big D of Big D’s Cattle and his daughter Little D (though she is not)owner of Little D’s Dairy. A little further up the mountainside you can see a large rickety manor house sitting on a plateau. It looks like the upkeep hasn’t been a priority.
You are sure this is the place and can now see why the gas station attendant laughed when you asked for directions. The wind kicks up a little dust around your feet and you begin  to wonder why you came.
You aren’t entirely sure why you are here, It may have been about learning new survival skills, or to improve yourself. It may have been the promise of a new life or to get closer to a higher power, or just to finally lay down the baggage you have been carrying for so long. Whatever the reason you are here now.

To start of with you will need an introduction to Christianity, which can be found Here.

Why Being good Isn’t Good Enough. Here.

Also you may be interested in the physical benefits of becoming a Christian other than the salvation of your eternal soul and salvation from eternal damnation in Hell. Read this.


To begin you will need to examine yourself. Really examine yourself, To help with this we have three preliminary exams for you to take.

To start with, the physical exam. Your body is your first line of defense. The best defense for many problems is running away. Running very quickly. Very very quickly. This wont help if you can’t get very far. So test your abilities and flexibility.

The Mental Exam. This exam tests your problem solving skills. Your critical thinking skills. Running is not always the best solution to a problem (although it is the easiest) Knowing what to do in a situation is key. Seeing the possible solutions, There are always options available.

The Spiritual Exam. Your moral compass. Your connection to the the Divine. Your moral compass helps you to know right from wrong. Your connection to God is how he can speak to you and how you will see it. If you are not spiritually tuned in, you wont be able to hear it.


Further study: (music)
Hearts lost in nowhere- Alter Boys
You are loved- Alter Boys


An experiment for you to do.
You will need a marshmallow and toothpick.
You place the toothpick into the marshmallow and put it on your upturned wrist. The idea is that you will see it move with your heartbeat. If we were still and quiet enough, we could see the toothpick twitch every time our heart would beat. This is because every time our heart beats, it pushes the blood through our body, making the toothpick twitch.
Look at it. This is your heart beating. This is your life. As long as you are alive there is hope. Things can get better. You are alive.