The Mental Exam

                     After your Physical exam you are led out the tent and back into the manor house. You are lead up stairs to a small dusty room. There is a large desk here and behind it sat a youngish man in a sweater vest in a large black comfy chair. You are seated in a chair not designed for comfort in front of the large desk obviously meant to display power to make you feel the need to show them respect. The young man had small metal rimmed glasses and slight facial hair that he ran a long finger across as he regarded you.
“My name is Doctor Highgner. It is time for your mental exam.”
<Doctor Highgner 4/8/5 Dr. Highgner is  some what boring psychiatrist. When you return from an adventure or quest he will get your head straight>
Answer this riddle
A group of four men consisting of an older brother, younger brother, father, and grandfather, are walking to the train station in the dark. They come to a narrow bridge that leads up to the station. The bridge can only support two people at a time. They have only one flashlight between them and so after one pair gets across one of them needs to bring the flashlight back for the next pair. Each of them take a different amount of time to cross.
Younger brother take 1 minute
Older brother take 2 minutes
Father takes 5 minutes
Grandfather take 10 minutes
Each pair can walk across only as fast as the slowest man and the next train arrives in 17 minutes. How can all men arrive on time?
Next question Problem Solving
A farmer is trying to cross a river in a small boat. He has a fox, a chicken, and a bag of corn. He can only take one thing across the river at a time. If he leave the corn with the chicken it will eat the corn. If he leaves the fox with the chicken the fox will eat it. How can the farmer get all three safely across the river?
Next Puzzle Math
Three kids arrive at a carnival on Sunday morning. The man in the ticket booth tells them that the entrance fee is 10 dollars each so they pay a total of 30 dollars. However the man remembers that the tickets cost less on Sunday and the kids should only have paid 25 dollars. He sends his assistant to find them and give them back 5 dollars. The assistant can’t figure out how to split 5 dollars 3 ways so he give them each 1 dollar and keeps 2 for himself. This means each kid paid only 9 dollars to get in. A total of 27 dollars. The assistant kept 2 dollars making it 29 dollars so where did the missing 1 dollar go.
Next Puzzle Logic
A prisoner is given a chance to win his freedom. He is placed in front of two doors one each with a guard. Behind one door is his freedom and the other a lion that will kill him. He is allowed to ask one guard one question about which door is which. One guard will tell the truth and one guard will tell a lie. He doesn’t know which is which. What question would he ask to get the door to his freedom?
Last puzzle following directions
There is a cupboard with six slots. Three on top and three on bottom. Numbered from left to right. A jar in each slot.
1  2  3
4  5  6
Jane wants a cookie. She has to find the right jar. Here are the clues. The lentils are not on the top row and not in the middle.
The beans are not on the top row and are not next to the rice, which is directly under the flour.
The pepper is not on the right hand side and has a number that is two more than the flour and four more than the lentils. Which jar has the cookies?
Answers Here:
Older and Younger Brother cross together taking two minutes. Younger brother returns taking 1 minute. Father and Grandfather cross together taking 10 minutes. Older brother returns taking 2 minutes Then both brothers cross together taking 2 minutes. 2+1+10+2+2= 17
The farmer crosses with the chicken first and leaves it on the other side. Gets the fox and takes it across and takes the chicken back with him and gets the corn and leaves the chicken. Crosses with the corn and leave the corn and returns for the chicken and makes a final crossing with the chicken.
The three kids initially paid 30. They were given 3 back, which means they paid  a total of 27. The 25 plus 2 kept by the assistant. The 27 plus the three paid back equals 30. The 27 is added to the 2 taken by the assistant to create confusion. There is no missing dollar.
The prisoner should ask the guard. “If I were to ask the other guard which is hte door to freedom, What would they say?”
If he were asking the truthful guard the question he would respond with a lie because that is what the lieing guard would say. If he were asking the lying guard the guard would lie and both answers would be the same door which is the one with the lion behind it.
Jars in order are
1 lentils   2 Cookies  3 flour
4 beans     5 pepper   6 rice