The Spiritual Exam

                                     After your mental exam you are lead down another musty smelling hallway and out the back door again into the outer area with the fire ring. This time you walk past the medical tent and into a small wooded area until you come to a clearing with a small stone open air church. It had six stone pillars holding up the roof and two rows of stone benches on a flat cement slab leaving room for a walkway between them leading to a stone podium used for service. To one side was another tent. You are lead inside where a young man sat in a black leather chair. He waves you in and motions to an adjacent chair for you to sit in. This man had sandy brown hair and a smooth shaven face. He dressed in a blazer and tie with basic black slacks. A cross lapel pin on the tie held it in place.
             He picked up a clipboard and spoke. “Hello, you must be our newest student. I am Rev. Holder. I will be teaching your spiritual lessons and helping you with any spiritual needs while you attend the academy. Now is time for your spiritual evaluation. Let us begin.”
<Rev. Holder is a pleasant young man eager to serve God. He can cast out demons and break curses. His little church provides certain spiritual items for donations, since it would be wrong for the church to sell them after all.>
Complete the following assessment table using 1-5.
 1-Never 2-seldom 3-occasionally 4-frequent 5-always
Living in Christ
I practice regular quite time with Christ
When I Make a decision I consider what Christ would have me do first
My actions reflect my desire to grow closer to Jesus and God
I trust Jesus to help me through the troubles I face in this world
I have confidence in my salvation
Living in the World
I read the Bible daily and seek to understand God’s word better
I can answer questions about daily life from a biblical perspective
When the Bible exposes an area of my life needing change i respond quickly to make things right
My public and private life is pretty much the same
My actions display my faith in Christ
Prayer Life
I engage in prayer daily at least three times a day
I spend as much time listening to God as talking to him
I expect to grow in my prayer life and intentionally seek help to keep growing
I pray because I am aware of my need and dependency on God
I set aside time to pray intercessory prayers and prayers of healing and conversion for others
I forgive others of their actions that have harmed me
I allow other Christians to hold me accountable for my actions
I encourage and listen to feedback from others about areas I need improvement on
I seek to live in harmony with other members of my family and those outside my family
When I point out problems to others it is done in a loving way not in a criticizing way
I am not afraid to share my testimony
When I am confronted about my faith I remain strong and firm in my testimony
I serve others expecting nothing in return
I give faithfully of my time and finances to the church and ministry
I expect God to use me every day for his kingdom
Now draw a large circle with five smaller circles within it going towards the center. Then divide the circles into five equal pie segments. Label each inner circle moving from inside to outer circle 5-25. Start with the inner most circle as 5 outer most circle is 25. Label each segment one of the five table areas and add up your score for each and shade in the areas up to the value for each. This will give you an idea of what areas you need to work on in your spiritual life.
Now to clear your continence with a full confession to God.
Make to God a full confession of your life. Take your time and think openly. You have received full forgiveness with Christ so let it all out. Below is a simple guide based on the ten commandments to help you think and open your heart.
The Ten Commandments
First Commandment
I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.
Have I…
  • Disobeyed the commandments of God or the Church?
  • Denied the existence of God?
  • Deliberately misled others about doctrine or the faith?
  • Despaired about my salvation or the forgiveness of my sins?
  • Presumed on God’s mercy? (Committing a sin in expectation of forgiveness, or
  • asking for forgiveness without conversion and practicing virtue.)
  • Loved someone or something more than God (money, power, sex, ambition, etc.)?
  • Let someone or something influence my choices more than God?
  • Been involved in the occult? (Seances, ouija board, worship of Satan, etc.)

Second Commandment
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Have I…

  • Used the name of God in cursing or blasphemy?
  • Failed to keep vows or promises that I have made to God?
  • Used vulgar, suggestive or obscene speech?
  • Belittled others in my speech?
  • Behaved disrespectfully in Church?
  • Misused places or things set apart for the worship of God?
  • Committed perjury? (Breaking an oath or lying under oath.)

Third Commandment
Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
Have I…

  • Set time aside each day for personal prayer to God?
  • Missed Church on Sunday or Holy Days (through own fault w/o sufficient reason)?
  • Habitually come late to and/or leave early from Church without a good reason?

Fourth Commandment
Honor your father and your mother.
Have I…

  • (If still under my parents’ care) Obeyed all that my parents reasonably asked of me?
  • Neglected the needs of my parents in their old age or in their time of need?
    (If still in school) Obeyed the reasonable demands of my teachers?
  • Neglected to give my children proper food, clothing, shelter, education, discipline and care?
  • Provided for the religious education and formation of my children for as long as they are under my care?
  • Educated my children in a way that corresponds to my religious convictions?
    Provided my children with a positive, prudent and personalized education in the teaching on human sexuality?
  • Been to my children a good example of how to live the Life of Faith?
  • Prayed with and for my children and family?
  • Lived in humble obedience to those who legitimately exercise authority over me?
  • Have I broken the law?

Fifth Commandment
You shall not kill.
Have I…

  • Unjustly and intentionally killed a human being?
  • Been involved in an abortion, directly or indirectly?
  • Seriously considered or attempted suicide?
  • Deliberately desired to kill an innocent human being?
  • Unjustly inflicted bodily harm an another person?
  • Unjustly threatened another person with bodily harm?
  • Verbally or emotionally abused another person?
  • Hated another person, or wished him evil?
  • Been prejudiced, or unjustly discriminated against others because of their race, color, nationality, sex or religion?
  • Joined a hate group?
  • Purposely provoked another by teasing or nagging?
  • Recklessly endangered my life or health, or that of another, by my actions?
  • Driven recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
  • Abused alcohol or other drugs?
  • Sold or given drugs to others to use for non-therapeutic purposes?
  • Helped another to commit a mortal sin through advice, driving them somewhere, etc.?
  • Indulged in serious anger?
  • Treated animals cruelly, causing them to suffer or die needlessly?

Sixth & Ninth Commandments
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
Have I…

  • Given in to lust?
  • Deprived my spouse of the marital right, without just cause?
  • Claimed my own marital right without concern for my spouse?
  • Willfully entertained impure thoughts?
  • Purchased, viewed, or made use of pornography?
  • Listened to music or jokes that are harmful to purity?
  • Committed adultery?
  • Committed rape?
  • Masturbated?
  • Engaged in unnatural sexual activities?
  • Engaged in prostitution, or paid for the services of a prostitute?
  • Made uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances toward another?
  • Purposely dressed immodestly?

Seventh & Tenth Commandments
You shall not steal.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.
Have I…

  • Stolen?
  • Envied others on account of their possessions?
  • Given generously to others in need?
  • Considered that God has provided me with money so that I might use it to benefit
  • others, as well as for my own legitimate needs?
  • Practiced the works of mercy?
  • Deliberately defaced, destroyed or lost another’s property?
  • Cheated on a test, taxes, sports, games, or in business?
  • Squandered money in compulsive gambling?
  • Failed to honor my part of a contract?
  • Failed to make good on a debt?
  • Overcharge someone, especially to take advantage of another’s hardship or ignorance?
  • Misused natural resources?

Eighth Commandment
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
Have I…

  • Lied?
  • Knowingly and willfully deceived another?
  • Perjured myself under oath?
  • Gossiped?
  • Committed detraction? (Destroying a person’s reputation by telling others about his faults for no good reason.)
  • Committed slander or calumny? (Telling lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation.)
  • Committed libel? (Writing lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation.)
  • Failed to make reparation for a lie I told, or for harm done to a person’s reputation?
  • Betrayed another’s confidence through speech?
  • Other things to Consider
    Have I…
  • Made a good Confession of my mortal sins least once a year?
  • Made reparation for any harm I have done to others
  • Abandoned my spouse and family?
Further study: (films or dvd)
I Am
Ten Commandments
Print and use this image to write down the ten commandments from memory.