Toilet Training

Toilet Training

Deuteronomy 23:12-14 “You shall have a place outside the camp, and you shall go out to it. And you shall have a trowel with your tools, and when you sit down outside, you shall dig a hole with it and turn back and cover up your excrement. Because the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and to give up your enemies before you, therefore your camp must be holy, so that he may not see anything indecent among you and turn away from you.”

So depending on what exactly is going on you have few options when it comes to bathroom 11951279_10207025424411136_7141755028129867996_n.jpguse. If you are holding out at home when disaster hits as long as water is still running your basic home toilets are still functioning. If for some reason the pipes are broken, or frozen, or the water lines are down, your toilets are not going to function the way they were designed to. However you will get only one good flush once the water goes out. Now for most toilets, as long as you can get water from somewhere, they will still be serviceable. You just have to pour water into the bowl. However it should be noted that doing this you are using up valuable water. If it is hard to come by this may not be the best choice. This has happened to us. Our pipes have frozen more than once during winter and we have had a line rupture before. We were not prepared for it. It lasted a few days and i had to go to the local store and buy  jugs of water. For the water and for the jugs so we could go somewhere to fill them up again.

More than once, My Gandpa’s water pump went out and eventually his well became contaminated and they would come over to our house and fill up several jugs of water to keep themselves in water till they got the situation fixed. They can tell you what a pain it is having to haul water around. They filled up ice chests and jugs and bottles. It becomes time-consuming and annoying. Plus there have been times they didn’t realize they were low until late at night and had to make a night run for water. How much of a pain do you think that is.

Other options are use a public restroom. If the disaster is localized and effect just your area and there are public restrooms nearby that you can drive to and use. This is probably the best choice. This could be a pain in the rear, but the other options are to dig an outhouse, (labours and dangerous) or a luggable lu (ten gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid)

Okay outhouse first. (probably your best solution for living out in the country.) You have to be careful where you dig one. You need it to be as deep as possible, but you have to check your local water table. Every place has law for the use of outhouses and septic systems. How deep they can go and drainage systems. You have to make sure that it wont contaminate the ground water. They can be very strict about this sort of thing. If the crisis is going to be a short one and you just have to stay home. Get a little foldable shovel and just did a little hole every time and don’t bother with it. If you want to prepare ahead of time you could get a professional to do it. To have one just in case. You want it as far from your home as practical.

A luggable lu is basically just a porta potty. (Best solution for city or urban living.) They actually come in many sizes, shapes, and functions. Also called a chemical toilet. They all work about the same really. It is something that collect your waste for disposal later. Not a good idea for the long haul.  I have one my dad bought at a yard sale what has a sort of flushing mechagnizm. It has a handle and a wire cage inside that mashes the top of the bag together to keep smells from rising i guess. There are many sold in sporting good stores in the hunting section that are buckets with toilet seats on them. In most cases you would be wise to put a trash bag of some sort to catch-all the wast and tie it up for later disposal. There are tablets or chemical kits that you use to keep bacteria down and keep the smell from stinking up the area or spreading diseases.

Keep wet wipes and hand sanitizer handy ready for this event. You will want to stress sanitizing to keep healthy. (and regular)

Okay i am going to indulge in a little toilet terror. This is not a legend i heard about when i was little, but it is one that many children have heard about growing up in various regions. Pinky-Pinky.  It is a south African legend, but spread to most countries. It was a creature that was half man and half woman. The exact nature of that is vague. It has pink deformed skin (hence the name) It terrorizes children in public bathrooms. Mostly girls, but terrorizing young boys is not unheard of. It will walk into a bathroom while you have the door locked and announce it’s presence by singing in some fashion then bang on the stall door and stand right out side of it. It will demand money or something and if you don’t give it it will reach under the door with it’s pink deformed hands and grab your pants and underwear and steals your underwear or panties. Also will demand anything pink you have on you.  Many cite this as why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs or small groups, but really women are just more social than men. Although it may also have something to do with an underlying sense of safety in numbers.

Pinky- Pinky  7/6/8   (game stats)

The Jews believed in demons that inhabited the privy and recorded such traditions in the Talmud. Here is a bit.   Privy Demon  6/6/9

“Whoever behaves modestly in a privy is delivered from three things: from snakes, from scorpions, and from evil spirits. Some say also that he will not have disturbing dreams. There was a certain privy in Tiberias which if two persons entered together even by day, they came to harm. Rabbi Ammi and Rabbi Assi used to enter it separately, and they suffered no harm. The Rabbis said to them, Are you not afraid? They replied: We have learnt a certain tradition. The tradition for [avoiding harm in] the privy is modesty and silence; the tradition relating to sufferings is silence [resignation] and prayer.”

Further writings “Before Raba became head of the Academy, the daughter of Rabbi Hisda [his wife] used to rattle a nut in a brass dish. [to frighten away evil spirits]”

Similar to the the Jew’s demon of the privy the Babylonians have a demon called the Lurker of the latrine. The Lurker waits to catch victims when they are alone and vulnerable.  Lurker   8/5/8  (cause i like the name)

You should always use modesty, but if the situation seems dangerous use the buddy system. If you live out in the country and have to use the outhouse at night when predators are about, or you are going to an unfamiliar public restroom. (there are other predators to worry about that don’t have four legs) Such predators are on the rise in our current world. They should be of the same gender so they can accompany you into a public restroom. But if that is not an option have them wait outside the door. Carry a defensive weapon with you and always lock the stall door after you. I say this as caution and as a curtesy. People that i work with often use the stall and don’t lock the door. You don’t know they are in there unless you bend way down and look for feet. The handle has an indicator that says whether it is locked or not. I have learned not to trust that and you have to look for feet. I have pushed the door open on a few people a few times. Usually with it being slammed and then locked angrily. Sorry! But lock it in the first place and it wont happen (Common sense) I don’t want it to happen any more than you want it to. (I hope) But enough of that.

There days you don’t want to let your children go to a public restroom alone if they are under the age 11. You should go with them to make sure they are safe even if it is inconvenient. That is what you do for your children. If it is not the same gender restroom then wait outside the door. Some places have family restrooms available for such an event and for changing diapers. But these are rare. The fact that our children are not safe to use a public restroom is a sad fact. Such predators are on the rise and you hear about it in the news more and more each day. It use to be that we all looked out for each other’s children, but selfishness and perversity is taking over our world.  Sit your children down and have a talk with them about safety and to tell you if anything happens no matter what someone might threaten them if they tell. Secure that line of trust.

On another note, even if you are not worried about evil spirits hanging around your toilets, you should keep the seat down for two good reasons. One when you flush it sends germs and bacteria into the air, and two things CAN come up through your pipes. Rare, but it can happen. Rats and snakes primarily. In the news recently a man was attacked by a huge python that was stuck in his pipes. It bit his penis and he had to fight it off. Yeah just think about that for a moment guys. (shiver)

So i would say this, if you have to use an outhouse or travel to a bathroom, prepare a 20160528_081339toiletries kit ahead of time. a little zipper bad with essentials in it. Toilet paper (may not always be available) Someone from my work made a habit of taking the rolls from the stalls. Wet wipes and a little bottle of hand sanitizer. Feminine items if you are a woman. A little flashlight or headlamp. If outside at night. Maybe a monkey’s fist for a defensive weapon. It is a paracord construct with a heave ball or rock in one end wrapped with paracord making a ball with a handle for swinging. Can be painful if used right. basically and easy to carry club.  Toilet seat cover if you have germ issues or it is just really nasty. (don’t even ask about the ones at work)

Scenario: You are driving along and really have to go. You spot a rest area nd pull over. You don’t see anyone around. It seems to be deserted. You walk in and pass the first few stalls and walk in one that seems clean enough. There is graffiti on the walls from vandals. The usual now i sit here broken hearted. tried to poop but only farted. The mirrors are cracked and does not seem a safe place. You lock the door and sit. Pants around your ankles. You suddenly become aware of someone else in the restroom. You can hear their footsteps  moving across the room. You shift your weight and make noise. They stop suddenly. Like they are trying to go unnoticed. This makes you nervous. Why would they be trying to hide their presence. They stop in front of your door. You can sort of see their shadow blocking light from the outside. They suddenly bang on the door violently trying to break it open. What do you do in this situation? Physical strength Tactics require <6> to work. Strategic plans require mind <5> Scaring or bluffing requires spirit <7>
Pervy Thug 6/3/5 <3<3

Another scenario: less violent. You are at a park. You are alone and suddenly need to go. There is a blue porta potty at the edge of the park. You sprint on over and go in to do your business. After you have you turn to leave. The door is locked. You shake the handle, but it wont give. You try with all your force, but it wont budge. You know that there is no one near by your side, all you have on you is your EDC every day carry items. How are you going to get out of this situation? Any tactic requiring strength has a challenge of <8> Any clever trick using tools has a mind challenge of <6> Getting help from the outside has a spirit challenge of <5> Any help that arrives has stats of 5/5/5

The Outhouse Song

Little Shack Outback

Here is a coloring page. I did this in a hurry because i wanted something to add for an activity. Coloring is the easiest. I wanted to have someone with a  newspaper sitting there, but ran short on time. Maybe later.


Skill: Peeing Outside

11880556_10206903706168256_1907525563727763931_nThis may seem like a lame skill, after all who doesn’t know how to go number one. However a large portion of the population has a condition called shy bladder syndrome. This I where they are too nervous to go in an open environment or when others are around. It is not so easy then and can be frustrating especially if you are in hurry. This is the reason I couldn’t use urinals for a long time, which led to problems at work when I was in a hurry and a stall was not available. Something about standing there next to other people and sometimes very  inconsiderate people who will stand directly behind you at the urinal that you can practically feel their breath on the back of your neck. Not to mention that where I work half the time the small dividers will be ripped out of the wall by someone. They still haven’t caught who is doing it.
However if you can get past your shy bladder it can be beneficial to being able to go outdoors when needed. Mostly a benefit for guys, but they do make a device for women that allows them to go standing up. It is basically a specially shaped funnel. If you can get past the idea of carrying around a pee funnel in your bag or purse. Just be careful about where you go.
Normally I avoid doing this, but there was this one time I drank too much coffee before going to work. Luckily it was early in the morning before daylight. When I go to the longest stretch of road that I could see in both directions clearly I pulled over to the shoulder away from any houses and hurried around to the other side of the car. It was a relief.
Okay for this adventurous experiment, you need a bottle of water and privacy. This very male experience, does have a purpose of sorts. It is very straight forward and interesting. Have you ever tried this. Everyone urinates, fewer than you would think have done it outside. There is a sense of freedom in it. Hard to explain unless you have done it for yourself. A feeling of out of the norm. A sense of adventure really. Anyway the point of this experiment is a psychological one. You will need to really go so that you will have time for this.  You will need a large bottle of water. When you begin to urinate, start drinking. As far as possible you should try to drink the water straight down without pausing. (Don’t choke yourself though) You will feel quite bizarre sensations almost immediately. The water you expel seems to be synchronized with the water you are pouring into yourself. You should then visualize  your body to be organized in a way that the water you are drinking is directly exiting your body. It will feel as though your body has become simple and pulled inside out. Your complex intestinal system is absent.
Okay I admit this has little to do with Christianity and i am ready a new book on simple experiments for everyday life. I am trying to tie them in with Christianity and this one seemed so simple and fit with outdoor living. In biblical times it was common to use the great outdoors.

There are references to “those who pissesth against the wall” It was a common practice. Anyone who camps, hikes, or does any out door activity has done it at least once. This is an experiment that few have done i expect and thought i would post it to enhance anyone interested outdoor adventure. Just do it away from the campsite or ground water.


This goes with the post toilet training.